The Commission Machine

The Commission Machine By Michael Cheney

The Commission Machine By Michael Cheney – Commission Machine – this is a series of step-by-step video tutorials which show people exactly how to build their own “commission machine” using my patented “R.A.P.I.D.” process. (Research, Angle, Provide Incentive, Deploy). They can even do this without a list.

“The Commission Machine” – it’s a series of proven steps that changed everything.

I made tons more sales, got masses of praise for my promos, got approached by legends of IM to teach them and had a ton more fun in the process.

I used the method to make sales from my list and just by posting stuff on FB and my blog (no ads) – very appealing to newbies.

So I revealed my methods to a select few of my students and they got kick-ass results punching above their weight and dominating affiliate leaderboards.

Before long I was teaching this stuff to all my closest IM buddies and realized it was a product in the making.
And The Commission Machine was born.

The Commission Machine By Michael Cheney

Drag ‘n Drop Illustrator

Drag ‘n Drop Illustrator By James Jones

Drag ‘n Drop Illustrator By James Jones – Drag and Drop Illustrator is a software tool that allows ANYONE to create stunning images even if they are completely artistically challenged. (James created the header you see above in about 10 minutes using Drag ‘n Drop Illustrator and believe me — he don’t have an artistic bone in his body :)

There is a HUGE Demand for this software with eBook Authors and Publishers because it makes it super quick and easy to create images and covers for Kindle eBooks.

Drag and Drop Illustrator can also be used ANYWHERE images are needed: Kindle eBooks, Facebook Posts (memes), websites, Pinterest… anywhere you need great images..

A breakthrough software tool allows ANYONE — even the graphically challenged — to create STUNNING images for… * Kindle Picture eBooks * Comics * Hidden object ebooks * Childrens Kindle books * And more…

This software is so easy to use even a child can do it…

All you have to do is:

1) Select one of the included backgrounds (or import your own)

2) Select other objects and drag them onto the background (hundreds of objects included)

3) Add your captions and/or title if needed. It really is that easy!

Go check out these short demo tutorials of Drag and Drop Illustrator and see for yourself:

Drag ‘n Drop Illustrator By James Jones

Azon Dog Supplies Heaven

Azon Dog Supplies Heaven By Edwin Boiten

Azon Dog Supplies Heaven By Edwin Boiten – Amazon Review Theme – A great looking Amazon review theme in the Dog Supplies niche already filled with more then 1300 products, ready for you to go.

This theme comes with 15 categories in the Dog Supplies niche and already filled with over 1300 products which it automatically updates

Dog Supplies is a niche where last year Billions were spent in the United States alone! That’s why the Dog Supplies niche is evergreen and practically guarantees to be a success for any Amazon affiliate. Dog Supplies is passionate niche where millions of people are looking for products, tips and advice

Azon Dog Supplies Heaven By Edwin Boiten

Cold Call Eliminator 2

Cold Call Eliminator 2 By Lee Cole

Cold Call Eliminator 2 By Lee Cole – How would you like to land high dollar offline clients without the stress of cold calling or in-person sales calls?

How about this?

Whenever your phone rings (and it will ring a lot with our method), how would you like for the potential client calling you to be pre-sold on you and your product or service?

Here’s how Steve’s email system works in a nutshell…
You send out a series of emails to your prospects
You have a test in each email that gauges their interest
Once they click your test, you use what Steve calls an RWA finder (ready, willing, and able buyer finder) to make sure they’re really interested and willing to pay you big money

If they don’t respond to any of your emails, you put them on an infinite contact loop. It’s amazing how many deals we pick up from people who decide 3 months later that they really needed our services after all

Our Cold Call Eliminator 2 training consists of a 1 hour 24 minute webinar. Basically this is Lee interviewing Steve and making him spill the beans on his system.
For those who are in a hurry, or who would just rather have it all written down, you also get a 34 page transcript of the webinar.

All you have to do is to watch the webinar, follow along with the transcript, take notes, and then go do what Steve tells you to.

You can have this up and running and creating real business for yourself within just a few hours of completing your purchase.

Cold Call Eliminator 2 By Lee Cole

PinSearch Keyword Tool

PinSearch Keyword Tool

PinSearch Keyword Tool – Search Pinterest for the hottest, most pinned topics, books, products, tshirt designs, etc.

Here’s What You Get When You Order Today:

Lifetime Access To The Pinsearch Tool

Training Video Number 1: How To Identify Profitable Tshirt Design Concepts

Training Video Number 2: How To Identify Profitable Physical Products To Private Label On E-commerce Stores

Training Video Number 3: Identify Profitable Ebook Product Hooks

Training Video Number 4: Generate ideas for blog posts, email content, viral posts and more!

Bonus Pinterest Training Webinar

PinSearch Keyword Tool

Local Retargeting Blueprint

Local Retargeting Blueprint By Joshua Lannan

Local Retargeting Blueprint By Joshua Lannan – Local Retargeting Blueprint is the result of three very successful Local Marketers putting their heads together to master selling and delivering retargeting.

These guys have figured out how to use Retargeting Services as the perfect foot-in-the-door sales approach, and they’ve built a foundation of high-margin recurring revenue that comes in month after month!

…and now they are sharing their step-by-step sales blueprint with you!

Here’s What You’ll Learn in the Local Retargeting Blueprint:

How to explain retargeting to your clients so that they see the big picture and have no logical reason to say ‘no’ to your services!

How to find ideal prospects for your services so that you don’t waste your time with the wrong prospects (just because they SHOULD want it…doesn’t mean they will!)
How to pitch your retargeting services to existing clients so that you can immediately start generating revenue and increase customer loyalty!

How to use Facebook ads and Google to prospect for new clients

How to report the benefits of your retargeting service so that clients see the value and keep investing for years!

How to structure and price your services for easy service delivery that pulls in high-margin recurring revenue month after month!

This whole package is $17!

Local Retargeting Blueprint By Joshua Lannan

Tube Sniper Pro 3.0

Tube Sniper Pro 3.0 By Joshua Zamora

Tube Sniper Pro 3.0 By Joshua Zamora – 3 steps to putting your videos on Google page 1

How many people have seen your videos?

There’s a lot of awesome video creation tools out there now. Explaindio, Video Maker FX, Easy Sketch Pro…

But whether you use one of them, do a screencast or even just record yourself talking to the camera, one thing stays the same.

You need people to SEE your video for it to do any good!

And for people to see it, you need to get it ranked.

Here’s possibly the simplest method I know. it was developed by Joshua Zamora, and you can see his results below.

1. Find the right keyword to target. Going for one with either too much competition or that isn’t a buyer term means all your work will be wasted.

2. Check out the competition. Find out what SEO they’ve got going on. If their video has made page 1 of Google, you want to know how they did it… because that tells you how you can do it too.

3. Outgun them :-) You can be more clever than this, but you can often just brute-force them with more backlinks than they can manage.

the Tube Sniper platform. It takes you through the whole process from one dashboard.

You can hunt out all the keyword data, get suggestions based on your original term and even have an instant assessment on whether or not it’s worth targeting, based on Tube Sniper’s algorithm.

You can discover EXACTLY what SEO your page 1 competitors are using – right down to the number of backlinks they’ve got

You can use the built-in backlink builder to create high-PR links to your own video in just a couple of clicks.

It’s a complete video ranking tool, covering the whole process. Soup to nuts.

Tube Sniper Pro 3.0 By Joshua Zamora

Digital Millionaire Mastermind

Digital Millionaire Mastermind By Alex Jeffreys

Digital Millionaire Mastermind By Alex Jeffreys – Digital Millionaire Mastermind combining one of the hottest niches with my extensive experience in product launching.

Of all the courses on creating a successful Online business, this one will finally unveil everything your customers need to know to achieve massive results.

We’re including:

How to create sales copy that converts at 25%
How to get HUNDREDS of NEW affiliates on board for every launch
How to generate MILLIONS of hits of free traffic
How to make 1000 sales in one day
How to command premium prices
How to create sales funnels on the fly

This content has never been seen before: the majority comes straight from my private inner circle coaching, and the value to your customers is literally over the top. Of course we’ll be over-delivering with bonuses, my personal black book resource guide and much more

Digital Millionaire Mastermind By Alex Jeffreys


Youzign By Bertrand Osso

Youzign By Bertrand Osso – Youzign empowers you to create beautiful facebook, twitter, video and sales page graphics, headers and banners, flyers, business cards, youtube channel arts, ebook covers, infographics, kindle covers and more, all within one platform

Youzign empowers you to unleash insanely powerful Youtube channel arts,
lower third graphics, call-to-actions, sidebar ads and other video graphics for your videos and hangouts.

Youzign is a WYSIWYG drag-n-drop online based app that is very simple and easy
to use with absolutely no learning curve. And there is nothing to download!

In addition to creating all your video marketing graphics with youzign in a jiffy,
you can also create almost any other kind of marketing graphics in youzign.

These include facebook graphics, twitter graphics, infographics, kindle covers, ebook covers, sales page graphics, headers, banners, flyers, business cards, and
many more!

And the best part is, the canvas size for most of these graphics are already set for you… no need to worry yourself over the sizes each time.

And with a handful of templates to get you started, all you need do is select,
click, customize and kaboom! You have a perfect video graphics ready in seconds.

$37 for unlimited lifetime access

Youzign By Bertrand Osso