Superfoods PLR – Review, Bonus – Superfoods For Health PLR

Superfoods PLR

Superfoods PLR

– Review, Bonus – For Health

Superfoods PLR – Review, Bonus – Superfoods For Health PLR – Everywhere you look in the health industry, from diet and weight loss, to natural remedies for common ailments, you see the term ‘superfoods’. Superfoods are a collection of healthy fruits, vegetables, grains, nuts, seeds, herbs, and even chocolate that has a higher-than-normal amount of nutrients.

You can promote this brand new Superfoods PLR content to marketers who already know how popular they are, and are constantly looking for new content in this micro niche.

The main PLR offer includes () 5-page reports, each about a different benefit of superfoods. Here is a look at the reports included for $9:

PLR Report: Superfoods For Adults and Children
PLR Report: Superfoods For Weight Loss
PLR Report: Superfoods For Beauty and Skin
PLR Report: Superfoods For Diabetes
PLR Report: Superfoods For Mental Health

The One Time Offer includes another (5) short reports on Superfoods, plus 20 brand new blog posts/articles, and 5 product reviews. Here are the topics:


Report : Superfoods For Blood Pressure and Cholesterol
Report : Superfoods For Brain Health
Report : Superfoods For Joints and Bones
Report : Superfoods For Crohn’s Disease
Report 5: Superfoods For Pets

Product Reviews:

Terrasoul Raw Cacao Powder (428 words)
Superfoods Paperback (423 words)
Superfoods: The Food and Medicine of the Future (413 words)
Berry Green Superfood Powder (402 words)
Sun Dried Goji Berries (411 words)


1. Superfoods For Your Low Carb Diet (489 words)
2. Superfoods Safe For the Keto Diet (580 words)
3. Superfoods That Are Considered Paleo (516 words)
4. Low Fat Superfoods That You Can Eat (456 words)
5. Superfoods For Female Fertility (472 words)
6. Boost Male Fertility With Superfoods (427 words)
7. Superfoods That Are Safe For Babies (409 words)
8. Relieve Constipation With These Superfoods (416 words)
9. The Healthiest Superfoods For Your Liver (456 words)

10. Detox Your Body With Superfoods (459 words)
11. Superfoods That Help Colon Health (427 words)
12. Signs You Need More Superfoods (504 words)
13. Improve Your Circulation With Superfoods (421 words)
14. Superfoods For Fibromyalgia (438 words)
15. Get More Energy With Superfoods (498 words)
16. Slow Down Aging With Superfoods (426 words)
17. Healthy Soups That Use Superfoods (536 words)
18. Superfoods to Eat if You’re Vegan (494 words)
19. Reduce Inflammation With Healthy Superfoods (439 words)
20. Green Superfoods Everyone Needs (426 words)

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Superfoods PLR – Review, Bonus – Superfoods For Health PLR