100 PLR Mandalas – Alessandro Zamboni’s Coloring Paradise – Adult Coloring Pages

100 PLR Mandalas

100 PLR Mandalas

100 PLR Mandalas – Alessandro Zamboni’s Coloring Paradise – Adult Coloring Pages

100 PLR Mandalas – Alessandro Zamboni’s Coloring Paradise – Adult Coloring Pages – This is Alessandro Zamboni’s collection of 100 mandalas, an incredible coloring designs pack he has never released to the public, with high quality images and full PLR rights!

A Set of 100 Mandalas You Can Color On Your Own, Or Resell The Way You Like.

You get full rights on these 100 designs. That means you can do
anything you want with them, except selling them all together for less than $17.They are all full quality, in 2500×2500 pixels, and generated from copyright free images, to guarantee you have full rights on them.

Only for the first 5 days you can get all these coloring designs for a very low price, considering the over 10 hours to create them, and the research of valuable images to generate each mandala.

They Are Unique! You get 100 unique mandalas, never released before and created with attention and at least 10 hours of work.

You have the choice to sell them for profits, in a monthly membership or all together. Or you can just color them.

This low price of $17 is only available for the first 5 days!

All these designs are unique, in high quality and full size. Ready to be colored, or resold to your customers the way you like. Opportunities like this don’t come often!

100 PLR Mandalas – Alessandro Zamboni’s Coloring Paradise – Adult Coloring Pages

Stress Relief PLR – Review, Bonus – Stress Relief Using Natural Methods

Stress Relief PLR

Stress Relief PLR

– Review, Bonus – Using Natural Methods

Relief – Review, Bonus – Stress Relief Using Natural Methods – One of the best ways to release stress. Take a long walk by a running river.

The Stress Relief PLR front end has one ebook which is 22 pages-7,413 words.

“Stress Relief Using Natural Methods”

Chapter 1-From the beginning to the present.
Chapter 2-The sad expectations delivered by TV and internet.
Chapter 3- media and its impact on us.
Chapter 4-Family life and some issues.
Chapter 5-Working folks blues.
Chapter 6-Stress solutions without those pills.
Chapter 7-Why do we get sick?
Chapter 8-More help that is all natural.
Chapter 9-Something we should do our entire life.

Short Report-Stress relief from physical movement.

This report is 7 pages long-2,214 words.

Also includes a list of 20 stress related Amazon highly rated products.

Stress Relief PLR OTO:

Short Report-Stress relief using mental stimulations.

This report is 6 pages long-1,877 words.

Short Report-Stress relief with crystals and essential oils.

This report is 8 pages long-1,959 words.

A series of 5 autoresponders/blogs. You can use these however you like. Break them up and make them smaller or combine them.

There is a total of 5 pages-2,395 words.

10 articles at a total of 16 pages of content.

Stress and domestic violence-586 words.
Alcohol and stress-502 words.
Childhood stress-589 words.
Cause of pet stress-538 words.
Domestic and Foreign terrorism stress-505 words.
Economic stress-486 words.
Stress can affect skin conditions-493 words.
Stress and back pain-518 words.
Stress and sleep issues-599 words.
Stress and suicide-498 words.

Stress Relief PLR Downsell:

There are 10 Yoga articles:

What in the world is Yoga?-691 words.
How to lose weight doing yoga.-611 words.
Quick and easy energy with yoga.-688 words.
Yoga breathing tips to calm down.-568 words.
The OM of being a corpse.-577 words.
How to stop those nagging complaints using yoga.-682 words.
The secrets of yoga for women.-562 words.
The secrets of yoga for men.-597 words.
The best ways for couples to bond using yoga.-647 words.
Power foods to fuel your yoga workout.-623 words.

There are 10 stress articles:

Burger and fries-529 words.
Stress related symptoms.-512 words.
Chain smmoking cigarettes.-588 words.
Cancer resulting from stress.-488 words.
Not dealing with stress properly.-423 words.
Stress and high blood pressure.-469 words.
Depression and stress.-486 words.
Tips for busting stress.-739 words.
Are there stress related illnesses?-518 words.

, , :

Stress Relief PLR – Review, Bonus – Stress Relief Using Natural Methods

Stress Extinguisher PLR Business In A Box Monster – Stress & Anxiety Relief PLR

stress extinguisher plr

Monster – Stress &

Business In A Box Monster – Stress & Anxiety Relief – a comprehensive course that contains real-world insight and examples from professionals.

This could be your very own “Stress & Anxiety Relief” product, including the full private label rights attached and an entire funnel to go with it.

This course covers every aspect of that there is, right down to the nitty gritty.

. Which is based on real world knowledge, written by a professional psychologist and therapist, and focused on a full system and approach that has been PROVEN to help hundreds of thousands of people. All compiled into one.

What you need is a professional product, all of the resources, a bit of research and a website. You can easily position yourself as a guru in any sub-niche of the self-development market, and start profiting big time.

With This Stress Extinguisher PLR Training Course, You Can Share:

A Full System For Decreasing Stress And Overcoming Anxiety From It

From the very beginning starting with the science behind self-esteem, all the way through addressing it, changing habits and perspective, strategies to practice, and everything else in between. It’s all included and it’s all completely geared for ANY person to benefit from it.

Easy Approaches To Shifting One’s Mindset And Perspective For Positivity

Most people overlook a lot of the strategies that DO work and are outlined in this entire course. That means they’re going to not only understand these methods now, but also how they’re going to be effective in improving their life through decreasing stress and anxiety.

Tons of Useful “Tools” For Making The Personal Transformation A Breeze

There’s a lot of resources and tools that are shared within the pages of this training course. That’s because the focus is on the end user (the customer) to make sure that they get the most knowledge and benefit from the product. You can be certain everything is tried, tested, and true to form.

This Stress Extinguisher PLR Package Contains The Following:

Module 1: Training Guide E-Book
Module 2: Hybrid Cheat Sheet
Module 3: Do’s And Do Not’s Table
Module 4: Resources Report
Module 5: Mind Map
Module 6: Sales Page
Module 7: High Converting Sales Copy
Module 8: Captivating Sales Video Promo
Module 9: Hybrid Thank You Page
Module 10: Support System & Legal Pages
Module 11: Professional Graphics Package
Module 12: Solo Email Series
Module 13: Licensing Package
Module 14: Step-By-Step Setup Guide

Stress Extinguisher PLR Review, Stress Extinguisher PLR Bonus, Stress Extinguisher PLR Business In A Box:

Grab This Entire Done For You Stress Extinguisher PLR Package For Dirt Cheap:

Stress Extinguisher PLR Business In A Box Monster – Stress & Anxiety Relief PLR

Gardening for Stress Relief PLR Bundle Sale

gardening for stress relief plr

Gardening for Stress Relief PLR Bundle Sale

Gardening for Stress Relief PLR Bundle Sale – It’s a full content funnel for the Gardening for Stress niche (which means you can tie ANY forms of stress into it – like relationships, health, money, and more). The pack is on a short 7-day steep discount here:

With Spring here, and summer looming – two primary seasons for gardeners, this is the perfect time to promote this twist on the gardening niche. And of course stress is a year-round issue.

The pack even covers multiple options for gardening, including indoors and small spaces – so everyone will have a chance at using the gardening for stress relief option.

What’s Inside the Gardening for Stress Relief Funnel?

Main eBook: 25 page eBook: “Gardening for Stress Relief”

Chapter 1 – The Problem with Unnatural Stress Relievers
Chapter 2 – How Gardening Helps You Get a Good Night’s Sleep
Chapter 3 – Gardening Plays a Role in Your Stress Eating Habits
Chapter 4 – Use Gardening to Achieve Mental Relaxation
Chapter 5 – Gardening to Boost Your Immune System During Stress

Bonus Report: 5 page report “Stress Relieving Gardening Techniques”

– Hydroponic Gardening
– Container Gardening
– Tower Gardening
– Raised Bed Gardening
– Bottle Gardening

Opt in or Viral Report: 5 page report – Superfoods That Fight Stress

– Leafy Greens
– Berries
– Beets
– Garlic
– Sweet Potatoes

Sales Copy: 5 pages

5 Email Autoresponders: Series on Health Hazards of Stress

– Grow Foods That Alleviate High Blood Pressure Caused By Stress
– When Stress Causes Headaches, Eat These Foods from Your Garden
– When Stress Causes Blood Sugar Spikes, Treat It Naturally with These Foods
– If Stress Has You Down and Depressed, Let the Right Foods Come to Your Rescue
– Gardening Helps Dieters Shed Fat During Stressful Times

10 Articles or Blog Posts

– Plants That Offer Maximum Stress Relief
– Herbs You Can Grow That Help Alleviate Stress
– 3 Types of Gardens You Can Grow to Combat Stress
– Allowing Gardening to Calm Your Senses
– The Physical Reward to Using Gardening as a Stress Reliever
– Tap Into Your Spiritual Side By Using Gardening to Alleviate Stress
– Soak Up Nature’s Stress Diminishing Vitamins When Gardening Outdoors
– Say Goodbye to Anti-Depressants When You Commit to Gardening Long Term
– Raise Your Serotonin Levels and Decrease Stress By Digging in the Dirt
– Stress Soars When You Age, So Fight Back Through Gardening

10 Product Reviews

– Slow Gardening: A No-Stress Philosophy for All Senses and All Seasons
– GardenHOME Folding Stool with Tool Bag and 5 Tools Garden Tool Set All-in-one
– Heirloom Vegetable Garden Seed Collection – Assortment of 15 Non-GMO, Easy Grow, Gardening Seeds: Carrot, Onion, Tomato, Pea, More
– Miracle-Gro AeroGarden Ultra LED Indoor Garden with Gourmet Herb Seed Kit
– Gardman 4-Tier Mini Greenhouse
– Earth Tower Vertical Garden
– Garden Gloves for Women
– The Week-by-Week Vegetable Gardener’s Handbook: Make the Most of Your Growing Season
– Suncast Portable Outdoor Gardening Center with Interchangeable Shelves, Tool Storage And Utility Bin
– Sloggers Women’s Wide Brim Braided Sun Hat with Wind Lanyard

This whole Mega Pack of Gardening Stress Relief PLR is only $17, as I write this!

Gardening for Stress Relief PLR Bundle Sale