Golden Goose System – Review, Bonus – From Desmond Ong

Golden Goose System

Golden Goose System

– Review, Bonus – From

System – Review, Bonus – From Desmond Ong – Simple Step Golden Goose System

11 years of Desmond Ong’s experiences, lessons and systems all packaged into one simple, 3 step system.

Step-by-Step Video Training to Show You How to Get Started,

The Complete Blueprint Video Series to Starting An Internet Business From Scratch,

Free Ticket to Our Live Seminar In New York City & Kuala Lumpur,

Plus Thousands of Dollars Worth of Extra Bonuses:

Bonus : VIP Seating In My Internet Mastery Live Event
(Worth $197)

Come and see Desmond Ong live in one of his signature live training programs, “Internet Mastery Live”.

In this 1 day intensive program, Desmond reveals his entire business model to you & shows you how to create a lifestyle passion business that can rake in millions of dollars in earnings a year.

Due to limited seats in this live event, we can only limit this bonus to the first 100 people only.

Events will be held in four cities: New York City, Los Angeles, Kuala Lumpur & Singapore.

Bonus : Monthly Webinar Support
(Worth $1,997)

Desmond Ong and his team will be conducting monthly webinars to help support you.

It is our goal to make sure you have everything you need to create success for yourself.

Bonus 3: Private Facebook Mastermind Group
(Worth $197)

Imagine a group of highly-motivated, like-minded people, all being placed inside a dedicated Facebook group.

Inside this group, you will be able to find your accountability partner, business partner or even friends who think just like you.

And don’t forget the lifetime updates and upgrades that we are providing to you … all happening inside this content packed Facebook mastermind group.

Bonus : 2017 Blueprrint
(Worth $297)

Get our blueprint to earn $100, $300, $500, $1,000, $3,500 and up to $25,000 from every lead you receive for your business.

The product is based on Desmond Ong’s list building business and he is showing the students exactly how he goes from nothing to a solid list building business in a few hours.

Here’s why Golden Goose System is the easiest
way to make quick cash in your account:

– No worry about building websites
– No list required
– No product requirement or special technical skills
– Get started right away
– It works in multiple markets
– No knowledge or experience required

You owe it to your self to take a closer look at this
now before the doors close and the price goes up.

, , :


golden goose system desmond ong

Golden Goose System – Review, Bonus – From Desmond Ong

Cookbooks Empire – Review, Bonus – How To Create Kindle Cookbooks in 10 Secret Niches

Cookbooks Empire

Cookbooks Empire

Empire – Review, Bonus – How To Create in 10 Secret Niches

Cookbooks Empire – Review, Bonus – How To Create Kindle Cookbooks in 10 Secret Niches – This is a new Kindle course from showing how to create cookbooks from zero in 10 hot secret sub-niches.

This is, without doubt, the best guide to learn how to publish easy cookbooks on Kindle, an incredible and successful genre that you can dominate with our top secret 10 sub-genres.

Inside our Cookbooks Empire guide you will discover:

Why this is the right moment to sell cookbooks.
The Top 10 most sold cookbooks on earth.
The 2 steps to write a perfect cookbook.
17 stock photo sites where you can grab thousands of free and paid photos.
10 golden genres for your cookbooks, each one with a lot of different book ideas, example recipes and fundamental information.
10 additional ideas.
The cookbook creation process.
The secret ingredients to turn a simple cookbook into one marked, ‘Sold Out’!
How to create a winning Kindle cover for free.
How to publish your book on the Kindle marketplace.
Category selection tips and tricks.
4 cookbooks-only advertising methods.
And much, much more!

OTO1 shows how to launch an easy cooking membership without any membership software, simply by using two things everyone has access to, for FREE. A step by step video course with 9

OTO2 provides to content about recipes, cooking tricks, lessons and much, much more. There are also lot of articles that your customers can use for creating new Kindle books, or for giving their membership a new look.

Cookbooks Empire Review, Cookbooks Empire Bonus, Buy Cook book Empire:

Cookbooks Empire is only $9.95, on a dimesale basis now:

Cookbooks Empire – Review, Bonus – How To Create Kindle Cookbooks in 10 Secret Niches

Early Bird 2017 – Over 350 Secret Azon Early Bird Amazon Products

Early Bird 2017

Early Bird 2017

– Over 350 Secret Products

Early Bird 2017 – Over 350 Secret Azon Early Bird Amazon Products – Everything That You Need To Make Money As An Amazon Affiliate – strikes again!

In this Amazon Product we reveal hundreds of NEW amazon products, watch how we can get Google page 1 over and over again for hundreds of new Amazon products. Watch Gaz LIVE grab google page 1 in 2 minutes and then do it again, and again, dominating these products This is a must have for all and those that want to make money with the Amazon Affiliate program.


Gaz Cooper shows just how easy it is to grab Google Page 1 listing for Amazon Products and does this in less than 2 minutes, THEN he REPEATS it and ranks another product on Page 1 in 5 minutes, then he takes 4 Students and have them do the same with video testimonials showing them also being able to rank Amazon Products in literally a few minutes proving anyone can do this over and over again when they grab Azon Early Bird 2017.

Azon Early Bird is a fit for anyone already an Amazon Affiliate or a complete newbie since we provide a Done for you site option with 10 Niche Banners so they can customize their site to any of those niches

Early Bird 2017 Includes:

Azon Early Bird PDF Report exposing the secrets to Google page 1 ranking for Amazon Products over and over again.
A Complete Custom Amazon Site with pre loaded with 4 Products
25 Early Bird Brand NEW Product Review Articles
A List of over 350 Secret Azon Early Bird Amazon Products, ready to grab page 1 listings immediately
Killing it With Amazon E Book and A To Z of how to be successful With the Program
Video Review Training Modules how to Make Amazon review free.

Upgrade 1

A fully loaded Electronic site pre loaded with 50 BRAND NEW Early Bird products as well as an additional 20 Best selling Electronic products all loaded into a custom Electronics site just one click and your affiliate link is automatically entered into all 70 Product reviews.

Upgrade 2

Our Brand New Video Review Maker Software plus training how to make quick easy video reviews using the Amz Video Maker Software

Upgrade 3

Early Bird Software – This is my VERY POPULAR Early Bird Software used by over 5000 Amazon Affiliates it tells the user each time Amazon adds a Brand New Product to Amazon giving the user a HUGE Early Bird Advantage

Upgrade 4- Lifetime Access to The Biggest Baddest Amazon Membership site on the Planet The AMZ Authority Zone.

Buy Early Bird 2017, Early Bird 2017 Review, Early Bird 2017 Bonus:

Guaranteed Google Page 1 Listing for Amazon Products – AMAZING!

Early Bird 2017 – Over 350 Secret Azon Early Bird Amazon Products

Affiliate Video PowerPack – Review, Bonus – 10 DFY Clickbank Product Video Reviews ($5)

Affiliate Video PowerPack

Affiliate Video PowerPack

– Review, Bonus – 10 DFY Product Video Reviews

Affiliate Video PowerPack – Review, Bonus – 10 DFY Clickbank Product Video Reviews – With 5 Billion Youtube views DAILY, video is hot! Clickbank reviews and video marketing are a match made in heaven, and this product makes it incredibly easy to make money on YouTube, without doing any of the research, without writing any reviews, without creating any !

Uploading review videos to
YouTube is one of the easiest ways to make
affiliate commissions. If you optimize
it properly, you can get a video on Page
in Google very easily, even for the
tough keywords.


Creating high quality videos is no walk
in the park. Truth is, most people
struggle at making decent review videos.

Fear of going on camera, fear of what
others think, not knowing what to say or
how to say it… making videos can be a
real uphill struggle.

There’s always outsourcing – but you’ll
soon find that finding a good, reliable
outsourcer to do EXACTLY what you want
is another struggle – not to mention the
exorbitant cost.

Just one of these videos could easily
cost $50+ to make – even on Fiverr.

“Affiliate Video Powerpack” is a set of
10 high-quality, profit generating
affiliate review videos that you can use
to make affiliate commissions without
the need to spend endless hours creating

These will allow you to generate
from YouTube and to make money… almost

These 10 videos are targeting Clickbank
products in niches with HUNGRY buyers,
products that are proven to convert.

This overcomes a major hurdle. No more
getting stuck on video creation. No more
doing all the work by yourself. Just get
it set up in minutes and let the
commissions pour in.

Affiliate Video Powerpack:

10 top quality, video reviews – Steve is a professional video creator, you will love these!

Each video is reviewing a different Clickbank product – all high converting, all evergreen products, all in non IM niches.

We’ve priced this at a crazy low price, and piled on the bonuses.

The full list of products reviewed is:

Fat Loss Factor
Magnetic Messaging
Make Women Want You
Old School New Body
Tao Of Badass
Ted’s Woodworking
Text Your Ex Back
The Venus Factor
What Men Secretly Want
Xtreme Fat Loss Diet

These are carefully chosen as they are high converting, high payout products in evergreen niches.

The script is professionally crafted to warm up viewers and presell, as well as review. This WILL improve your click throughs, your conversions, and your profits.

OTO1: Affiliate Video Powerpack Gold

OTO1 is a video marketers toolkit, a massive pack of slides, video intros and outros that video marketers can use to make their videos totally unique. With this, they don’t just have 10 videos – they can have unlimited unique videos, each one targeting a different keyword.

And we’ve got them covered there too – this pack includes 10 keyword research packs!

OTO2: Affiliate Review Megapack

OTO2 is a full affiliate review site, built using a premium theme and plugins, pre populated with lengthy presell articles (not just product reviews), fully monetized, and including lead capture on every post.

We’ve even included 10 promotional email sequences (50 emails in total)!

Upsell : A Complete Installation Service

I have added a complete installation service for the niche site AND the email follow ups for anyone who got the upgrade pack.

The first option is for those who already have their own domain and hosting

There is also a second option, where I also provide the domain and hosting

, , , Affiliate Video PowerPack Bonus:

Check out the 10 – Affiliate Video Powerpack – For Just $5:

Affiliate Video PowerPack – Review, Bonus – 10 DFY Clickbank Product Video Reviews

Vitraffic – Review, Bonus – Combines The Power Of WordPress, Facebook, Amazon and eBay



– Review, Bonus – Combines The Power Of WordPress, Facebook, Amazon and eBay

Vitraffic – Review, Bonus – Combines The Power Of WordPress, Facebook, Amazon and eBay – This awesome generating WordPress plugin allows expert and newbie marketers to build fanpage audience fast and generate massive engagement on websites.

Dedicated WordPress Website

Post anything you like, from GIF, memes, high quality images to Amazon and eBay products. With the right contents, you can bring your traffic up and customer engagements in no time.

Seamless Facebook Integration

Easily share your images and Amazon and eBay products from your website to Facebook for your fanbase to see and direct clicks to your site.

Easy-To-Use WordPress Plugin

Use Vitraffic in an instant, set-up should only take you less than 10 minutes and you are ready to customize your site, curate your contents and build Facebook traffic.

Timely Search Results

Vitraffic gives you the best image results that are trending and with the most number of likes on the internet so that you’ll reach even more number of audience.

Fast and Easy Ecommerce Integration

You will not only get traffic but with Vitraffic you have the ability to turn your page into a money-making website through Amazon and eBay affiliate .

Interactive Website Popup Option

Collect leads or promote products and services through specialized optin popups that are easily manageable through the ViralTraffic plugin interface.

Vitraffic Demo Video:

Vitraffic Demo from Engageleads on Vimeo.

Automatically Builds and Monetize it in Minutes!

Find highly engaging and relevant content in an instant

Build commission sucking affiliate site on autopilot

Drive targeted traffic to your sites by right from the system
Monetize with inbuilt module that integrates relevant products automatically to your site

Everything is automated! Highly engaging images, GIFs and posts will be posted automatically on your website and the traffic and engagement continues just set it up once and it will run on it’s own!

Vitraffic – Review, Bonus – Combines The Power Of WordPress, Facebook, Amazon and eBay

Launchify360 Product Launch System



Product Launch System

Launchify360 Product Launch System – The Complete Step-By-Step Blueprint, Software, Toolkit And Swipe-File For CREATING and LAUNCHING Your Own Product Online For 6-Figures…Even If You Have NEVER Launched A Product Before

Finally I was able to put together the complete step by step formula these top gurus have been using to make consistent 6-figure incomes with their product creation and BIG product launches.

Then I decided to test the formula with my very own first product creation and product launch on the internet marketplace Shockingly, My very first product creation and product launch, called Mobimatic, sold $365,508 in just 5 days in the JVZoo marketplace. Yes, I made over 365,000 in my very first product launch on

I was shocked that It was almost too easy to make that much in with a proper blueprint and the right tools and resources.

Many industry veterans called it a minor miracle for a product launch newbie, but all I did was follow a specific set of Blueprint that I was able to put together by studying what these gurus do, instead of blindly trying to do what they say.

And because I understand that many people are in the shoes I used to be, I have decided to REVEAL THE COMPLETE STEP-BY- STEP PROCESS

EVERYTHING I DID, HOW I DID I AND WHAT I USED TO DO IT to make $365,508 in 5 days despite never having had a successful product creation or product launch before then.

I am calling this idiot-proof formula for product creation and product launch system the LAUNHCIFY360 SYSTEM.

, , :

Launchify360 Product Launch System

WP Inbox Monster – Review, Bonus – Plugin Blocks Disposable Email Addresses And Forces Visitors To Use Real Email Accounts

WP Inbox Monster

WP Inbox Monster

– Review, Bonus – Plugin Blocks Disposable Email Addresses And Forces Visitors To Use Real Email Accounts

WP Inbox Monster – Review, Bonus – Plugin Blocks Disposable Email Addresses And Forces Visitors To Use Real Email Accounts – Block Disposable Email Accounts From 500+ Domains

Get More Opens And Conversions

Newbie friendly, Set up in minutes

Build Better Lists, Get Higher Open Rates And Better Conversions:

WP Inbox Monster – Review, Bonus – Plugin Blocks Disposable Email Addresses And Forces Visitors To Use Real Email Accounts

Massage And Bodywork PLR: Natural Medicine 250+ Piece PLR Bundle

Massage And Bodywork PLR

Massage And Bodywork PLR

: 250+ Piece Bundle

And : Natural Medicine 250+ Piece PLR Bundle – a very high quality product loaded with very detailed and very
well-written ebooks, reports, materials, newsletters, articles, professional graphics, images, professional high quality HD and more with tons of editable source files so you can really make the elements your own and brand and edit as you wish.

The wide variety of content allows for unlimited possibilites, including selling any of the eBooks as their own, educating their customers and web , affiliate , website promotion and much more.

This pack is priced to sell and loaded with more than 250 pieces of content that will surely please all health entrepreneurs who
need well researched and well written DFY authority content!

Massage And PLR Pack Includes:

eBook: Massage As Medicine (28 + Pages/5,200 + Words)
– Editable eCover With 9 Different 2D and 3D Styles
– 18 Copyright Free Images
– Sales Funnel With Video Sales Page Minisite, Sales Copy And Thank You Page
– Editable Sales Video With Pro Quality Voiceover

52 Extra Sales Page Graphics

7 Day Email/Autoresponder Series On Massage Therapy And To Promore eBook

Report : 101 Reasons To Get A Massage (13 Pages/,402 Words)
– Editable Cover With 9 2D and 3D Designs
– 12 Copyright Free Images
– Custom Squeeze Page

Report 2: Glossary Of Massage & Bodywork Therapy Techniques (27 Pages/5,948 Words)
– Editable Cover With 9 2D and 3D Designs

Report : Facial Massage: The Answer To Anti-Aging And Beautiful Glowing Healthy Skin (Illustrated)
– Editable Cover With 9 2D and 3D Designs
– 16 Custom Made Graphic Illustrations
– Custom Squeeze Page

Massage Checklist: Medicinal Uses For Massage
– Word and PDF

Checklist Graphic: Medicinal Uses For Massage
– Graphic In Editable Powerpoint
– Web Ready PNG

15 NEW Long Quality Articles

HD Video: Facial Yoga: DIY Facial Massage Demonstration

2 Editable High Quality HD Videos With Live Action Scenes
Each Video Comes With:
– Editable Powerpoint Source Files
– Professional Voiceover
– DVD Cover Graphics
– Royalty Free Music

3 Editable Infographics
– How Massage Helps Improve Immunity
– 16 Reasons To Get A Massage
– Medical Conditions Helped By Massage
Easily Editable Powerpoint And High Def PNGs

16 Editable Viral Images – 16 Reasons To Get Massage
– PDF Report Made From Images
– Easily Editable Powerpoint And High Def Web Ready PNG

Editable Collage: 12 Reasons To Get Massage
– Easily Editable Powerpoint And High Def PNG

20 Massage Tips/ Media Updates

Massage Market Research/Statistical Data Research


The huge Massage And Bodywork PLR pack starts at $19.09, as I write this, on a dimesale basis:

Massage And Bodywork PLR: Natural Medicine 250+ Piece PLR Bundle

Attraction Mantra Secrets With Master Resell Rights

Attraction Mantra Secrets

Attraction Mantra Secrets

With Master Resell Rights

Secrets With Master Resell Rights – Discover The Secrets To Unlock The Doorway To Unlimited Abundance And Live The Life You Truly Desire! Ancient Manuscript Reveals The Key To Unleash Your Inner Potential…

Here’s How Our Course Will Benefit You ….

– Tap into your inner soul effortlessly with these 10 powerful video course!

– Get ready to be spellbound by the voice that will speak to your inner self.

– All you need to do is sit back, relax and push the PLAY button and reap all the benefits!

Upsell OTO

You Will Get 10 High-Quality of Attraction Mantra Secrets!

FIRST-CLASS Quality in Videos and Audios – You will love them!

Video 1: Universal Truth Of Attraction

Video 2: Self-Enhancement Mantra

Video 3: Unlocking Your Ultimate Potential

Video 4: Empty Your Mind

Video 5: Attracting Your True Calling

Video 6: ‘Force’ The Universe

Video 7: Wealth Attraction Mantra

Video 8: Health Attraction Mantra

Video 9: Affection Attraction Mantra

Video 10: Overflowing Abundance

What You Are About To Learn Is Going To Blow You Away…

It’s something that led me on a path to discover the secrets on how to literally force the universe to bend to your will and give you anything and everything you desire…

Attraction Mantra Secrets With Master Resell Rights

FBA Profit System – Review, Bonus – FBA Profit Mastery Using Amazon’s Fulfillment System

FBA Profit System

FBA Profit System

– Review, Bonus – Profit Mastery Using

FBA Profit System – Review, Bonus – FBA Profit Mastery Using ‘s Fulfillment System – video training course, you will get to watch over my shoulder – step-by-step, click by click, how to successfully leverage Amazon for your online business and become a great success!

Here’s a breakdown of this 13 part FBA Profit System video series in more detail:

In this video I’m going to give you an introduction of what Amazon FBA is and how you can use this to your online business’ advantage.

What Is FBA
Here in this video I’ll discuss what FBA() is so that you’ll have a better understanding of what FBA does.

How Does Amazon FBA Work
Discover in this video how does Fulfillment By Amazon work to better learn how it can help you and your business.

Setting Up Your Seller Account
I’ll provide detailed information on how to set up your seller account in Amazon in this video.

Two Kinds of FBA Accounts
In this video, learn in detail what the two kinds of FBA accounts are so that you can have a better idea on which account to use.

Can Your Item Be Sold
Know in this video which products can be sold and cannot be sold by knowing the restricted products and brands.

Categories Requiring Approval
In this video learn the different categories that a professional seller in Amazon can have.

FBA Fee Example
I’ll discuss in this video the various fees that come with the Amazon FBA.

Helpful Amazon Seller Tools
In this video, learn helpful Amazon selling tools that you’ll need and that will be greatly helpful to you in your FBA business.

Best Practices For Listing
Discover in this video the best practices when it comes to the listing process and why you need to do these practices too.

Preparing Your Items For Shipping
Know how to prepare your product before shipping it to Amazon’s warehouse in this video.

Amazon FBA Shipping Tips
I’ll discuss in this video tips and other helpful information regarding packing and shipping.

This video is a wrap-up of the topics covered by this course.

Grab this $17 video course today and begin using Amazon FBA for the success of your online business:

FBA Profit System – Review, Bonus – FBA Profit Mastery Using Amazon’s Fulfillment System