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Social Traffic Magnet From Paul Dunstan – Massive Free Traffic From Social Media

Social Traffic Magnet

Social Traffic Magnet

From Paul Dunstan – Massive From Media

Magnet From Paul Dunstan – Massive Free From Social Media – Free, Unlimited, And Targeted Traffic From Social media

“Social Traffic Magnet” is an incredible modular training program which teaches your customers how to get FREE VIRAL TRAFFIC from Social Media. There are several amazing benefits of using this system, most notably the fact that it works WITH the terms and conditions of Facebook and Twitter etc. rather than AGAINST them, so there is no threat of being shut down.

STM also builds a good reputation rather than annoying people by spamming groups and profiles with auto-posting bots. Another amazing benefit is that the more people that use this system, the more traffic it generates – so it is one that is good to share!

It is suitable for all levels of marketer and uses only free plugins and my training – so there are no additional costs! Existing customers have had dramatic and FAST increases in traffic, engagement, opt ins and revenue and your customers will be able to have the same.

Customers can choose to purchase at one of three levels depending on whether they want to drive traffic to one site, multiple sites or to clients’ sites. This will all bring in a bigger front end commission to you.

Upsell 1: “Automated Income Creator” is a large and detailed, multi-module video training course. It teachers your customers everything they need to know to become a List Building Master (to make use of their new traffic!).

It takes your customers from the basic introduction to list building to advanced training on psychologically persuasive content creation and multiple strategies for list segmentation. These are tried and tested techniques not found elsewhere and come from my years teaching psychology and using it in .

Upsell 2: “$250K Formula” is my blueprint to creating and running a complete information marketing business.

It can take your customers from scratch to $250K per year. Your ‘action taking’ customers will be able to follow my steps and create multiple products and coaching programs, and drive traffic to it all. I deal with what to do and how to deal with the usual difficulties.

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Social Traffic Magnet From Paul Dunstan – Massive Free Traffic From Social Media

iGloo Reloaded From Josh Ratta – Landing Page And Membership Site Builder

iGloo Reloaded

iGloo Reloaded

From – Landing Page And Membership Site Builder

iGloo Reloaded From Josh Ratta – Landing Page And Membership Site Builder – iGloo reloaded is the next progression of our hit landing page builder.

In Reloaded we’ve added ‘iGloo Member’, enabling users to now create beautiful membership sites with their iGloo pages as well as other WordPress pages.

It also includes, advanced & engagement features such as ‘dynamic variables, voiceover CTA’s, sound effects, looping animations and animated text and a lot more.

iGloo Reloaded From Josh Ratta – Landing Page And Membership Site Builder

Card Deck Publishing Profits From Amy Harrop – How To Create And Sell Card Decks

Card Deck Publishing Profits

Card Deck Publishing Profits

From – How To Create And Sell

Profits From Amy Harrop – How To Create And Sell Card Decks – Tap into an in-demand publishing niche to earn big profits without spending weeks or months writing. This is the perfect repurposed content income stream.

Card Deck Publishing Profits Reveals:

The most popular types of card decks that appeal to many ages, niches, and demographics.

How to get instant ideas for card decks that sell.

How to use content you already have or even free content to create brand new card decks.

How to create awesome designs using free drag and drop software and free images.

How to create ready to print card decks with drag and drop technology.

How to find print quality images fast.

The best places to create print on demand decks.

How to create print quality designs with free content.

And much more!

If your audience loves push-button solutions for adding additional streams of income to their publishing and efforts, then this training is for them.

Brand New: Create Products That Sell…Little to No Writing Needed:

Card Deck Publishing Profits From Amy Harrop – How To Create And Sell Card Decks

Video Chief Agency From Joshua Zamora – Over 150 DFY Videos In The Hottest Niches

Video Chief

Video Chief

From – Over 150 In The Hottest Niches

Video Chief From Joshua Zamora – Over 150 DFY In The Hottest Niches – Profit With Videos With This Done-For-You

Video Chief is one of the LARGEST Libraries of Video Resources that you’ll EVER Get Your Hands On:

100% unique done-for-you videos

Over 150 videos in more than a DOZEN of the hottest niches

Plus we also have done-for-you video scripts, done-for-you voiceovers and much more

Inside of Video Chief you’ll be getting:

Over 150 Done-For-You Videos

You’ll be getting instant access to over 150 ready-made-video spread across more than a dozen of the hottest niches that you can download in ONE-CLICK and sell for over $500-$1000. Or Rank them and generate MASSIVE leads or affiliate commissions in these niches.

Over 150 Script Templates

You’ll also be getting access to ALL the scripts that we used for our videos. This will allow you to customize and create your own videos without spending the time and money to hire a video script copywriter.

Over 150 Voice Over Templates

Want to use our voice over voices but want to tweak the visuals? Download the voiceovers in just ONE click and customize your visuals however you’d like!

Over 50 Course Training Templates

Want to get into the digital products arena but don’t have the content? Use one of our done-for-you courses and either sell them as upsells to your clients OR use them to build your list!

HD Video Ready

Every single video and audio track is ready to be exported in FULL HD format. This means export in 1080 HD quality. We do NOT play around with the quality we shoot in. These were all created with the BEST cameras and microphones in a professional studio.

Full Editable Options

You can customize each template as much or as little as you’d like. Either way you can rest assured you’ll be making some AMAZING videos. Use our full videos as-is OR customize them with the script and voice over templates.

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Over 150+ premade videos you can sell for 500 bucks or more:

Video Chief From Joshua Zamora – Over 150 DFY Videos In The Hottest Niches

Auto Webinar Profits From Mario Brown – 100% Hands-Off Profits With Automated Webinars

Auto Webinar Profits

Auto Webinar Profits

From – 100% Hands-Off Profits With

Auto Webinar Profits From Mario Brown – 100% Hands-Off Profits With Automated Webinars – the fastest way to generate leads & for your business online online – 100% AUTOMATED!

Imagine this scenario:

Your Leads are coming in Automatically.

They get converted into customers & clients Automatically.

Your follow up & is 100% Automated and Payments come in Automatically.

How in the world can you set that sweet situation up the SIMPLEST and FASTEST way possible?

Automated Webinars!

Mario Brown is hosting a Training Session showing you step by step how to set this up:

This is a 100% REAL WORLD case study on how he 100% fully automated his business using Automated Webinars and how he has set it up for free.

Leads, Sales, Follow Up – All 100% hands off brining in sales daily, from $97 to $997.

How To Attract Leads & Convert Them Into Customers & Buyers 100% Hands-Off With Automated Webinars

Inside Auto Webinar Profits, Mario Brown reveals:

3 Step System To Put All Your Lead Generation & Sales On 100% Auto-Pilot Today

How To Sell High Ticket Coaching & Consulting Offers With Automated Webinars

Sell Information Products, Coaching, Consulting or eCommerce WITHOUT Having To Desperately Blog, Write Articles or Post On Media

How To Create This 100% Hands Off Automated Lifestyle Business Step By Step

How I’m Getting TARGETED Leads For As Low As 0.43 Cents In The Most Competitive Niche

Swipe My Landing Pages, Webinar Secrets & Facebook Ad Examples

Discover The SIMPLEST YET POWERFUL ‘ & Sales Funnel’ You Can Set Up Literally Today

How To Start Charging What You Are Really Worth While Positioning Yourself As The Solution In Your Niche

Perfect For Experts like Coaches, Speakers, Authors & Online Marketers

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See everything in detail yourself:

Auto Webinar Profits From Mario Brown – 100% Hands-Off Profits With Automated Webinars

Commission Smasher Video Series MRR

Commission Smasher Video Series MRR

Commission Smasher Video Series MRR

Video Series MRR – The Commission Smasher is A Step-By-Step Training Course On How Anyone Can Build A Business Selling Other People’s Products!

Master The Art Of Generating Commission With This 3 Simple Steps:

– Learn the secret formula to generating website to increase subscribers.

– Convert new as well as existing customers into leads that act as potential buyers for your vendors’ products.

– And master the methods of turning them into buyers with follow-up emails… even if they don’t buy anything the first time.

What You Will Learn:

Module 1: Commission Smasher

. What is all about and the basics of it
. Advantages of being an affiliate marketer
. Effective plans and strategies to get the best out of affiliate

Bonus: The tools and software that you will definitely need to build this business

Module 2: How To Choose Highly Profitable Products To Promote

. Where to find the right products to promote on your website
. What are the available marketplace and target audiences
. Product selection criteria
. How to select the most profitable program

Module 3: Killer Review Writing Technique

. Write simple and effective reviews that can generate affiliate commissions
. Create a power benefit-focused affiliate website
. Ways to get review access to the product

Module 4: Bonus Technique

. Criteria of creating a bonus offer that will grab more audiences’ attention to buy from your affiliate link
. Types of bonuses that can be given out and ways to get them
. How to introduce your bonus onto your site

Module 5: Affiliate Superpower

. Ways to set up a simple website to increase email list
. Write fast and effective promotional email to attract your . subscribers’ attention and make them take action
. The appropriate time to follow-up with them
. Ways to collect your visitors’ emails

Module 6: Solo Ads

. Drive traffic to your website with the right traffic generation method and its criteria
. Find out why solo ads are recommended for newbies and affiliate marketers who have just started out in the business
. Write solo ad email that generates good conversions
. Where to find solo ad vendors and how much should you spend on them

Module 7: Ad Swaps

. Super secret methods written for those who own mailing list and would like to exchange mailings with other email list owners, but not limited to those who are new to
. Swap advertisements with other marketers to form an alliance
. The right places to find ad swap partners

Module 8: Email Marketing

. See your commission hit sky-rocket by reaching out to your target customers with email marketing
. Track your readers and see for yourself how many people opened or did not open your email
. Create curiosity-driven and attention-grabbing messages for your affiliate business
. Create a sense of urgency and among your customers and make them take action with the Urgency and Scarcity marketing techniques

And many more! All revealed in the Commission Smasher Program:

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Commission Smasher Video Series MRR

Group Traffic Profits – Facebook Group Marketing With Software And Training

Group Traffic Profits

Group Traffic Profits

– Facebook Group With Software And Training

Group Profits – Facebook Group Marketing With Software And Training – learn the tactics, AND get the software that Brett uses to send hundreds of clicks (tier buyer traffic) to any URL he wants (without email)!

Group Traffic Profits is a complete system that comes with:

– Step by step training on how to quickly build a Facebook group and effectively use it for marketing.

– The Image Maker Pro system that lets even the most artistically challenged person create eye caching Facebook graphics

– The FB Link Post (v2.0) WordPress plugin that lets people make their entire graphic post clickable (instead of just a small text link)

Here’s How The Funnel Will Flow:

FE – Group Traffic Profits (training and software)

OTO 1 -4 weeks of live training, extra templates, free ProfitCanvas account

OTO – UNLIMITED reseller (done for you agency system)

Group Traffic Profits is the ultimate -Part system for creating a Facebook group, getting traffic, and turning that traffic into MONEY in your pocket with our own unique method and powerful software tools

3-Part Traffic System – Includes Step-By-Step Video Training And TWO Software Apps That Make This Easier Than Ever:

Part 1 – Step-By-Step Video Training

Why are so powerful and how to get started as soon as today The big mistake almost everyone makes when they try to use Facebook groups to generate traffic, and what we’re doing to overcome this mistake Why NOW is the time to get started with your own Facebook group and what you’re missing out on if you’re waiting An over-the-shoulder look at EXACTLY how Brett was able to make $665 with just one Facebook post, and how you can “copy and paste” your way to the same results The key to quickly getting a following and building your group even if you’re starting from ZERO right now… you don’t need a list or a reputation to generate hordes of traffic with Facebook Examples of actual campaigns and offers that have converted the best for us and what you should be looking for to get the maximum results How to manage your group and make as much money as possible in just a few short minutes per post How others are building SIX FIGURE online businesses with just a Facebook group and how you can do the same… even if you have no prior experience Plus, a whole lot more!

Part 2 – Image Maker Pro Software

Easily make professional-quality, viral images for Facebook This easy-to-use software comes with hundreds of great images, clipart, and templates, so it’s ready-to-go right away Everything inside is “drag and drop” easy, so you don’t need any design skills or technical abilities to crank out awesome images in no time Save hundreds of dollars when compared to hiring a graphic designer to create your Facebook image posts Plus, no more waiting days for a designer to get back to you… you’ll have attractive posts with stunning images and graphics ready to go in minutes

Part 3 – FB Link Post 2.0 Plugin

This is the UNRELEASED version of Brett’s popular FB Link Post software (no one has this but us… until now).

Make your entire post graphic clickable, instead of just the small text link… That means, more clicks and a lot more traffic Your posts are far more likely to go viral bringing you even more traffic Get click statistics on all of your link posts so you can see what’s working and what can be improved

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Make $665 With Just ONE FACEBOOK POST!

Group Traffic Profits – Facebook Group Marketing With Software And Training

Crushing Business Limits – 10 Articles with Images

Crushing Business Limits

Crushing Business Limits

– 10 Articles with Images

10 Articles with Images –

Boost Your Content Power With TEN Extra Articles!

These topics compliment the Crushing Business Limits Small Report and can help you turn more readers into buyers if you’re selling the full version eBook!

3 Key Ways Mindset Affects Your Customer Service
Are You Letting Disasters Derail Your Business
Don’t Start a Joint Venture With This Mindset
Changing The Way You See Obstacles In Your Business
Why Procrastination Isn’t Really The Problem
3 Things You Really Don’t Want To Say About Your Business
Is Your Money Mindset Killing Your Business?
3 Signs Your Mindset Needs A Change
Mindset Is Contagious
Becoming More Confident In Your Business

Each of these articles are between 300 and 400 words, perfect for some quick blogging or for use in an email autoresponder campaign.

We whipped up 1000 by 1000px images to match the article titles – and yes, we’ve included the PSD files so you can edit them easily.

Everything Is Easy To Access, Edit & Publish!

Rights Licence $7.00:

Crushing Business Limits – 10 Articles with Images

Baby Boomer Battle Plan – A Stupid Easy System That You Can Use To Make Money From Other Peoples Products

Baby Boomer Battle Plan

Baby Boomer Battle Plan

– A Stupid Easy System That You Can Use To Make Money From Other Peoples Products

Baby Boomer Battle Plan – A Stupid Easy System That You Can Use To Make Money From Other Peoples Products – Easy Income with Step by Step Plan for Extra Income

Inside The Baby Boomer Battle Plan:

How to get Started with Affiliate (selling other peoples products) even if you have had no experience at all

How to use the affiliate marketing platform to find products that sell

How to Find High Converting products that pay you big Commissions

The best place to get so you get fast

How to set up a sales system that will pay you over and over again even while you sleep

Kristie Chiles- Baby Boomer – “If you’re brand spankin’ new to the “ niche”, stop what you’re doing right now. Are you sick, tired and even bone-weary of information overwhelm…Just silently wishing you had a daily plan? A Battle Plan with someone guiding you saying, “Do This, next Do That?” Then, you’re going to love this. Jenelle’s course is EXACTLY what you need to get started tonight to learn how to promote other people’s products for income. Easy-Peazy. Grab your copy below. Love it, Jenelle!”

Easily set up your Sales machines and start sending traffic and getting sales:

Baby Boomer Battle Plan – A Stupid Easy System That You Can Use To Make Money From Other Peoples Products

Niche Sites Profit Pack – The Ultimate Niche Websites Profit Pack

Niche Sites Profit Pack

Niche Sites Profit Pack

– The Ultimate Profit Pack

Profit Pack – The Ultimate Niche Websites Profit Pack – THE ULTIMATE LEARN AND EARN NICHE WEBSITES PRODUCT PROFIT PACKAGE! Get Access To ALL The Training, Tools, and Resources To Get You Started Today!

Niche Sites Profit Pack is jam packed full of top quality products and training that teaches you about the niche website business model….

Plus you are being provided with a large selection of quality ready made niche websites and blogs to get you started profiting right away!

Here’s What Is Included In Your Membership:

Niche and websites training products
Large selection of Niche Blogs and Websites
Large Selection Of Niche Video Sites
Relevant Technical Training
Resellers Training and Tools
Exclusive Bonus Training
Private Facebook Group
Members Ongoing Support
Free Members Updates

You can sell these sites as they are, host these sites for clients or even flip them.

This is a complete non stop value training and website plugin and play profit pulling business package!

This type of business model can bring you endless passive income on complete autopilot for years to come.

Get your access now whilst the price is still low…under ten bucks!

Niche Sites Profit Pack – The Ultimate Niche Websites Profit Pack