Lead Magnets Package (PLR)

Lead Magnets Package (PLR) – Lead Magnets Package Review

Lead Magnets Package by Sharon Lai & Jonathan Teng – Four ready To Go, Lead generating Funnels That Will Atract Thousands Of hungry Buyers To Your Lists.

Have someone else create a complete funnel for you. The squeeze pages,
follow up emails, giveaway products, all the hard
stuff, and basically hand you everything on a
plate. Done, dusted and ready to go, and at a price
anyone could afford.

Not one but FOUR red-hot lead capture funnels
with state of the art video products to give away,
super-optimised, high-converting squeeze pages,
ready to go monetisation to start profits flowing
instantly, super-sexy graphics, powerful follow-up
email sequences ready to cut and paste, and more.

All Done For You.

You literally just unpack, upload and you have
FOUR cash-sucking, list-exploding funnels online
and working within minutes.

Lead Magnets Package (PLR) – Lead Magnets Package Review

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Traffic Mice

Traffic Mice | Traffic Mice Review

Traffic Mice by Precious Ngwu – Traffic Mice software is an adobe air traffic automation software that is built ground up with one intention: “COMPLETE COMPETITION ANNIHILATION”.

This beast of software automates everything for you, just pop in your keywords and magic happens… the end result is massive first page rankings on Youtube and Google resulting in bucket-loads of free targeted traffic on complete autopilot.

I’ve NEVER built anything this powerful before, with this software…

You don’t need to worry about finding huge search volume profitable keywords to rank for, let this machine do the dirty work for you, just relax and pick up the cherries
You don’t need to worry about writing another content ever again, just pop a keyword and in the next 60 seconds… our beast of a software will intelligently produce a 100% original, high quality and human-readable content for you, the article will be so good, you would be left in awe.

And here’s the sweet part… the rankings and the traffic: this software automates everything hands-down, just pop in the Youtube video URL, enter the keywords and just press “LAUNCH”, the software using our perfect YTG Ranking & Traffic Technology to get you crazily unbelievable results.

Oh, how about tracking those sweet rankings and traffic? Psss… we got you covered too!

What you have is pure animal that will tear down any competition and make you king of the hill…

Listen, this is not a software for building backlinks, this is a software that guarantees your first page rankings (Youtube & Google) and MASSIVE traffic, building links is for babies, Traffic Mice is for serious players.

Traffic Mice | Traffic Mice Review

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Dark Post Profits

Dark Post Profits | Dark Post Profits Review

Dark Post Profits – How To Sell Anything In The FB Newsfeed, From TShirts To BizOps To Real Estate!

First of all, it costs $100 – his last offering was priced at $500, so its kind of a deal!

Secondly, you’ll NEED that $500 to run Facebook ads

They show people making $10,000 in their first month, but you NEED money to test, run the ads, pay for them, and THEN get the commissions

Learn how to use Dark Posts, scrape UIDs from Facebook, market ANYTHING using highly targeted audiences

#1 – get the free toolbar: http://IMBToolbar.com/install/yt-video

#2 – get the free 350 Dark Post Case Studies Ebook:


Dark Post Profits | Dark Post Profits Review

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Press Release Submitter

Press Release Submitter | Press Release Submitter Review

Press Release Submitter by Daniel Lew Submit One Press release Per Day For $47 Per Month, Or Five Press releases Per Day For $97 Per Month!

Less Than $1.50 Per Press Release!

Live PR Submitter has the Power to Drive Over 5,392 Targeted Visitors in less than 24 Hours!

Totally Web-Based so Nothing to Download

Easily view list of Backlinks Live PR Submitter Created for You

Save all of Your Press Release Campaigns Online

With Live PR Submitter you can:

Step 1 — choose a keyword that you would like to dominate.
Doesn’t matter the competition you can rank for it.

Step 2 — Use our super simple step by step process to
create a simple press release in 5 minutes flat.

Step 3 — Use Live PR Submitter to dominate the competition.

Start seeing social signals, some of the most powerful
back links the web has to offer and Google page 1 rankings with ease.

Plus once published you can syndicate these using
ping services within the system + monitor stats and clicks.

No other Press release platform offers this!

PS. Make sure you snap this up real quick
while there is an introductory offer on this!

Press Release Submitter | Press Release Submitter Review

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KD Hangouts Domination

KD Hangouts Domination | KD Hangouts Domination Review

KD Hangouts Domination by Andreas Quintana – How to make your Kindle book SELL!

Inside of KD Domination Hangouts you will learn:

– The Secret System To Become The Authority In Your Niche

– A Little Known Method To Market Books

– A Surefire Way To make More Than A Handful Of Sales In One Hour, Catapulting You To Bestseller Status In Your Category

– How To Become A Bestseller!

KD Hangouts Domination | KD Hangouts Domination Review

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Azon Affiliate Equestrian Gear Riches

Azon Affiliate Equestrian Gear Riches | Azon Affiliate Equestrian Gear Riches Review

Azon Affiliate Equestrian Gear Riches by Mike McKay – done-for-you niche product series…

Azon Affiliate Equestrian Gear Riches! allows you to target one of the biggest sports/lifetime niches on the planet, Horses/Horse Equipment, and i’m giving you 3 amazing sub-niches from the Horse Equipment niche on a plate! With over $40 Billion spent last year in the United States alone the demand is huge. In fact, sales are predicted to continue to escalate by an average of over 6%!

Bottom lin…being in possession of this product will ensure you totally make bank in this massively popular $40+ Billion niche! You have everything here you need and absolutely nothing stopping you from totally making bank…well only yourself that is!

Azon Affiliate Equestrian Gear Riches | Azon Affiliate Equestrian Gear Riches Review

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Page Expiration Robot PRO

Page Expiration Robot PRO | Page Expiration Robot PRO Review

Page Expiration Robot PRO by Bill Zimmerman & John Socratous – This WP Plugin Will Immediately Double Your Sales!

This is the WP plugin that will instantly increase
your sales & conversions on your salespages, special
offers, and one-time offers.

Everyone knows that a key element to marketing is
being able to add “urgency” to an offer. You know
when you see a salespage that says “This page will
not be up for long!” or “The price will increase soon!”

Creating that type of urgency gets your visitors to
TAKE ACTION NOW instead of waiting.

And this WP plugin Page Expiration Robot PRO takes
that to the next level:

This plugin adds intelligent countdown timers to your
pages. But these are not just any type of countdowns.
Each visitor to the page gets their VERY OWN countdown.
And it’s tracked by either IP address or cookie.

Pretty awesome!

Look, there are so many ways you can use this plugin
my brain is hurting. If you have ANY type of mailing
list, big or small, this plugin is an absolute MUST HAVE.

Set up a special offer, use this plugin to make it available
for just 3 days, mail your list the offer page, and watch
the sales come in.

That’s just one way to use it!

If you don’t have a list, you can add these countdowns to
any offer you have and it will add that urgency.

And by the way, once the countdown expires, they get redirected
to wherever you want (like another offer or a squeeze page)

You will LOVE this plugin.

Page Expiration Robot PRO | Page Expiration Robot PRO Review

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Quick Cash With Local Leads

Quick Cash With Local Leads | Quick Cash With Local Leads Review

Quick Cash With Local Leads by Jimmy Reilly – Simple Way To Make Fast Cash Without Any Selling Or Even Leaving Your Computer…

Successful, 20 year old site, brings tons of leads, for free! Selling local leads to hungry businesses.

Quick Cash With Local Leads | Quick Cash With Local Leads Review

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Mobi 911 Leads

Mobi 911 Leads | Mobi 911 Leads Review

Mobi 911 Leads by Neil Bosley – 9 Red-Hot Emergency Niches Come To Mobile Creating $595 Paydays and $1000/mo Recurring Income

Close local businesses that pay $50 to $270 per lead you get them with these mobi landin pages and do it as quick as you can download ‘em — the 911 mobi landing pages automate your profits!


Mobi 911 Leads is for Mobile and Offline Consultants who want to add the HOT NEW “Emergency” style offers to their mobile product line.

Mobi 911 Leads is unique with…

Never Before Seen Mobile Animations
Give You, The ‘Edge” as
A Top Earning Mobile Consultant

HTML5 Slider Technology Integrated with
Hot SqueezeMobi Graphics for
that $1,000 Look!

We use the latest HTML 5 slider technology in our lead pages to offer more than the traditional “flat” landing page with images that automatically advance!

Mobi 911 Leads is 9 “emergency” niches that require an immediate call from the consumer when an emergency strikes.

All the mobile lead pages have a Tap2Call feature so customers can immediately dial the number the emergency services business owner.

The Mobi 911 Lead Package includes 9 “Emergency” Niche Mobile Landing Pages for:






DUI Attorneys

Car/Auto Repair

Pet Clinic

Pest Control

Each mobile landing “lead” page has eye-catching slider images with pro-looking, high-definition graphics and a Tap2Call Button matching the “type” of emergency the lead page is built around and optimized to convert!

The Mobi 911 Lead product provides simplicity (with easy to setup) and quick functionality to attract prospective consumers during an emergency with a mere tap of a button — to call their local plumber, locksmith, auto repair shop, dentist, pet clinic, pest controller, or even an attorney!

Mobi 911 Leads | Mobi 911 Leads Review

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