$250 Online Every Day Review, Bonus – From Cameron Benson and Kenny Cannon

$250 Online Every Day

$250 Online Every Day

$250 Online Every Day Review, Bonus – From

$250 Online Every Day Review, Bonus – From Cameron Benson and Kenny Cannon – After a 2 year break, Cameron Benson and Kenny Cannon have joined forces once again to create $250 Profit Per Day – A newbie friendly affiliate course that will have your customers stuffing their Paypal accounts full of cash almost instantly.

Kenny and Cameron were nominated for Product of the Year Twice and have received Product Of The Day on 37 consecutive launches. They are known for creating products that convert like crazy, have EPCs over $2.00, and have some of the lowest refund rates in the industry.

More importantly, they’re known for creating products that people love and see results from. $250 Profit Per Day is no different.

After almost 2 years in the making, $250 Profit Per Day will not only be Cameron and Kenny’s biggest launch but it’s setting up to be one of the biggest in Warrior Plus history.

250 Per Day Online While “Working” 60 Minutes Per Day???

Is it possible if you don’t have a list, a product, money for ads, or any prior experience?

The Answer Is Yes!

Next question…Is it possible if you don’t have a proven model to get from where you are to where you want to go?

Nope! Not even close…

I got some good news though…

Cameron Benson and Kenny Cannon just put together a video explaining how they take complete newbies and turn them into SERIOUS income producers with under 1 hour of “working” time per day.

You can watch the free training video here:

They’re known for creating some of the BEST training material available online today…and that’s backed by 37 Product of the Day awards in a row and 2 nominations for Product of the Year!

It’s also backed by THOUSANDS of testimonials and case studies of students that are KILLING IT!

They’re also known for not “BSing Around” and cutting right to the chase?

Are they a little rough around the edges…YES!

Do they cut through the crap and give you the tools you need to get from where you are now to where you want to go?

Without A Doubt!

Knowing them, they’ll probably pull this video down soon so watch it here now:

Front End Offer – $250 Profit Per Day Main Training. Step-By-Step video training presented by Kenny Cannon and Cameron Benson plus Case Studies, PDFs, and Bonuses.

OTO 1 – Done For You Campaigns. Cameron and Kenny give away their highest converting email campaigns + teach the customer how to make $250 Profit Per Day using both Free and Paid methods.

OTO 2 – 30 Days Of Coaching. Cameron and Kenny will hold the customer by the hand and personally coach them for 30 days. ** This is our Highest Converting OTO Ever **

OTO 3 – Reseller Package. We will give the customer the opportunity to make 100% Commission on our entire funnel. This is ALWAYS a Huge Seller.

OTO 4 – 1 on 1 Coaching (1 Hour) Plus Facebook Group. The customer will receive a one on one coaching call with either Kenny or Cameron. They will also gain access to our private Facebook Group where we do weekly Live Streams.

Buy $250 Profit Per Day, Kenny Cannon, Cameron Benson, $250 Profit Per Day Review, $250 Profit Per Day Bonus:

$250 Online Every Day Review, Bonus – From Cameron Benson and Kenny Cannon

Affiliate Sniper – Extreme Language Exploit – Review, Bonus – From Cliff Carrigan

Affiliate Sniper

Affiliate Sniper

– Extreme Language Exploit – Review, Bonus – From

Affiliate Sniper – Extreme Language Exploit – Review, Bonus – From Cliff Carrigan – Use this simple language exploit to absolutely skyrocket for your own product or for affiliate offers. – Astounding Results!

This is both method and software for doing a little known language exploit!

Google Language Exploit Allows You To Dominate Any Niche!

Foreign Affiliate Method And Software!

I purchased this, and it looks like to extract the software, you need Windows 10 and Server 2016 – fyi

The basic offer is shown with the manual method, all in a very straight to the point, do this, then this pdf file

They talk about people making 10-30,000 a month using foreign language pages – you just need to get a bunch out there!

Affiliate Sniper – Extreme Language Exploit – Review, Bonus – From Cliff Carrigan

HOT New Printables Business

HOT New Printables Business

Vintage Blueprints Cash Bonanza

Vintage Blueprints Cash Bonanza PLUS
and Bonuses –

Looking For A HOT New Printables Business?

When I saw this lucrative, unique money making master plan, I was astounded! It blew me away at how profitable and simple it is!

Imagine having a RED HOT product (you can get for FREE) that people crave and will pay you good money for, again and again and again where you…

Never need to ship anything

Need NO website

Need NO list

Need NO tech skills

Have immediate access to hungry buyers

And once set up, everything is automated!

Will leave your friends in awe

Well imagine no more because experts Stuart Turnbull & Bart Hennin have made this business model a reality…And they’re spilling the beans and revealing all!

This is a VERY !

Here’s the scoop…

A while back, Stuart and Bart observed something powerful…That people were (and are!) spending big money on PRINTABLES… You know… digital files of designs that your customer simply downloads and prints out at home….

As you may be aware, this market is exploding and now Stuart and Bart have figured out how to combine this model with a specific range of designs that can be sourced FREE from the public domain archives, easily customized to differentiate them (the course shows you how) and then sold into the lucrative online gifts marketplace!

Stuart and Bart reveal exactly where to find these super popular designs for FREE, they also show you…

How to use these FREE designs to tap into the lucrative online gifts market

How to get your printables automatically seen by buyers

How to virtually “automate” everything so it’s “set & forget” (HINT: They use ETSY as their selling platform and they show you step by step how to do the same!)

How to get started making money as fast as possible!

And much more!

To find out the EXACT kind of printables Stuart & Bart have discovered to be so profitable, check out this page NOW. (I’m not sure how long the page will be up).

HOT New Printables Business

This idea is, in fact, the nearest thing I have come across yet to a fully automated business – once you have created your range of printables, the selling platform (Etsy) takes care of everything else!

Get your complete master plan here:

Vintage Blueprints Cash Bonanza

Vintage Blueprints Cash Bonanza PLUS Videos and Bonuses

Consultant Funnel – Lead-Gen Sites – Review, Bonus

Consultant Funnel – Lead-Gen Sites

Consultant Funnel - Lead-Gen Sites

Consultant Funnel – Lead-Gen Sites

Consultant Funnel – Lead-Gen Sites – A powerful offer that includes the entire front-end funnel for the consultant who offers Local Lead-Gen Site Services.

this offer is a complete front-end, lead-gen funnel for consultants who offer – or want to offer – local Lead Generation services. Which by the way, is one of the most profitable services an offline consultant can offer.

This is the perfect “lead magnet” the consultant can use to generate lots of high quality leads.

Everything comes with so they can claim this funnel as their own and customize it anyway they wish!

Front End: Complete Lead-Gen Funnel

Lead-Gen Site: Complete lead-gen site created in WordPress Theme, HTML5, OptimizePress .0 and ClickFunnels
LGS Conversion : Powerful videos in both USA and UK Voice Overs. Videos come in whiteboard/hand drawn and Powtoon styles
Lead-Magnet Report: 11,000 word report to offer as the free giveaway
Lead-Magnet Checklist: 2-page checklist that can also be offered as part of the free giveaway
Source Files: They get all the PSD and Word files so they can change and customize as needed
Quick Start Program: This offer is NOT a training program but rather pre-made PLR that will save them tons of time and lots of money versus creating it all themselves. With that in mind, we do have some Quick Start material that will help them understand how to get started fast.

OTO : Kit

Special Bonus: An additional 4 LGS videos in both USA and UK Voice Overs. These versions are in Text and Picture Show styles.
Autoresponder Messages: 5-part email autoresponder series
Infographic: Professional created infographic with the top 10 facts
Postcards: Three professionally created postcards
Banner Ads: Professionally created banner ads to use on their website
Media Post Images: Professionally created social media images to use on their different social media channels like Facebook and Instagram
Facebook Ad Images: One of the best ways to generate leads is through Facebook Ads. We help the get started fast by creating 5 different ad images
Facebook Ad Sales Copy: We have also used the program FunnelScripts to create literally over 100 headlines, post text and description ad text. And everything is broken down into Hot, Warm and Cold . This part alone is worth potentially hundreds of dollars.
Resource Cheatsheet: This adds even more value to the free giveaway

OTO 2: Credibility Book, aka Print Book Option

This offer contains content that is completely different than the report offered on the front end. It consists of the top 25 questions a prospective client would have when it comes to getting their sites ranked high in the search engines and it is designed in a way that the client will realize they don’t want to do it themselves.

The value comes in selling the vision of a consultant handing a client or prospect an actual print book with THEIR NAME ON IT! This is literally the easiest and fastest way to gain instant authority and be viewed as the go-to expert.

Credibility Book Content: 6,000 word book/report
Two Formats: The book is formatted for CreateSpace.com as a 6×9 print book. As well as a normal 8.5 x 11 report.
6×9 Print Book Cover Design
3D Ebook Cover Design
Self-Publishing Training Course: A simple and straight forward coarse on how to publish their book on CreateSpace.

As you can see, we’ve created the entire “front-end” lead magnet funnel plus additional value-adds that will convert very well.

Consultant Funnel – Lead-Gen Sites

Consistent Sales System Review, Bonus

Consistent Sales System

Consistent Sales System

Consistent System – $594 Per Day Passive Income Blueprint From

Consistent Sales System PDF & Video Training

The Consistent Sales System is backed by over $85,000 in proof in 2017 alone, without affiliates, without creating new products and without selling any high ticket services. Our in house passive income system will reveal the easiest way to continue to profit over and over from your past efforts online. The system will work for anyone involved in affiliate , list building, eCom, product creators, coaches and even offline business owners.

You take the knowledge from this $500+ per day proven system, get the juices following, follow the exercise sheet and start banking massive amounts. We’re including a PDF Report with simple exercises to complete to make sure it works to the maximum effort along with 3 training , a training webinar and more massive bonuses.

How To Finally Profit from Paid

Paid traffic is a tricky little devil..

Most people lose out big and never try again.

The problem is most don’t know how to make sure they are optimized for big ROI.

The funny thing is it’s actually quite simple to get big ROI from paid traffic…

See how to get ROI from paid traffic here:

When you set everything up the right way, you don’t miss out on any revenue…which is exactly what you need to do for paid traffic.

Make sure you everything up right…and you can be in the 5% of people that actually profit with paid traffic.

594/Day Without Affiliate Traffic or Launching Products

There are two ways in which it is known you can earn:

-Affiliate products

-Launching your own products and getting affiliates

However the problem with doing these things are:

-They are a TON of work

-You rely heavily on others in your business

Most people don’t know how to truly build a passive business as high as 594/day without these two things…

Today, respected and beloved marketer Kevin Fahey is going to reveal how he does exactly this.

, , :

Consistent Sales System

Laptop Legacy Review, Bonus

Laptop Legacy

Laptop Legacy

Laptop Legacy – an awesome video training course with 8 modules of full-on content teaching the laptop legacy method!

Laptop Legacy is Bill Hugall’s new over-the-shoulder video training course! It features 8 in-depth “no bs” training modules teaching the Laptop Legacy method, along with additional tools/cheatsheets to help you through the course!

Laptop legacy is an in-depth over the shoulder video course with 8 modules:

Module 1 – The Millionaire’s Playbook ($67 VALUE): In this part, I won’t waste time and dive right into the exact game plan to implement and start building an online profitable business. How to build the exact funnel that I’m talking about, I am personally going to walk you through everything, and it’s easier than you think. You have me in your corner.

Module 2 – Understanding ($67 VALUE): I haven’t seen anyone teach it, but I’ll show you how to get into the mind of your visitors so you’ll know exactly what they want and how you can deliver it big time! Don’t worry, it’s A LOT easier than it sounds.

Module 3 – (Ready, Aim, FIRE!) ($97 VALUE): You will see what traffic source I use to generate cheap clicks and get massive ROI! It’s one of the easiest traffic sources to use and you can start with as low as you want, and even just a couple bucks.

Module 4 – Finding An Offer ($97 VALUE): Don’t know how to find High Converting offers? No problem! I’ll show you a way to snipe out the best offers that will give you the highest chance of banking big time.

Module 5 – Using Your Tools ($97 VALUE): I’ll show how to use the tools to sure-fire aim your way to success and demystify everything that may potentially hold you back. You will learn the fastest way to implement these tools and how to see results quickly.

Module 6 – Email Marketing ($97 VALUE): Don’t know how to do email marketing? No problem! I’ll show you the dummy proof way to doing it Correctly and maximizing your return on investment by implementing certain simple tricks and strategies for optimization.

Module 7 – Putting It All Together ($97 VALUE): Here I will show you what it looks like when you’ve implemented the earlier steps and where you should be at now. This will give you a nice feeling of satisfaction knowing you are well on your way to building a business profitably!

Module 8 – More Traffic ($97 VALUE): I will personally show you the other traffic sources that you can quickly and easily tap into to start driving visitors on demand to your offers. PLUS, Steal my exact resources ($147 VALUE). Every tactic, strategy, and resources that I use, is now yours. Some are paid, some are free, but everything we use to generate tons of traffic to our offers and bank big time is yours now. Nothing held back.

Inside this amazing product Bill Walks you through his entire
List building empire and Reveals everything every step he took to building his
Seven figure online business
Laptop Legacy is a complete, Newbie friendly system for building your
List and making huge bank like the pros do and .

No more list building that leads to nothing more than an autoresponder
Bill each month. Everything that these Bill shares
Is what He’s using right now and he did it to create his seven figure
Online empire.

, , :

If you’ve ever wondered why they succeed and you don’t…

Laptop Legacy is for you. And is likely the LAST course you ever buy.

Laptop Legacy

Plugin Profit Black OPS

Plugin Profit Black OPS

Plugin Profit Black OPS

Plugin Profit Black OPS – The front end product has 13 over-the-shoulder that show every step on how to create assets with using WordPress . The entire training is easy to follow and guarantees to get results! The front end price reflects quality and the jam packed content allows internet marketers of any level to learn and build their own assets from our training!

The funnel includes advanced video training that focuses on different strategies to profit from the created assets as well as a 6-week workshop with live webinars and personal email access:

Upsell 1 – Advanced Video Training $34
Upsell 2 – 6-Week Workshop $197

It’s amazing, people are totally loving
Plugin Profit Black OPS!

The beauty of this amazing offer is
that it helps to create your own product
that you can profit from long after it’s
set up.

And the best, it works for everyone,
whether you are new to
or an experienced marketer.

The method in Plugin Profit Black OPS is
used even by top marketers, and it is the
type of system that can take you from
struggling online to create a steady
and reliable income stream!

All you have to do is follow the simple steps!

Plugin Profit Black OPS

Affiliate Video Power Pack 2.0

Affiliate Video Power Pack 2.0

Affiliate Video Power Pack 2.0

2.0 – Clickbank reviews and video are a match made in heaven, and this product makes it incredibly easy to make money on YouTube, without doing any of the research, without writing any reviews, without creating ANY .

Another awesome brand new Clickbank affiliate review video pack.

AVP 1.0 was a massive hit, now it’s time for AVP 2.0!

In the front end, buyers get 10 top quality, video reviews – Steve is a professional video creator, your subscribers will love these!

Each video is reviewing a different Clickbank product – all high converting, all evergreen products, all in non IM niches.

OTO1: Affiliate Video Powerpack Gold

OTO1 is a video marketers toolkit, a massive pack of slides, video intros and outros that video marketers can use to make their videos totally unique. With this, they don’t just have 10 videos – they can have unlimited unique videos, each one targeting a different keyword.

And we’ve got them covered there too – this pack includes 10 keyword research packs!

OTO2: Affiliate Review Megapack

OTO2 is a full affiliate review site, built using a premium theme and plugins, pre populated with lengthy presell articles (not just product reviews), fully monetized, and including lead capture on every post.

We’ve even included 10 promotional email sequences (50 emails in total)!

Cash in with like never before!
Is this the easiest commission you’ll ever make?
YouTube + Clickbank Reviews = Easy Commissions (All Done-For-You)
Cash in with videos… without ever making one!

Affiliate Video Power Pack 2.0

Social Traffic System – Software from Brett Rutecky – Tons Of free Traffic!

social traffic system

System – New software automates 100% and profits from FB and Google with just a few clicks

Full software suite and training
One time fee for a limited time (no monthly expenses!)
Automates FREE from FB and Google with just a few clicks
Works in any niche
Perfect for newbies and experienced marketers
Full bonus training included

Traffic System Walkthrough Video:

F/E : Social Traffic System ($27)
The two software products (one WordPress plugin, one SaaS) that Brett uses to post viral, clickable, link cloaked images to Facebook and G+ and get hundreds of clicks to his website, to his offer, and to his affiliate promos. In fact if Brett has promoted any of YOUR products chances are he has used these softwares send you hundreds of visitors! Also special bonus traffic training included on the front end!

OTO 1 Instant Video Pages ($44)
Cloud based software that lets people create professional quality / mobile responsive video bonus pages, pages, and squeeze pages in just 60 seconds!

OTO 2 Unlimited Agency ($67)
Brett’s exclusive agency access system lets people sell his platform as their own by putting their JVZoo buy now button on his sales page!

OTO 3 Live Coaching ($20)
Mike and Brett will ‘break their business apart’ in a live group coaching session and teach exactly how anyone can duplicate our results in the space!

Social Traffic System

The ONLY Way For The Little Guy To Get Rich? (Partner With Michael Cheney)

The Only Way Left For The Little Guy To Get Rich

The Only Way Left For The Little Guy To Get Rich

Commissionology – Review, Bonus – Michael Cheney Granting Licence To Every Affiliate Promotion He’s Created Or Will Create

The Only Way Left For The Little Guy To Get Rich:

I’m Going to Do It All For You So You Can Just Copy, Paste and Make Money Like These Guys Did…

I found some willing test subjects to
try out this “copy and paste” solution on.

I said,

“Just copy this, paste it online and see what happens.”

The results were remarkable.

Every last person made money – literally overnight.

With no list, no website and no money spent.

This is What Every Affiliate Needs to Get Rich:

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see this is what you’ve been looking for.

It gives you everything you need to start making money right away:

1. (I show you fast and free methods inside the members area)

2. The best products to promote (I do all the product research so you don’t have to)

3. Great hand-written promos which convert (I’ve spent 17 years honing my copywriting skills)

You’re getting all three here.


You don’t have to spend one red cent on solo ads, Facebook ads or anything like that.

In fact; There’s nothing else you need to buy whatsoever.

You can do this without a website, without a list and without money for ads.

DFY Emails, DFY Email , Copy And Paste!

I’ll show you exactly how on the inside…

The Only Way Left For The Little Guy To Get Rich:

Commissionology – Review, Bonus – Michael Cheney Granting Licence To Every Affiliate Promotion He’s Created Or Will Create