The best lead automation tool…? ConvertLead is LIVE! (Go, Go, Go)

The best lead automation tool


All-In-One Lead Generation & Sales Platform For Agencies and Startups Looking to Scale their Sales Teams

The best lead automation tool

The doors just opened to ConvertLead and the founders LTD edition

A lead management platform that was built for how leads are supposed to be managed.

A system designed to…

Track & Nurture More Qualified Leads
Convert More Leads
Close Leads Faster

ConvertLead is a light-weight lead management tool, but it comes packed with features, including…

+ Unlimited campaigns
+ Unlimited automations (drag & drop builder)
+ Unlimited integrations (over 3000+)
+ Unlimited agents (scale with no limits)
+ Unlimited reminders (boost response time)
+ Unlimited leads (scale with no limits)
+ Call recording (improve performance)
+ Push notifications (timely alerts)
+ 2 way text messages (personalized touch)
+ Conditional actions (if/then automation)
+ Blind calls (fast auto-dial)
+ Lightweight CRM
+ Response time tracking (close more deals)
+ Mobile App (iOS & Android)

Not only will this tool help to generate more customers…

But also save $1000s/mo by replacing unnecessary tools…

After this week, ConvertLead will be charging their normal monthly/annual subscriptions.

So now is your chance to grab your lifetime account

The best lead automation tool

How painful is it when you’re paying $10, $50, even $100 dollars, acquiring just ONE lead – that ends up slipping through the cracks…

…waiting days or even weeks to reach out, or worse, NEVER.

Unfortunately it happens though, to everyone.

That is why a tool like this can transform your sales performance overnight!

All sales experts agree – response times are the main factor in converting a prospect into a customer.

Just imagine…

…A centralized area to manage prospects from all lead-gen sources.
…Having an automated system to engage each prospect instantly.
…Triggering notifications to your sales team to contact or follow-up.
…A way to listen to sales calls to improve conversions.
…Response time and communication metrics to improve performance.

That is just the tip of the iceberg for what ConvertLead can do.

Normally you would pay something around:
$500/mo for an auto-dialer
$350/mo for a CRM (with contact limitations)
$50-200/mo for cloud storage of your call recording
$300/mo for email automation

Now you can deploy an unlimited number of lead campaigns, leads/prospects, users/sales reps, automations and call storage – for a one time investment.

But, hurry because this deal is ending on Friday.

All-In-One Lead Generation & Sales Platform For Agencies and Startups Looking to Scale their Sales Teams