Simple Cash Profits – 23 minute video training – a secret method for making $1,452 in one day

Simple Cash Profits

Simple Cash Profits

– 23 minute video training – a secret method for making $1,452 in one day

Simple Cash Profits – 23 minute video training – a secret method for making $1,452 in one day – Who Else Wants to Make $1,452 in One Day? Let Show You How to Copy His Steps and Use His Personal Secret Method for Exploding Your Income Overnight

Simple Cash Profits – $6.95 Front End Video Dimesale Product

Over The Shoulder Video Clearly Shows EVERYTHING!

This product is a good bridge for someone who is wanting to go from affiliate to . It explains the benefits of product creation and dispels the myth that product creation is difficult. Michael Harris shows how easy it can be and how you can get started right away.

Introducing… Simple Cash Profits…

Here’s What You Get:

Simple Cash Profits is a step-by-step “watch over my shoulder” video training system that gives you everything you need to start making instant payments into your PayPal account as soon as THIS WEEK.

This 100% Complete Method Works For Anyone That Follows What’s Inside The Video Training…

All It Takes are Just Three Simple Steps…

Step 1) Create a very simple report.
Step 2) Follow some easy steps.
Step 3) Get cash from your profit machine! Now rinse and repeat.

Here’s What You Get With “Simple Cash Profits” System…

Show you how to put money into your PayPal account quickly and easily.
The 4 keys you MUST have in place so that you can explode your income and start making money FAST.
Schedule your product launches so that you’ll know exactly what to do and when.
Implement a proven, step-by-step system to create simple products that won’t take much time, but your customers will LOVE to BUY.
Instantly know behind-the-scenes info from my own product creation journey, WHAT actually works, and what doesn’t – This will save you hours of hard work and dealing with nonsense.
Set up several of these “product cash machines” each week.
The Key Steps that you MUST take to start creating profitable products that people will want to buy over and over again.

And The Best News Is… You Can Do This Over And Over Again

Think THAT might be worth $6.95??????

, , , Michael Harris:

Simple Cash Profits – 23 minute video training – a secret method for making $1,452 in one day

68K in 57 Days – How I Generated $68,120 in 57 Days Using 10 Specific Strategies – Step By Step Case Study

68K in 57 Days

68K in 57 Days

– How I Generated $68,120 in 57 Days Using 10 Specific Strategies – Step By Step

How I Generated $68,120 in 57 Days Using 10 Specific Strategies – Step By Step Case Study – 68K in 57 Days – From ,

How to build to 6 figures from $7 products:

In one case, you might consider this study to be a “failure” because it was done live and in living color as a follow-along where Sean was attempting to generate $100,000 in 30 days.

Yes, he took longer, and he missed the goal, but think about it…

How would YOU like to generate more than 68K in in the next 3 months… or even 6 months… or even just $14.7K this month?

Sean kept track of everything he did, the good, the bad, the ugly, and the case study blueprint ended up at 115 pages.

And to stack up the value, Barb is providing one of her never-before-released cheatsheets (How To Compel Power JVs To Promote For You)…

… and Dennis is including a personal copy of his bestseller “Abundance Mindset” (which shows you how to seize the confidence that it really IS all possible).

You know why?

Because it really IS.

Sean showed it. Demonstrated it. Shared with you his thoughts, ideas, what worked, what failed…

… and Barb even pulled together all of the Good Stuff in detailed notes (that you’ll also receive!).

How I Generated $68,120 in 57 Days Using 10 Specific Strategies – Step By Step Case Study

Launchify 360 – Product Creation, Launching And Profiting – Launchify360

Launchify 360

Launchify 360

, Launching And Profiting –

Launchify 360 – Product Creation, Launching And Profiting – Launchify360 – From And

A Complete Step-by-step Blueprint, Toolkit And Software Suite For CREATING And LAUNCHING Your Own Product For 6-Figures Online, Even If You Have NEVER Created Or Launched A Product Before!

Power Packed Modules In this game changing training course:







Module 7 – THE $100,000 LAUNCHDAY STRATEGY





The Complete Launchify360 Training in Video, Audio & pdf
PLUS Complete Swipe File
PLUS Launch Software Suite
PLUS Rolodex of Resources
PLUS 4 White Label Software


3 Complete Sets Of Ready-To-Launch Whitelabel Software Products Complete with Squeeze page; Sales Page, Thank You Page, JV Page Template And Promotional Graphics


WEEKLY LIVE Advanced Product Creation and Product Launch Training WITH Live Q/A PLUS Mastermind On Facebook


Exclusive One-On-one Assistance to carry you over the finish line of your 6-figure launch

Professional One-on-One Funnel Strategy And Review for your specific launch on Skype [2 Sessions Live On Skype]

One-On-One Launch Products Pricing Review ( help you review your product launch funnel and product pricing to make your launch attractive to JVs)

Act as affiliate for your product launch and promote your product to over 50,000 members of my mailing list

Want to go into business with Willie Crawford? Complete training!

, , :

Launchify 360 – Product Creation, Launching And Profiting – Launchify360

Road Trip Profits – By Bob Beckett – How To Create An Info Product / Lead Magnet Within A Few Hours

Road Trip Profits

Road Trip Profits

– By – How To Create An Info Product / Lead Magnet Within A Few Hours

Watch as Bob Beckett shows you EXACTLY how to come up with a concept of an info product / lead magnet to having it completely up for sale LIVE on the internet within just a couple hours, while going 80 miles an hour down the road with zero prep!

, How to create products, launch products, create lead magnets, in just a few hours!

Who is Bob Beckett and Why The HECK Should You Listen To Him?!

Bob Beckett started online in his parents basement when he was just 14 years old by complete accident! Now, almost 20 years later, he continuously does $1,000,000’s in per year while traveling with his wife and 4 kids! He has a huge passion for helping other people live the life of their dreams with their online businesses!

Info Products Can Make You a TON of Money! (Bob shows an account with $800,000 in it)

Road Trip Profits – By Bob Beckett – How To Create An Info Product / Lead Magnet Within A Few Hours

Product To Profits Exposed – System To make Cash On Demand Launching Your Own Products

Product To Profits Exposed

Product To Profits Exposed

– System To make Cash On Demand Launching Your Own Products

Product To Profits Exposed – System To make Cash On Demand Launching Your Own Products – A Simple Rinse and Repeat method for a Full time income

Earn FAST CASH, grow your list, gain fans and establish yourself as an expert in any niche quickly and easily

Product To Profits Exposed, showing you the exact
formula which made her $4,471.47 in 5 days.

Product To Profits Exposed will show you to
create and launch your very own profit pulling
products within hours.

Here is what you’ll get inside Product To Profits Exposed:

A Detailed 85 page eBook

Containing 6 powerful modules, revealing the exact methods from A – Z you’ll need to building and and building a real and sustainable online business, whatever the niche.

The methods outlined in Product To Profits Exposed has been tested and tweaked in my online business. I have perfected it, so you can produce the fastest ways to generate money.

Apply the tested and tweaked methods outlined in Product To Profits Exposed to your business to build a reliable, sustainable passive income online.

Checklists, Worksheets and Templates

Check lists, worksheets and Templates to guide your efforts have been provided to ensure that you are able to keep track of your progress. You will not skip a step and leave money on the table when you take the time to print these and complete each one!


This resource guide saves you time and money by instantly knowing where to go and what tools to use to get your business up and running in no time at all.

Audio Book

For your convenience, I have produced 18 MP3 audio files so that you can download them to your computer, iPhone, iPod, Android device or any other MP3 player. So you can discover and launching on the go.

6 simple modules where you’ll discover:

• The 3 Ps you need to succeed and get
• How to create your product within hours
• How to maximize your from your product
with every customer
• The right way to create Buzz around your product
to maximize your sales.
• How to get JVs onboard when launching
• How to generate without costing you
a cent

It’s value packed with everything you need to get
started to TODAY!

Creating and launching digital products
make money. Lots of it!!

This shows you step – by – step, how to create and launch
your very own product within hours:

Product To Profits Exposed – System To make Cash On Demand Launching Your Own Products

Turbo Product Creation – Secrets To Creating Your Own Product In 5 Days Or Less

turbo product creation

– Secrets To Creating Your Own Product In 5 Days Or Less

Turbo – Secrets To Creating Your Own Product In 5 Days Or Less – You’re about to be taken by the hand and learn directly from a successful product creator
who is behind several 7-figure product launches!

Introducing… Turbo Product Creation!

This step by step, 7 part video series, takes you by the hand and shows you how to create a quality informational products, the right way!

There’s no theory involved here like other video series. You learn directly from a successful product developer who is behind 7 figure launches that went thru a lot of costly and time consuming mistakes; so that you don’t have to.

Here’s a more detailed look at my Turbo Product Creation step-By-Step course:

Video 1 – introduction

In this video we will discuss what you need before creating your own Informational product. Now I won’t be showing you how to create all sorts of products, but instead this video series uses a specific plan that works to make your product successful. We will focus primarily on information in the form of and reports.

This system is so easy to implement, you can create a good quality product within 5 days or less. However in order to succeed, you do need to watch the videos and complete them. Too many people fail because they either read or watch training material and don’t attempt to take action. If you are ready, then read on. You’ll be given a quick overview of the video series in this section, the tools you will need to get started, and how it works.

Video 2 – What Increases and Decreases Conversions

You will learn one process of thinking that will forever change the way you create quality products. This process is the difference between a successful and failing product. You will also learn what mistakes you can possibly make and avoid them. You see, if the product is created incorrectly, it can increase refunds and increase support, thereby making your customers unhappy and you as well.

Video 3 – Planning For a Good Product

After you understand the makings of a good product, it’s time to plan for your own product. Where do you start? What kinds of products can you create? Should you create them in the form of a Video, Ebook, or Report? Which is better? What increases and possibly decreases the perceived value of your product? All these questions will be answered in this video.

Video 4 – Super Fast Salesletters

I know the question you have, is “Why in the world are we creating the salesletter before creating the product? Seems a bit reversed right?” Having creating over 75 products, I can tell you that creating the salesletter before you create the product, will in fact yield a better quality product. Why? This is because by creating the salesletter, you will understand your audience better, their problems, solutions, and possible loopholes you would have missed out on.

In this video you will learn how to create super fast salesletters in less than 3 hours. Most salesletters can often take half a day to a day to finish, but I’ll teach you my most guarded secrets to creating a quality salesletter in less than 3 hours.

Video 5 – Creating Your Product

Once you have finished the salesletter in video 4, it’s time to create your product! Where should you begin? We’ll there are different avenues you can take when you create your product. Developing your product is very easy once you have done the proper research and planning. In fact I spend about 80-90% doing the planning and research.

When I record, edit, make the product look pretty; that takes about 10-15% of the time. So fortunately for you, you get to see why this process will enable you to create fast, yet quality products.

Video 6 – Create a Training Area

As you will see in the process I show you, creating a training area will actually help you decrease the amount of possible refunds you receive. What about forums? I will tell you why I actually don’t recommend forums, and what avenues you can take to make things better and easier for your customers.

In fact I have found that forums just create unhappy customers and eventually an unhappy you. Should you create a video training center or can you just use reports and PDF files? These questions will be answered in this video.

Video 7 – Packaging Your Product for Release

By now, you have created your product and you’re ready to go! But wait, you will need to know how to package your products before you release it. This includes how to create your download page, so that your customers can get the products instantly. You will learn how I package my products and create the download page; ALL in less than 15 minutes!

, :

Want to create your OWN product in the next 5 days? Grab Turbo Product Creation!

Turbo Product Creation – Secrets To Creating Your Own Product In 5 Days Or Less

Your First Product PLR – Complete Sales Funnel With PLR

your first product plr

– Complete Sales Funnel With PLR

PLR – Complete Sales Funnel With PLR – Your First Product is a “Done For You Sales Funnel with PLR” in the evergreen hot niche which is none other than “Your First Product” that your customers can sell as their own and keep 100% of the cash in their pockets.

What Your First Product PLR course covers:

Why Your First Product is the wave of future, and how important it is that you get established on Your First Product now…
The fastest way to start getting exposure on Your First Product…
The easy way to get your initial following and get started within the next 24 hours…
Your First Product partner program, how it works, and how you can take advantage of it to put money in your pocket…
Plus… the insider method for getting more followers, traffic, and results with Your First Product contests…
How to align yourself with niche influencers that can give you results even faster…
The easy way to track your success with Your First Product…
No stones are left unturned inside this step-by-step guide to big results with Your First Product…

Your First Product PLR package includes:

High Quality Brand New Training Guide on Your First Product.
Cheat Sheet
Mind map
Resources Report
High Converting Sales Copy
Professionaly Designed Minisite
Full Set of Stunning Graphics with PSD
10 x High Quality and Unique Articles
Stunning, professionally designed banners
Promotional Email Swipes
Hypnotic Sales Video Promo
PLR to all the above Modules

Your First Product PLR OTO 1:

10 Video Tutorials
Powerpoint Slides
Voiceover Audios
Upsell Sales Copy
Upsell minisite
5 follow up series
Professional Squeeze Page
PSD Graphics
Give Away Report
Upsell Sales Video
Professional Affiliate Page with Swipes

Your First Product PLR OTO 2:

“Done For You Setup” – Changing the name on the PLR, uploading it to the hosting account, setting up the payment buttons, and integrating customer’s autoresponder… we’ll do all of that for them!
Ongoing Support

Your First Product PLR OTO 3:

3 Biz in a Box Combo Package –Buyers will get 3 of our brand new, hottest and high quality biz in a box including done for you setup

Your First Product PLR OTO 4:

Members will get 1 complete sales funnel with PLR every month at $27 where normal price is $97.

Your First Product PLR – Get everything you need to profit now:

Your First Product PLR – Complete Sales Funnel With PLR

4 Hour Product – The Ultimate Guide To Lightning Fast Product Creation

the 4 hour product

– The Ultimate Guide To Lightning Fast

4 Hour Product – The Ultimate Guide To Lightning Fast Product Creation – Course is a highly detailed, step-by-step blueprint of the exact method that the creator, Robert Stukes, created and refined to create, market, and sell tens of thousands of information products every year.

The method involves the use of laser-targeted product research methods which ensure their infoproduct will be a home run before they even start creating it.

Since it focuses on such an exceptionally high level of targeted research and focused execution users can implement the process with a very low barrier-to-entry.

Included in the 4 Hour Product are 8 “over the shoulder” instructional videos as well as several case studies used throughout the training to provide real-life examples of what works right now in a variety of the hottest niche markets.

With such attention to detail and focus on providing the user with everything they need, this makes the 4 Hour Product an extremely high value product at a very affordable price.

The 4 Hour Product Review, The 4 Hour Product Bonus:

makes creating and selling information products faster and easier than ANYONE ever thought was possible:

4 Hour Product – The Ultimate Guide To Lightning Fast Product Creation

Product Creation WHIRLWIND – The Simple Way To Create Products Time After Time

product creation whirlwind

– The Simple Way To Create Products Time After Time

WHIRLWIND – The Simple Way To Create Products Time After Time – Discover The SIMPLE Strategy That Will Enable You To Create Income Pulling, List Building Products in a Matter Of HOURS!!

Product Creation WHIRLWIND – Create Products In A Matter of Hours!

Product Creation WHIRLWIND – Create A Product Portfolio Over a few Months

After much trial and error, I came up with a methodology that would allow me to create a product in a matter of hours..Product Creation WHIRLWIND

…starting from scratch!

And I realised if this worked for me, it was going to work for others.

So using the strategy, I created this training.

(Yes this is very much a practice as you preach type of training)

From coming up with the idea late on a Monday, I had the physical product designed and created by early Wednesday morning…

…and this was whilst doing other more mundane stuff.

And I did this by just following the steps I include within the training.

So let me ask you this…how would you FEEL if I could let you into how you could EASILY create a new product within the next couple of days?

And get it launched a few days after that?

Imagine how it would feel to finish a product – and do a product launch – in just 4 days.

(and much, much quicker once you’ve had a bit of practice)

Then imagine how it would feel to create another product…easily and quickly, just like the first one.

And imagine doing that several times, so that you have a complete product funnel in just a few months.

I stress I know it is possible because I have done it…

…and now you can too!

So what are you getting within this Product Creation WHIRLWIND training:

Module 1 covers the reasons why you need a product of your own. What are the specific benefits.

Module 2 having provided you with the very good reasons for having your own product, I will then take you through the process of how you go about choosing the subject/topic for your product to ensure you have the best number of conversions.

You then get my very own methodology for designing your product quicker than you ever thought possible (The very methodology I used to create this product!).

I take you by the hand and lead you step by step through what you need to do to have the design of your product completed before you know it.

This is NOT theory, this is the ACTUAL strategy I used when designing this product.

Module 3 explains the process of taking the comprehensive design developed in the previous step and using that to VERY rapidly create your physical product.

Module 4 goes into writing the sales page. Like all the other elements of the training it focuses on speed and simplicity.

9 simple steps that will allow you to come up with sales pages that convert over and over again.

Module 5 adds the icing to the cake.

It will take you through the 4 additions you can make to your download page that will make sure your offer is as efficient and profitable as it possibly can be.

These seldom used strategies will maximise the income coming from the offer whilst also ensuring you get a constant stream of new buyers.

, Bonus:

Product Creation WHIRLWIND – The Internet Marketing shortcut to REAL success is only $6.99!

Product Creation WHIRLWIND – The Simple Way To Create Products Time After Time

IM Product Launching 2.0 – 4 Hours Of Over The Shoulder Product Creation Training

IM Product Launching 2.0

– 4 Hours Of Over The Shoulder Training

IM 2.0 – 4 Hours Of Over The Shoulder Product Creation Training – IM Product Launching 2.0 – Over 4 hours of over the shoulder video training broken down into 7 modules. We’re including PDF Guides, Mind Maps, Spreadsheet formulas and more.

We´re back again with another much needed training course on product creation in today´s online marketing world.

A few months ago I released a training series to only my high end coaching clients and they were BLOWN AWAY with the content. Since then I´ve worked on mind maps, check lists, PDF training and added more training.

I´ve decided to offer this course for just $9.95!

IM Product Launching 2.0 is an up to date video training course covering everything you need to know about launching products online. This is not your standard course where a simple step by step guide will be provided. We’ve packed over FOUR HOURS of high quality over the shoulder video training breaking apart EVERYTHING from building your early bird page, to launch their product, closing high ticket sales, all the way to following up with affiliates after launch.

IM Product Launching 2.0 is the easy 6 -step method that can put $20,000 into your pocket in one week.

who has launched over 20 top selling products and generated hundreds of thousands from creating simple information products is revealing his exact steps to success.

It’s proven his training works and many of his students are already on the market place leader boards.

He’s broken the course down to 6 simple steps:

Module 1 – Setting Up A Sales Funnel
Module 2 – Setting Up Your JV Page
Module 3 – Your First Product With & No JV Partners
Module 4 – Maxing Out Your JV Promotion
Module 5 – Closing High Ticket Sales

Plus A PDF covering all the required training, a mind map and list of his best resources.

Do Not Miss This Product Creation Training!

IM Product Launching 2.0 – 4 Hours Of Over The Shoulder Product Creation Training