Serp Shaker | Serp Shaker Review

Serp Shaker | Serp Shaker Review

Serp Shaker By Donald VanFossen – So what exactly is Serp Shaker?

Serp Shaker evolved from an original plugin that was released by Andres Tobar, and myself, along with a former partner. That plugin was called Local Page Ninja.

Local Page Ninja took the internet by storm. Thousands of copies of LPN were sold. People were excited that made their first money online ever.

However, over the years a lot of knowledge has been obtained, by using the plugin. That knowledge has now been incorporated into Serp Shaker. Above in the slider, you can see some of what Serp Shaker is capable of. That is only a fraction of the results.

You see lead gen commissions that were insane.

Adsense commissions that were just for a handful of sites.

CPA commissions that were also just a handful of sites.

Sites that were flipped for crazy money.

Yep, that is all real!

You see, with this method of building sites we create throw away sites. Sites that may rank 1 year, sites that may rank 3 months, sites that may rank 3 weeks.

But what they do is create incredible surges of organic traffic.

So what we do is change the way people think about creating sites. Most people are concerned with building one site and spending months and months on getting them to rank. We spend minutes on a site, get it ranking and either display offers on those sites, or funnel the traffic to the main converting sites.

Organic traffic just converts better then paid traffic period. Plus the low cost, and short learning curve of getting organic traffic is super appealing.

Serp Shaker | Serp Shaker Review

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Info Cash 2 By Chris Carpenter

Info Cash 2 By Chris Carpenter

Info Cash 2 By Chris Carpenter – Take Advantage Of The Facebook Bing coalition!

Chris Carpenter, author of the now famous Google Cash – has turned his back on Google and has embraced the newly updated Facebook fan page platform. His new video exposes a dead simple, proven “7 Step System” to make money online, selling other people’s products.

Direct linking is BACK baby … and Facebook’s social system has turbo-charged the opportunity like never before. Watch the free video presentation below and RE-LEARN how to make money:

- Without a website

- Without an email list

- Without your own product

- Without cold calling or even face to face selling

- And with little or no technical skills what so ever …

There is a tremendous opportunity unfolding RIGHT NOW in 2014 – and it’s “game on” for all affiliates … but this time, the marketplace just increased to a BILLION CUSTOMERS.

You thought Chris Carpenter’s original Google Cash concept was great?

Well think again … this is even bigger … even better … and it’s FREE to watch:

info cash 2

Info Cash 2 By Chris Carpenter

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Facebook Authority Earnings Plan

Facebook Authority Earnings Plan

Facebook Authority Earnings Plan By Barbara Ling – How to become a Profitable FB Authority!

The Simple 10 Step Roadmap to Becoming a Profitable Facebook Authority Marketer

Facebook Authority Earning Plan is my step-by-step plan to become not JUST an authority marketer… but a profitable one as well!. The kind of marketer others seek out when market changes affect them. The kind of marketer who is the first to come up with a paid solution that can help others solve their problems. Massive opportunity for you!

Here’s a sneak peak at what you’ll learn inside Facebook Authority Earning Plan’s 10 point Blueprint:

Step 1: Finding Authority Facebook Fan Pages and Influencers

✔ Report breaking trends and developments to your followers before other marketers do (Massively enhancing your reputation and authority!)

✔ Learn how to conveniently organize the Pages and people you need to follow in a single central location. (View all at a glance—saving you vast amounts of time reporting on breaking news trends!)

✔ Done-for-you lists of big players in the Facebook niche (Piggy back off their authority to build your own credibility!)

✔ Get an insider’s edge on the latest and greatest Facebook news as it updates in real time (Discover tools that will help you find the very best Pages to follow to grow your authority!)

Step 2: Leverage Google News

✔ Learn how to leverage Google News updates to discover hidden sources of top-level intel. (Always be the first to break important Facebook news to your audience—and increase your prestige as an authority Facebook marketer!)

Step 3: Ensure You’re ALWAYS on Top of New Facebook Developments. . .

✔ Create your own one-stop news resource. (You’ll always have the very freshest news to bring to your tribe…without you having to lift a finger in the process!)

✔ Get updates AS they happen (Perfectly positioning you for creating your own solution-based digital product!)

Step 4: Monetization Magic

✔ Discover a treasure trove of Facebook products to promote and enhance your income (You DON’T have to do it all!)

✔ Watch your income grow steadily as your followers increase (DAILY from following my plan. . .)

✔ Learn a number of ways to keep your commissions safe from affiliate link hijackers (Your bottom line will thank you for it!)

Step 5: Social Authority

✔ How to scaffold your growing Facebook presence into a solid reputation on other social media sites (We’re talking Twitter, Quora and Reddit and more!)

✔ Learn to construct a WordPress authority Launchpad site to showcase your own products and services (You’ll never have to worry about any kind of Facebook slap taking your business down)

✔ Create your own Facebook groups and increase your authority ten-fold. (Be the first to inform this eager audience about superior products to help them grow their business, and profit from it!)

✔ Share breaking developments within your group to deepen your authority presence. (Your group will grow quicker than you could imagine!)

Step 6: Crystal Ball Reader

✔ Discover how to find upcoming market changes that will significantly affect your target audience. (Alert! These make ideal topics for custom report creation)

✔ Unearth the signs that you’ve found a red hot topic for your report (can you say Instant Hungry Audience?)

✔ Learn how to create a wave of backlinks to your online properties in the process of finding your topic (Further boosting your online authority!)

Step 7: Creating a One Problem/One Solution Report Easy Peasy

✔ Yet more places to research the biggest problem the coming market change produces. (Come up with the perfect solution that your hungry audience desperately needs!)

✔ Get 6 cheat sheets outlining unique ways to present your finished product (learn to think way beyond E-books for product delivery!)

✔ Your customers will be thrilled to get their hands on the up-to-the minute information contained in your report… (They’ll appreciate not having to seek out a solution on their own and more than pleased to pay for your report!)

Step 8: Sales Copy Secrets

✔ Good sales copy is integral to the success of your finished product—I’ll give you some great free resources to help you learn how to write and/or improve your sales copy including:

✔ Find out the pros and cons of various sales copy templates (Long copy? Short copy?)

✔ Get access to my hand picked rolodex of recommended copywriters and sales letter designers (Don’t throw away good money on unproven copy professionals!)

Step 9: Setting Up the Groundwork for Your Product Launch

The quickest way to create Facebook ads to gain exposure for your new product (Never have to rely on having a huge affiliate pool to get sales again!)

✔ How to use Facebook’s Power Editor to hone in on prospects (Spend far less, but have more highly-targeted ads!)

✔ How to create custom audiences in the Power Editor. (This will save you tons of time and effort creating your ads in the future!)

✔ Recommendations on creating images and headlines for FB ads (Bring yourself the most bang for your buck!)

Step 10: The Big Change Rolls Out and You’re Ready with a Timely Product

✔ Your product, your sales copy and your ads are ready to roll out—you’re perfectly positioned to profit! (You’re now providing the solution your followers are looking for the moment the big chance is announced!)

✔ Enjoy watching your authority soar (Catch the attention of other Facebook influencers and gaining a healthier bank balance to boot!)

facebook authority earnings plan

Facebook Authority Earnings Plan

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Beginners SEO Authority Profits

Beginners SEO Authority Profits

Beginners SEO Authority Profits By Barbara Ling – How to become an expert in SEO in record time.

It requires only 5 super simple steps.

That’s it!

Here are the secrets unlocked in this powerful no-fluff blueprint:

Step 1.) Install THIS Application


First, you need to make it push-button simple to schedule and share content.

This chapter shows you:

☑ Where to get this extension (it’s free!)

☑ Where to uncover the MOBILE app (you can use your phone too!)

☑ The best ways to connect (social media!)

After you’ve installed this application, it’s time for:

Step 2.) Create THIS for Free Internet Marketing Authority Building


Oh, you’re going to LOVE this! The application in step 1 is only part of your beginners IM Authority edge… in this chapter, you’ll learn:

☑ How to organize your SEO value (so it’s easy to share!)

☑ How to structure your categories (everything in order!)

And that sets the stage for:

Step 3.) Add THESE SEO Resources


Spelled out for you, I show you exactly how to:

☑ Zero in on SEO content your audience WANTS to know about (you’ll be the first to share!!)

☑ A dozen resources already found for you (just plug N Play!!)

☑ How to streamline your time (find dozens of SEO Curation resources instead of 1!)

But you know… authority and curation is great on its own, but wouldn’t you like to make money too?

From the above, you learn all about:

Step 4.) Uncover Profitable Internet Marketing Affiliate Programs


Since you’re building up your authority online…. why not monetize it as well?

Here, you’ll discover how to:

☑ Zero in on Nanacast SEO affiliate products (Lifetime cookies!)

☑ Zero in on Clickbank SEO affiliate products (Recurring commissions anyone?)

☑ Zero in on W+ SEO affiliate products (Proven vendor!)

☑ Zero in on JVzoo SEO affiliate products (Popular IM Platform!)

The above gives you ways to monetize what you share! And then finally, you’re ready for:

Step 5.) Flipping The Switch!


The goodness you achieve above will be useless unless you have a powerful process to implement!

Here, you’ll learn:

☑ Exactly how to make it ALL work for you (Beginning YOUR PROFITABLE SEO Authority Journey online!)

And that’s IT.

That’s all!

Make no mistake about it . this is something extremely newbie friendly and easy to implement.

It delivers into your hands the exact techniques you can start doing *Today* to build up your own authority and loyal fan base. and then start monetizing it in the future.

beginners seo authority profits

Beginners SEO Authority Profits

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Social SEO Leapfrog

Social SEO Leapfrog

Social SEO Leapfrog By Barbara Ling – Power blueprint for ranking high with Google Hangouts and Social Marketing!

Social SEO Leapfrog is a concise PDF blueprint for using social SEO to rank long-term for profitable keywords.

Social SEO Leapfrog has these three big benefits for you!

1) It will show you how to give Google what it loves most . . . more Google. Linking Google+ and YouTube together in a specific way with Google Hangouts rewards you with top rankings!

2) It will increase your online authority in your niche via social networks… when you post frequently on your topic, people take notice and start to look to YOU as the expert. And we all know who we buy from, right? Experts!

3) It will give you a free content syndication method that gets your content seen where it counts…and more importantly, gets you traffic from social networks.

So I made sure There’s Only 5 Steps for Better Ranking and Niche Authority with My Blueprint.

Here they are.

⇨ Sign up for powerful social networks like Google+, Linked In, Facebook, Twitter & Pinterest (Gets known in your niche and drive non-search engine traffic to your website)

⇨Decide on the keyphrase you want to rank for (How do YOU want free organic traffic to find YOUR site?)

⇨ Use my special Google Hangouts method—this is key in pushing your site to the top of the SERPs (and not only that… I deliver to you on a silver platter EXACTLY how to zero in on this exact content!)

⇨Post Your Hangout (I even show you how to optimize it in ways your colleagues never thought of!)

⇨Use the free syndication tool to share your Hangout on your social profiles (it can even be done automatically!)

That’s it.

You don’t have to follow some convoluted and complicated back linking plan with Social SEO Leapfrog. It’s simple enough a complete SEO novice can do it.

It’s all about working smarter not harder . . . and that’s how I came up with my secret ranking formula . . .

By now, you’re probably asking—“How do I get my hands on this? It sounds great—no risky SEO tricks. I just need to follow the step-by-step instructions laid out for me.”

You’re Getting a Lot Here . . .
for Just a Little. . .

There’s a lot packed inside Social SEO Leapfrog. You’re not just getting the PDF with my social ranking formula inside. You’re getting much more . . .

You’re getting my worksheet to help you plan the perfect strategic Hangout. You’ll never be lost when following the steps!

You’re getting my *proven* techniques to quickly and easily rank for whatever keyword phrase you would like!

social seo leapfrog

Social SEO Leapfrog

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Linked Explosion

Linked Explosion

[LINKED EXPLOSION]From 136 Non-Responsive to over 1700 Interactive Connections in One Week

I am not one who loves to write long sales letters, so let me get straight to the point. I created this quick and dirty video series for my fellow Warriors. It ain’t pretty. There is no long PDF to read. These videos are all less than 25 minutes long. I walk you through all of the steps and show you resources inside and outside of LinkedIn that can massively increase your business NOW. I even give you some super cool bonus templates that will get your new connections to LOVE you.

Get LinkedIn right and you will be rolling in business while your competitors are busy writing articles, cold calling and going to boring networking events.

Can this work for affiliate marketers? Absolutely.

Is this great for offline marketers? Oh, goodness, yes!!

Here is some of what you will learn:

Video 1: Introduction to LinkedIn (6:48)

Who is on LinkedIn and why should you care?

Why Facebook is NOT the place to be if you want to market to businesses

Why smart marketers are targeting LinkedIn prospects specifically

Video 2: The LinkedIn Homepage (17:19)

The most important parts of the LinkedIn homepage

Interacting with others before you even leave your homepage

How to use current trends to position yourself as a thought leader and expert

How trying to randomly connect with people will get you banned

How to use LinkedIn’s search function to connect with the exact people you need in your network – HUGELY powerful for both offline and online marketers!

How to assess your network and see what industries they are in, where they live and more

Video 3: Setting Up Your Profile For Success (19:40)

The one thing you MUST do to get people to connect with you

How a boring profile will kill your business on LinkedIn

How to rank your profile in LinkedIn for your chosen keywords

How to write your profile to get people interested in doing business with you

The secret way to structure the experience section of your profile to give yourself more authority and credibility

How to give a Call to Action in your profile

How to use your profile to display your portfolio, videos and webinars

Video 4: Using LinkedIn Groups and LinkedIn Answers (18:38)

How creating your own group gives you a captive audience who are eager to hear your messages

How many groups you should join and how to find the best, largest groups

Which groups you should NOT join

How to get your message in front of HUNDREDS of thousands of people within minutes

How to find JV partners who might be interested in creating a product with you

Using LinkedIn Answers for market research and showcasing yourself as an authority

Video 5: Growing Your List of Connections (20:58)

How to properly connect with other people without turning them off or being labeled as a “spammer”

How to accept connections in a way that cements your relationship and gets people to want to work with you almost immediately

My secret source for getting HUNDREDS of connections within a couple of days

How to find people who are begging to connect with you immediately

How to interact with your LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook contacts all in one place

My super secret way to invite MILLIONS of targeted contacts to my webinars and presentations with a few clicks of a button

How to organize your contacts by industry so you can laser target your messages to them

How to target individuals in your local area so that you can hold local offline seminars

After you watch these videos, you will be able to set up a huge network of connections within just a few days. Follow my instructions and you will start to reap the rewards of using LinkedIn to its fullest advantage while everyone else is focused on Facebook and Twitter!

Linked Explosion

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eBay Cash Infusion Video Series

eBay Cash Infusion Video Series

[eBay Cash Infusion] How I Use eBay and Used Junk To Make Over $2000 Extra Per Month

The goal of this report is simple: to show you what kinds of items I have bought at thrift stores and garage sales and resold for great profits on eBay. I use this money to fund my IM business!

I realized that what comes naturally to me (treasure hunting) doesn’t come naturally to everyone else! So, I have created this eBay course to help you:

* Sign up for an eBay account

* Find products to sell at thrift stores, garage sales, estate sales and more

* Uncover hidden treasures that other people walk right by and make big money on them!

I love to hunt for “treasures” (otherwise known as “junk” to some people!) You won’t believe what I’ve sold on eBay over the years. It has made up a SUBSTANTIAL part of my income for years.

In fact, even when I had a full-time J.O.B. in corporate America, I still made $2000+ each and every month from my part-time eBay business.

Your $9.95 investment will buy you:

12 videos teaching you how to sign up for eBay, how to properly research prices, how to properly list an item to get it SOLD PLUS 9 entire videos showing you 9 different types of products I look for when I go shopping! (over 90 minutes of video total!)

My eBay Money Makers PDF with screen shots (24 pages)

A special BONUS report (done by my husband who does all of our shipping) teaching you everything you need to know about protecting your shipments and cutting costs on shipping supplies (15 pages)

eBay Cash Infusion Video Series

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Service Based Business Success

Service Based Business Success

Any kind of offline services, including ghostwriting, can use these tactics. In one video, I reveal the super simple but super slick way that I got so many clients on Elance. Eventually, that led me to my $3,000 a month client (who has become a WONDERFUL friend to me now). It’s so easy, but few people are doing what I recommend in that video!

Who is this course for?

Ghostwriters who are tired of earning diddly squat

Offliners who are tired of competing with everyone else

Anyone who wants to target businesses who need their services without cold calling or being face to face

The course includes a total of 9 videos. Some are shorter while others are 12 to 20 minutes in length.

You will learn which social media site I use to scour for clients and how to target them properly.

You will learn how to use Elance for maximum profits

You will learn how to do what I call the “middleman technique”

You will learn how niches can play a role in your success

You will learn how to layout your website to get more clients

And much more.

Grab your copy today and start making more money from less clients!

Service Based Business Success

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The Kindle Facebook Experiment

The Kindle Facebook Experiment

[AMAZON KINDLE] Use Facebook to Create Content, Launch Books & Promote All in the Same Place

Having A Hard Time Creating Content For Amazon Kindle?

Having a Hard Time Promoting Your Books & Actually Making Sales?

Tough Time Getting Reviews?

As a best-selling Amazon Kindle author myself, I know how it is. First, you have to figure out what to write, then you have to write it, then you have to launch it, then you have to market it and somewhere in there you need to get reviews!

It can be TOUGH!

In this case study, I walk you through a super simple method for book creation and promotion that I have not seen ANYONE else doing (and if they are, they are keeping it a secret).

I have over 15 books on Amazon in non-fiction and fiction genres. In fact, just one of my fiction books got 22,000 FREE downloads last month, more than 500 SALES and over 100 borrows.

I’ve tested and tweaked everything I do. Amazon Kindle now makes up a large majority of my monthly income, and I only started in December 2011. I didn’t even start writing fiction until summer 2012.

If you are looking for a super easy (and cheap) way to create your books AND have a raving set of fans ready to buy it as soon as you publish, grab this WSO.

If you would like to have a bunch of books selling 87+ copies per month on autopilot (or more), grab this WSO!

NOTE: This is not a long, drawn out WSO. The PDF is short and has links to 6 videos about the process. This is something that you can take and start doing TODAY if you wanted to.

The Kindle Facebook Experiment

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52 Offline Autoresponder Messages

52 Offline Autoresponder Messages

[OFFLINE] 52 Autoresponder Email Messages To Load Up For 2013!

Put Your Offline Business Follow-up On Autopilot in 2013

Are you making plans for your offline business for 2013? Do you know how you will follow up with potential clients using your autoresponder service?

What if you had a COMPLETE YEAR’s worth of autoresponder messages that you could just plug into your autoresponder system to follow up with potential clients?

When marketing online, it is critical to not only capture leads but to also to
build your CREDIBILITY. So, how do you do that?

One great way to build credibility and name recognition is to have pre-written,
helpful marketing information going out once per week to your target market.

They become accustomed to seeing your name and associating you with marketing. In other words, you become the EXPERT. They don’t have to look for someone to help them with their marketing when they finally decide to hire someone because yo are right there in their inbox for 52 straight weeks!

Here is a list of the emails in this package (each is 150-200 words so that your prospects will actually READ them!):

Should business professionals publish on Kindle?
What is Google Places?
Why is Google Places important to my business?
Optimizing your Google Places listing
Using Google Alerts to Protect Your Reputation Online
Basic Marketing for Businesses
Content Creation Strategies for Businesses
Hosting Your Own Radio Show Online For Your Business
Facebook Marketing for Businesses
Twitter Marketing for Businesses
Using Pinterest to Market Your Business
Creating Your Own Digital Product for Businesses
Using Facebook Ads to Market Your Business
Using LinkedIn to Market Your Business
Starting Your Own LinkedIn Group
How to Monitor Traffic to Your Website
The Importance of Having a Business Blog
List Building for Businesses
Tips for Your Website’s Content
The Importance of Analytics on Your Website
What is Yelp and How Can it Help?
Online Competitive Analysis for Businesses
Video Marketing for Businesses
Using LinkedIn’s Company Pages
Google Adwords 101
Is PPC for You?
Article Marketing Tips for Businesses
Creating a Winning Email Marketing Campaign
Customer Loyalty and Social Media
Marketing Your Business on Forums
Generating Leads for Local Businesses Using the Internet
What Are Customer Loyalty Programs?
Using Webinars to Build Your Business
Getting Your Content to Go Viral
Understanding YouTube’s Analytics Program
Google’s Changing Algorithm
Building Rapport on Social Media
Finding Local Customers Online
Using Press Releases to Increase Business
Increasing Credibility By Publishing a Book
Top Three Social Media Marketing Mistakes
Banner Advertising: What You Need to Know
Starting Your Own Ezine
What is an Autoresponder?
Getting Free Traffic to Your Website
How To Get Listed in Yahoo
Outsourcing Work Online For Businesses
Why Do Keywords Matter?
Extra Income With Affiliate Marketing – A Primer for Offline Businesses
Three Online Branding Tips
Three Big SEO Mistakes
Hiring a Company To Handle Your Social Media

As a professional full-time ghostwriter and bestselling author, I charge top prices when people hire me for work. A set of 52 autoresponder messages currently sells on my website for $1,040. You are obviously getting a deal on these messages!

My recommendation is to take each one and add your own call to action at the bottom. You might ask them to sign up for a free consultation, purchase a service, read one of your blog posts or do some other task.

52 Offline Autoresponder Messages

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