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SEO Revolution PLR – Review, Bonus – Brand New SEO Revolution Biz-In-A-Box Package

SEO Revolution PLR

SEO Revolution PLR

– Review, Bonus – Brand New Biz-In-A-Box Package

Revolution – Review, Bonus – Brand New SEO Revolution Biz-In-A-Box Package – a step by step blueprint of how to Rank your Business on online search engines,
unleash a flood of qualified leads and customers and trigger explosive profits using these Highly effective SEO strategies in the right way

You can SLAP in Your Name
You can Become an Author
You can RE-BRAND Yourself as a product creator
You can RESELL it for 100% Cash Profit
You can SELL it Online and Offline

With SEO Revolution PLR, you get EVERYTHING you need to start profiting online as soon as today!

Module : Hypnotic Demo Video
Module : Conversion-Driven Sales copy
Module : Result-Oriented Training Guide
Module 4: Stunning Professional Minisites
Module 5: Credibility Boosting Email Swipes
Module 6: Full Set of Animated Banners
Module 7: Professionally designed Graphics

+ 3 Fast Action bonuses you cannot miss!
BONUS 1: Cheat-Sheet
BONUS 2: Mind-Map
BONUS 3: Top Resources Report

Everything is ready to go and you can start profiting within
the next hour.

1. Download the product.
2. Add your name and order button.
3. Upload on your server.
4. You’re in business.

You simply cannot miss this amazing deal:

SEO Revolution PLR – Review, Bonus – Brand New SEO Revolution Biz-In-A-Box Package

FB Live PLR – Review, Bonus – FB Live Massive Traffic Firesale 2.0 PLR



– Review, Bonus –

– Review, Bonus – PLR –

FB Live Massive Step-by-Step Guide .0 consists of a step-by-step guide FB Fire Sale course that allows your audience to understand what it takes to get massive traffic from fblive. It comes with many different formats such as Word, PDF, JPG, GIF, Powerpoint, and PSD.

Here are the “Three benchmarks” to creating FB Marketing PLR:

. Intensive research.
2. Create a step-by-step blueprint from A-Z.
. Polish each part of the process with screenshots and detailed examples

FB Live PLR – Front-End Product:

Feature 1: 53 Modules of e-book Lessons

Feature 2: Cheat Sheet

Feature 3: Mind-Map

Feature : Professional Minisite and HTML

Feature : Copy

Feature : Professional Graphics

Feature : Squeeze Page + Thank You Page

Feature : Seven Follow-up Messages

Feature : Customer List Page

Feature : Setting-Up Everything Tutorial

FB Live PLR – Back-End Product:

Feature 1: 53 Modules of Video Lessons

Feature 2: Back-End Sales Letter

Feature 3: Hybrid JV Page (Integrated with Opt-in form for your favorites AR system)

Feature 4: Hybrid Promo Page (Integrated With Pages where you can add endorsement letters, Facebook ads, Twitter ads, banners, and much more.)

Feature 5: Highly-converting endorsement letters

Feature 6: Nine Animated Banners

Feature 7: Five Facebook Ads + Five Twitter Ads

Feature 8: Two Additional Sets of Minisite in PSD files

Feature 9: Two Additional Sets of Squeeze Page design in PSD files

Feature 10: Seven JV updates that will push your affiliates to sell your product.

FB Live PLR – Review, Bonus –
2.0 PLR

Create Funnels with Optimize Press 2 – Review, Bonus – Charles Harper PLR Video Course On Optimize Press Theme and Plugin

Create Funnels with Optimize Press 2

Create Funnels with Optimize Press 2

– Review, Bonus – Charles Harper Video Course On Theme and Plugin

– Review, Bonus – Charles Harper PLR Video Course On Optimize Press Theme and Plugin – High Quality PLR Video Course thoroughly explaining The Optimize Press Theme and Plugin.

The One Evergreen Universal Tool that Marketers Need to Know

Brand New Video PLR Product You Can Resell

It’s called “Create Funnels with OptimizePress” – The Easy Way To Create Professional Pages

Best of all, you’ll grab full private label rights to rebrand and resell the entire course as your own!

Get instant access to this fresh, new PLR product right now:

But you must HURRY! There’s currently an early-bird special discount if you grab your copy today.

This in a super hot niche that’s highly in-demand, and you could very well put your name on this product and resell it for 100% of the profit.

Make just 1 sale and you already in profit!

Here are just a few things you can do with the product:

– Use it as video content
– Provide it inside your paid membership
– Use it for offline clients, coaching, speaking
– Turn it into a physical product
– Use the product as a bonus
– Use is as an upsell for your product
– Edit, modify, add and manipulate the content
– Put your name as the author
+ much, much more!

Go grab the PLR package while it’s heavily discounted for the launch:

All you need to do is:

1. Download the product
2. Make a few slight modifications like adding your order button
3. Upload it
4. Add some

And you start profiting! Get instant access to the entire package now:

Everything You Need to Profit From A High Quality Video Course:

30 (Minimum) High Quality HD Over the Shoulder
30 Companion HD Audios
Banners with PSDs
Editable Lead Magnet Page with Graphics
Editable Sales and Thank You Page
Live Webinar and Recording of the Lead Magnet
Editable Affiliate Tools Page
PLR Workshop: PLR Profit Opportunties
PLR Workshop 2: Ultimate PLR Set Up

, , :

Grab your copy of Create Funnels with right away here:

Create Funnels with Optimize Press 2 – Review, Bonus – Charles Harper PLR Video Course On Optimize Press Theme and Plugin

eCom Flips – Review, Bonus – Flip Shopify Stores For $100-$500 Per Flip

eCom Flips

eCom Flips

– Review, Bonus – Flip For $100-$500 Per Flip

eCom Flips – Review, Bonus – Flip Stores For $100-$500 Per Flip – Proven method that EASILY flips brand new Shopify stores for $100 or more per flip. Course is laid out in easy to follow – step by step method in PDF format (over 102 pages long) as well as 10 over the shoulder !

Most people want to get started with site flipping but don’t know how! Well, this is a proven method that flips starter shopify stores and turns them into $150-300 per paycheck. Your customers will get detailed training inside of the PDF as well as the video format that show you how to set up these stores and quickly flip them for $150-300 per flip! Even if your customers know nothing about shopify, with this method, they will be up and running within hours!

eCom Flips Oto !
It is no secret that profitable stores sell for 5-10x more. In the advanced course, we will explain exact steps on how your customers can easily drive a little bit of (such as 20 sales) through free and paid methods and flip those sites for $800-1000 per flip!
These methods are very easy to implement and earn money along the way!

eCom Flips Oto 2!
This is advanced coaching on how to successfully launch profitable sites that generate revenue 4 ways:
From: Product sales, e-mail list, webinar profits and in the end from flipping those sites.
The training is backed up by multiple case studies, such as $18,650 case study, or $42K funnel launch, and how we turned $630 into $9,377.95 PURE profits!

eCom Flips

It is a brand new method that shows you how you can easily turn a brand new starter site into PURE cash!

This method is very detailed… Over 100 pages long – explained in an easy to follow – step by step manner.

It also comes with 9 OVER the shoulders videos!

So take a look at it now <<<<<>>>

On average you can make $100 -200 per each site…

HOWEVER you also get a case study on $500 flip – around $400 pure profits!

, , :

eCom Flips – Review, Bonus – Flip Shopify Stores For $100-$500 Per Flip

Local Client Ninja – Review, Bonus – Get Local Clients Effortlessly Using Facebook Messenger

Local Client Ninja

Local Client Ninja

– Review, Bonus – Get Effortlessly Using Facebook Messenger

Local Client Ninja – Review, Bonus – Get Local Clients Effortlessly Using Facebook Messenger – Show Your List How to Get Local Clients Effortlessly Using Facebook Messenger… No Cold Calling, No Emailing, No Experience Needed… With this “Ninja” tactic that works every time. KILLER PRODUCT


: A complete video course by Kenny Cannon that reveals how to prospect and find leads on Facebook

: How to contact them via messenger to book an appointment with them.

: He teaches WHAT to say, WHEN to say it and HOW to say it.

: If you follow his advice to a “T” you will book appointments like crazy.

OTO 1 – Dynamite
$9 FIRST MONTH – 100% Commission

Module 1: AdWords Prospector

Module 2: Video Prospector

Module 3: WordPress Sites Security Risk Prospector

Module 4: Mail Prospector

Module 5: Unclaimed Google My Business and Yellow Pages Listings

Module 6: Video Prospector Elite

Module 7: Mobile Prospector Jack

Module 8: MAPS ERROR SEARCH AND FILTER Unclaimed Business Listings On Yellow Pages

Module 9: Access To THOUSANDS of Eager Clients


Local Client Ninja – Review, Bonus – Get Local Clients Effortlessly Using Facebook Messenger

Lesson #2 – The Basic Truth About Success

Lesson – The Basic Truth About Success

I’m about to address one of the biggest obstacles standing in the way of you making money right now.

Being successful at anything you choose to do requires hard work and consistency. I know that in the field, use of those words is a big no-no, but it’s the undeniable truth.

Without an understanding that you may have to work for your
success you might think there’s some secret formula out there that’s going to magically put money in your pockets simply because you know it.

Knowing this, I titled this report “Making Money Online for
Newbies” because it implies that everything else is you’ve been doing is hard and that I’ve found some simple “secret” you aren’t aware of.

It was the most direct way to get your attention and I’m not the only marketer who understands that.

All you have to do is look at how many products you’ve bought with the expectation that if you bought it, you would be able to turn your business around with the “new secrets” you thought you were going to learn to see I’m telling the truth.

I know you’ve seen some people who have hit the net full speed with their first product and had all kinds of crazy success.

Many times it’s a fluke and it’s not something that person can ever reproduce because since their first product launch did so well, they get trapped into thinking that what they did was easy, forgetting all they time and effort they put into everything that got them there.

It’s easy to get trapped into thinking that success is easy if you just have the right “knowledge” on your side. That’s the big myth pushed on you by slick marketers who only want to sell you stuff.

But the truth of the matter is success doesn’t always come easy even if you know the best “secrets” out there.

Anytime I need money, there are always a few basic concepts I can rely on that will always produce profits in a short amount of time without me having to spend any money on advertising.

The only reason I know about these concepts is because I read pretty much everything I could get my hands on until one day things just started to make sense, but it wasn’t easy to get to this point.

When I started out I had no money, no business or
background, no support from my family or friends, no computer knowledge and well, no computer.

That’s not the easiest way to start but I didn’t care. I wanted to be my own boss and be in control of my own life as much as possible.


Now, making money online isn’t a dream for me anymore simply
because I refused to let anything stand in the way of what I
wanted. It did take me two solid years to start making money

The most important thing I’ve learned about what it takes to be successful is that you can’t give up. Ever. Success has a way of waiting until 99.9% of the people who were looking for it give up in frustration before it decides to show up at your feet.

Ad Swaps, Solo Ads and Mailing Lists… BEWARE!

Ad Swaps, Solo Ads and Mailing Lists… BEWARE!

Many people have discovered they can build a business selling ads in the form of mailings if they have a good size list to offer.

At first glance, this seems to be a great way to build ; pay a little money get a guru to do a mailing for you to their list.

You can make money selling your products and even grow your own mailing list at the same time.


While this is very possible, beware. Here are the caveats:

Scam – Freebie Lists

You will probably see clicks and signups but many of these scammers build huge lists of freebie seekers (lowest class of segment) and then resell these “Solo Ads” to people. They promise so many open clicks for your email and usually you can get some sign ups too. The problem is that the real value is to a marketer’s BUYER list. It is easy to get freebie seekers to sign up but many of these people will not buy anything.

Scam – All Signups From One Place

Be careful with deals from overseas areas. You will get sign ups to your offer but they are all seem to be from one place! More than likely the people you just signed up are sitting in “overseas sweat shops” and are paid a few pennies every time they join a list or do something related to this.

Be wary of overseas list sharing or paid ads and if you see signups coming all from one IP address or geographical location, odds are you have been had and never do business with these people again.

This has become big business and unsuspecting marketers, even the big names, fall for this scam all the time! The scammers are getting better with this scam as they are using software that rotates their IP’s or multiple proxies to cover their tracks.

If you do decide to try this make sure you do your homework on who is selling / swapping a list to. Look for reviews and reputable places where other marketers have reported on the success of the list they ran their ad with.

Good marketers will make this information available if they are selling ads.

If you get a reputable ad swap or buy keep in mind that you should consider removing the double opt in.

I realize some people will say this is a risk when it comes to the spam laws but the double opt in will greatly reduce your sign ups during the ad run.

Also make sure your offer for your mailing list is a really GOOD offer. It should be a good product or service that has real value.

Another factor to watch is your opt outs. If you get sign ups then a few days or week later you get a bunch of un-subscribers, either your offer sucks or again you have been taken to the cleaners.

Don’t be a victim in this game, make sure you get the right knowledge from the start…

GeoCraft Directory WordPress Theme – Review, Bonus – Business Directory Websites

GeoCraft Directory WordPress Theme

GeoCraft Directory WordPress Theme

– Review, Bonus – Business Websites

GeoCraft – Review, Bonus – Business Directory Websites – Start your business directory website and earn recurring passive income

Google loves Business Directory websites..

Reason – Directory websites have 100’s of businesses aggregated at one place, that means there’s gonna be 100’s of pages of content on the single website for a specific niche (niches like – Doctors, Lawyers, Restaurants, Hotels, Wedding planners, etc).

Reason – Directory websites get better ranking in SERPs and as a result, they get maximum from Google. So ultimately, you generate business for all those business listings that you have aggregated on your site.

How’s that sound…??

Get Business Directory WordPress Theme Today

Directory websites like Yelp.com used the same concept earlier and generated a huge directory of restaurants.

Last year, Yelp.com made a profit of $300 million.

So my question is – Do you want to create your NEXT Business Directory website to earn recurring passive income for a long term??

With this Advanced Directory WordPress theme, you can create a list of business for any niche and allow users to submit their business listings for the same.

You can charge listing owners one-time fee or recurring fee for their listings.

Have a look at its features –

Radius Search
Claim Listing
Fast/Quick search with newly ajax
Payments via PayPal
Captcha To Prevent Spam Registrations

Checkout This Advanced Directory WP Theme

GeoCraft Directory WordPress Theme – Review, Bonus – Business Directory Websites

Viralism – Review, Bonus – Find, Drip Feed And Publish Trending Viral Stories



– Review, Bonus – Find, Drip Feed And

Viralism – Review, Bonus – Find, Drip Feed And Publish – The Viralism.io WP Plugin, gives ONE PERSON the power of a team of 12 or more.

Discover trending viral content in real time from around the web plus, YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook Video and Images via GIPHY API and more. Then sydicate to WP + FB, Twitter, & Pinterest with click.


1. Discover Trending Content
Use our plugin to find trending viral stories, YouTube, Vimeo, and Facebook , or images.

. One-Click Viral Publishing
Syndicate viral content to WordPress, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest with a few clicks of the mouse.

. Drip Feed Viral Stories
Setup massive viral campaigns to drip the hottest trending stories over and over to grow your followings.

. Get Viral Leads &
Monetize your new found free with optin forms or key native ad placements and affiliate offers.

The initial offering is a WP Plugin that does 100% of the heavy lifting regarding viral discovery, publishing and syndication. This works with any WordPress site in existence today, and pushes automated viral content to their properties.

When the customer see OTO1 and our Viral Supercharger WP Theme that turns their ordinary WP site into a sexy viral powerhouse on the same level as BuzzFeed, they are going to snatch like cotton candy at the fair.

Viralism – Review, Bonus – Find, Drip Feed And Publish Trending Viral Stories

Google Plus Marketing PLR – Review, Bonus – Google+ PLR Training Guide

Google Plus Marketing PLR

Google Plus Marketing PLR

– Review, Bonus – + Training Guide

PLR – Review, Bonus – Google+ PLR Training Guide – a comprehensive training guide that allows your audience to build their business around Google+.

In addition, each part of the course focuses on the MOST basic approach on taking the clients from doing market research, how to boost your posts that will seduce your audience to click “+” button as well as visit the PAGE you recommend, utilizing Google+ features, attract and get massive “FOLLOWERS” to your circle account, easiest and fastest way to get “+1” and subscribers for your Google Plus, tips and techniques to build your reputation among your followers, drive to their websites, ways to use Google Plus features as a way to “ENGAGE” conversation with your audience
and much more.

Further, the course will provide your audience with a step-by-step guidance with a simple to understand screenshot. This allows YOU to look good in front of your audience. In return, it allows you to build LOYALTY among your clients.

Google+ Secrets V1

This eBook is a unique and a complete updated 95 pages (13.500+ words) training guide. Instead of using words on most courses, we utilized screenshots and a step-by-step approach to show your audience how to build their business with Google Plus. We start from the most basic training to the most advanced version of building your business.

This includes market research, set-up Google Plus Channel, utilizing Google Plus Features, attract sharing, drive traffic to your website, get subscribers and much more.

(This course comes with a complete PLR Right and in several different formats. This allows you to customize it as you wish.)

Inside ”Google Plus Marketing V1 Guide” , your audience will learn:

What is Google Plus Marketing
Five mistakes online entrepreneur make on tapping into Google Plus Marketing
How to set-up your Google Plus account that convert and the right way to drive massive traffic to your website.
Key ingredients to build massive Google Plus followers in your niche.
Understand the core and dangerous mistakes business owners make on building Google Plus Circle.
Discover the right way to apply your Google Plus Marketing for your business. Regardless whether you are an online and offline entrepreneur, you must understand the principle i am about to share with you in great details.
How to boost your posts that will seduce your audience to click ”+1” button as well as visit the page you recommend.
How to get massive ” followers” to your Google Plus Circle account for cheap and free.
The easiest and fastest way to get ”+1” and subscribers for your Google Plus.
Tips and techniques to build your reputation among your followers.
Ways to use Google Plus features as a way to Engage conversation with your audience. This includes Google Hangout and Google Events features.
And much much more – It is as important as other benefits we have just shared with you.

With Google Plus Marketing PLR, You Will Get Instant Access To:

Module 1: High Quality Ebook
Module : Resource Cheat Sheet
Module : Mindmap
Module : Professional Minisites, Customer List and Thank You Page
Module : High Converting Copy
Module : High-Quality Professional Graphics
Module 7: Professional Squeeze Page & Thank You Page
Module 8: Seven Professional Follow-Up Emails Swipes
Module 9: Media Viral Quote Images Pack
Module 10: Thank You Page with Customer List Integration – For Autoresponder
License Pack: Resell Rights, Master Resell Rights & Private Label Rights Certificates


BONUS1 – 21 Google Plus Marketing Tricks

BONUS2 – Untold Secrets on Getting Massive Traffic With Google+

BONUS3 – Disaster Strategies you Must Avoid on Google+ Marketing

BONUS4 – 12 Step-By-Step Video Tutorials


FAST-ACTION BONUS 1: Generating Multiple Streams Of Income Via
FAST-ACTION BONUS 2: How To Take An Unknown Product And Make It A Bestseller
FAST-ACTION BONUS 3: 100 Membership Site Marketing Tricks
FAST-ACTION BONUS 4: 100 Product Review Ideas
FAST-ACTION BONUS 5: 100 Resell Rights Selling Formulas
FAST-ACTION BONUS 6: 100 Website Flipping Tips

Alll for just $9.95!

Google Plus Marketing PLR – Review, Bonus – Google+ PLR Training Guide