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Local Reputation Leader

Local Reputation Leader

Local Reputation Leader


Offline PLR: Leader – New high impact lead-gen video and asset packs for local consultants offering online services. US and UK versions included.

If you offer management services for local businesses – or plan to – read on to discover a profitable new weapon for your client-getting arsenal..

FB Reputation Lead-Gen Kit

Your new FB Reputation Lead-Gen kit starts with one of the most powerful tools you can use – a professionally scripted, animated and voiced authority-building video with a call to action. Your lead-gen video introduces Facebook reviews, the problem with negative ones – and introduces YOU as the solution.

Your Own Lead-Gen Report

1,000+ Word Report “Facebook Business Reviews Revealed”

Plug your name and contact details into this done-for-you report and you can use it to further build credibility with your local prospects.

You receive the source files and full PLR rights to this report so you can edit and use it as you wish to promote YOUR services.

Your DFY Email Campaign

Client-Converting “” Email Series

Our copywriting pros have also written a series of 7 powerful email messages designed to inform your prospects about the importance of Facebook Reputation management. (Over 1,700 words of client-converting content.)

Each email is designed to educate your prospect AND position you as the expert and solution.

Not only can you use these as an email series to turn prospects into paying clients, you can also use these as content for your blog, website and media posts.

Front End: Local Reputation Leader “Facebook Rep” Kit: Includes new professionally designed animated lead-gen for Facebook Reputation Management services plus additional lead-gen assets. Videos in both US and UK voiceovers.

Upsell 1: Add-on kit with 8 additional pro animated lead-gen videos for local consultants offering reputation management services. Includes additional videos for Facebook Business Reviews, Google Business Reviews, TripAdvisor and Yelp. 4 with US voiceovers, 4 with UK voiceovers.

Additional Upsell / Downsell: Funnel kit with 6 additional “Catch-All” versions of the lead-gen video in both US and UK voiceover versions, plus ready-to-go editable free report that can be used with any of the videos to create multiple, complete online reputation management lead-gen funnels.

Reputation Management – Local Reputation Leader – you get the entire toolkit to use in YOUR promotions – including your lead-gen videos, your authority building report and your client-converting email marketing series – all for for only… $8.97!

Offline PLR: Local Reputation Leader

Rise Of The Drones From Gaz Cooper – Amazon Drones And Quadcopters Niche

Rise Of The Drones

Rise Of The Drones

From And

Rise Of The From Gaz Cooper – Amazon Drones And Niche – An Amazon Pack on the very profitable Drones and Quadcopter niche includes custom Amazon website plus articles, graphics, E books and everything you need to crush it in this exciting niche.

Gaz Cooper & Steve C have just released AMZ Trending Earnings Drones and Quadcopter Edition.

You might have heard of drones being used for military use or how Amazon are planning on using them to deliver parcels but they are also becoming sought after toys for kids, a must have for amateur and professional photographers as well as cash ready remote control hobbyists who are spending hundreds of dollars on quadcopters, cameras and accessories.

Get in Early on this Hugely Trending Niche:

Rise of the Drones is a PLR Amazon content pack focusng on the rapidly growing Drones and Quadcopter Niche

The pack includes EVERYTHING they need to dominate the chosen niche including The Front End

First Up we have 20 Professionally Written Amazon Reviews and Supporting Articles. These are written by our In House American Writers. You would expect to pay at least $10 for EACH article if you sourced these yourself.

Keywords – We have a list of 100+ Credit Card in Hand ‘Easy to Rank For’ Buyers Keywords in the Quadcopters and . Get some Articles Written around these Keyword and grab those Google Top Positions.

Complete Drones & Quadcopters Done for You Site. We have done the Heavy Listing for You by setting up a complete site for you complete with graphics, essential plugins and 5 articles loaded complete with Images and .

We also provide you with Alternative Header Graphics and YouTube and Facebook Graphics to build up your Profile.

Bonus E-Books and PLR Articles

To help you build a list [ or you can take this content apart and use for Blog Posts] we have included 4 eBooks and PLR Articles

Send In the Drones

Rise of the Drones

An Introduction to RC Hobbies

The RC Car Guide

& 25 Radio Control PLR Articles

Amazon Guide – Killing it with Amazon

AMZ Mastermind Facebook Group.

Upsell 1:

Complete Drones & Quadcopters Done for You Site fully loaded with 40Plus Articles and Content

5 Extra Quadcopter Amazon Product Reviews

Alternative Headers

What’s Included Inside Rise Of The Drones:

10 Amazon Product Reviews of the Best Selling Quadcopters

10 Amazon Product Video Reviews ready to Upload to YouTube

20 Amazon Call to Action Banners – for nearly Guaranteed Conversions

2 E-Books on Quadcopters & Drones – to Build a targeted List

All for the cost of a Coffee and Bagel

If you want to get in early on this trending niche that is going to be massive in the near future then grab it now:

Rise Of The Drones From Gaz Cooper – Amazon Drones And Quadcopters Niche

People Collection – 11,079 High-Impact Stock Images

People Collection

People Collection

People Collection – 11,079 High-Impact Stock Images

People Collection – 11,079 High-Impact Stock Images – DigiProduct Images – People Collection – 11,079 High-Impact Stock Images To Energize Your

Everyone needs images for their marketing …. and in the People Collection from DigiProduct Images, your customers will be getting the cream of the crop … the very best high-impact images to energize all their marketing promotions.

Having a professsional-looking high-impact images is essential for success online nowadays … and the high-impact high-quality images included in DigiProduct Images makes it child’s play to create great looking marketing promotions.

There’s 11,079 stunning images in the People Collection, covering a wide variety of situations, so there’s be something for almost every possibility

Massive pack of 11,079 high-impact premium stock images for use with any video creation software, websites, product creation, or business reports.

There’s a mix of images for all needs.

They’re absolutely fantastic for using for Facebook Ads, converting to memes on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other sites like Pinterest.

And, they’re also great for just adding general appeal to any website.

You could also use these images inside some PDFs to increase the perceived value of the PDFs.

For the price of what I normally pay for a single image, I got 11,079 images.

Incredible Graphics Deal … 11,079 Stunning High-Impact Copyright-Free Images With Developers Rights – $17.97!

People Collection – 11,079 High-Impact Stock Images

Gifzign – Review, Bonus – Combined GIF App And CinemaGraph App



– Review, Bonus – Combined And

Gifzign – Review, Bonus – Combined App And CinemaGraph App – There are gif apps, there are cinemograph apps…but there are none that combine both…and that is what Gifzign does (and a whole lot more)

GIF Editor. Cinemagraph. Screen Recorder. GIF Player. All in one.

Create from mp4, Youtube/Vimeo, or record your screen
We believe in simplicity and have succeeded in bringing yet another user-friendly app with a WYSIWYG editor.

From loading a video to converting it to a gif that tells an engaging story to customizing it with amazing player skins, adding your image and texts to it and even choosing perfect positions for each element; it’s never been easier.

Gifzign Editor. Add text and images, fast
Edit your GIF so that you can make an impact. Set the start and end time, add a text layer on top of the GIF, upload your own images, logos or watermarks, and add various looping (ping-pong, reverse) effects. And for best results, set the quality to make your GIF count.

? Incredibly easy
Ever wanted to create those fun cinemagraph GIFs in a fun way? With Gifzign it’s incredibly easy. Simply select your still image and brush off the area you want to keep moving… You might as well call it “GIF Magic”.

Gif Mirroring and Negative
Gifzign comes loaded with an exclusive mirroring feature, negative effects, color filters and more done-for-you effects that allow you to stand out on media.

A Gifzign First: Hand-Drawn GIFs Players
We love GIFs, and we believe they should be adorned in beautiful ways. Gifzign comes with its own GIF player you can embed on any site you own and our latest innovation, GIF Mockups (see in action below).

GIFs are like memes, a witty piece of content which favours visual or image-based communication.

This makes it a powerful tool to speedily pass on information or express a point without having to go through a series of gray texts or a long video.

GIFs speak the internet language in terms of speed, entertainment, and functionality.

They are easy to consume, they are appealing and they are effective.

No doubt, the big social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Reddit, Tumbler and more, have made it easy and simple to share GIFs across their platforms.

Here is how to deploy GIFs in your starting today:

Gifzign – Review, Bonus – Combined GIF App And CinemaGraph App

SharpSocial – Reach Out To Everyone On Your Facebook, YouTube Channel, Instagram, Twitter



SharpSocial – Reach Out To Everyone On Your Facebook, YouTube Channel, Instagram, Twitter

scans your users comments on & YouTube ( & on OTO1) and tells you which comments are negative, positive or neutral and also shows their emotions such as happiness, sadness, confusion etc. There is no other app that does this. Based on users comment, you can send them a custom private message on FB or comment reply or even delete negative posts.

Using SharpSocial, you can easily monetise your user comments. Turn comments into cash

Use SharpSocial to get more , more engagement, build a list and get direct from users engaging on FB and YouTube.

SharpSocial does sentiments and emotional analysis of your users comments. Using this data, you can for example:

-Send a discount coupon to someonewho’s confused.
-Ask for share & referrals from someonewho’s happy.
-Send support details to someone who’s confused
and so much more.

SharpSocial is the only app that uses IBM Watsons machine learning and artificial intelligence tech.

It’s really easy to use and 100% newbie friends. Simply connect your FB and YouTube account, it automatically scans and displays you data about sentiments and emotions. Then you can take actions of those comments individually or collectively.

Using SharpSocial, you can send highly engaging private messages,public comment reply and delete the comments.

You can either send message/comment/delete an individual comment or user or you can do it in mass.

SharpSocial uses sentimental and emotional analysis using machine learning based on IBMs tech. There is no other app out there that doesthat. This is HUGE!

Using SharpSocial you can actually see how many of your customers are happy and how many are hurting your brand.

All other apps simply let you private message the SAME CANNED REPLY to everyone on your fan page.BUT with SharpSocial you can send unique responses via PM or comment to angry,happy or confused customers. This way you’re actually solving their problems and genuinely reaching out to them.

All other FB apps either let you message instantly when someone comments or only let you message when someone messages you. WITH SharpSocial, you can reach out to everyone on your FB & on your .

SharpSocial is for FB and YouTube.Instagram and Twitter as well in OTO1.All other apps are only Facebook.

SharpSocial – Reach Out To Everyone On Your Facebook, YouTube Channel, Instagram, Twitter

Sharp Social – Review, Bonus – Facebook & YouTube Automated User Engagement Web App – SharpSocial

Sharp Social

Sharp Social

– Review, Bonus – Facebook & YouTube Automated User Engagement Web App –

Sharp – Review, Bonus – Facebook & YouTube Automated User Engagement Web App – SharpSocial – SharpSocial is worlds first and only real artificial intelligence powered Facebook & YouTube user engagement web-app. Send custom reply & private messages based on Angry, Happy, Confused etc emotional states of user comments and much more!

SharpSocial is a web based app that completely automates the process of user engagement.

Using IBMs Machine Learning and Sentiment Analysis technology, we scan all the comments and replies on your Fanpage & YouTube channel, categories them based on their sentiments and emotions and sends them a custom response (reply back or private message).

SharpSocial can be used to engage users, brand reputation management, list building, direct , affiliate and so much more.

This is a perfect and a must have app for eCommerce, Shopify and TeeSpring (print on demand) marketers. Being able to understand what your users are asking for, how they are responding to a certain product and more can help you save tons of money in ads testing.

PLUS all of this is done automatically and the entire process once dialed in can work flawlessly without supervision.

SharpSocial gives you a very broad view of your customers, fans, market and your niches, so you can make sure there is perfect engagement and you can leverage that to build list, sell more products directly and generate targeted .

At $37, this is a 100% no-brainer deal. SharpSocial is a must have and a super easy sell and perfect for:
Social media, niche research, fb ads, teespring, ecommerce,
shopify, traffic generation, list building lists.

, , :

Check out the demo video of pro version to see how this works.

Sharp Social – Review, Bonus – Facebook & YouTube Automated User Engagement Web App – SharpSocial

FB Live Club – Review, Bonus – Make Money By Going Live On Social Media

FB Live Club

FB Live Club

Club – Review, Bonus – Make Money By

FB Live Club – Review, Bonus – Make Money By Going Live On Media – Get Paid to !

Going live is the hot new thing now and you can be a part of it!

People around the world are making daily income from going live!

and the best part is … you dont have to do the research on how!

We show you HOW right here >>

Step by Step

How to get paid to go Live

How to get tons of views

and how to turn that into leads and commissions!

Its really simple to do !!


How to go live Effectively
How to Build an Audience FAST
How to Reach a larger audience
How to Get Paid Commissions talking about any subject you want
An Instant Paid Commissions Method
Step by step how to create your own professional style podcast
How to go live with a prerecorded video
How to set your live on Autopilot
and how to generate leads and traffic to any offer on autopilot!


Over 90 minutes of step by step over the shoulder video training
A Members ONLY custom blog website of your own
A Members ONLY Social Network to share your live videos and network with other members
Member referral bonus commissions
30 Day Live Boot camp training
a Members ONLY mobile phone APP


Reach larger audiences with live videos to expand your brand and message
Monetize your live videos and earn instant daily commissions
Create your own Podcast with your own Blog website
Connect exclusively with other members who go live
Automate the process of going live and Schedule Live videos to post through out the day
Generate more leads and traffic to any brand or connect directly with your audience

What will you be receiving today?

A members only back office with all the course materials described above!
You will have instant access to the training course instantly after purchase!
A members only social network to connect and share your live videos with!
A members only support group!
and your own blog website to post your brand or message details on directly!

Buy , FB Live Group Review, FB Live Bonus:

Amazingly, this costs UNDER TEN BUCKS – see how YOU can get started earning today!

FB Live Club – Review, Bonus – Make Money By Going Live On Social Media

VideoWeaver – Review, Bonus – GreenScreen Spokesperson Videos, Tons Of Video Weaver Features – $1 (7 Days) Trial



– Review, Bonus – GreenScreen Spokesperson , Tons Of Features

VideoWeaver – Review, Bonus – GreenScreen Spokesperson Videos, Tons Of Video Weaver Features – Instead of uploading video that you want to customize you can record new one with VideoWeaver, set background (green or any other) and use our features to create awesome spokesperson videos.

Here’s What You’re Getting With VIDEOWEAVER:

Check some of the features that will help you maximize your video production in a matter of seconds.

Create fully customized Salescreator videos

Brand-new drag and drop, point and click online software helps you MAXIMIZE your video production by creating professional spokesperson videos with dozens of customizable options in a matter seconds…

All features work on all devices

All features that you use in videoweaver software will be a part of video, not some fake html elements over videos. This way you can play this video with any device including mobile ones and all features will work properly.

All features work on networks

As we mentioned before, all features are built in videos, no fake html elements over videos to “imitate” real overlays. Because of that, on all social networks all features that were set for video you want to share/play will work.

Download video, embed or share on social networks

Download videos with all features built inside, embed online in any type of page, easy, with few clicks. Easy to share on social networks. Grab the embed code and paste it on any page and check the speed of our online player.

Video overlays

Just like image overlays you can choose any video to use as overlay. Choose video and insert it as any other type of overlay. Overlays are timeline events-set start time, when you want this overlay to show and end time, when you want it to hide.

Image overlays

Insert images into videos as overlays(you can set their transparency). Overlays are timeline features, you can set their start and end time (when to show and when to hide). Easy “drag and drop” will help you position them easy.

Text overlays

Insert text into videos as overlays, you can set their transparency, font color and background color. Overlays are timeline features, you can set their star and end time. Easy drag and drop will help you positioning them easy.

Custom backgrounds

Set custom background to your videos. If you record or upload video with green screen (you can use other colors), you can change that background with any other image (background) that you desire in few easy steps.

Add custom logos

With our UI it is as easy as pie to set logo for your video. Drag and drop effect will make this easy for you. Resize it, set transparency, set position for your logo, all easy with draggable and resizable elements.

Record or upload videos

You can use your attached or built in cams to record videos, customize (add features) them inside our software. You can choose which devices you want to use from drop down elements. You can upload already saved videos.

Export videos as GIF

You can export all your videos as GIF with all features visible inside that GIF. In modal for exporting GIF you can specify the start (and end) point of video. Click on export button and good quality GIF will start downloading in new window.

Email GIF previews

Get email video preview with all features visible. Click on get video preview code and you will see preview image and fields with the code for email preview to insert inside your emails or you can copy email preview direct link.

Sound overlays

Add sounds to video just like any other overlay. Set start and end time for your sound overlays. Set as many sound overlays as you need. If you need, you can remove base sound (sound from your original video).

Set custom poster

Set custom poster (splashscreen/first image) for your video. You can choose any image you want. Choose desired image for your poster and click save (that is all) poster will be set with few clicks – as easy as pie.

Video quality

Choose quality for your video from offered values in drop down- original, 1080p, 720p, 640p or 360p, in which you want to export, download. Choose quality based on your needs-better quality larger video file/lower quality smaller video file.

Add custom captions

Insert captions for your videos. Choose any of subtitle/caption format and insert it in your videos. Caption/subtitle will be integrated in videos as tracks which you can turn on on your devices or in our online player.

, , :

$1 (7 Days) Trial:

VideoWeaver – Review, Bonus – GreenScreen Spokesperson Videos, Tons Of Video Weaver Features

Positive Thinking PLR – Review, Bonus – The Power of Positive Thinking

Positive Thinking PLR

Positive Thinking PLR

– Review, Bonus – The

Positive Thinking PLR – Review, Bonus – The Power of Positive Thinking – The Power of Positive Thinking is “Done-For-You PLR Product” that you can keep 100% profit and this is very hot niche because from long long ago until now everyone wants to upgrade their life with positive thinking and make their dreams come true.

Everything you want to know about “The Power of Positive Thinking” is here!

What Kind Type of Negative Thinking and How to Fix It!

How Achieve Success in Life with Positive Thoughts?

What is Affirmations Principal and Affirmation Action?

8 Tips to Achieve Your Dreams

How to Instill in The Minds Affirmations?

Techniques Overcoming Negative Thoughts

Plus, a whole lot more!

The Package:

Module – High Quality Ebook

Module – Resource Cheat Sheet

Module – Complete Checklist

Module 4 – Mind Map

Module 5 – Page & Thank You Page

Module 6 – Squeeze Page

Module 7 – Lead Magnet Report

Module 8 – PRO eCover

Module 9 – Banner Advertising

Module 10 – Follow up Email Swipe

Module 11 – Articles

Module 12 – Media Images

Fast Action Bonus 1

Fast Action Bonus 2

Fast Action Bonus 3

Resell it and Keep 100% Profit

All is Done-for-you:

* Research market – done
* Ready material sales – done
* Professional graphics – done
* Ebook & Report – done
* Social media image – done

You just need EDIT – SAVE – PUBLISH
and Focus on sales!

Positive Thinking PLR – Review, Bonus – The Power of Positive Thinking

MaxImpact RSS Strategies – Review, Bonus – Top 10 RSS Embed Approaches And Strategies. Facebook, Tumblr, Blogger And More

MaxImpact RSS Strategies

MaxImpact RSS Strategies

– Review, Bonus – Top 10 Embed Approaches And Strategies. Facebook, Tumblr, Blogger And More

Why RSS?

It’s a simple question. Without dipping in to a bunch of impossible to verify buzzwords like “co-citation” or “authority sniping,” it’s a basic proposition. For both a video channel or money site, RSS presents an opportunity to push your links far and wide via syndication. After all RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication.

But actually pushing your RSS feeds out to authority sites can be a bit complicated. We have compiled ten must-use strategies for embedding your RSS feeds into Google properties, powerful web 2.0s and more.

This a set of Super Advanced strategies.

But simple in application and execution.



What’s in the package?

• More than a dozen walk-thru, over the shoulder videos

• Continuously updated written resources guides

• Access our Skype support group/mastermind

• Invitation to the Novel Cognition FB mastermind

Cutting edge stuff, for $19:

Strategies – Review, Bonus – Top 10 RSS Embed Approaches And Strategies. Facebook, Tumblr, Blogger And More