Affiliate Video Power Pack 2.0

Affiliate Video Power Pack 2.0

Affiliate Video Power Pack 2.0

2.0 – Clickbank reviews and video are a match made in heaven, and this product makes it incredibly easy to make money on YouTube, without doing any of the research, without writing any reviews, without creating ANY .

Another awesome brand new Clickbank affiliate review video pack.

AVP 1.0 was a massive hit, now it’s time for AVP 2.0!

In the front end, buyers get 10 top quality, video reviews – Steve is a professional video creator, your subscribers will love these!

Each video is reviewing a different Clickbank product – all high converting, all evergreen products, all in non IM niches.

OTO1: Affiliate Video Powerpack Gold

OTO1 is a video marketers toolkit, a massive pack of slides, video intros and outros that video marketers can use to make their videos totally unique. With this, they don’t just have 10 videos – they can have unlimited unique videos, each one targeting a different keyword.

And we’ve got them covered there too – this pack includes 10 keyword research packs!

OTO2: Affiliate Review Megapack

OTO2 is a full affiliate review site, built using a premium theme and plugins, pre populated with lengthy presell articles (not just product reviews), fully monetized, and including lead capture on every post.

We’ve even included 10 promotional email sequences (50 emails in total)!

Cash in with like never before!
Is this the easiest commission you’ll ever make?
YouTube + Clickbank Reviews = Easy Commissions (All Done-For-You)
Cash in with videos… without ever making one!

Affiliate Video Power Pack 2.0

Text To Video Software – Big Video Machine

Text To Video Software

Text To Video Software

– Instantly Create Cool From Any Written Text ($10)

Simple Text To Opens Up A Goldmine!

Your Hard Drive Contains Gold – Here’s Why…

If you are anything like me, a look through the less visited places of my hard drive turns up a whole load of written content…stuff of my own, stuff that I bought to or got as a bonus in the past…Just sitting there!

What if you could grab those articles, reports and ebooks and make them into a new video products in minutes?

Without having to get your head around very expensive and complicated software?

You would be able to produce brand new product, drive from You Tube with what has suddenly become unique content again!

You don’t have to get on camera, you don’t have to climb a massive learning curve.

It is simple, simple, simple!

Once you have your videos, you can put them on You Tube and rank them for your keywords to get a whole load of targeted .

But that’s not all….

In just seconds you could make…

without being on camera
– Video trainings from PLR ebooks
using images of the products
using articles provided by vendors
– Make PLR video packs and sell them as “Done For You” products

If you want to turn all of your written content into new video content in just a few clicks, grab this software now at a big discount during the launch campaign.

This is an opportunity to grab something that you will use again and again:

Easy To Use, Text To Video Software!

Text To Video Software – Big Video Machine – Instantly Create Cool Videos From Any Written Text ($10)

Red Hot Reviews From Amanda Craven

Red Hot Reviews

Red Hot Reviews


Red Hot From Amanda Craven – How to Write Cash-Sucking Reviews That Will Generate For Years to Come In 30 Minutes Or Less

Red Hot Reviews

My proven method for whipping up a review in minutes that will keep on earning for you for months and years to come – this is real set it and forget it stuff!

How to set yourself apart from all those scammy, scummy marketers with those fake ‘review’ sites that send people running in the other direction
The one thing you need to know to have your prospects eating out of your hand from the get-go…
So they keep reading and buy!
The simple steps you can follow to create a surefire winner of a review whatever the niche or type of product
How to quickly and easily maximize the impact of one review without any extra work!

No product? No problem! How to ethically review something you have never even seen
How to create reviews for your blog, email, media and even video…all without breaking a sweat never mind your back
Examples and review template so you can simply swipe, copy and deploy
The right kinds of reviews for digital and physical products so you can keep all your customers happy…and more importantly, buying
And avoid the mistakes so many make (these can be fatal!)
Most importantly – how to do all of the above and more while having a lot of fun!

Give yourself the advantage over the herd and get your hands on Red Hot Reviews today so you can product stellar, cash-sucking reviews too!

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Red Hot Reviews From Amanda Craven