Zig Ziglar’s Essential Lessons for Successful Selling (For Those Who THINK They’re Not in Sales)

Zig Ziglar’s Essential Lessons for Successful Selling

The Secrets for Successful Selling

Wonderful sales lessons from Zig Ziglar’s wife selling HIM on buying a house!

Great lessons in a 26 page pdf

Download the Never-Before-Seen secrets from Zig Ziglar that generated me over $5 billion dollars in sales.

Zig Ziglar’s Essential Lessons for Successful Selling

Zig Ziglar’s Essential Lessons for Successful Selling (For Those Who THINK They’re Not in Sales)

1 Day Salesletter Mastery – Write A High Converting Salesletter In One Day

1 Day Salesletter Mastery

1 Day Salesletter Mastery

1 Day Salesletter Mastery – Write A High Converting Salesletter In One Day

1 Day Salesletter Mastery – Write A High Converting Salesletter In One Day – Learn how to quickly write a high converting salesletter for your info product (or service) in only 1 day or less…

Finally… A Super-Simple, Step-By-Step Way To Write A Money-Magnet Sales Page In Just One Day…

This Easy Copywriting System Works For Every Niche…

If You Can Double Your Conversions, You Can Double Your Income

Introducing: 1 Day Sales Letter Mastery!

Inside you’ll discover…

Exactly what you need to know before you get started writing sales copy (do this and you’ll breeze through the process… finishing your personal record-breaking sales copy in no time at all)!
Shockingly simple little step-by-step plan for writing a sales page from start to finish to in just one day so you have more time to create other products or other activiites you enjoy!
How to make great sales and convert like crazy so your customers eagerly pull out their credit card to buy from you rather than from your competitors, plus you’ll make more sales per visitor so you automatically attract more affiliates to promote your sales page and drive even more sales!
A simple template you can use to write a fantastic sales page even if you’re a total beginner!
Easy ways you can thrill and delight your audience so they buy more and become customers for life!
How to ensure you never have to hire a copywriter again … save time, save money and convert better!
How to save time and make writing a sales letter fun so it becomes less of a chore and more something you enjoy and look forward to!
Amazing tips and tricks even “pro” copywriters don’t know (do this and you could make money hand over fist as your customers flock to your offer…)!
How you can use your new skills to take an under-performing sales page and transform it into a winner or if you prefer write a brand new sales page from scratch!
How to write a ‘good enough’ sales page in ONLY a couple of hours that still converts better than many ‘Non-Pro’ sales pages (you’re gonna love this!). That’s right, if you can learn to write a high-pulling, high-profit sales page in a day you can learn to write one in an hour or two!

Plus much, MUCH more!

How To Write A Sales Letter In Just One Day Is Your Copywriting Answer… For Less!

1 Day Salesletter Mastery – Write A High Converting Salesletter In One Day

Nicheology Membership Special – $1 Trial Offer – Review, Bonus

Nicheology Membership Special

Nicheology Membership Special

– $ Trial Offer – Review, Bonus

Nicheology Membership Special – $1 Trial Offer – Review, Bonus – Nicheology: The Original Where As You Know It Got Started

Nicheology just celebrated their 13 year anniversary and they’ve put together an amazing offer for brand new members!

Access To Training, Fresh PLR, Archived PLR, Lessons, and Motivational Help Needed to Take Their Online Business To That Next Level!

Each month you will get access to a new professionally made niche related video course, the exclusive Nicheology Product Profile that helps people boost profits from the PLR, access to ALL the past niche Products In The Rough, a HUGE library of training which includes Listbuilding Academy, Niche Academy, Affiliate Academy, Membership Academy, Academy, Simple Funnels, Whitelisting Counts, Tech Academy, Nicheology Profit System, and much more!

You can access all of this value for only $1 and then just $27/month!

Two successful entrepreneurs with a combined
40 years in business are offering an amazing
deal on a PLR and online training membership
site called Nicheology!

In fact Nicheology is where the private label
rights industry as you know it really got started!

Here are reasons you should really consider
all the value they are offering for $1 right here:

Click Here For Nicheology

(Affiliate Link)

Reason 1: The Original PLR Membership Site

In 2004 Nicheology opened it’s doors after it’s
original founder Jimmy D. Brown coined the phrase
PLR the year prior with his “Products In The Rough”!
Nicheology has helped thousands of members start,
grow, and build their online businesses!

Reason : One New Video Product With PLR Each Month

One of the hottest niches online is Internet business
market, and you get a new video product in this niche
every single month! Product is created by an expert!

Reason : Unique Product Profiles With Each Video PLR

Every month a unique product profile is released which
coincides perfectly with each new monthly video PLR. These
product profiles were a popular feature of the original
Nicheology so they are bringing them back!

Reason : Massive Internet Marketing Training Library

Gain access to a tremendous IM training library covering
everything you need to run a successful online business!

Reason : Access The COMPLETE Products In The Rough
(P.I.T.R) Library

You are going to get access to the COMPLETE archive of
Nicheology’s exclusive Products In The Rough! Each Product In
The Rough cost $500 to create, and you will find EXTREMELY
high quality content ready to help you profit in multiple
niche markets online!

Reason : Find, Build, and Launch

Nicheology helps you find your niche, build your list, and
launch your product! All the training, resources, and templates
you need to make it are waiting you inside Nicheology!

Reason : In Depth Online Tutorials

At Nicheology they aim to provide tutorials for almost any
Internet business related topic regarding starting and
launching a digital marketing business!

Reason : Their 40 Years of Business Experience Await You

As mentioned previously Paul Evans and Paul Counts from
Nicheology have a combined 40 years of online business
experience under their belt! They have a tremendous track
record of success in business!

Reason : Tech Academy Simplifies The Complex

With Nicheology’s Tech Academy we simplify the complex!
With on demand tutorials for many online business topics like
hosting, cpanel, tech tools, WordPress, Clickbank, and more!

Reason 10: People Love Nicheology

The testimonials over the years received by Nicheology speak for themselves!

“I am very happy with Nicheology, Paul. I made an extra $10K this
summer with a couple of your products and will probably package
a couple more this month that should do about the same.”

— Ron M. Hot Springs, AR

Now you have 10 good reasons to start Nicheology today, and it only
will cost you $1 to get 30 days of access!

Click Here To Start Nicheology For $1

Nicheology Membership Special – $1 Trial Offer – Review, Bonus

Proven Profit Package Review, Bonus – From Eric Holmlund

Proven Profit Package

Proven Profit Package

, Bonus – From Eric Holmlund

Review, Bonus – From Eric Holmlund – Licensing Rights To A Real Experienced IM Guru’s 4 Top Training Courses!

Since 2011 The Real Guys have been producing real, quality products with licensing rights. Over that time we have sold millions of dollars of our high quality programs and have served thousands upon thousands of customers globally!

With our latest launch, “Proven Profit Package”, your audience will get access and licensing rights to 4 of our top training courses geared towards helping people make real income online!

They will get the following products:

1) Your First Funnel

Your First Sales Funnel training is the fastest, easiest, and most reliable system for building a winning sales funnel from scratch! In fact one person that went through this training said: “Best investment ever…5 years of fustration fixed!”

Another person said this: “Thanks, Paul. You just took a mystery that’s hung me up and now I can do this and get going.”

Finally Setup A Profitable Sales Funnel With This Training

Every Online Marketer Must Have A Sales Funnel – Now They Can With Ease

This over 84 minute video training takes you by the hand and shows you step-by-step how to get your very first sales funnel up and running! Watch over the shoulder as I setup a sales funnel from scratch before your eyes!

The purpose of this training is to finally arm you with the knowledge that you need to accelerate your online income at a new pace! I can contribute millions of dollars in online sales to a proper sales funnel. So your customers will leave this training with their first sales funnel!

2) Your First Info Product

We have generated millions of dollars in revenue selling info products online. Your First Info Product is a detailed 15 video course teaching our exact system for creating winning info products from scratch! Everything is covered including effectively finding your target market, creating your product outline, designing your upsells and funnels, how to create the info product, crafting the perfect bonuses, writing winning sales copy, simple ways to make killer product graphics, uploading files, creating download pages, creating a JV page, making your copy stand out, crafting the perfect upsell pages, setup your product, and recruiting affiliates!

Every step to winning with info products is covered inside of Your First Info Product!

3) Your First Product Launch

The big question every new marketer has after they create their product is, how do they start making sales from it? So that is why Paul created this product! To teach them step-by-step the process for launching an info product to the market!

In “Your First Product Launch” your customers will learn the inside scoop on successfully launching products from someone that has been apart of millions of dollars in product launch sales! This is a meaty over one hour training course loaded with valuable information!

4) 30 Days To A Bigger Email List

This ebook is written by Paul Counts himself and lays out a plan to build an email list from scratch in 30 days! Complete with daily assignments and tasks it is definitely the perfect guide for any brand new marketer who wants to build their email list from scratch!

This is not an outsourced ebook either!

Gain Special Licensing Rights To All These Trainings

Not only will your audience be exposed to some of the best training online, they will also get a private label rights license to resell these incredible courses as their own!

The Real Guys have been known to produce some of the highest value content on the market with licensing rights. They pride themselves on not outsourcing their PLR courses!

, Proven Profit Package Review, :

Try Coupon Code: FIESTA5

Proven Profit Package Review, Bonus – From Eric Holmlund

Ad Quiz Video Review, Bonus – From Mario Brown

Ad Quiz Video

Ad Quiz Video

, Bonus – From

Review, Bonus – From Mario Brown – is the latest lead generation software that captures highly engaged leads through quizzes and assessments.

Lead Generation
Generate more leads using quiz with ease.

Build viral campaigns using quizzes.

Product Promotion
Drive more with our easy to use product promotion features.

What is AdQuiz?
A next-generation quiz app that assists in segmentation. Quizzes can be run on FB, Web and mobile from one link, using our smart URL technology.
Why AdQuiz?
AdQuiz is that single tool that assists you with segmenting your list based on their preferences. You can also give them relevant giveaways and discounts with this tool which makes it more interesting for them. And you can harness the power of Facebook with this tool. AdQuiz helps you to build viral social engagement marketing campaigns and drive more sales to any product service or niche. You can Capture leads through web form or their Facebook Login and connect your Quizzes with your Favorite autoresponders.
What are the major benefits of using this tool?

The tool will help in engaging your customer in a radical way. There are four major benefits from this tool:

1. Lead Capture: Easily capture leads at the beginning or end of their quiz or assessment using our customizable lead capture form.

2. Integration: Easily integrate their quiz or assessment with their favorite email software, allowing them to build automated email campaigns that drip the perfect content to every lead captured.

3. Segmentation: The users can segment their quiz or assessment takers by their results and send them emails tailored to how they answered your quiz or assessment.

4. Product promotion: Promote the perfect product or services right after their leads receive quiz takers results, making sure they never miss a sales opportunity.

, Mario Brown, Ad Quiz Video Review, :

Ad Quiz Video Review, Bonus – From Mario Brown

Smackdown Profits Review, Bonus – from Saul Maraney

Smackdown Profits

Smackdown Profits

, Bonus – from

Review, Bonus – from Saul Maraney – Legit/Fresh $100+ per day case study and training. Put the “Smackdown” on Zero Balances and overdue bills!

Proven $150+/day case study from Saul Maraney’s friend Manny Hanif.

Smackdown profits is a fresh new case study PDF report detailing a brand new way to use free for easy profits…combining a very simple “funnel” and 100% free traffic…

…WITHOUT affiliates, SEO, or paid traffic. This is an incredibly simple system that just plain WORKS.

Perfect for newbies, people who want to grow their followers, and anyone who is struggling and wants the easiest way to start generating a scale-able income online.

On his first try, Manny was able to pull in $140+/day with this…and the method is very simple and straightforward. Your customers can apply this method any time they want.

What makes this so awesome and so truly UNIQUE?

As paid traffic gets more and more expensive and the waiting long for ranking on Google gets longer and longer, your customers need a simple way to make free traffic turn into profits.

While most courses offer just “theory” that doesn’t really result in profits for your customers, we offer a real case study with real results. Now your customers can simply follow along and copy our results. This just plain works!

FE: Smackdown Profits
Smackdown profits is a fresh new case study PDF report detailing a brand new way to use free traffic for easy profits… Combining a very simple marketing “funnel” and 100% free traffic, WITHOUT needing any affiliates, SEO, or paid traffic. This is an incredibly simple system that just plain works. Perfect for newbies, people who want to grow their followers, and anyone who is struggling and wants the easiest way to start generating a scale-able income online.

OTO : The Smackdown SUPLEX
This is step-by-step training on how Manny banked a $100+/day on an alternate platform (Instagram). This way your customers get the best of both platforms (both FB and Instagram), and can hit $100/day with either one.. or go for BOTH.

OTO : The $5k Smackdown
This exclusive training reveals a recent case study where Manny closed a quick & easy $5k deal. Everything is laid out step-by-step on exactly how he did it. This is so easy to do. Anyone can replicate this. And it’s the perfect tie in to the Smackdown Profits method. Since this will be $47 for this OTO, we’re also including 2 killer bonuses from Manny to make sure your customers JUMP on this.

OTO : Exclusive 1on1 Coaching with Manny Hanif
Manny plans on charging $1500 to $2500 for 1on1 coaching that is similar to this. So the $197 price that we are offering is an absolute STEAL. Manny has agreed to take your customers by the hand and guide them thru the entire process so they can start hitting those $100 to $200+ paydays. And your customers can tackle any or ALL of the above methods, doesn’t matter. Manny will be there to help them get RESULTS they can finally write home about.

Smackdown Profits Bonuses:

BONUS 1: Lazy Profit Explosion (3000+ )
This bonus is a tested and PROVEN 10k/mo “Lazy Profit” System that EXPLODES online profits in just 24-48 hours even if you have NO list, NO product, and NO online assets. The method by itself is VERY easy to do and is based on using a super HOT and unique traffic source. In a nutshell, this is a “newbie friendly/lazy” system that can make you profits while you SLEEP as soon as it’s setup.

BONUS 2: Supersonic List Machine (1000+ SALES)
This “Supersonic” machine can take any newbie from nothing to 100/day within just 24 hours. So it’s a perfect compliment to Smackdown Profits. When you have both of these in your arsenal, you will have that much more firepower to hit that 100/day mark once and for all. And apart from generating sales and profits, this bonus also helps you build your own profitable list for yourself.

BONUS 3: Speedy Snowball Profits (2500+ SALES)
Hands down one of the most simple and “Speedy” methods to banking 5k/mo online. This is SO simple to do and SO overlooked. No need to have a mailing list. No need for JV partners. No need to invest anything up front. No need to have a website. No tech skills required. No marketing skills required. None of that nonsense. This is way easier than ANY of that.

, Saul Maraney, Smackdown Profits Review, :

Smackdown Profits Review, Bonus – from Saul Maraney

FREE PLR – 1.5 MILLION Private Label Products – Free!



– 1.5 MILLION Private Label Products – !

FREE – 1.5 MILLION Private Label Products – Free! – Download over 1.5 MILLION private label rights products: ebooks, video courses, graphics, articles, listbuilding funnels, full funnels and more. Over a gigabyte of rebrandable, resellable products.. yours FREE today!

Download over a GIGABYTE of
done-for-you, resellable products… yours free today!

FREE PLR – 1.5 MILLION Private Label Products – Free!

Affiliate Sniper – Extreme Language Exploit – Review, Bonus – From Cliff Carrigan

Affiliate Sniper

Affiliate Sniper

– Extreme Language Exploit – Review, Bonus – From

Affiliate Sniper – Extreme Language Exploit – Review, Bonus – From Cliff Carrigan – Use this simple language exploit to absolutely skyrocket for your own product or for affiliate offers. – Astounding Results!

This is both method and software for doing a little known language exploit!

Google Language Exploit Allows You To Dominate Any Niche!

Foreign Affiliate Method And Software!

I purchased this, and it looks like to extract the software, you need Windows 10 and Server 2016 – fyi

The basic offer is shown with the manual method, all in a very straight to the point, do this, then this pdf file

They talk about people making 10-30,000 a month using foreign language pages – you just need to get a bunch out there!

Affiliate Sniper – Extreme Language Exploit – Review, Bonus – From Cliff Carrigan

Double Your List Review, Bonus By David Perdew

Double Your List

Double Your List

, Bonus By David Perdew

Review, Bonus By David Perdew – Insider Secrets Revealed in an Unfiltered Coaching Session with Master List Builder I paid big money to get this information from Matt. You don’t have to. With this you’re getting the complete private coaching session in an informal setting as Matt walks us through the strategies and tactics we’ll use to double our list size while building a more responsive community at the same time. This session is chocked full of great tips.

Matt’s my coach. I pay him a lot of money to have access to dig into problems like this.

So, when I told him I wanted to double our list size, he said, “Let’s talk about this first. There’s a wrong way and a right way…”

This 52-minute consultation was fantastic.

First, we talked about the problem: How to double my list size in just a few months.

If you’re making $100 per person on your list annually, it seemed like simple math to me that doubling my list would double my income.
Matt immediately showed me I had identified the WRONG problem.

Solving the right problem was going to save me thousands of dollars and cut my list building effort in half.

Then, we focused on strategies and tactics for adding buyers to our list fast.

The one concept he called the “hot list” may change the way you do business. It has mine.

But it wasn’t the only thing I got out of this coaching session…
Buyer Intent

He used a phrase I’d never heard before in this context that changed the way forever I will look at list building, and it has to do with “buyer intent”.
Prospect Types

Matt went through the three most important types of prospects you add to your list and why you should focus on the first two NOW.
Hot List

We discussed a concept called a “hot list” that changed the point where we actually grabbed the user information and what we do with it.
Exit Pops

A surprising way to use exit pops that no one else is doing – this is a brilliant little trick that I’ve never heard anywhere else…

Determine which pages on your site will drive the most opt ins and by looking at the right numbers
Traffic Strategies

Why we should focus on one of the traffic strategies that most people have given up on

How to build relationships before you ever send an email.
Two Questions

The two most important questions we can ask to find the right target market

How to uncover and duplicate the exact market that wants what we have over and over
Borrow Buyers

How to grab the buyers that other people already have on their list and bring them into my community

How to use our VA and social media profiles to build QUALITY relationships to exponentially grow your list
Twisted Logic

At 23:05 in the video Matt gave me a suggestion that twisted the entire list building strategy

With a Little Arm Twisting and a Lot of Experience and Knowledge, We Recorded This Coaching Call for You!

, , Double Your List Review, :

Double Your List Review, Bonus By David Perdew

Rapid Flips Profits Review, Bonus By Alessandro Zamboni

Rapid Flips Profits

Rapid Flips Profits

, Bonus By Alessandro Zamboni

Review, Bonus By Alessandro Zamboni – the best eCommerce site flipping strategy!

This is the new way to flip ready eCommerce sites for cash. A new amazing way to sell requested sites to a large portion of customers!

This whole funnel is geared towards showing your customers how to make $170-$1,000+ each time by flipping Shopify stores from ground zero, with our step by step, zero set up cost, newbie friendly, fast results methods that requires very little effort on their behalf.

is not only a remunerative option, but it’s also fun and enjoyable, as your customers will be able to see real results in just a few days, just by following our step-by-step video lessons and bonuses that will help enhance and speed up their results.

OTO 1 – Bidding War Method
The “Bidding WAR Method” – How to create massive bidding wars from your stores using our simple, hands FREE selection methods that will allow your customers to EXPLODE their profits from their flips.

Your customers can expect to double & triple their profits by using our FREE and paid strategies that show them how to get MORE targeted traffic to their flippa listings that causes an influx of bids and of course makes them more money.
OTO2: $1K/$10K Per Flip Method
The “$1K-$10K+ Per Flip Method” – We all know that Shopify stores that are actually making and get lot’s of traffic, sell for WAY MORE than traditional starter sites over at Flippa.com

Inside this short, to the point training, we show your customers how to drive FAST targeted traffic to their stores even with the tiniest of budgets, making this strategy accessible to anyone that wants to make $1k-$10k+ from their stores over at Flippa.

Not only will your customers be able to make MONEY from their stores, but will be able to get excited about selling them in the future for way more than they could ever imagine.

With our FAST-TRACK traffic action methods, your customers can expect to see results within the first 24 hours of implementing our simple and effective traffic methods.
OTO3: The Shopify Master Money-Makers Toolkit
“The Shopify Master Money-Makers Tool Kit”! A massive ROLODEX of X14 paid Shopify themes ($145 Value each), X15 ready-made, customized ad templates, X70 ready-made profitable Shopify store niches, Instagram Influencer Contact Blueprint (so your customers can contact these influencers and get fast targeted traffic and sales from their stores), X30 Youtube influencers contact list and X66 Instagram Influencers contact list.

All in all, a perfect way to dominate ANY niche with your Shopify stores and crank up those profits from the products you sell and how much you can charge per flip.

All of these methods are also completely new and have been developed and tested by us, something that will bring a NEW wave of opportunities into the “site flipping” and “money making” niches.

Rapid Flips Profits Review, Bonus By Alessandro Zamboni