Copy Paste Paydays – Review, Bonus – A Proven, Newbie Friendly Marketing System Which Brings In Sales

Copy Paste Paydays

Copy Paste Paydays

– Review, Bonus – A Proven, Newbie Friendly Which Brings In

Copy Paste Paydays – Review, Bonus – A Proven, Newbie Friendly System Which Brings In Sales – On a Monthly Basis:
These Monthly Promo Campaigns Give You The Power Of Running A Professional (& Profitable) Business… Just Like The Gurus Do.

Training To Build Your First Audience.

Copy Paste Campaigns – Written by a Six-Figure Copywriter

Every Campaign Includes…

5 Days worth of Emails To Send To Your Audience
2 Days worth of Facebook Posts to get some extra sales from media
Ready-Made Bonus Page you can use to increase your sales. (we’ve combined our best courses there too. NO B.S. anywhere here…)

New Campaigns Added Every Month

You will keep getting new up-to-date campaigns for launches happening this month that you can plug into your autoresponders.

Once you get results with the initial campaigns, you will start seeing how EASY it is to get results with this

This is an easy done-for-you money-making solution.

Solid Support
‘The Client Is King.’ – That’s our value when it comes to business.
That’s why we offer impressively great support

For example, when you set up your bonus pages (that we offer with every campaign) you usually will have to download the OptimizePress2 template, actually go ahead and BUY OP2, get a website installed, domain name fees, hosting fees…etc

We take care of all of that for you. You don’t need to worry about a thing!


You simply give us your affiliate link… And receive the custom bonus page done for you.

We’ll Even Show You How To Get TRAFFIC And Build Your First Audience.

Just have to follow the traffic training, plug in our campaigns & start seeing people buying what you’re selling!

EVERYTHING you need. At a RIDICULOUS price:

Copy Paste Paydays – Review, Bonus – A Proven, Newbie Friendly Marketing System Which Brings In Sales

Offline LeadGen Giant – “Lead Gen Local” Manual

Offline LeadGen Giant

Offline LeadGen Giant

– “” Manual

Offline LeadGen Giant – “ Local” Manual – New Training in “Lead Gen Local” offline business. Simplified way for Local Consultants to generate thousands per month with consistency.

Best Lead Gen System Yet!

“THIS collection of Offline Lead Gen flyers is pure “in-the-offline-trenches-gold.” Within minutes you can plug and plug your information right in and be in the mail the very next day!” “I’m NOT kidding. These are winners, written by a pro copywriter!” Also includes a comprehensive Lead Gen Strategy Manual and support docs.

Pain-Free Monthly Income With New Offline System

Wondering how to get an offline business going…BUT…don’t want to cold call, knock on doors or spend a lot?

AND, you want a Steady Income…not the roller coaster ride most consultants endure.

Bruce and his partner Jim have developed a simple way to get clients paying monthly because they VALUE the service so much…and do it quickly.

Its a killer offline training product that focuses on the absolute BEST Lead Gen prospects (some you’d never think of) and grabs their attention FAST – no question about it.

This new offline client system is called “Be A LeadGen Giant” and works in ANY Market niche.

The testimonials and incomes being made will excite you…his friend JEdwards makes a full time offline income…but still has a full time job, too.

Every Offline Marketer ought to taste the sweet STEADY income that comes to LeadGen Providers….

…by mastering Lead Gen for local businesses.

They focused on the REAL problem most businesses have; Getting more clients!

And using their system, they filtered out all the businesses that would never pay them well.

…and then targeted the best prospects.

Its a dignified, targeted, powerful way to build a LeadGen business.

They use Special Flyers and Emails rather than cold call or door knock.

Bruce & Jim are teaching this to new and experienced marketers and already getting very impressive results…

This has gotten a lot of attention and I can see why. His system removes a HUGE roadblock to rapid client acquisition.

Let them tell you themselves, RIGHT HERE.

Bruce’s crammed so much into this package, It’s worth a lot more, so hurry over and SAVE right now:

Offline LeadGen Giant – “Lead Gen Local” Manual