Trust Reach Case Studies – Gameify Your Facebook Posts And Make Them Go Viral, Messenger Access To OptIns Too

Trust Reach Case Studies


TrustReach Review, Bonus – Make Your FB Posts Go Viral Again

How to reach over 7.5 Million people… Zero Ad Spend!
[Case Study] – How to send over 200,000 Messages… Zero cost!

I’d like to tell you about a software that makes your posts go viral

In fact, it can make your posts go viral, without spending ANY money on advertising!

It’s worked time and time again through out testing …

Who would have thought that in such a short space of time, we would see SUCH a shift in how people are marketing online?

… I’m talking, of course, about Messenger (Chat bot) Marketing…

Digital Marketers are doing it …
Ezra Firestone is doing it….
Frank Kern is doing it…
…actually just about every prominent marketer in our space is doing it…

WHY? Because it works!

And there are more than 1.3 BILLION people using Facebook Messenger alone!

Conversation marketing is a hit .. and it’s here to stay!

So how can WE sell a tonne of stuff using this marketing channel?

How can we do it, without needing the resources that Deiss, Firestone, and Kern have?

I’m glad you asked!

One of the BEST ways to start thousands of conversations is with Facebook Comments …

You see, every single Facebook comment you get on your Facebook pages can be turned into a Private Facebook Message…

How cool is that? You can reply, direct to your customers’ private messenger inbox .. from the comment that they left you!

So to compete with the BEST .. all you need to do – is gather lots of targeted comments …

… And I’ve got the PERFECT solution for you!

There’s a BRAND NEW software called TrustReach .. that, simply put, makes your posts go VIRAL …

It makes your posts go viral by engaging users, and sucking in comments from them …

Here’s a case study video explaining EXACTLY how it works – [INSERT AFFILIATE LINK]

In this video, you’ll see a post reach more than 7.5 million people…. Sucking in an ASTONISHING – 200,000 comments!

That’s 200,000 people that can now be private messaged ….

200,000 messages that will actually be read (unlike when you send emails) …

If YOU could send 200,000 targeted private messages … do you think you would make some money from it?

Of course, you could!

Take a look at this video – It shows you everything!

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TrustReach Review, Bonus – Make Your FB Posts Go Viral Again

SQZin Review, Bonus – Discovers Viral Content Within 10 Minutes Of It Beginning To Spike In Popularity



SQZin Review, Bonus – Discovers Viral Content Within 10 Minutes Of It Beginning To Spike In Popularity

SQZin Review, Bonus – Discovers Viral Content Within 10 Minutes Of It Beginning To Spike In Popularity – Turns ANY Page Into A Viral Squeezepage To Monetize Your Shared Links

New SQZin Software Builds Lists & Get Clicks To Your Offers

1) Find viral content or use any page you choose (news articles, affiliate links..etc)

You can search videos, articles or products using our constantly growing database of content updated every 10 mins. Think ‘BuzzSumo’ on steroids, WITHOUT the $250 a month fee.

2) Turn it into an instant squeezepage with your CTA, banners or optin forms

This works for any kind of page you can think of, making ANY share you make instantly more profitable … see examples below for some real-world application.

SQZin Discovery Tool

The discovery tool makes finding trending content in any niche a complete breeze.

Our algorithm tracks thousands of websites finding the trends within minutes of them going viral – so you’re always guaranteed the freshest content as it happens.

Sqzin users can simply:
– Search for trending, viral content
– Squeeze it (turn it into a squeeze page, viral header, CTA etc)
– Share that link
– PROFIT (yeah baby!!!)

SQZin Monetizes Viral Links

Viral Squeeze Buttons

Social sharing buttons appear automatically with every link that you squeeze. Your visitor can share the great content on the major social media platforms. More exposure for your customized overlays!

Add CTA’s & Optin Forms

Every link you share can now contain your own customized Call To Action. Add an image (your logo, product image etc), your persuasive message and a CTA button or even send your visitors directly to your offers.

Timer Controlled Squeeze

Use timer controlled splash pages to present your offer before the visitor redirects to your viral content. Great for limited or one time offers.

SQZin Demo Video:

Utilize the power of social media giants such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn…

And I’m not just talking about “sharing” content.

I’m talking about putting YOUR name and brand on VIRAL content.

Now you can create “squeezed” content to an audience that will love it…


Using the insane power of social media, you can harvest viral traffic – without even creating any content!

Sqzin actually DOES IT ALL for you!

All you have to do is find a piece of content that you wish you had come up with…

The more traffic it gets, the better…

Then use Sqzin to turn that piece of viral content into your own personal advertisement!

Look, the name of the game is automation. I don’t want you to have to do ANYTHING to take advantage of free viral traffic. Just let Sqzin do all the work.

SQZin Review, Bonus – Discovers Viral Content Within 10 Minutes Of It Beginning To Spike In Popularity

Viralism – Review, Bonus – Find, Drip Feed And Publish Trending Viral Stories



– Review, Bonus – Find, Drip Feed And

Viralism – Review, Bonus – Find, Drip Feed And Publish – The WP Plugin, gives ONE PERSON the power of a team of 12 or more.

Discover trending viral content in real time from around the web plus, YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook Video and Images via GIPHY API and more. Then sydicate to WP + FB, Twitter, & Pinterest with click.


1. Discover Trending Content
Use our plugin to find trending viral stories, YouTube, Vimeo, and Facebook , or images.

. One-Click Viral Publishing
Syndicate viral content to WordPress, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest with a few clicks of the mouse.

. Drip Feed Viral Stories
Setup massive viral campaigns to drip the hottest trending stories over and over to grow your followings.

. Get Viral Leads &
Monetize your new found free with optin forms or key native ad placements and affiliate offers.

The initial offering is a WP Plugin that does 100% of the heavy lifting regarding viral discovery, publishing and syndication. This works with any WordPress site in existence today, and pushes automated viral content to their properties.

When the customer see OTO1 and our Viral Supercharger WP Theme that turns their ordinary WP site into a sexy viral powerhouse on the same level as BuzzFeed, they are going to snatch like cotton candy at the fair.

Viralism – Review, Bonus – Find, Drip Feed And Publish Trending Viral Stories

VYCO – Find The Viral Content From Facebook, Youtube, Vimeo and Daily Motion



– Find The From Facebook, Youtube, Vimeo and Daily Motion

VYCO – Find The Content From Facebook, Youtube, Vimeo and Daily Motion – Making it super easy to get viral on facebook.

Make 4 to 5 figures per month with simply micro viral campaigns

Get tens of thousands of laser targeted visitors to ANY offer you want on demand

Discovers the hottest proven viral trends, , content & headlines within seconds

Allows you to use that content to increase , leads &

Leverages facebook’s secret loophole to get $0.003 penny clicks, resulting in big profits

Discover and swipe the most viral content in just seconds, without having to spend hours on manual research

VYCO will search, discover and extract the most trending viral content from Facebook, Youtube, Vimeo and Daily Motion within a few clicks.

Using VYCO with their secret ninja training strategy, will
allow you to get targeted penny clicks from Facebook on complete autopilot

The Amazing Vyco App 10 minute Demo Video:

The Amazing Vyco App from Ricky Mataka on Vimeo.

Vyco: The best and engagement finder on the market will allow its user to find the pulsating viral content from Facebook, Youtube, Vimeo and Daily motion within a few clicks. This allows the user to re use this content and grow fanbases, retargeting lists and get 300% more ads reach by following our proven strategies and tactics.

This software has been completely redone from the ground up and its previous version has sold 500K via webinars. Its price tag has always been $497. However we are literally giving the new version (that has never been released) away during this 5 day launch special.

Upsell 1 (Vyco Training Bootcamp):

2 Weeks of Live over the shoulder, raw Facebook Ads and Ecommerce training. I showed my stores, my ads accounts, my team and management systems. I gave my 8K ninja conversions theme along with many scaling tactics LIVE to everyone who joined.

We decided to make this into a class environment and broke the boot camp modules into bite size and consumable content. With dozens and dozens of solid reviews and happy students

The 2 week boot camp will provide the end user a experience they cannot find in any course delivered live over the shoulder from 3 top ecom and ads experts!

Upsell 2 (User Growth Software):

Exactly what name says, we have only released this software to our hight ticket 6K clients. Its a eminence suite of tools that allow sneaky placements of tracking and retargeting codes on ANY website. Which allows us to build HUGE responsive multi channel lists. Its all wrapped up clean statistical interface where you can manage 4 ninja tactics we use to grow our userbase.

We only sold this one time for 497 via webinar, we had such a great response on it we went to work and made it even better we are including it inside the funnel as it will add massive congruent value and put more money in your pockets

Upsell 3 (Vyco Agency License)

Here your customers will be able to distribute 20 additional license keys to their virtual assistants and keep 100% of the profit. This will be a no-brainer offer for them when they’re looking to scale things up.

On earlybird special, VYCO, is only $37:

vyco review

VYCO – Find The Viral Content From Facebook, Youtube, Vimeo and Daily Motion

CB Rewards – Creates Simple “Viral Contests” In 5 Minutes Each

cb rewards

CB Rewards – Creates Simple “Viral Contests” In 5 Minutes Each

CB Rewards – Creates Simple “Viral Contests” In 5 Minutes Each – New Technology Gets Up To 10x MORE Traffic, Generates Social VIRAL Traffic, & Builds A Responsive List FAST All At The Same Time

A Unique Concept That Boosts Traffic, Generates Viral Traffic, And Bottom Line Just Gets Visitors To Take Action On Your Links.

Get Other People To DO IT FOR YOU!

Sounds simple right? Get other people post back links all over the internet. Get other people do social sharing and make videos with links. Basically get other people, dozens of them, hundreds of them even, to do all of the work for you.

Here’s How It Works:

1 – Watch The Manuals To Help You Get Traffic Boosting Ideas In Minutes

2 – Create Your Traffic Crushing, Engagement Boosting Contest
In 2 Minutes Using The Software.

3 – Don’t Upload Anything Because We Take Care Of Hosting 😉

4 – Profit!

By using Click Back Rewards you can get an ARMY of eager people willingly working to send traffic to your site for you, in exchange for the chance to win a prize. Its crowd sourcing at its finest and it’s as easy as 1-2-3!

“Quick Start Traffic” Guide As A FREE Bonus To Clickback Rewards.

CB Rewards – Creates Simple “Viral Contests” In 5 Minutes Each