Plugin Profit Black OPS

Plugin Profit Black OPS

Plugin Profit Black OPS

Plugin Profit Black OPS – The front end product has 13 over-the-shoulder that show every step on how to create assets with using WordPress . The entire training is easy to follow and guarantees to get results! The front end price reflects quality and the jam packed content allows internet marketers of any level to learn and build their own assets from our training!

The funnel includes advanced video training that focuses on different strategies to profit from the created assets as well as a 6-week workshop with live webinars and personal email access:

Upsell 1 – Advanced Video Training $34
Upsell 2 – 6-Week Workshop $197

It’s amazing, people are totally loving
Plugin Profit Black OPS!

The beauty of this amazing offer is
that it helps to create your own product
that you can profit from long after it’s
set up.

And the best, it works for everyone,
whether you are new to
or an experienced marketer.

The method in Plugin Profit Black OPS is
used even by top marketers, and it is the
type of system that can take you from
struggling online to create a steady
and reliable income stream!

All you have to do is follow the simple steps!

Plugin Profit Black OPS

Half Century Blowout – $1,100 in value – all for just $50

half century blowout

Half Century Blowout – $1,100 in value – all for just $50

Half Century Blowout – $1,100 in value – all for just $50 – This is a MASSIVE 5 day sale on over 30 of our best WordPress products and training. Includes our premium plugins such as MemberSonic Pro, WP Coach Pro, Sonic Reply and many more!

The founder and CEO of Plugin Results is either senile or eccentric.

He’s just announced a special bundle of all of their premium WordPress products and courses for one low price.

Here’s A List Of The Packaged Offer:

Over $1,700 Sold Separately (That’s a 97% Savings)

MemberSonic Pro
MS Theme
Sonic Dashboard
MS Unified
WP Coach Pro
Coach Fiction
Plugin Profit Secrets Eclass
Profit OPS
Project Crusher
Business Ballistics
BGS Bootcamp
Project Pipeline Profits
Sonic Reply Pro
Rockstar Results
WP OptinJam
Affiliate Surge
Moguls Evergreen
Moguls Monthly
Moguls backend
WP Ad Hub
Sonic Defender
List Hook
PayPal Icetime
Sonic IPN
Content Dojo
WP Hawkeye
Offline Software Simplified
Short Reports System

There’s a membership site plugin (that will get you up and running in less than 5 minutes).

There’s a help desk plugin (with graphical analytics that competes with the best of them).

There’s an email coaching system that works with Wishlist Member, DAP, MemberMouse, MemberPress and more.

And still there’s another 27 products included in this package. Combined they sell for over $1,700 but you can get all of them for one low price of $50.

15 WordPress Plugins/Themes:

Want to create a full membership site? Use MemberSonic Pro
Need a customer support system? Use Sonic Reply
Want to create an email coaching program? Use wp Coach Pro
Perhaps you are a plugin developer looking for a licensing system?
Use ActivateWP

15 Courses & Training Programs:

Want to learn how to build a membership site? Watch Membership Site Moguls
Want to learn how to create content Watch Content Creation Dojo
Need help with project management or business fundamentals? We have 4 courses on it!
Thinking about creating software? We have 2 courses on this too!

Browse the complete suite of plugins and training programs below:

Half Century Blowout – $1,100 in value – all for just $50