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Dog Parenting PLR – Review, Bonus – Puppy to Senior Dog PLR Funnel

Dog Parenting PLR

Dog Parenting PLR

– Review, Bonus – Puppy to Senior Funnel

– Review, Bonus – Puppy to Senior Dog PLR Funnel – From

The Front End of the funnel is $7 and includes the following:

Dog Grooming

1. What’s the Best Way to File Your Dog’s Nails? – 431 words
2. Finding the Right Shampoo for Your Dog’s Bath Time – 401 words
3. Tips to Get Rid of and Prevent Matting Fur – 417 words
4. Is Shedding a Problem with Your Pet? – 425 words
5. Tips on Keeping Your Dog’s Ears Clean – 414 words

Dog Health

1. Has Your Dog Been Diagnosed with Parvo? – 418 words
2. First Aid Kit All Dog Owners Need to Have – 417 words
3. What to Do When Your Dog Has Diarrhea – 439 words
4. What Is Reverse Sneezing? – 411 words
5. Dog Rashes and How to Care for Them – 450 words

Dog Food

1. How to Find Out If Your Dog Is Allergic to Certain Foods – 463 words
2. How to Make the Best Homemade Dog Treats – 460 words
3. Putting Your Dog on a Diet – 454 words
4. Do You Feed Your Dog Too Much Human Food? – 520 words
5. Is Raw Food Good for Your Dog? – 467 words

Dog Training

1. How to Stop Your Dog from Hunting Small Animals – 526 words
2. Is Your Dog Aggressive Over Food? – 620 words
3. Stop Your Dog from Digging Up Your Yard – 535 words
4. Three Potty Training Issues You Can Solve with Ease – 555 words
5. The Best Way to Socialize Your Dog – 537 words

All For Just $7! Look For The $17 OTO as well:

Dog Parenting PLR – Review, Bonus – Puppy to Senior Dog PLR Funnel

PLR Affiliate Profits Challenge From Tiffany Lambert

PLR Affiliate Profits Challenge

PLR Affiliate Profits Challenge


Challenge From Tiffany Lambert – Cash in on the Highly Lucrative PLR Craze without Having to Do All the Heavy Lifting of a PLR Seller!

1 Week of Hand Holding & Action Taking With Tiffany Lambert

Hand Holding and Challenge Details:

What’s a challenge and exactly what does “hand holding” mean?

Well, a challenge is where we officially have a start date BUT you can join in any time (even months or years later) and access the lessons one day at a time.

The lessons include the video screen capture tutorial plus a PDF of the PowerPoint slides I use to teach the information. (You can download that and print it out for reference if you want).

As for hand holding – you have three options:

1. Ask your question on the private blog so that myself and other participants can support you with answers.

2. Email me direct privately using my contact form at the top of the blog.

3. Lurk and implement and go it alone.

Let’s look at more details for this challenge:

Who Is It Right For?

Anyone who wants affiliate earnings (like FAST – not 60 days down the road like Amazon forces on you) will love this challenge. If you don’t feel like doing a lot of product creation yourself, this is an easy sell!

What Will You Accomplish?

The following lessons are inside this challenge:

Day 1: Find a Niche Topic for Profits

Day 2: Choose Whose PLR to Promote for Maximum Earnings

Day 3: How to Build a List of Prospective PLR Buyers

Day 4: Schedule Your PLR Promotions

Day 5: Creating an Attractive Bonus

Day 6: Leveling Up Your Conversions

Day 7: Your PLR Promo to Buyers

This will be a comprehensive tutorial that you’ll be happy to know you can apply to most other digital promotions – such as plugins and software, courses and more.

When Does It Start and End?

You can join ANY time – it does NOT have to be on the official start date. Regardless of whether you start with us on May 1st or months down the road, I’ll be here for handholding and the lessons and comment participation will be there for you to read and add to if you want. The challenge will be May 1st through May 7th.

Click For More Info Here:

PLR Affiliate Profits Challenge From Tiffany Lambert

Niche Research Reminders Cheatsheet From Tiffany Lambert

Niche Research Reminders Cheatsheet

Niche Research Reminders Cheatsheet


Reminders Cheatsheet From Tiffany Lambert – Five Tried and True Methods To Help You Come Up with Ideas in Lightening Fast Speed!

Whether you’re new to a niche or a seasoned expert, sometimes the well just runs dry when it comes to brainstorming new topics for your blog posts, email autoresponders, pages or outlines for info products.

If you didn’t have a research background, it can be hard to figure out different ways to dig into a niche and develop ideas.
Systems So Simple You’ll Slap Your Forehead and Say, “Why Didn’t I Think of That?”

This stuff isn’t complicated, but sometimes we try so hard to think of things, that we miss what’s right before our eyes.

Learn How To Zero in on Amazing Topics Using:

Search Strategies



Keyword Tools

Combo Ideas

Download It Now for Just $3.75 and Print It Out or Have It Handy for Online Research!

I’ve gone to great lengths to ensure that everyone buying the cheat sheet would be able to understand the tips without extra tutorials.

But for those who do want to “see it in action,” and fortify your understanding of it, I have a special upgrade available for just $17 when you buy the cheatsheet that gives you access to five walking you through each strategy.

These are lessons you can use for your entire online career in so many ways – for blog post ideas, email autoresponders, social networking posts, info product outlines, and more!

Niche Research Reminders Cheatsheet From Tiffany Lambert

Healthy Small Kitchen Appliances PLR – $10 – From Tiffany Lambert – 30 Pack Of Articles

Healthy Small Kitchen Appliances PLR

Healthy Small Kitchen Appliances PLR

From – 30 Pack Of Articles

Healthy Small Kitchen – $10 – From Tiffany Lambert – 30 Pack Of Articles – New Content Bundle Promoting One of the Hottest Tangible and Digital Niches on the Market!

Product reviews are abundant, and sorely needed – since very few affiliate marketers enjoy reading the specs about a product and writing about it.

But there’s another thing that helps the reviews work: showing them how the product can be used to change their lives.

In the case of small kitchen appliances, which are some of the highest sellers on Amazon, I decided to create a pack that informs the readers of how to cook healthy meals using these appliances.

30 Articles on How to Cook Healthy Meals Using Specific Small Kitchen Appliances:

I chose individual categories from Amazon’s bestseller list and created an article for each type.

The buyers of this pack can link straight to health products or Amazon and other sites that sell tangible items, such as Wal-Mart or Target.

Here’s what’s in the Front End:

Cooking Healthy with Crockpots
Healthy Meals You Can Make in a Microwave
Using Food Processors to Boost Health
Turn your Rice Cooker Into a Health Gadget
Countertop Blender Ideas for Better Health
Masticating Juicers for a Boost of Energy
Can Contact Grills Shave Calorie Consumption?
Healthy Things to Make in a Toaster Oven
Bread Machines for Health Conscious Cooks
Use Mixers to Make Your Meals More Healthy
Popcorn Poppers Are Perfect for Healthy Snacking
Do You Have a Dehydrator to Help You with Your Health?
Rotisserie Cooking That’s Good for the Heart
Electric Griddles Can Cook Up Healthy Fare
Using Pressure Cookers to Whip Up Healthy Meals
How Cast Iron Cookware Contributes to Your Health (*Not an appliance but healthy!)
Woks Are Great for Healthy Kitchen Cooking
Choose Steamers for Smart and Healthy Meals
How Food Scales Can Keep You Healthy
Spiral Your Health Upward with Vegetable Spiralizers
Hand Held Blenders Make Life Easier
Personal Size Blenders for Health and Convenience
Consume More Healthy Citrus with a Citrus Juicer
Centrifugal Juicers Can Provide Nutrition and Excellent Taste
Use a Panini Press for Healthier Meals
Waffle Irons for Ultra-Creative Meals
Ice Cream Machines Can Be Nutritious (Really!)
How to Use a Grain Mill to Get More Nutrients and Vitamins
Herb and Spice Grinders for Zest and Taste
Sous Vide Cookers are Healthy and Help You Cook Like a Chef

Healthy Small Kitchen Appliances PLR From Tiffany Lambert – 30 Pack Of Articles

2016 Christmas Gift Guides PLR Bundle From Tiffany Lambert

2016 Christmas Gift Guides PLR

2016 Christmas gift guides plr

Bundle From

2016 Christmas Gift Guides Bundle From Tiffany Lambert – 8 Niche Specific Reports to Guide Gift Buyers in Their Holiday Spending

Download 40 Pages of Content to Use on Your Blog or in Emails to Rake in Christmas Cash!

I created eight reports of five pages each – which all have sub-headings built in. You can use these as is, compile them into a big book, or break it all up into dozens of blog or media posts and emails if you want to!

What I’ve done is write the reports with gift ideas from both a generic viewpoint and with specific brand name products in mind. Product links are provided in the download. But you can also link to categories on sites from Amazon and those in Share-a-Sale and Commission Junction.

Here’s what’s in this 2016 Christmas Gift Guides PLR bundle:

2016 Home and Garden Gift Guide

This 5-page, 2,165-word report starts with a short introduction and then covers the following:

– Kitchen
– Appliances
– Lawn and Garden
– Home Enhancement

2016 Sports and Outdoor Gift Guide

This 5-page, 2,112-word report starts with a short introduction and then covers the following:

– Exercise and Fitness
– Hunting and Fishing
– Sports
– Camping and Hiking
– Cycling

2016 Beauty and Health Gift Guide

This 5-page, 2,023-word report starts with a short introduction and then covers the following:

– Spa
– Gifts for Men
– Makeup
– Stress Relief
– Wearable Health Technology

2016 Toy Gift Guide

This 5-page, 2,090-word report starts with a short introduction and then covers the following:

– For Babies
– For Toddlers
– For Girls
– For Boys
– For Teens

2016 Computer and Gaming Gift Guide

This 5-page, 2,286-word report starts with a short introduction and then covers the following:

– Gaming Consoles
– Hot Game Releases
– PCs and Laptops
– Smart Phones
– Tablets

2016 Jewelry and Accessories Gift Guide

This 5-page, 2,100-word report starts with a short introduction and then covers the following:

– Luxury Watches for Men and Women
– Diamond and Fine Jewelry
– Handbags and Wallets
– Fashion Accessories
– Shoes

2016 Home and Car Electronics Gift Guide

This 5-page, 2,088-word report starts with a short introduction and then covers the following:

– TVs
– Home Theater
– Car Electronics
– Smart Home Gadgets

2016 Top Gifts for Everyone in Your Life

This 5-page, 2,349-word report starts with a short introduction and then covers the following:

– Best Gifts for Women
– Best Gifts for Men
– Best Gifts for Kids of All Ages
– Best Gifts for Friends and Coworkers
– Best Gifts for Pets

Amazingly, The 2016 Christmas Gift Guides PLR Bundle is only $17.00!

2016 Christmas Gift Guides PLR Bundle From Tiffany Lambert

Wealth Abundance Mindset PLR Reports Bundle From Tiffany Lambert

Wealth Abundance Mindset PLR

wealth abundance mindset plr

Reports Bundle From

Mindset Reports Bundle From Tiffany Lambert – covers all of your readers’ worst obstacles and helps them build a wealth abundance mindset.

This is a 30-page pack created of short reports of about pages each that you can bundle into a product, use as is to build a list or gift to your readers, or break up as email autoresponders, networking posts or blog pieces.

Wealth Abundance Mindset PLR includes:

Report : Being Afraid to Ask for Money
Report : Do You Feel Worthy of Being Paid for Advice?
Report : Do You Feel Guilty About Success?
Report : Cultivating an Abundant Money Mindset
Report 5: Setting Career and Personal Financial Goals
Report 6: Adopting a Low Risk

This is perfect for people who feel their expertise doesn’t measure up against the competition, for someone who starts and abandons projects all the time, claiming shiny new object syndrome – but when we really know it’s self doubt, and for anyone who is just overly cautious to the point of being paralyzed.

Are there are OTOs? Yes! She has one that’s a brand new 55-pack of wealth abundance articles being sold for over 50% off that covers all kinds of money strategy info – and a second one made up of 15 hand picked wealth building packs from her store (worth over $503 for 96% off).

She’s only making it available for a short time at her deeply discounted launch price:

Wealth Abundance Mindset PLR Reports Bundle From Tiffany Lambert

How to Use PLR – 21 Day Challenge From Tiffany Lambert – Using PLR Challenge

using plr challenge

– 21 Day Challenge From – Using

How to Use – 21 Day Challenge From Tiffany Lambert – Using PLR Challenge – PLR: The Most Cost Effective Shortcut to Your Success

I’m showing you how to use PLR to form EVERY element of your online business, but you can also use it to just fill the gaps where you don’t have content.

Inside How to Use PLR – 21 Day Challenge From Tiffany Lambert you’re going to learn:

Setting Up a PLR Organizational System for Use in Your Online Business

Creating a Schedule for the Use of Your PLR

Learning How to Get Slants Out of the PLR You Purchased

How to Add Research and Information to Your PLR to Beef It Up or Replace Info

PLR Personalization Tips to Help You Build a Bond with Your Readers or Viewers

Optimizing Your PLR for Search Engines

Maximizing the Use of Your PLR as Blog Posts

Using PLR Content as an Opt in Freebie/Lead Generator

Working with PLR eCovers and Taking a DIY or Outsourced Path

Different Ways to Use PLR Content in Email Autoresponders

PLR Usage Tips for Your Affiliate Promotions

Using PLR for eBook Info Products as Well as Upsells and Downsells

Working with Your PLR Minisite Graphics

How to Combine PLR from Multiple Sources

Turning Your PLR Into a Multimedia Powerhouse

Increasing Socialization Through the Use of PLR

Plans for Using PLR Inside a Membership Offer

Reworking PLR Into a Kindle Creation (Yes, It CAN Be Done If Done Right!)

How to Work with Poor Quality PLR Products

How to Niche-ify Generic PLR Products to Fit Your Target Audience

…and More!

How to Use PLR – 21 Day Challenge From Tiffany Lambert – Using PLR Challenge:

21 Days Challenge – Go at Your Own Pace with Handholding:

For three weeks, every day, I’ll do the challenge along with you and upload the lessons to a private area that you can access. There, you can use comments (or my contact form) to ask questions and share thoughts or get feedback from others if you wish.

I never open Facebook groups for challenges because I find it distracting. I want participants focused on taking action with their products and if they have a quick question, use the challenge posts to ask – that way you’re not on social media scrolling and flitting around without making progress.

The challenge start date is officially September 18th of 2016, but you can join ANY time (even March of 2017) and nothing changes.

How to Use PLR – 21 Day Challenge From Tiffany Lambert – Using PLR Challenge

Overcoming Self Doubt for Online Success PLR From Tiffany Lambert

overcoming self doubt for online success plr

Overcoming Self Doubt for Online Success PLR From Tiffany Lambert

Overcoming Self Doubt for Online Success PLR From Tiffany Lambert – Get Past Your Fears, Stop the Endless Chattering in your Mind and Move Past their WORST Obstacle – Yourself!

The 1 Thing Holding Most Marketers Back from Success

The difference between successful marketers and those who fail time and time again is that earners have learned how to conquer self doubt.

It’s the biggest plague in Internet Marketing and it infects you with a fear so strong, you feel paralyzed and incapable of competing in the marketplace.

Tiffany Lambert just came out with a stellar new PLR bundle that addresses this very issue – and aside from being able to use it on your OWN sites, I highly recommend you read it if you suspect self doubt keeps you from achieving your own goals.

There are 3 parts to this funnel, and she said I could tell you about all 3. The first is a brand new front end bundle of 20 articles on overcoming self doubt for online success for just $7:

Self Doubt Is Understandable, But Crippling – 473 words
Self Doubt Stems from a Lack of Belief in Your Abilities – 445 words
Is Your Self Doubt Due to Previous Failures? – 414 words
Trying to Predict Success Sets You Up for Failure – 444 words
Comparing Yourself to Other Marketers Helps Self Doubt Thrive – 430 words
Finding the Right Balance Between Desensitizing Yourself and Taking It Too Personally – 441 words
Learn How to Drown Out Negative Thoughts – 421 words
Start Small to Take Away the Power of Self Doubt – 484 words
Make Marketing Friends to Boost Your Confidence – 462 words
Translate Your Excuses When Self Doubt Rears Its Ugly Head – 417 words
Check In With Yourself to Recognize and Weed Out Self Doubt – 423 words
Have You Become Your Own Worst Enemy? – 453 words
Entrepreneurs Won’t Get Validated By Anyone But Themselves – 405 words
Don’t Confuse Self Doubt with Self Esteem – 448 words
How Much Time Do You Waste Listening to Your Self Doubt Shout? – 461 words
Give Yourself Credit for Your Accomplishments – 419 words
Look Around You and Notice How Imperfect Everyone Is – 477 words
Let Go of Your Ego That Says a Spotlight Is On You – 438 words
Use Every Failure as an Opportunity to Learn and Grow – 423 words
Free Yourself from the Exhausting Task of Self Doubt – 418 words

This would be a great series for your email autoresponder or on your blog!

The second part is a brand new bundle of six targeted reports that cover a variety of specific self doubt issues for online marketers. ($17 for 6 reports)

1 – Video Marketing in Spite of Self Doubt – This 5-page, 2,078-word report starts with a short introduction and then covers the following:

– Has Self Doubt Prevented You from Embracing Video?
– What About Video Scares You the Most?
– Take It Slow to Eliminate Self Doubt
– Put Your Best Foot Forward
– Learn How to Level Up and Build Confidence

2 – Cleaning Up the Negativity in Your Life – This 5-page, 2,075-word report starts with a short introduction and then covers the following:

– Eliminating Inner Negative Self Talk
– Dealing with Negative Family Members
– Handling Negative Friendships
– Weeding Out Your Negative Network
– Make Positivity Your New Mantra

3 – Being Productive When Self Doubt Sneaks Up on You – This 5-page, 2,108-word report starts with a short introduction and then covers the following:

– Becoming Aware of Your Self Doubt
– Look for Truth in the Message
– Prove Yourself Wrong
– Implement Productivity Habits
– Spend More Time Working Than on Self Help

4 – Don’t Let Self Doubt Stop You from Recruiting JVs and Affiliates – This 5-page, 2,039-word report starts with a short introduction and then covers the following:

– How Self Doubt Keeps You from Making the Right Connections
– What Affiliates and JV Partners Really Want
– Learn the Right Way to Toot Your Own Horn
– Prepping Your Product Confidently for an Attractive Affiliate Offer
– Approaching the JVs and Affiliates to Get a Yes

5 – Self Doubt Can Sabotage Your Product Creation – This 5-page, 2,105-word report starts with a short introduction and then covers the following:

– Some Comparison to Others Is Healthy
– Don’t Worry About the Volume of Competition
– Ever Consider Partnering Up?
– Elements of a Product Creation That Oozes Success
– Timing Your Product Launch to Minimize Competition

6 – Self Doubt Insecurities About Picking the Right Business Model – This 5-page, 2,082-word report starts with a short introduction and then covers the following:

– Sometimes Self Doubt Is Really Just Fear
– Pick a Business Model That Plays to Your Strengths
– Choose a Business Model You Feel You’d Get Satisfaction Out Of
– Consider Growing More Than One Business Model at a Time
– Taking the Stress Off of Your Business Decisions

And the 3rd One Time Offer is a special package of over $346 worth of existing mindset and online success PLR from her store – 20 packages in all just for this bundle! (20 Packs of Existing PLR For $27)

Personal Success Program (Value $72)
Niche Funnel Riches (Value $65)
Rule Breaker’s Guide to Entrepreneurial Success (Value $30)
New Year Success for Entrepreneurs (Value $40)
No Excuse Guide to Streamlined Success for Online Entrepreneurs (Value $20)
Self Improvement (Value $20)
Balancing the Law of Attraction with Personal Responsibility (Value $12)
Inner Strength PLR (Value $5)
Time Management (Value $25)
Self Assessment PLR (Value $6)
5 Common Newbie Concerns – Solved (Value $5)
How to Be a Leader in Your Niche (Value $5)
Can You Succeed in Making Money Online? (Value $6)
Heal Your Mind to Heal Your Heart (Value $5)
How to Secure JV Partners for a Product Launch (Value $5)
The Stress Confidence Connection (Value $5)
5 Tools for Boosting Inner Strength (Value $5.50)
Short Term Thinking for Increased Success (Value $5)
Self Esteem (Value $5)
Become an Optimist to Experience Less Stress (Value $5)

But the sale ends in just seven days on July 14th, so get it all at a steep discount here:

Overcoming Self Doubt for Online Success PLR From Tiffany Lambert

Tiffany Lambert’s 14-Day Mini Social Networking Challenge

tiffany lamberts 2 week social networking challenge

Tiffany Lambert’s 14-Day Mini Social Networking Challenge

Tiffany Lambert’s 14-Day Mini Social Networking Challenge – learning how to use social networking sites to increase your exposure and influence as a niche leader just by making friends.

This 14-day mini challenge will teach you:

How to Create Profiles, Pages and Groups with a Personal Touch That Increases Branding and Recognition

The Right Way to Make the Right Friends on Social Networking Sites

A Great Way of Scheduling Minimal Participation with Maximum Results

How to Extract What You’re Already Doing Online to Work for You on Social Networking Sites

Major Faux Pas to Avoid When Social Networking with People Who Could Prove to Be Your Best JV Partners, Affiliates and Customers

How to Stand Out in the News Feeds When Facebook Is Cracking Down on Publishers

The Right (and Wrong) Way to Engage on Other People’s Social Networking Efforts

When and How to Share the Right Posts and How Liking Can Get You in Trouble and Cause You to Lose Business

Tagging Strategy That Won’t Have People Blocking You, So You Can Still Have Your Posts Seen and Shared

How to Steer Clear of Pushy Social Sharks Who Will Latch on and Ruin Your Networking Strategy

An Advanced Way of Engaging Social Networking Friends with Video (Prerequisite: Bravery)

How to Post Personal Versus Business Mixtures on Social Networking Sites

Group Strategy That Helps You Gain Friends and Followers While Positioning Yourself as a Niche Leader

How to Determine If Adding More Social Networks to Your Online Tasks Is Worth the Effort

PLUS – I’ll be RIGHT there to help you along the way. For instance, let’s say you post something (a comment, a post on your own wall, etc.) and it flops. Simply ask me and I’ll check it out and we’ll see what we can do to help it get more traction.

Sometimes it’s not anything you did, but something you’re not doing. What I mean by that is – you can post all day long, but if you’re not out there getting to know people and show interest in their lives, they won’t know you and won’t interact on your stuff!

I’ll hold your hand to help you get the hang of things.

Now just so you know, I am doing a triple social networking challenge using primarily Facebook, with G+ and Twitter thrown in. So you’ll want to set up your basic accounts there (hint: I like to use my real name, not a business name).

A Simple 14 Days of Progress – July 3rd to July 16th:

Tiffany Lambert’s 14-Day Mini Social Networking Challenge

2 Week Video Blogging Challenge with Tiffany Lambert

2 week video blogging challenge

2 Week Video Blogging Challenge with Tiffany Lambert

2 Week Video Blogging Challenge with Tiffany Lambert – Let Me Hold Your Hand and Get You Comfortable with Video Blogging

You need to be competitive. You need to use a tool that, unlike text and podcasts, allows your audience to really bond with you. They see your face, they hear your voice. They feel like you’re sitting right across from them as a friend and mentor.

In my first summer mini challenge, we’re going to dive into video blogging for 2 weeks. Can you be uncomfortable for 14 days? Sure you can.

Aside from the participation fee of $27, all you need is a way to record yourself and a video channel on YouTube or Vimeo or wherever.

I personally use my iPhone and Vimeo. You can use a webcam, or whatever.

No green screens requires. No special lamps. No fancy video equipment. The video you see above was made with my iPhone and Vimeo. That’s all. Does the job.

I’ll be walking you through 14 topics to video blog about, and you can do them on the day I do them or at your own pace. If you want to do a topic other than what I have, you can do that, too!

Each lesson will include:

A tutorial about the video blog for the day with tips and advice

An example of my own to share with you so you can see how it’s done

Personal critique and feedback of how (or if) you can make improvements on your own videos

You won’t GET this much hand holding elsewhere – most video courses just tell you how to make videos and leave you floundering, scared and alone.

Not on my watch.

I KNOW how scared you are. I was, too. For two years. I kicked my own butt. Now I’m sliding on my Texas cowboy boots and am ready to kick yours.

This challenge officially begins this Sunday, June 12th BUT you can join at ANY time – even in October – and participate, read comments, get the personal critiquing, etc. It’s evergreen, in other words.

2 Week Video Blogging Challenge with Tiffany Lambert