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YouTube Ads For Your Business

YouTube Ads For Your Business

YouTube Ads For Your Business


Many businesses these days are well aware of Google Adwords, LinkedIn advertising, Facebook and so on but have you ever heard of using YouTube Advertising for your business? If not, let’s know this in detail here. At first, YouTube ads may sound to be like branding play but it is actually much more than that. With YouTube advertising, you can drive conversions without much hassle.

So, let’s dig in to know the reasons behind using YouTube advertising for your business:

Expand your customer base

Video marketing is growing at a rapid speed with more than 4 billion viewed on a regular basis. So, when you use , you can definitely reach out to your audience by creating attractive videos as well as by advertising on other’s videos.

Also, YouTube is the second biggest search engine and 3rd top highly visited site all across the globe, after Google and Facebook. Every minute 100 hours of video are uploaded on the site and 1 billion people visit it monthly. Such a platform has become a guaranteed place to find people who may like your products and services and turn out into potential customers.


One of the greatest things about YouTube videos is the way you can embed them easily at different places and that too with ease. You can enjoy embedding videos in blogs and on media platforms. It is indeed an easy way to share valuable content with the audience without investing in expensive advertising or marketing campaigns.

Growing audiences worldwide

This is in fact one of the most useful thing about YouTube advertising for businesses. Creating useful videos opens up the door to potential and new customers. Through YouTube ads, you can easily reach out to a bigger audience even without a big budget or even by knowing a single language.

For instance, if you are an English speaker, you get the benefit as it is somehow tough to capture large audiences in case you cannot produce high quality content. Apart from this, as you include the closed captions on videos, you can reach more audience as you cater to people with varying needs. It is further important to include various call-to-actions in the videos with proper annotations and link them to email auto responders, website content, products and services etc.

Customers will buy from you & promote you

YouTube videos that have a personal touch to it help in increasing the rate of conversion to a great extent. It has been noticed that people buy from the companies whom they trust which can be built when you relate with them on an emotional level.

Research shows that for companies and professional services, if you drive the to a landing page with video on it like of a person of the company speaking out something about a product or service, it will surely increase the number of leads and .

Send more targeted leads to your site

YouTube ads are so supportive that they help to send targeted traffic to your site and allow you to easily set up some clickable video annotations on the videos which when clicked send traffic to your site’s pages. This is indeed very useful and allows you to bring targeted, trusted and qualified leads towards your business.

So, these were just a few top reasons of using YouTube advertising for your business. As you learn more about YouTube advertising and marketing, you will see that you increase your sales innumerably.

YouTube Ads For Your Business – Tube Traffic Code – EVERYTHING About Ranking On YouTube For Massive Traffic

Profit From PLR – Done-For-You PLR Package From Aurelius Tjin

Profit From PLR

Profit From PLR

– Done-For-You From

Profit From – Done-For-You PLR Package From Aurelius Tjin – New PLR – “Profit From PLR” Including Private Label Rights

“Profit From PLR” – Discover The Step-By-Step System To Profiting From Private Label Rights Products.

Best of all, you’ll grab full private label rights to rebrand and resell the entire course as your own!

Here’s a glimpse of what this Profit From PLR course covers:

Where to find the best PLR products?
What different types of licenses mean and what you need to look for.
How to pick the right products that will sell the best.
How to customize products to help them fit your brand.
How to face competition that is selling the exact same thing!
How to set up your page.
This guide is written in an easy-to-understand, step-by-step fashion for anyone to follow with screenshots and images. Your customers and their customers will love it!

FRONT-END 4 day special offer starts at $9.95 then $17 after the 4 day launch ends.

Here’s what is included with the :

– Module : High Quality Ebook

– Module : Printable Checklist

– Module : Resource Cheat Sheet

– Module 4: Mindmap

– Module 5: Ready-Made Salesletter & Thank You Page

– Module 6: Lead Magnet & Opt-in Page

– Module 7: High-Quality Professional Graphics

– Module 8: 10 x Quality Articles

– Module 9: Promotional Email Swipes

– Module 10: Media Viral Images Pack

– FAST-ACTION BONUS 1: Quickstart Guide

– FAST-ACTION BONUS 2: 12 Step-By-Step Video Tutorials

– FAST-ACTION BONUS 3: PLR Training Camp – 2 Hour Video Training

This in a super hot niche that’s highly in-demand, and you could very well put your name on this product and resell it for 100% of the profit.

Make just 1 sale and you already profit!

Here are just a few things you can do with the product:

– Use it as blog content
– Sell it as a Kindle eBook
– Provide it inside your paid membership
– Translate the content to other languages
– Use it for offline clients, coaching, speaking
– Turn it into a physical product
– Use the product as a bonus
– Use is as an upsell for your product
– Edit, modify, add and manipulate the content
– Put your name as the author
+ much, much more!

Go grab the PLR package while it’s heavily discounted for the launch:

Profit From PLR – Done-For-You PLR Package From Aurelius Tjin

Firesale Firesale – From Jeff Alderson And Eric Holmlund – A Firesale Of Firesales!

Firesale Firesale

firesale Firesale

Firesale Firesale – A Firesale Of Firesales!

Firesale Firesale – A Firesale Of Firesales! – 52 Products With unrestricted resale Rightd – Under $18!

I’ve seen firesales before, but I’ve never seen a firesale like this:

At first I thought it was a mistake, or maybe I was seeing double…

because it’s the FIRESALE FIRESALE.

It’s actually a firesale of firesales. I know it may sound strange, but it will all make sense when you go check it out.

More importantly, it’s a crazy good opportunity. Not only does it have an interesting (but fitting) name, it’s also a chance to get the most incredible deal I’ve seen in a really long time.

I recommend going to this site and “ripping off” this amazing package before they change their minds:

This page is going to be taken OFFLINE in 7 days (or sooner if they comes to their senses), so be sure to check it out right away!

This would be a great way for you to start a new business or expand your existing online business.

It’s definitely the deal of 2017, so check it out before they take it down on March 31st:

Firesale Firesale – A Firesale Of Firesales!

Facebook Group Commissions – Review, Bonus – Get Results From Free Traffic In Facebook Groups

Facebook Group Commissions

Facebook Group Commissions

– Review, Bonus – Get Results From Free In

Group Commissions – Review, Bonus – Get Results From Free Traffic In Facebook Groups – A product that will help new and experience network market get results daily from Facebook groups following a simple method.

How to get results from free traffic in Facebook groups.

Over the shoulder training.

Facebook Group Commissions: It’s time for your customers to take control! My goal with Facebook Group Commission was to show your customers exactly how I’ve made my living over the last 1 year 6 months. Shoulder video training’s. Will be made for your customers to get best experience.

OTO 1: Is a full blown walk-through of which Facebook Groups to post in and strategies. In Each Video is a huge step where i show them how made $200+ a day just posting in Facebook Groups . Every step of the process is laid out in great detail showing your customers exactly what’s possible and how to achieve it!

This Method Lets You Get In Front Of Thousands Of People Daily In A Way That Has Never Been Shown Before In A Facebook Course.

Once you are in front of the thousands of people daily in Facebook groups you can take them where you want them:

# To a squeeze page (i am are getting 88% opt-in rates!)
# To a page
# To an affiliate offer
# To a CPA offer
# To your local biz

The beautiful part about all of this is the fact that it is so drop dead simple.

I break it all down for you in step by step training .

You will say to yourself “I can’t believe the power that Facebook groups hold.”

You will no longer have a problem with traffic.

It will feel like turning the flood gates on.

It will take you only minutes to a day to do and the competition is zero.

Facebook Group Commissions – Review, Bonus – Get Results From Free Traffic In Facebook Groups

Monthly PLR Membership – Video Ads, Templates, IM and PLR Graphics Club

Monthly PLR Membership

Monthly PLR Membership

Video Ads, Templates, IM and
Graphics Club

Video Ads, Templates, IM and PLR Graphics Club – This club offers royalty-free high-quality graphics and templates for marketers, business professionals, artists, designers, web hosts, product developers and other. This club is a monthly subscription where you will be able to access animated 3D graphics, PowerPoint templates, explainer video templates, Virtual 3D Characters and Spokespersons, 3D Backdrops, HD Backgrounds, vectors, tips, documents and tutorials on selected topics



Dr. Roger Smith offers a PLR product every month as part of my monthly templates and graphics Club, so Affiliates have to join the club and then you can sell the PLR product for yourself or use it as a bonus or bundle it with other products. There will be a new PLR product every month and it comes with the demo video, page and email swipes. So you get everything you need to sell it.

Is ORIGINAL stuff!

As part of our exclusive monthly Club, you’ll get DONE-FOR-YOU PowerPoint Video Templates, 3d Virtual Spokespersons, and 2d, plus 3d animated characters!

Get a full product with private label rights (PLR), every month,
that you can slap your name on, sell and keep 100% of the profits!

You’ll also get 3d-realistic talking mascots you can sync your voice to!

Get real information, documents and tools that will help your business succeed!

You’ll never have to worry about finding assets without too many
copyright restrictions AND YOU’LL HAVE the freedom to be creative, as a club member!

You won’t find this combination of business resources and graphics ANYWHERE ELSE!

Buy Monthly , Membership Review, Monthly PLR Membership Bonus, Graphics And Templates Club:

Join today, for the unbelievably LOW monthly fee of $14.99:

Video Ads, Templates, IM and PLR Graphics Club

HIIT Hard PLR – Hit Hard – HIIT It Hard – Self Help Fitness PLR



– Hit Hard – Self Help Fitness

Hard PLR – Hit Hard – Self Help Fitness PLR – “” is a Done For You Funnel with PLR in the evergreen hot niche which is none other than “health & fitness” that your customers can sell as their own and keep 100% of the cash in their pockets. Here are the details of the sales funnel.

The “ Business in a Box” comes with EVERYTHING a marketer needs to profit like crazy… high-quality product, email swipes, converting sales copy, professional graphics….. The bottom-line is, your list will LOVE this and you have the opportunity to make a lot of money.

What The Hiit Hard PLR Course Covers:

The old way of doing cardio training, why it’s not all that effective, and how to do cardio the HIIT way for faster, better results…
The science behind HIIT, why it’s so powerful, and how to understand your own body to get the most out of it…
The power of energy systems is revealed in detail inside and how we progress through energy systems for max results…
If you’re starting from scratch and haven’t worked out in a long time, you’ll discover how to build a basic level of fitness…
Should you use machines in your HIIT training? The answer is revealed inside…
The power of the “kettlebell swing” and how to do it the right way for amazing results..
Why your body has energy cycles and how to “ride the tide” and manage your energy levels…
Advanced HIIt methods such as Tabata, cardio acceleration, Fartlek, and MetCon
Create whole-body circuit routines and the exact steps to design the PERFECT circuit routine..
Why you may be working out too much and how to less and lose more fat and gain more muscle…
And, how to incorporate HIIT with an overall healthy lifestyle…
…and a whole lot more…

Here’s what is included in the Business In A Box, HIIT HardPLR Package:

High Quality Brand New Training Guide on Hiit It Hard.
Cheat Sheet
Mind map
Resources Report
High Converting Sales Copy
Professionaly Designed Minisite
Full Set of Stunning Graphics with PSD
10 x High Quality and Unique Articles
Stunning, professionally designed banners
Promotional Email Swipes
Hypnotic Sales Video Promo
PLR to all the above Modules

This is a complete PLR Business in a Box focused on Hiit It Hard… one of the hottest health topics for 2017 and beyond.

Not only will this help you CRUSH it in the health & fitness market, but you get everything you need to profit right away…

You get everything… sales page, high-quality graphics, video sales letter, and a lot more…

All you have to do is upload it to your server, send some , and profit.

The best part?

It’s proven that this time of year is the BEST time to start promoting Health & Fitness products…

HIIT Hard PLR, , , :

Amazingly, this whole package is starting out at only 7 BUCKS!!!

HIIT Hard PLR – Hit Hard – Self Help Fitness PLR

Cheatsheet Empire – Review, Bonus – Create Cheatsheets In 30 Minutes, To Get Sales And Leads

Cheatsheet Empire

Cheatsheet Empire

– Review, Bonus – Create In 30 Minutes, To Get And Leads

Cheatsheet Empire – Review, Bonus – Create Cheatsheets In 30 Minutes, To Get Sales And Leads – From – the best guide ever created about Cheatsheets, the easy reports you can create from zero in 30 minutes, to sell for money, leads or the two.

“Cheatsheet Empire” is the first course to learn the art of cheatsheet creation, easy reports you can sell for money or for leads. Inside there will be a case study on how to earn $999, or how to build a list of 1230+ people with $450. Plus a bonus video series and a bonus webinar series!

Our best cheatsheet sold 300+ copies for $999, and our best freebie cheatsheet sent us over 1,250 leads and $450 with upsells. A sure sign that this is a new type of product that people really love.

The advantages of a cheatsheet are that it requires less creation time, but gives you the opportunity to get easy sales and a lot of leads with less trouble than classic launches, as you don’t need any pre-launch phase, or any alert to JVs.

Inside the front end there’s a document of 40+ pages guiding the user to understand the steps to create a cheatsheet. To be precise, inside you will find:

Why cheatsheets work like crazy.
The 9 sections of a good cheatsheet.
Case study of my winning cheatsheet.
My best one included for free, for you.
Where to find news, ideas and trends.
The four different types of cheatsheet you can create.
Four places to get your ideas.
The sales letter step by step (you get mine to use!)
Sales page creation notes.
How to find ideas for One Time Offers
The step by step sale process on WarriorPlus.
4 ways to get to your cheatsheet.
MY BONUS video series about cheatsheets (value of $27)
MY BONUS webinar series about product launch (sold for $97)

This is an extraordinary training package that everyone can take advantage of, because you don’t have to be a writer. You only have to copy and paste links from the web inside a blank document. Nothing else.

Inside there’s our sales page, ready to be copied and used to sell.

OTO1 is a collection of my cheatsheets with rights, and goes for $27.

OTO2 is a course to live cheatsheets, and will also go for $27.

Cheatsheet Empire – Review, Bonus – Create Cheatsheets In 30 Minutes, To Get Sales And Leads

PLR Video Riches 2.0 – 200 Training Videos With UNRESTRICTED PLR

PLR Video Riches 2.0

PLR Video Riches 2.0


200 Training With UNRESTRICTED PLR – over 50 video courses which consist of over 200 videos from my PLR Video Membership site for a one time fee.

This is a Spring Break Special Offer for only days and then the page will close down. There are over 200 videos created by an veteran that you can claim the rights to, sell, use for lead generation purposes, use for affiliate campaigns, etc.

List of of the 50 PLR video topics and descriptions:

PLR Video Course :
How to make money with CPA using Facebook. This is one of fastest ways to start making money online.

PLR Video Course :
How to hire your first Virtual Assistant. This will allow you to take your business to the next level.

PLR Video Course :
How to sell shirts online. Several people are earning six figures per month selling shirts online. This course will help you get started.

PLR Video Course :
How to use YouTube for earning affiliate income. Almost everyone watches videos online nowadays so this course was created to help you profit from the booming video industry.

PLR Video Course :
How To Make Money In Embarrassing Niches. People in embarrassing niches are desperate to solve their problem and most would prefer to buy products online so their family and friends don’t know about their problem.

PLR Video Course :
Explode Your With These 6 FREE Traffic Methods. If you can’t afford to pay for traffic yet, I highly recommend you watch this course.

PLR Video Course 7:
Instant Traffic For Pennies With Bing Ads. Most people are still not using Bing as a traffic source but I will tell you this can be a very profitable (and cheap) traffic source.

PLR Video Course :
Slideshare For Your Business. This video course will show you how Slideshare can be beneficial to your business and how to use it for generating traffic

PLR Video Course :
Build A Big List Fast With These Large Solo Ad Vendors And List Brokers. If you need to build a list fast, you can pay these big boys to send you lots of traffic fast.

PLR Video Course :
How To Edit Your Videos For Free Using YouTube Editor. If you do not yet want to spend money on a video editing software, you can use the free tool provided by YouTube. These 8 videos will show you cool tricks you can do on the editor.

PLR Video Course :
Solo Ad Secrets. One of the fastest ways to get traffic is to buy solo ads. You can get burned though if you do it wrong, so watch this course before you get started.

PLR Video Course :
Facebook Ad Secrets. Using Facebook Ads can be very powerful if done right. So watch this course to get some good tips.

PLR Video Course :
3 Hot Paid Traffic Sources. These are so hot that they are still my secrets. Sorry, I can’t give you any hints on this one.

PLR Video Course :
Top 6 Paid Underground Traffic Sources. These sources can get you very targeted traffic. It’s a surprise not too many people know about these sources yet.

PLR Video Course :
How to install WordPress. I want to show you how easy it is to set up a website using one of the best free platforms, WordPress.

PLR Video Course :
How to upload PLR products and start selling. PLR (Private Label Rights) can be very powerful. It is when you purchase the rights of a product from someone to rebrand their products as your own and even be able to edit the product.

PLR Video Course :
Amazon Affiliate Program. Not on Amazon affiliate yet? Become an affiliate so you can work towards earning passive income.

PLR Video Course :
Fancy Cash. This one teaches you how to utilize a new site (think of it as a cross between eBay and Pinterest) to sell your own products or promote affiliate products.

PLR Video Course :
Co-Registration Secrets. This one teaches you how to build a list using co-registration. Some people have built lists of tens of thousands of subscribers but so little is still known about this strategy. Watch this course to shed some light on this powerful strategy.

PLR Video Course 20:
Quick Cash. Use this little known strategy to earn some quick affiliate commissions.

Here’s What You’re Getting:

Over 50 Professional quality PLR video courses (Over 200 videos in total)
All videos are in the ‘ niche’.
A training solution for both you and your VA.
A way to jumpstart your online business.
A way to set up recurring income for you.
Bonus 1: A ready-made letter you can use to sell these videos.
Bonus 2: PLR to my LIVE training videos I originally made for my inner circle of clients.
Bonus 3: 3-in-1 eCover and Squeeze page software
Bonus 4: $100k/month Business model
And so much more…

Buy PLR Video Riches 2.0, PLR Video Riches 2.0 Review, PLR Video Riches 2.0 Bonus:

There are 30 more video courses, 52 all together, 200 in total- check them out here:

200 Training Videos With UNRESTRICTED PLR

SharpSocial – Reach Out To Everyone On Your Facebook, YouTube Channel, Instagram, Twitter



SharpSocial – Reach Out To Everyone On Your Facebook, YouTube Channel, Instagram, Twitter

scans your users comments on & YouTube ( & on OTO1) and tells you which comments are negative, positive or neutral and also shows their emotions such as happiness, sadness, confusion etc. There is no other app that does this. Based on users comment, you can send them a custom private message on FB or comment reply or even delete negative posts.

Using SharpSocial, you can easily monetise your user comments. Turn comments into cash

Use SharpSocial to get more , more engagement, build a list and get direct from users engaging on FB and YouTube.

SharpSocial does sentiments and emotional analysis of your users comments. Using this data, you can for example:

-Send a discount coupon to someonewho’s confused.
-Ask for share & referrals from someonewho’s happy.
-Send support details to someone who’s confused
and so much more.

SharpSocial is the only app that uses IBM Watsons machine learning and artificial intelligence tech.

It’s really easy to use and 100% newbie friends. Simply connect your FB and YouTube account, it automatically scans and displays you data about sentiments and emotions. Then you can take actions of those comments individually or collectively.

Using SharpSocial, you can send highly engaging private messages,public comment reply and delete the comments.

You can either send message/comment/delete an individual comment or user or you can do it in mass.

SharpSocial uses sentimental and emotional analysis using machine learning based on IBMs tech. There is no other app out there that doesthat. This is HUGE!

Using SharpSocial you can actually see how many of your customers are happy and how many are hurting your brand.

All other apps simply let you private message the SAME CANNED REPLY to everyone on your fan page.BUT with SharpSocial you can send unique responses via PM or comment to angry,happy or confused customers. This way you’re actually solving their problems and genuinely reaching out to them.

All other FB apps either let you message instantly when someone comments or only let you message when someone messages you. WITH SharpSocial, you can reach out to everyone on your FB & on your .

SharpSocial is for FB and YouTube.Instagram and Twitter as well in OTO1.All other apps are only Facebook.

SharpSocial – Reach Out To Everyone On Your Facebook, YouTube Channel, Instagram, Twitter

Sharp Social – Review, Bonus – Facebook & YouTube Automated User Engagement Web App – SharpSocial

Sharp Social

Sharp Social

– Review, Bonus – Facebook & YouTube Automated User Engagement Web App –

Sharp – Review, Bonus – Facebook & YouTube Automated User Engagement Web App – SharpSocial – SharpSocial is worlds first and only real artificial intelligence powered Facebook & YouTube user engagement web-app. Send custom reply & private messages based on Angry, Happy, Confused etc emotional states of user comments and much more!

SharpSocial is a web based app that completely automates the process of user engagement.

Using IBMs Machine Learning and Sentiment Analysis technology, we scan all the comments and replies on your Fanpage & YouTube channel, categories them based on their sentiments and emotions and sends them a custom response (reply back or private message).

SharpSocial can be used to engage users, brand reputation management, list building, direct , affiliate and so much more.

This is a perfect and a must have app for eCommerce, Shopify and TeeSpring (print on demand) marketers. Being able to understand what your users are asking for, how they are responding to a certain product and more can help you save tons of money in ads testing.

PLUS all of this is done automatically and the entire process once dialed in can work flawlessly without supervision.

SharpSocial gives you a very broad view of your customers, fans, market and your niches, so you can make sure there is perfect engagement and you can leverage that to build list, sell more products directly and generate targeted .

At $37, this is a 100% no-brainer deal. SharpSocial is a must have and a super easy sell and perfect for:
Social media, niche research, fb ads, teespring, ecommerce,
shopify, traffic generation, list building lists.

, , :

Check out the demo video of pro version to see how this works.

Sharp Social – Review, Bonus – Facebook & YouTube Automated User Engagement Web App – SharpSocial