Why Only 5% Of internet Marketers Are Successful

Cut directly from an Instagram ebook – this HITS HOME HARD!

“Out of 100 people that download this Ebook I know that 80 won’t even read it to the end, 10 won’t do anything with the info, and 5 would try to apply what I teach but complain every chance they get and then give up.

But for the remaining 5, those are the ones I’m looking for.

Those are the ones that don’t make excuses, and when they say they’re gonna do something, they actually FOLLOW THROUGH and DO IT!”

That is all.

Email Open Rate Fix (From Fergal Downes Facebook feed)

Have an email list with less than 10% opens? Remove the people that haven’t opened for the 3-6 months and move them over to a self hosted AR like My Mail or Mail It with sendgrid etc etc..
Two things will happen..
1. Your open rate in aweber will increase for the remaining subscribers.
2. The “unopens” from aweber that you moved to your self hosted will now have about a 3-5% open rate.

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