Affiliate Video Power Pack 2.0

Affiliate Video Power Pack 2.0

Affiliate Video Power Pack 2.0

2.0 – Clickbank reviews and video are a match made in heaven, and this product makes it incredibly easy to make money on YouTube, without doing any of the research, without writing any reviews, without creating ANY .

Another awesome brand new Clickbank affiliate review video pack.

AVP 1.0 was a massive hit, now it’s time for AVP 2.0!

In the front end, buyers get 10 top quality, video reviews – Steve is a professional video creator, your subscribers will love these!

Each video is reviewing a different Clickbank product – all high converting, all evergreen products, all in non IM niches.

OTO1: Affiliate Video Powerpack Gold

OTO1 is a video marketers toolkit, a massive pack of slides, video intros and outros that video marketers can use to make their videos totally unique. With this, they don’t just have 10 videos – they can have unlimited unique videos, each one targeting a different keyword.

And we’ve got them covered there too – this pack includes 10 keyword research packs!

OTO2: Affiliate Review Megapack

OTO2 is a full affiliate review site, built using a premium theme and plugins, pre populated with lengthy presell articles (not just product reviews), fully monetized, and including lead capture on every post.

We’ve even included 10 promotional email sequences (50 emails in total)!

Cash in with like never before!
Is this the easiest commission you’ll ever make?
YouTube + Clickbank Reviews = Easy Commissions (All Done-For-You)
Cash in with videos… without ever making one!

Affiliate Video Power Pack 2.0

Vid Reaper Pro Lifetime License

Vid Reaper Pro Lifetime License

Vid Reaper

Pro Lifetime License

Vid Reaper Pro Lifetime License – Cutting Edge Cloud Software That Finds Profitable Topics, Titles & Keywords For Video Marketers To Totally Dominate

Vid Reaper scours through the 60million+ YouTube indexed in Google to find those that are valuable and give the members the data they need to outrank them… There’s already over 1 million videos in the database


The Video Marketers

Profit Mining System

Our ground breaking SaaS takes all the grunt work out of finding profitable topics to rank for AND gives YouTube marketers the raw data on how to get their videos to the top of Google!

Imagine being able to do a quick search through 1 Million+ pre-qualified profitable videos to find which one’s you can rank for with minimum effort and time…

Vid Reaper sorts through the 60+ million videos on YouTube to find those that really make money and reverse engineers exactly how you can out rank them!

And with over 3,000 new videos being added every 24 hours, the database is massive and constantly growing, giving you an unlimited supply of new video topics & title to target and hundres of niche markets.

Like our ground breaking niche discovery system, ‘Niche Reaper’, VidReaper pulls in the highest quality data from SEMRush & AHREFs to give members all the insights they need rright at their fingertips, no more trudging through mountains of data to find the real info you need.

Wheather you’re a beginner or seasoned video marketer, having the research already done for you will save massive time and effort doing the essential research to find profitable video topics – it’s like having a complete research team of outsources working for you, 24/7!

Full training tutorial videos are included not only on how to use Vid Reaper, but also how to get the most out of the ‘golden nugget’ video niches you discover, rank for them and pull in real profits!

Vid Reaper Pro Lifetime License

One Page Publishing Profits From Amy Harrop – Cheat Sheets Guide

One Page Publishing Profits

One Page Publishing Profits

From Guide

Profits From Amy Harrop – Cheat Sheets Guide – Quickly and easily create one page pieces of content that grow your business, followers, and help you make money

One Page Publishing Profits reveals how to create one pagers: cheatsheets, worksheets, and checklists that audiences love.

What’s Particularly Awesome About This Concept?

You Can Start Profiting TODAY!

And best of all, without spending hundreds of dollars or toiling for hours, days or weeks to create and publish content!

Here’s a secret that most publishers, authors and content marketers still don’t know…

It doesn’t require a lot of time, work, or risk to earn great profits!

In fact, I’ll show you how to build instantly-profitable revenue streams that you can get working in as little as one day!

Learn the proven strategies and tap into the proven resources that makes the entire process brain-dead easy!

You’ll find yourself clicking your way to creating high-quality, uber-professional one-page based books and content that you’ll be proud to call your own!

One Pagers are in-demand content that requires very little writing and are easy to put together.

One Page Publishing Profits Reveals:

How to create one page content people love… with free tools
How to easily generate subscribers, fans and buyers with one pagers
Where to find popular in-demand topics you can take advantage of
How to to leverage content you already have
How to easily create one pagers from other people’s content…even
Content hacks for creating your one pagers fast
How to get massive exposure for your one pagers
How to monetize your one pagers
And much more!

If you love easy solutions for adding additional streams of income to your publishing and efforts, then this training is for you!

70+ step-by-step guide, over-the-shoulder , and templates for creating powerful one-page content.

Upsell – Instant One Page Publishing Software

Software that creates cheatsheets in about 5 minutes. Includes additonal training and custom templates.

, , :

You’ll Increase , Get More , More Subscribers, While Dominating Any Niche!

One Page Publishing Profits From Amy Harrop –

Product Dyno Review, Bonus – Sell, License And Deliver Digital Products – ProductDyno

Product Dyno Review

Product Dyno Review

, Bonus – Sell, License And

Review, Bonus – Sell, License And Deliver – ProductDyno – Product Dyno is a and delivery platform for those who’re selling digital products, such as ebooks, , membership sites, apps and similar items.

Product Dyno Review – Key Features:

Product Dyno has two key features that are designed to help sellers get their products to market more quickly and securely:

1. It makes it easy for sellers to securely deliver content. That’s because the platform contains dual-layer security to protect your content. This dual layer includes expiring download links and customer log ins. This means that only people who’ve purchased your content can access it, so you don’t have to worry about people sharing your download links on black hat sites.

2. Product Dyno lets sellers manage all their services in one place. Instead of constantly logging in and out of services such as payment processors and autoresponders, Product Dyno brings these services in one convenient place. Once you connect your services within the Product Dyno dashboard, you can use them with any product with just a click of your mouse.

Product Dyno is Slim Yet Powerful

If you’ve looked at similar selling platforms, then you know a lot of them are bloatware with big learning curves. Product Dyno is different, because it includes only the features you need, which makes the platform slim yet very powerful. And that means it’s user-friendly with an intuitive interface – so you can get right to work setting up your account and your products.

And here’s something else…

Even though Product Dyno is very intuitive, it still includes plenty of support documentation to get you up and running fast. So, if you need a little extra help with any of the features, there’s a support document or video to help you figure things out fast.

Product Dyno Review – ProductDyno Integration:

Integrates With Top Services

As mentioned, one of Product Dyno’s key features is that it lets you connect and manage all your services in one convenient place.

Currently, the platform integrates with all the top services, and more are being added every day. Here are the services that currently seamlessly integrate with Product Dyno:


• Aweber
• Active Campaign
• Constant Contact
• Get Response
• iContact
• Mail Chimp
• SendLane
• ConvertKit

Payment processors:

• ClickBank
• GumRoad
• Paddle
• ThriveCart
• Stripe
• PayPal

Don’t see your service on the list? No problem. That’s because you can ask the Product Dyno developers to add your service if it’s not already included, and they’ll be happy to do so.

Secures Your Content

One of the big benefits of using Product Dyno is that it makes it easy to secure your content. What’s more, you can secure your content in multiple ways, including:

1. Securing your content on your own domain. All you have to do is paste a bit of code into your delivery page, the Product Dyno secures it. It’s like putting a padlock on your content!

2. Securing your content in your Amazon S3 account. Product Dyno adds an extra layer of security to this content.

3. Securing your content using Product Dyno’s hosting feature. You don’t even need to host your delivery page if you don’t want to, as Product Dyno will do it for you.

As mentioned, Product Dyno’s dual-layer security includes expiring download links and customer logins. This means you don’t need to worry about hackers guessing the location of your delivery pages, nor do you need to worry about thieves and pirates sharing them.

If you’re selling software (SaaS), Product Dyno also includes a licensing feature to add another layer of security. You can decide how many licenses to allow for each product. If a customer asks for a refund, Product Dyno revokes their access to the app so they can’t keep using it.

Automates Your Business

Another big feature of Product Dyno is that it’s built to automate your business. In fact, the platform integrates with Zapier, which is an automation app that allows you to connect hundreds of other apps and services together. You can then automate common tasks (such as media marketing), customer service processes, analytics, email and much more.

Developed by Simon Hodgkinson and Jeremy Gislason

If you’ve heard of these two names before, then you know why this is such as advantage. These two professionals have many years of experience building software for marketers, so you can be assured that the platform will continue to evolve and be supported.

Product Dyno Review Video:

For now, the templates they do have are very professional and extremely customisable, so they’ll suit most sellers’ purposes. And of course you always have the option of creating and hosting your own delivery pages, as the templates are just a nice touch and a convenience feature for those who’d rather have Product Dyno host their content.

This platform is one of the easiest and most secure ways to bring your digital products to market.

If you’re tired of people stealing your products and even sharing them with others, this is a really easy way to put a lock on your content.

If you’re looking for an easier way to string together all the necessary services needed to bring your product to market, this is an excellent management solution.

If you sell any digital products, from ebooks to membership sites to apps, this is a great way to sell and deliver your products securely. You don’t need any tech knowledge, because it’s all point and click easy to set up and secure the delivery of your products.

, Product Dyno Review, :

Take a look for yourself here:

Product Dyno Review, Bonus – Sell, License And Deliver Digital Products – ProductDyno

Salsa Dancing Courses – The Easiest Way To Learn Salsa Dancing From Home

Salsa Dancing Courses

Salsa Dancing Courses

– The Easiest Way To Dancing From Home

Dancing Courses – The Easiest Way To Learn Salsa Dancing From Home – Complete Salsa Mastery is the most complete home salsa dancing class on the Internet. It contains 6 hours of step-by-step instructions covering 4 salsa styles, 3 different teachers, lifetime updates plus one-on-one coaching!

The entire package comes with instant streaming/downloads as well as DVDs.

Salsa Dancing Courses Example Salsa Instruction Video – Women’s Salsa, 2 Corners:

Emily Estrella of SalsaDancingCourses offers over 6 hours of salsa dance instruction and promises to be the only salsa dance class that guarantees results with one-on-one coaching.

– Salsa Dancing Courses is one of the most comprehensive class on salsa dancing I’ve seen. It includes 4 major routines taught by 3 different teachers. It includes Miami & LA Style, Columbian “Cali” Style, Cuban “Casino” Style and New York “Mambo” Style. This comprehensive style coverage means that it offers something for anyone keen in salsa.

– One-on-One coaching is priceless. Emily offers private individual coaching by skype and email. This is indeed invaluable for anyone starting in belly dancing and its the closest thing you can get as compared to a real live dance class.

– Covers BOTH men and women dance steps. Every segment and move is broken down into parts with combination movements at the end of each video for seasoned dancers.

– Suitable for beginners and seasoned dancers.

SalsaDancingCourses takes you effortlessly from your very first steps as an absolute beginner dancer all the way through to a high level of salsa dance mastery.

– TRUE Multi-Angle Views. You feel like you are standing in a dance studio with the instructors. Switch from front, back, feet or high angles to get a complete view of the lessons. This is a better way to learn how to dance.

– You get the convenient option of watching online, downloading all the or getting the DVD edition.

– It may be a little overwhelming at first due to the huge amount of content. However, all videos are organized by categories so if you’re a beginner, you should start with the basics right at the top.

Here’s the bottom line:

Overall, there is no doubt that this is a very comprehensive and detailed salsa class that comes with a great amount of content and exceptional video production.

The private coaching by Emily makes this course head and shoulders above any other similar course on salsa

I highly recommend this course and if you want to learn how to dance salsa, this will be perfect companion to get started with.

, , :

Salsa Dancing Courses – The Easiest Way To Learn Salsa Dancing From Home

Traffikrr Review, Bonus – Builds You A Website & Gets You Viral Traffic In Minutes Using Other Peoples Videos

Traffikrr Review

Traffikrr Review

, Bonus – Builds You A Website & Gets You Viral In Minutes Using Other Peoples

Review, Bonus – Builds You A Website & Gets You Viral Traffic In Minutes Using Other Peoples Videos – Traffikrr is an extremely powerful WordPress plugin that will build you a viral “money site” in minutes filled with content and videos direct from Youtube on complete auto pilot.

Traffikrr will then automatically search for new videos on Youtube channels you select, as often as you wish, and then the minute those videos are posted on Youtube, the plugin then posts these new videos direct to your “money site” AND create a brand new post on your blog and pushes these videos onto your Facebook fan page at the very same minute.

Other sites are being added to the plugin as we speak.

It only takes seconds to install the Traffikrr plugin to your website via wordpress and once installed, you have various ways you could make money via using the plugin.

Firstly you can have ads displayed on the videos that are posted to your money site. These ads can appear at any minute during playback. You can also have your site stuffed with affiliate links, and you could also have google adsense adverts on your site too. In addition to these money making methods, there are several other ways you could monetise the site.

Traiffkrr helps you grow your Facebook fan page by posting brand new videos on complete autopilot. All it takes is a one time setup, then you can leave your money site to generate cash and leave the Facebook fan page, as everything is done automatically from there on.

Traffikrr will automatically check the Youtube channels you select, every X amount of minutes and then post these videos to your site and Facebook fan page.

You can use Traffikrr in any niche or category.

Great Traffikrr Features…

Newbie Friendly plugin that’s easy to install and use – Even with ZERO tech skills
Traffikrr builds you a complete site with the newest content and videos on complete autopilot
Traffikrr automatically posts this content onto your Facebook fanpage
One click install with a very basic one-time setup required to get a forever flow of traffic to your “money site”
Traffikrr helps to grow your Facebook fan page by posting brand new videos on autopilot
Destroy your competition by having the NEWEST videos posted on your site and fan page before anyone else
Videos posted on your site can have ads appear at any time during playback
Money & Commissions can be generated via a variety of ways via your “money site” that Traffikrr builds for you
Works in ANY NICHE & ANY Videos can be automatically posted to your fan page & site – Just select which channels you want the system to post from!
Plug & Play system with groundbreaking technology – Never been seen before

, Traffikkrr Review, Traffikrr Bonus:

Traffikrr Review, Bonus – Builds You A Website & Gets You Viral Traffic In Minutes Using Other Peoples Videos

Traffikrr Coupon Discount Code >> 8% Off Promo Deal

Code: vip3off

VideoMember WordPress Theme – Video Membership WordPress Solution

VideoMember WordPress Theme

VideoMember WordPress Theme – Video Membership WordPress Solution

VideoMember WordPress Theme – Video Membership WordPress Solution – VideoMember WordPress theme to build your own video membership site & earn recurring passive income. Create a website like and mixergy based on your skills and ideas.

A Complete Video Membership Solution:

Whether you are passionate about Yoga, Guitar, Photoshop, Health, Dance, Web Design or anything….

You can easily create your video membership site with Video Member WP Solution.

Have a look at its features –

Embed directly from Video websites or upload your own
Integrated user registration module to allow users to register and upload their videos
Protect your content and allow access to members only
Create yearly, quarterly and monthly plans
Collect payments via PayPal
Sell your videos online

Checkout This Video Member WP Solution:

VideoMember WordPress Theme – Video Membership WordPress Solution

Shopify CASH Momentum – Life Changing Ecom Shopify System

Shopify CASH Momentum

Shopify CASH Momentum

– Life Changing

CASH Momentum – Life Changing Ecom Shopify System – n house built powerful product for those who wants to make a full time living out of eCom/Shopify. We are going from Zero to $1k/Day. You are going to love this life changing system.

The FE product comes with 7-high quality , down to details with exact steps with proven Blueprint with eCom to bank up to $1k profit a day. Also we are going to show the entile steps, it’s in a do this do that style video based guide! FE product also comes with 3 high quality bonuses, which are video based products that we launched not long ago.

The Upsell 1 is a Live Case Study where we are going to show live on our computer how to apply each step from the Main Product – it’s basically a “Look over my shoulder” Video Training. There we present exactly how we we are achieving those $1k profit per day with the method shared in the FE product. HQ bonuses also added.

The Upsell 2 is a complete Done-For-You Campaign Package. We are going to offer 3 complete proven done-for-you eCom/Shopify campaigns that currently we are using and making huge profits (These campaigns are extracted from our account in June 2017.). The buyers will receive premium support for these campaigns, which will save them a lot of time. We will release these new campaigns for the first time. Tons of values here. We will also offer the previously released DFY campaign as bonus.

The Upsell 3 is a premium group based LIVE coaching program. This will be a live intensive coaching for one month with 8 HQ webinars ( previously we have done similar CPA coachings, this kind of small group of people whoare paying us $997). Now we set a complete new group live coaching program to help students get faster results. Our previous CPA coaching program buyers are well-satisfied with what we shared during the live coaching. We have already changed some people’s life, now we are here to change more…

, , :

Shopify CASH Momentum – Life Changing Ecom Shopify System

24hr Income System – Promote Affiliate Offers Using YouTube Videos

24 Hour Income System

24 hour income system

24hr Income System – Promote Affiliate Offers Using YouTube

24hr Income System – Promote Affiliate Offers Using YouTube Videos –
What Is The 24Hr Income System?

Shows Your Customers How To Promote Affiliate Offers Using YouTube Video’s…
Complete With 14 Step-By-Step Tutorials…
Backed Up By Real Proof…
Includes A Real Life Case Study…
Beginner Friendly…
Early Bird Price $6.95…

24hr Income System – Promote Affiliate Offers Using YouTube Videos