Vidinci – Review, Bonus – DaVinci Resolve Training With Media



– Review, Bonus – Training With Media

Vidinci – Review, Bonus – Resolve Training With Media – Become a “Hollywood” quality video producer in less than one day!

What is DaVinci Resolve?

DaVinci Resolve is professional video editing software used by top Hollywood producers to deliver blockbuster films!

Why DaVinci Resolve?

Every Hollywood Studio Uses DaVinci Resolve. Skyfall, World War Z, Avatar and many others were edited with DaVinci. it’s 100% free which is unbelievable.

What is VIDINCI?

The Vidinci team have produced a top notch tutorial that will help you to use Davinci Resolve straight away.


Instead of spending days or weeks reading the manual, you’ll learn exactly what you need to create stunning in under an hour.

Basic Version – Only $14.93

MRR Version – Only $19.93

The training can help anyone create a great video using DaVinci Resolve! No matter how advanced, the tutorial takes less than an hour and will quickly show you how to make a great video with DaVinci Resolve.

As an additional bonus, the tutorial and media assets can be purchased with Master Resale Rights (MRR). This enables you to resell the tutorial and media assets to clients and customers and keep 100% profit!

Vidinci – Review, Bonus – DaVinci Resolve Training With Media

Perfect Video Pro | Perfect Video Pro Review

Perfect Video Pro | Perfect Video Pro Review

Perfect Video Pro – Conquer video product creation in 2 hours! 20-Year Film Veteran Reveals Pro Secrets to Amazing Videos

“Paul Jenkins’ Perfect Video Pro is a Newbie-Friendly, comprehensive training course on how to effectivelcreate your very own video WSO’s. Paul succinctly delivers the following essential information:

The basic module consists of 12 step-by-step videos on how to come up with awesome WSO ideas, explanation of copyright versus interpretation, importance of engagement & recency, how to locate focus points in your new products, right mindset on ROI, proper way to deconstruct to build your key points, outlining your draft, top-down production flow.

The 3 general modules in the Gold & Platinum programs consist of 27 bite-sized video lessons:

Video Fundamentals Module: Fastest way to build loyal following, why structure should never be overlooked, 2 key questions that you must answer beforehand, fashioning your Hook, approaching the story loop, mid-point revival, the best place to introduce the twist before your call-to-action, etc.

Video Production Module: Scripting best practice, side by side script versus storyboarding, subdividing key points with mindmaps, free to low cost equipments & software, state-pump techniques prior to recording, delivery -tone-pitch-pace-eye contact-body language tips, framing, depth-of-field considerations, pick ups & editing points, sound & lighting, reducing camera shake, level to horizon, vertical line reference points indoors & outdoors, etc.

Editing & Distribution Module: Edit prep & prerequisites, captioning, 5-second rule, proper fading, credible colors, using music to augment, editing plan checklist, fix bad audio/filtering software, post-production/mastering quick tips, color balancing, media distribution walkthrough, direct exports & conversion to platforms, cliffhangers & teasers for upcoming products, etc.

If you want to learn directly from a filmmaking industry veteran who teaches in a no-nonsense style, then you’ve come to the right place.”

All this for as little as $11! (3 different levels, depending on how indepth you want to go, how much personal assistance you require)

Perfect Video Pro | Perfect Video Pro Review