The Secret Profit ATM | The Secret Profit ATM Review

The Secret Profit ATM | The Secret Profit ATM Review

The Secret Profit ATM By Anwesh Rath – The Secret Profit ATM is a holistic online business training course in which we take the student from the ground up to setting up their own online company with revenue streams ready to go!

We start with concrete foundations. Solid foundation are key to a prospect full future and we leave no stone unturned. Start the right way and watch as your company is transformed from an idea in to reality!

Module 2: The blog. The home for any online business. Your company HQ and your first stamp in the online world. Learn how to set up, configure and style your blog the right way before unleashing pre made killer blog posts, hand crafted to give you a big introduction!

Module 3: The List! The gold mine and the core of your online business. Push Button Products DO NOT EXIST..

…This however gives you the capability of sending an email and making thousands and I’d think you’d agree, thats pretty bloody close. Auto-responders, List segmentation and cultivation will become second nature by the end of this

Module 4: Monetisation Mastery. Now your online business is ready to go, lets show you how to make money! In this module we cover everything from traffic and setting up your first funnels to affiliate and email marketing AS WELL, as how to monetise everything you’ve set up so far.

The Secret Profit ATM was created as a result of Rav’s struggle to market. It took him 2 years and a hell of a lot of cash to even start and we think its time that the barriers to entry are broken down. Having your own online business can not only change your finances but your life and we feel that before this course, unless your customer had a mentor or route to market, they were in for a rough
ride! TSPATM has been created to fill that void in the market for any aspiring individual looking to harness the power of the internet to benefit their life!

This 27 part course will hold your hand, sit you down and explain every step of the way. All you need to do is watch & implement!

the secret profit atm

The Secret Profit ATM | The Secret Profit ATM Review

SEO Dragon | SEO Dragon Review

SEO Dragon | SEO Dragon Review

SEO Dragon – How To Double Your Website’s Traffic
With Simple, On-Page Improvements – Software Doubles The Daily Visitors Of Any Website In Under 3 Weeks!

It’s Like Injecting Your Site With SEO Steroids!

I have tested this software on dozens of sites, and made a few critical discoveries:

Discovery #1: Over 90% of websites tested had at least 3 things that could immediately boost their Google rank, and potentially double their organic traffic.

Discovery #2: The average site was only getting half the amount of unique visitors it should be. (little-known Google penalties were holding them back from their real potential)

Discovery #3: Sites using WordPress are broken by default, and are getting penalized by Google as soon as WordPress is installed. (You must change a few default settings before you add content to a WordPress blog or risk getting penalized.)

On average, sites that implement the changes have been doubling their traffic in about 3 weeks time.

SEO Dragon is a powerful piece of software that runs right on your computer.

In just 30 seconds, SEO Dragon scans your entire website and generates a full report with step-by-step instructions to improve your rank in Google’s index.

seo dragon

SEO Dragon | SEO Dragon Review

[FREE WSO] Warrior List Building – Autopilot Niche Email List

[FREE WSO] Warrior List Building – Autopilot Niche Email List

Warrior List Building – Autopilot Niche Email List – FREE WSO!

FREE WSO: Warrior List Building

How to create a NICHE email list on autopilot. A cheap way to build a list for penny a subscriber and even less! You can get as much as 100+ new subscribers within 48 hours. It really works, see my case studies inside the Warrior List Building guide….

How I built a niche email list of 500+ subscribers quickly and automatically on autopilot for less than a penny per subscriber!


warrior list building

[FREE WSO] Warrior List Building – Autopilot Niche Email List

Like Page Templates | Like Page Templates Review

Like Page Templates | Like Page Templates Review

Like Page Templates By John Thornhill – Did you manage to check out the really cool Facebook templates that John & Dave just released?

With these templates it really couldn’t be easier to create
fantastic looking Facebook pages to build your brand and pull in massive amounts of traffic from Facebook.

They have made things very simple and no technical skills are required, so if this has been stopping you from creating your own Facebook pages now is the time to make it happen, plus if you act right now you can grab these amazing templates for a fraction of the original cost.

So what are you waiting for? Go and check out Like Page Templates now before the price shoots up.

like page templates

Like Page Templates | Like Page Templates Review

My Video Factory | My Video Factory Review

My Video Factory | My Video Factory Review

My Video Factory By Chris Fox – Build, Spin And Publish Unlimited Videos

Have you ever tried video marketing?

Ever failed to generate any traffic from
the video you created?

This is very ‘clever’ online software program
out now called My Video Factory and effectively
what it does is:

Step One – Allows you to create professional
looking videos (includes everything you need)

Step Two – Then allows you to ’SPIN’ unlimited
variations of that video

Step Three – And finally submits your videos to
the major video sites

That being said… here are:

7 REASONS To Get My Video Factory Today

1) Online – The software hosted online. Nothing to download.
That means you get your username & password and
you are ready to start creating PROFESSIONAL videos

2) You can Spin unlimited versions of your videos


If you are a NICHE marketer its HUGE as it allows
you to submit UNIQUE videos to all the different video
sites, such as youtube, vimeo, dailymotion

GOOGLE knows if a video is unique. Imagine spinning
10 versions of your video.. with each version targeting
a different long tail keyword. And Google ranking each
of those videos for the keyword you choose.

Unique video is becoming a ESSENTIAL part of video
marketing, especially for those who want to RANK in
the search engines.

Creating UNIQUE videos would have taken a lot more time previously, however thanks to My Video Factory you can do it with COMPLETE ease

3) Create Sales Videos – Generate multiple versions quickly to?split test with and see which one performs best. Extremely?powerful

4) Create Video For Local Markets – Based of one template you?create you could create unlimited videos by simply swapping?out images and text to cover several local markets

5) Ready Made Templates & Images – Huge selection of background images, business images, avatar (cartoon style) images and music to choose from

6) Record Audio Online – You can record your own audio for your from you web browser, no extra tools required.

7) You can upload your images, music, audio, whatever you
want to your own personal online area… It keeps all your
‘stuff’ to create videos in one easy to access area

My Video Factory is absolutely feature packed, hosted online
so you dont need to worry about compatibility issues.


My Video Factory is running a SPECIAL LIFETIME membership
launch offer… Once the launch ends the price will sky rocket.

my video factory

My Video Factory | My Video Factory Review

Email Jeet | Email Jeet Review

Email Jeet | Email Jeet Review

Email Jeet By Radu Hahaianu – Email Software Better Than Expensive Autoresponders… With ZERO subscription fees!

This simple tool allows you to send thousands of emails to your list with NO cost at all. It allows directly importing and managing lists, with NO verification. Plus, it works with the top players out there, such as Mailjet, Sendgrid & more!

Say goodbye to expensive monthly fees for your auto-responder!

Say goodbye to thousands of leads lost due to autoresponder servers being down.

Directly import email lists (such as JVZoo buyers list) STRAIGHT into the app and message them within minutes.

The list is the most precious asset that an online marketer has. It’s the key to earnings, to profit, success and fame, but a big problem is stopping all of us from making more money from our list.

I am talking about the strong dependence on autoresponders. All of us list-marketers depend on autoresponder services like Getresponse, Aweber, Mailchimp, etc. to maintain and mail our lists… And if there’s ever a break in their service, your business is dead.

Revenue = 0$. Just like that.

==> But this software solves the problem

It doesn’t stop at just breakage in service. I bet you’ve
experienced the finicky mood-swings of your autoresponder.

They often just plain out refuse to let you import the list of your leads… And do you know how many leads and $$s do you lose to the painful opt-in and double opt-in process that they force on you?

Till now these were the hazards of the trade that you just had to live with, but not anymore. I want to introduce you to a new software – Email Jeet which changes everything.

Email Jeet is your desktop based mailing system which makes mailing your leads as simple as clicking a button. No need to buy hosting space or set up any script. Just install and run.

And look at how it boosts your profits:

# No import / mailing restrictions.

# Work with your own SMTP, or one of the top leading mail service providers like Sendgrid, Mailgun, Mailjet, Amazon, etc.

# Better deliverability when compared to autoresponders.

# 100% Secure and in your control. Your lists stay with you.

# No opt-in / double opt-in requirements.

# Ultra fast mailing thanks to API integration.

There’s a really special price on it right now. The lowest you can ever get, but it’s only there for a little while, so get it and save a lot of $$$, not just on your mails, but also on the product.

email jeet

Email Jeet | Email Jeet Review

Social Media Mastery | Social Media Mastery Review

Social Media Mastery | Social Media Mastery Review

Social Media Mastery By Sharon Lai & Jonathan Teng – Social Media traffic ‘ninja techniques’

Social media is now THE traffic source for serious money-making activities. But you probably also know only too well how difficult, time consuming and expensive it can get to drive genuinely interested, real people from Facebook and Twitter to your offers.

I wanted to tell you about some of the methods I’m using
to drive massive, targetted traffic from social media, and
building a huge loyal following at the same time.

These days, social media is how you get massive waves of
REAL PEOPLE to your sites, your lead capture forms, your fan
pages, your products. Without spending a dime in affiliate
commissions or wasting time with SEO. What could you do with
that kind of resource?

Want to create a high-visibility persona for yourself in
your home business opportunity? Go for it!

Want to send giant waves of traffic to launches or
giveaways, free and on demand? You got it!

Harness the viral potential of social media to turbo charge
your list building, your launch, your business opportunity,
your offer, your blog… The possibilities are endless.

By the way, you can use this technique to brand yourself as
an expert in any field you desire, practically instantly.

Learn the insider knowledge, secrets and strategies big companies use to siphon millions of dollars using just social media.

People are making 5-6 figures implementing social media into their business and you’ll learn the exact strategies inside:

social media mastery

Social Media Mastery | Social Media Mastery Review

The List Builders Academy | The List Builders Academy Review

The List Builders Academy | The List Builders Academy Review

The List Builders Academy By Steve Brodsky – ONE DOLLAR TRIAL OFFER!

I received access to review the first month of content in The List Builder’s Academy. If you have been struggling to build a list that will turn you a profit, I highly recommend Steve’s program. He will take you – literally by the hand – and show you how to start completely from scratch, giving you all the information (and some products to promote) that you need to get started.

The videos are very step-by-step in nature and there are lots of supportive PDFs and files. You also get things to help you in your journey – done-for-you autoresponder emails, access to the best Facebook groups, etc. By the end of month 1 alone, you should have a nice list of 2000+ subscribers.

list builders academy

The List Builders Academy | The List Builders Academy Review

SiteManPro | SiteManPro Review

SiteManPro | SiteManPro Review

SiteManPro By Deep Arora – SiteManPro has now become a leading Membership software which builds fully automated Membership sites and protects and licenses plugins, software and anything else you wish.

It also integrates with JVzoo, Stripe, Clickbank, Aweber, Get Response and any other Autoresponder and Handles pretty much everything including Customer and Sales reporting, User Roles, Link Tracking and much more!


SiteManPro | SiteManPro Review

Absolute Jacker | Absolute Jacker Review

Absolute Jacker | Absolute Jacker Review

Absolute Jacker By Ariel Sanders – Why Absolute Jacker Is A Game-Changer! Just choose the site that you like on the internet and make it work for you.

Setup the links

With YOUR affiliate links, or to go to your blog, your squeeze page, your own product, the CPA offer you’re promoting, in every site you want!

Lock Any Site

For example, lock the content on CNN until the visitors login with Facebook

Setup Opt-in Pop-ups

Put on any site you wish, also on mobile sites, responsive pop-ups with 3 different opt-in options (Facebook connect, Google Plus, and email opt-in.

Send FB Notifications

Increase your opt-ins and open rates with the power of Facebook notifications. Anytime you want, send a Facebook notification to your subscribers…

Built-in opt-in popup builder

With multiple options, buttons, colors, and templates to make your pop-ups look beautiful and increase your success

Mouse control popup option

Detect the precise moment the visitor is about to leave the page and show them a new incentive to stay.

Automatically Post to Facebook

Make your new campaign instantly post to Facebook to get traffic on demand.

Use Social Pop-ups

Forces visitors to like YOUR fan page or tweet YOUR content in any authority site

absolute jacker

Absolute Jacker | Absolute Jacker Review