Pinterest Improvement Plan Review, Bonus – From PotPieGirl

Pinterest Improvement Plan

Pinterest Improvement Plan

Pinterest Improvement Plan Review, Bonus – From PotPieGirl

Pinterest Improvement Plan Review, Bonus – From PotPieGirl – how you can increase your Pinterest results, resurrect a dwindling Pinterest account, and improve Group Board performance…

This new training is for established Pinterest Marketers that have been pinning for at least 6-8 months, have thousands of pins on Pinterest, and have (or have had) steady traffic from their pins on Pinterest.

Pinterest Improvement Plan

First off, I am NOT a “Pinterest Expert” – and I do not claim to be – and I have mad respect for those that ‘do’ Pinterest for a living.
I’m just weird – I LOVE algorithms… I really love popping the hood and figuring out how they work in an ACTIONABLE way **I** can work with.
I have poured what many would consider a ridiculous amount of time into a little free site called Pinterest – as in hundreds of hours (and wayyyy too many Advil)… pouring through code, testing, trying… breaking (I’m super good at breaking things… lol!)
Before I start, I need to say this:
What I am about to delve into is NOT for those new to Pinterest or with a ‘young’ account that has few pins (ie, less that 2000 – 5000 pins – probably even more).
What I’m about to talk about is more for those that have been pinning at least a year, have thousands of pins, and don’t hesitate if I ask you to make one board with 100 best pins from your OWN site, ok?
So let’s go….
May I ask you this:
Is your Pinterest traffic down?
Has your traffic from Pinterest hit a plateau – and no matter what you do, it doesn’t seem to improve?
• Have you said, or thought, this statement:
“My Pinterest traffic is down and I don’t know why… I’m not doing anything different.”
Ya know, I’ve said that same thing to myself.
Now, my Pinterest traffic wasn’t down… but it just wouldn’t improve even tho I was adding more pins, pinning more often, etc etc.
Don’t get me wrong, I was still LOVING the multiple thousands of visits my pins brought to my sites each day, but I felt as if I was working to improve on that, but I just couldn’t bust through 8-9 million reach on Pinterest each day.
Then it hit me:
Pinterest keeps changing… so why am **I** not changing as well???”
Pinterest has made a ton of subtle changes… a TON.
What would appear to be “small potatoes” has really made a BIG hairy ball of difference to many bloggers who have thousands of pins, hundreds of boards – and have been ‘doing’ Pinterest for a long time.
And sadly, those bloggers don’t even know what happened.
• They blame it on Group Boards. As if Group Boards are to blame.

Pinterest Improvement Plan

Let me tell you a little secret:
If YOU are “re-pinning” from your Group Boards using the Tailwind extension – that Group Board is NOT getting “credit” for your repin.
If OTHER bloggers are ‘repinning’ from Group Boards you pin to with their Tailwind app, you’re never gonna know that the repin came from that board.
I’m serious – those stats you see, they don’t matter… they do not apply.
In essence, if you use Tailwind or another tool like that, you are doing the same thing as if you went to the blog and clicked to pin.
Tailwind makes NEW pins – it does NOT truly “repin”.
It does NOT “credit” the Group Board, either.
You can NOT judge a Group Board by any stats that Tailwind or BoardBooster or any other pinning tool gives you.
They are not accurate to the biggest concern: what that Group Board does for YOU.
One really ‘viral’ pin for a Group Board can skew the stats those tools show you – and not a bit of that has to do with YOUR results from that Group Board.
And if you don’t know how Pinterest decides your “best pins”, well, no tool will help you (and it’s NOT the fault of any Group Board).
Secondly, once Pinterest decides the “best” pin for what Pinterest considers a unique image, it doesn’t matter where you pin it.
You can pin it multiple times to the same board, to tons of other boards – it doesn’t matter.
What you CAN do is give your “best pins” additional power and additional context.
The ‘trick’ is – being able to FIND you truly best pins according to Pinterest.
And here’s a surprise – your “best pin” may not even be YOUR pin.
• If you have lost traffic from Pinterest, but you’re “not doing anything different” –
Well, it might be time to DO something different.
• Reasons this could be happening:
– You’re not truly repinning your TRUE best pins (and I mean truly REPINNING your best pins according to Pinterest)
– You’re only using Tailwind (or another pinning tool) to do it all for you. Now don’t get me wrong, I love me some Tailwind AND Boardbooster…. but they have to be used smartly if you want your best results.
– You lost rankings in Pinterest Search. It doesn’t take as many “repins” as it used to take to rank well in Pinterest Search – it takes context and engagement.
– Pinterest has gotten REALLY good at recognizing images that belong to another pinner (or Pinterest THINKS they should credit another pinner) – and you lost.
– You’re only manually pinning – but not pinning the right stuff
– Your account is STALE – you keep pinning the same images over and over and over (when is the last time you added a NEW pin image to Pinterest for any of your posts?)
I could keep going with reasons, but I think that’s enough for now =)
In that last month, I have decided to pour through source code, learn what Pinterest really wants, and what really matters to them – and acted on it.
• In just ONE month, I have added an additional 4 MILLION reach on my pins.
My traffic is way up – earnings are up, too (yay!)
I’m very excited for the upcoming Holiday season – it’s gonna be FUN!
• Bottom line:
If things are headed downward on Pinterest for you – and you’re “not doing anything different” – maybe you SHOULD try something different.
• As I said to myself:
“Pinterest keeps changing, so what aren’t YOU changing?”
To me, Pinterest is a blessing… how cool is it to have a completely free-to-use site that sends your blog tons of traffic, right??
Now, in the image below I show my change in my Pinterest Analytics stats over the last month.
I’m not showing that to “impress” you – I am sure there are plenty reading this that have WAY better stats than I do.
I shared the change in my results over the last month to impress UPON you that by simply digging in and doing things differently based on what Pinterest wants, you can see a dramatic change in your Pinterest results.
Happy pinning!!

Pinterest Improvement Plan Review, Bonus – From PotPieGirl

Pin Booster – A Powerful Tool To Automatically Increase Pinterest Followers – Boost Your Website With Pinterest

Pin Booster

Pin Booster

– A Powerful Tool To Automatically Increase Followers – Boost Your Website With Pinterest

PinBooster – A Powerful Tool To Automatically Increase Pinterest Followers – Boost Your Website With Pinterest – Along with PinBooster you’re also getting a tried and tested Pinterest money generating marketing technique ebook.

Pin Booster is smart tool that will automatically increase your followers and followings

Here are few key features of

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And a lot more

This tool is constructed in such a way that even beginner/non-technical person
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And the author is also providing ultimate Pinterest guide that cover all the aspects.

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Pin Booster – A Powerful Tool To Automatically Increase Pinterest Followers – Boost Your Website With Pinterest

Pinterest CheatSheet By PotPieGirl – Review, Bonus – Power Pinners Pinterest Cheat Sheet

Pinterest CheatSheet

Pinterest CheatSheet

By – Review, Bonus –

CheatSheet By PotPieGirl – Review, Bonus – Power Pinterest Cheat Sheet – Did you know there are some “tips and tricks” that can really help you with your Pinterest results?

What’s odd is that I’ve never heard any of the “Pinterest Pros” mention many of these techniques.

For example:

Do you know how to see how fast (or slow) a Group Board moves with new pins?

Trust me, this is VERY important to know in order to get the most out the Group Boards you are allowed to pin on.

Here’s another one:

Did you know that there is a VERY simple way to see exactly how many repins a specific pin has had at ANY given moment?

I use this technique ALL the time – super helpful… but I don’t hear anyone else sharing this technique.

It’s such a simple little “hack” – and once you know how to do it, you’ll be able to get up-to-the-SECOND stats on your own pins…

Or ANY pin on Pinterest =)

That’s right – it works for not only your pins, but ANY pin you see on Pinterest.
In just two quick clicks, you can see EXACTLY how many repins ANY pin has as of that exact moment AND exactly who is repinning it (and what board they repinned it to).

This is POWERFUL stuff!

If you’re interested, I’d like to share my Pinterest “tricks” with you.

You will get an easy-to-read 20-page pdf guide with my best Pinterest Power Pinner Tricks.

After a quick 5 minute read, YOU will know all the tips and tricks I use every single day on Pinterest.

AND – best of all – you’ll be able to go DO the tricks right away.

No fluff, no painful learning curve…

Just solid, straight-to-the-point information that you’ll be ready and able to go do for your own Pinterest account right away.

Pinterest CheatSheet By PotPieGirl – Review, Bonus – Power Pinners Pinterest Cheat Sheet

Pinflux Pinterest Software – Review, Bonus – Pinterest Automation Software From Cyril Gupta – Pin Flux

Pinflux Pinterest Software

Pinflux Pinterest Software

– Review, Bonus – Software From Cyril Gupta –

– Review, Bonus – Automation Software From Cyril Gupta – Pin Flux – Pinterest Automation Tool

Powerful Pinterest Automation Software Does Everything On Your Desktop Computer

Powerful Pinflux Automation Features

Work with multiple boards
across multiple IDs.
Automates pinning of
fresh content.
Search and automatically
finds powerful content
from Pinterest.
Finds pins in any niche
and repins them to
your boards.

Automatically follows
niche targeted profiles.
Unfollow automation for
profiles that did not follow
you back.
Like & activity automation.

100% support for manual
actions. You can do
everything from within

8 Minute Video:

The most powerful Pinterest automation software is here

Pinflux sets your Pinterest marketing on
fast track, gives you tons of more benfits
and it’s all too easy to set and run.

AND Nothing Is Simpler Than Pinflux
The 3-Step Simple Process

1.Connect all your Pinterest accounts & Boards

2.Set up your keywords & board settings.

3.Watch your Pinterest traffic & stats grow.

Now you can get more traffic with the most powerful
new emerging media platform that is designed for
hands-free automation to get you all the traffic,
generate leads and ultimately increase leveraging
the motherlode of all buyer traffic – Pinterest.

Set it up and forget, or get as much control
as you want. Pinflux puts you in 100% charge.
Pinflux maximizes your Pinterest profits doing
everything from choosing the right content,
pinning, repinning, following, unfloowing and
all of that!

Check the tell all video here:

Pinflux Pinterest Software – Review, Bonus – Pinterest Automation Software From Cyril Gupta – Pin Flux

BoardCommander – Review, Bonus – Software Builds A Massive Pinterest Following – Board Commander



– Review, Bonus – Software Builds A Massive Following –

BoardCommander – Review, Bonus – Software Builds A Massive Pinterest Following – Board Commander – 12,000 Visitors a Day Training

Stefan, Mike and Brett’s workshop showing how to get 12,000 visitors a day without paid is starting in one hour.

During the workshop, they’ll reveal how Stefan was able to siphon up to 12,000 visitors a day without ANY paying and how you can do the same.

Unlike most methods that are packed with hype and fluff, this one is the real deal. In fact, this could very well be THE method that finally makes you the kind of money that you want to make online by solving the biggest problem of them all- TRAFFIC!

F/E : Board Commander Suite
Board Commander suite is a software and high end training combination that will show your customers how to generate fast, free traffic in any niche on autopilot and profit from all this traffic using the untapped power of Pinterest. The training shows exactly how Stefan can drive up to 12,000+ visitors a day on autopilot without spending a penny, and your customers actually get the full automating software to build massive Pinterest following and use the secret sauce of Pinterest.

OTO 1: Board Commander Unlimited Access
Instead of just getting ONE pinterest account…your customers get UNLIMITED accounts. This means if they can get 12,000 visitors a day on ONE account, imagine how many they can get with many accounts? This is their chance to really maximize their value, traffic and profits. They will also get full developer rights meaning they can use Board Commander on behalf of clients and get paid to do so.

OTO 2: Reseller Rights 100% Revenue Partner
Let’s face it: selling software is where the money is, BUT getting software created is expensive AND time consuming. Now’s a chance for your customers to sell their own high quality software, keep 100% of the profits and not have to handle ANY customer support.

OTO 3: Graphics Suite
It’s not often you get the ability to get a photoshop grade graphics editor for a small fraction of the photoshop price. Use the Board Commander Graphics suite, built right into the Board Commander software, create stunning images to use for Pinterest and anything else you want instantly. Super easy to use, never worry about hiring a designer, waiting for designers or overpaying again.

BoardCommander – Everything you need to never need paid traffic again is on this workshop:

BoardCommander – Review, Bonus – Software Builds A Massive Pinterest Following – Board Commander

BoardBooster Power Pinning Strategy From PotPieGirl

BoardBooster Power Pinning Strategy

BoardBooster Power Pinning Strategy


Power Pinning Strategy From PotPieGirl – aka – if you LOVE free from , THIS is for YOU!

BoardBooster Power Pinning Strategy is all clearly explained,
step-by-step inside an info-packed 40+ page pdf Guide.

You’ll be all set to have BoardBooster working for YOU
24 hours a day, 7 days a week… auto-magically.

Getting an awesome and effective strategy for free traffic is awesome, but LEARNING more in the process will make you even better with Pinterest.

When it comes to BoardBooster, there are 2 main things you need to understand before trying to figure out how to make it work for YOU.

1. BoardBooster is used best when you set it up to repin your OWN pins.

2. When you dial in on getting BoardBooster to help amplify what is already working for you, THAT is where the pure magic of BoardBooster shines through.

2 things I’ve figured out:

1. Live Pinning:

If you spend a little time actually logging in to Pinterest and “live pinning” as opposed to letting auto-pinning tools do ALL the work, you will see better results.

2. My BoardBooster Strategy:

The big “tweak” in the Pinterest algorithm requires a certain method for pinning to get the best results.

BoardBooster is the ONLY tool I’ve found that really does it properly.

If your Pinterest traffic has declined, or it’s leveled out and won’t seem to improve… or you simply want MORE traffic from Pinterest the easy way…

Then you’re gonna love knowing – and USING my BoardBooster Power Pinning Strategy

BoardBooster Power Pinning Strategy From PotPieGirl

Pinterest Profit Machine – Review, Bonus – How To Make Over $3,181.35 Per Month By Successfully Using Pinterest!

Pinterest Profit Machine

Pinterest Profit Machine

– Review, Bonus – How To Make Over $3,181.35 Per Month By Successfully Using !

Pinterest Profit Machine – Review, Bonus – How To Make Over $3,181.35 Per Month By Successfully Using Pinterest! – Pinterest strategy gets you hot daily for free. Learn how to make daily cash which comes directly from Pinterest. It is 100% different than any other strategy you have ever seen anywhere else.

What am I going to get from this course?

☛ The exact method we would personally use to go from NOTHING to $100 per day overnight… This method doesn’t require any prior experience, reputation, or investment… all you need is our training, and you’re good to go and it’s fully tested and proven!

☛ How to build a presence on Pinterest from scratch

☛ How to drive MASSIVE traffic with your account in no-time

☛ How to find and engage with the right audience that’s likely to buy from you

☛ How to build a strong profile the right way (saving yourself a lot of mistakes down the road)

☛ The essentials you need to get started, and advanced tips and hacks not revealed anywhere else

☛ Simple tricks to get your content to go viral

And much, much more…


Bonus 1 – Pinterest Power $47 Value

Discover a Whole New Traffic Source and Boost Your Revenue…

Bonus 2 – Pinterest Perfection $97 Value

Discover How To Use Pinterest For Business…

Bonus 3 – Pin Your Way to Power $47 Value

Great Tips to Start With as An Affiliate Marketer on Pinterest…

, , :

Pinterest Profit Machine – Review, Bonus – How To Make Over $3,181.35 Per Month By Successfully Using Pinterest!

Advanced Pinterest Tips from PotPieGirl

Advanced Pinterest Tips

Advanced Pinterest Tips

from – Perfect for the Blogger Ready To Take Their Results to the Next Level

While my Pinterest Success Strategies walks you through all the steps to get your Pinterest account active, engaged, and sending your way, these All New Advanced will take you to the next level.

The whole reason we use Pinterest for our business is…

To Get TRAFFIC, right?

If you’re ready for MORE traffic from Pinterest,

let me show you how I’m doing it

and tips to make your pinning MUCH more effective.

The things I’ve uncovered about Pinterest have blown my mind – and made using Pinterest very clear for me.

I can now SEE what I need to do (because, yes, Pinterest DOES show you what you need… IF you know where to look).

I haven’t come across anyone else online sharing this information that I will share with you inside these Tips.

Prepare to have your mind blown.

What’s Inside?

PotPieGirl’s Advanced Pinterst Tips contains almost a full HOUR of personal training , over the shoulder demonstrations, and explanations from PotPieGirl.

We will cover things like:

– How can you KNOW if a Group Board is working for you?

– Should you DELETE Pins? (this might surprise you)

– How to get GREAT Group Board Invites

– How to KNOW which pins are NOT working for you, and…

– What to DO about pins that aren’t working for you.

And much, much more.

The Pinterest Tips & Info You Need To Take Pinterest To The Next Level…

Advanced Pinterest Tips from PotPieGirl

Pin Traffic Arsenal PLR – Pinterest Marketing Software PLR Offer!

pin traffic arsenal plr

Software Offer!

PLR – Pinterest Marketing Software PLR Offer! – What Is Pin Arsenal And Why A PLR Launch?

Pin Traffic Arsenal is a multi-bot built to take the mundane tasks out of marketing on Pinterest.

It’s a bot built in the Ubot platform that allows any person to input their desired information and then let the bot run and do all the processes in the background while the user does something else.

We all know Pinterest is a gold mine of traffic and with this bot, you will be able to get traffic consistently with very little effort on your part.

Pin Traffic Arsenal PLR Bot Software, Business In A Box Opportunity:

Front End – Will consist of master resale rights and private label rights.
All materials will be included. (i.e. letter, vsl, ect.)

UpsELL – Will consist of private label rights for an additional bot that uses Pinterest to get traffic.
All sales materials will be included. (i.e. sales letter, vsl, ect.)

uPSELL – Will consist of a training course for marketing with Pinterest.
All materials will be included as well as scripts and voice overs. (i.e. sales letter, vsl, ect.)

Released Today!

Pin Traffic Arsenal PLR – Pinterest Marketing Software PLR Offer!

Pinterest Success Strategies From PotPieGirl

pinterest success strategies


Strategies From PotPieGirl – is a POWERHOUSE for generating traffic to your site(s).

And the traffic from Pinterest has a much
stronger “commercial intent” than from any
other social media site.

I’ve been watching bloggers absolutely killing it
with their Pinterest strategies, but truth be told…

I just didn’t get it.

Pinterest had become super confusing to me
and it never seemed to work for me the way
others claimed it was working for them.

Sure, I’ve pinned stuff to Pinterest before…

but I never really saw any good results from doing it.

…until recently after I figured it out.

Turns out, I was doing it ALL WRONG!

After complete immersion into learning Pinterest
and their “Smart Feed” Algorithm…

and countless hours (days… weeks) of reverse-engineering
the many super-effective strategies the Power Pinners use,
it became crystal clear to me:

I had been doing it all wrong.. No wonder it didn’t work for me!

I had so many “A-HA!” moments as I uncovered what the
really successful Pinterest users were doing.

Best of all, when I applied my OWN versions of their
Pinterest strategy ideas, Pinterest started working
REALLY well for me.

Here’s a brief run down of the contents of the package:

-1- The Main Guide (which is HUGE… over 130 Pages!)

This guide is jammed PACKED with everything you not
only need to know about marketing with Pinterest, but
the things you must UNDERSTAND to see success.

It is literally an organized Brain Dump from my notebookS
full of all the notes and techniques and tricks I’ve learned.

I also list out the BIG MISTAKES I see people making on
Pinterest that brings their chances of success to a halt.

how do I KNOW these things are ‘mistakes’?
Simple reason: I made the mistakes, too –
now I know better!

-2- An In-Depth Get Started and Growth Strategies Guide

This is a very actionable training guide with exactly what
you need to get started, and grow BIG TIME.

Steps and tips for setting up your account, creating your boards,
how/when/and how often to pin, and much more.

I also literally list out the step-by-step plan to create a magical
type of blog post on your site(s) that Pinterest users LOVE –
with an in-depth explanation of WHY and HOW you do the
things I am teaching you.

I also give your copy/paste html code TEMPLATES to
use to MAKE these posts – just paste the code in and then
you simply fill in the blanks.

AND printable calendars that **I** personally use
to keep track of everything.

-3- An ADVANCED Pinterest Tips & Strategies Guide

In true PotPieGirl fashion, I have figured out and
learned some really nifty tips and tricks for getting
even better results from Pinterest.

This Advanced Guide is my Brain Dump of the
extra-awesome things you can do with Pinterest.

The Advanced Guide keeps getting bigger and bigger
as I find myself doing cool stuff on Pinterest and as
I go through my pages and pages of notes.

-4- A Personal Invitation to My Private Group Boards

I work HARD (and spend good money) to keep my
private Pinterest Group Boards engaged and moving
with great pins so YOUR pins will do well there.

My Private Group Boards are NOT open to the public –
Only those that have gone through my Pinterest Training
have an option to join any – or all – of my Group Boards.

I currently have 18 Private Group Boards – and YOU
will have the option to pin to any – or ALL – of them
with your board-relevant pins.

-5- An Invitation to Join My Private Pinterest Group

There will be a Private Google+ Group for this
Pinterest Training Package.

Inside the private group, you can get help, ask questions,
share with others, get tips and advice, etc etc.

You will get a personal invite to participate in my Private Group.

-6- More Guides, Tips, and Strategies

Are you a T-Shirt creator/seller with Amazon Merch
or another print on demand t-shirt company?

I am too!

And Pinterest is AWESOME for getting targeted
traffic to your shirts…

In this additional special guide, I’ll show you strategies to
get t-shirt sales from Pinterest.

hint: just pinning pictures of your shirts does NOT work…
I’ll show you how it DOES work.

Do you like making niche sites? I have an additional
special guide that teaches a little Pinterest strategy
that I have named “Niche Boards” – it’s pretty nifty.

Do you promote seasonal/holiday stuff? Ever wondered
WHEN you should be posting and pinning for that holiday?

I have yet ANOTHER additional guide that will walk
you through the best way to promote seasonal things.

Whew! That’s a LOT, isn’t it?

There’s so much more, but I think that gives you a
good idea of just how AWESOME my brand new
Pinterest Training Package really is.

When it goes public, it will NOT be cheap…
this ain’t no $7 little ebook – this is a massive, in-depth
training package that took an enormous amount
of time to learn, test, and put together.

This new Pinterest Training Package is one of
those INVESTMENTS in your business that smart
marketers make to learn, advance and grow:

Pinterest Success Strategies From PotPieGirl