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Kindle Holiday Cash – Kindle Holiday Recipe Books Secrets

kindle holiday cash

Kindle Holiday Cash – Kindle Holiday Recipe Books Secrets

Kindle Holiday Cash – Kindle Holiday Recipe Books Secrets – Discover exactly how to cash in on the holidays with these Kindle publishing niches.

Quickly generate massive Kindle profits with barely any effort by riding the wave of holiday niche traffic

By simply using the 9-step checklist I’ve outlined for you, you could easily generate hundreds of extra book sales per week.

What’s Inside “Kindle Holiday Cash”:

How to easily find powerful sales-boosting keywords
Several “done-for-you” keywords in the Thanksgiving niche (use these for your own books)
How to quickly & easily create books in this niche (for free)
250+ “done-for-you” Thanksgiving-niche recipes that you can use for your own books
How to choose a great book title that sells
How to write a great description that drives sales
“Done-for-you” template for creating your own book descriptions
How to properly select your categories (many people mess this up…)
The 2 categories that you should select for most book in this niche
How to create a great cover that skyrockets your book sales (for free)
How to get a great sales-boosting book cover from a designer (for cheap)
The best way to price your books (many authors mess up here…)
How to promote your books for cheap to boost your sales (you actually don’t need this, but it helps)
How to easily get tons of reviews (once again, you don’t really need this in this niche, but it helps)

I’ve even provided you with powerful researched keywords, 250+ recipes that you can use to create your books, and more. I’ve already done much of the work for you. Now you just need to put it in action to reap the benefits.

Kindle Holiday Cash is only $8.72, Right Now!

Kindle Holiday Cash – Kindle Holiday Recipe Books Secrets

Kindle Rank Comet – Get 600 Kindle Sales

kindle rank comet

Kindle Rank Comet – Get 600 Kindle Sales

Kindle Rank Comet – Get 600 Kindle Sales – $0.00 Set-&-Forget System Made Him 600 Kindle Sales Last Month

Wouldn’t it be nice to have time to JUST WRITE…while your book makes sales DAY, after DAY, after DAY?

Bolaji O from Digital Author Labs has been quietly testing DOZENS of strategies.

So when he noticed a sleepy little 20-page book
made 21 PAID SALES every day, for an entire MONTH…
(with NO marketing, NO selling, NO ads, and NO time investment…)

He sat up and took notice!

It’s not Facebook.
It’s not Bookbub.
It’s not KDP Select Giveaways, or Email.

This was hands-free.

In fact, he COMPLETELY IGNORED THIS BOOK for a month —
and it still made over 600 paid sales (and counting!)

All in a sleepy little low-traffic niche.

If you’re tired of obsessing over selling and would prefer to just:

1. Write Books, and
2. Receive Royalty Checks…
3. Snatch this case study up, follow the simple checklist, and stop stressing about sales.

Kindle Rank Comet – Get 600 Kindle Sales

No Writing Needed: How To Publish And Profit From No And Low Content Books

no writing needed

No Writing Needed: How To Publish And Profit From No And Low Content Books

No Writing Needed: How To Publish And Profit From No And Low Content Books – Publish and Profit on Amazon~ Little To No Writing Needed – Publish Unique Books WIth Little to No Writing Needed

No Writing Needed: How To Publish and Profit From No and Low Content Books reveals how to:

•And Sell

Books that require little to no writing.

We all know that profitable publishing can be difficult, and it often starts with picking the right niche. Today that problem is solved! Amy Harrop has released brand-new training that reveals how you can publish unique books on Amazon..with no or very little content needed.

This is one-of-a-kind, brand new training that reveals how to publish and profit from low-and-no content books.
You’ll discover:

How You can Easily Create These Popular Books That Sell
The 5 Most Popular Types of No/Low Content Books
The Easiest Two Ways to Profit From These Books
The Secret Strategy which allows you to easy get 2-5x (or even more) more exposure for your books.
And much more!

This 40 page primarily pdf training will get you on the path to publishing these books quickly and easily.

You’ll be able to jump ahead of the competition, this training is not available anywhere else, and create unique books for nearly any niche.

You can learn more here:

No Writing Needed: How To Publish And Profit From No And Low Content Books

Boxed Set Bonanza – How To Sell Tons Of Books On Amazon Kindle

boxed set bonanza

Boxed Set Bonanza – How To Sell Tons Of Books On Amazon Kindle

Boxed Set Bonanza – How To Sell Tons Of Books On Amazon Kindle – Leverage your existing books with almost no extra work, creating tons of extra sales.

Imagine taking a few of your existing works, compiling them, and turning them into a bestseller practically overnight

I’ve known about boxed sets for ever.

You probably have, too.

But the few ways they’ve implemented their boxed sets, has been the difference between “run-of-the-mill” results… and these results.

This one boxed set has brought in almost $11,000.

That’s enough to make anyone sit up and take notice.

Don’t overlook this one – it’s got a solid, unique approach….

with real case studies that show this can work for most authors.

This “silly trick” can multiply your Kindle earnings….for only $20!

Boxed Set Bonanza – How To Sell Tons Of Books On Amazon Kindle

Kindle Sales Velocity Crusher System

kindle sales velocity crusher system

Kindle Sales Velocity Crusher System

Kindle Sales Velocity Crusher System – Game-Changing KINDLE SALES VELOCITY CRUSHER System FORCES 100-300 Sales Over 3 Days to ANY Kindle Book You Desire… With the PUSH Of a Button! Guaranteeing Overnight BESTSELLER Status

System Forces 100-300 Sales Over 3 Days To Any Kindle Book you Desire!

Only $7.39 – right now!

Kindle Sales Velocity Crusher System

Kindle Publishing Mastermind Group – $99/Month

kindle publishing mastermind group

Kindle Publishing Mastermind Group – $99/Month

Kindle Publishing Mastermind Group – $99/Month – The Digital Publishing Labs is an experience that dives much deeper than simple publishing advice and concepts. It’s a collaborative between students (the most successful is earning $25K/mo in royalties after 7 months) and teachers.

It’s modeled after Ryan Leonard & Neil Bakewell’s highly successful private masterminds (MM#1 & MM#2) where we did in depth training teaching our students how to break into highly lucrative but largely ignored genres easier than anyone thought possible.

The secret to our success was three fold:

1.We did extensive research and testing to find profitable genres that had a low barrier to entry. In simple terms, we found genres where readers were accustomed to purchasing “books” with very simple plots and low page count.

2.We broke down the genres/sub-genres detailing what readers wanted and then created paint-by-the-numbers templates that our students used to create their own stories with unparelled ease.

3.We created highly focused, incredibly motivational mastermind groups where members worked together as a co-operative and not as competitive opponents. Numerous members become highly proficient very quickly due to the fact that everybody gave back and shared.

These three pillars combined to create a high level of success amongst a great many members, very, very quickly. Most of our members had little to no confidence before these masterminds. Most had seen very little or no success prior to publishing using our methods.

In the past few months we’ve seen students make their first $100, $1000, $10000 and now one student making more than $20,000 a month. We’ve seen students quit their jobs to focus on self publishing full time. Members have said we’ve “changed their lives forever.”

More than anything though, DPL is massively different than anything else in the self publishing field due \to the fact that we’re dedicated to getting our students results and providing huge, life changing breakthroughs for those who are willing to put in the work and stay consistent.

We do our best to consistently place our students above our profits. We believe with unshakable conviction that if we put the success of others above our own success, the rest will take care of itself.

Quite frankly, there’s nothing else like MM#1 and MM#2 anywhere else.

We helped even the most skeptical unsuccessful selfpublishers make as much as $25,000 per month in royalties (within months)… Here’s how:

WARNING: this 7 minute video will change the way you look at making money from kindle publishing forever:

Kindle Publishing Mastermind Group – $99/Month

EPublishing Roadmap – Kindle EBook Publishing

epublishing roadmap

EPublishing Roadmap – Kindle EBook Publishing

EPublishing Roadmap – Kindle EBook Publishing – Just a simple straight forward method to get you started in the same amount of time it takes to watch a soccer match. Imagine if you produced just 3 books a week how many sources of income would you have in just a few months? I even give you my own personal templates as a bonus, the very same ones I developed to produce my own successful Kindle books.

There are lots of really smoking HOT markets on Kindle. Using my training and instruction I will show you how to go about plundering these markets AND how find your own profitable niches. I will show you how to research in any subject to find the best selling products. All these niches have lots of sub-niches so that we can really provide targeted content. Learn why digging deeper is better than digging wider so you can target your books like a laser beam into these profitable areas.


EPublishing Roadmap – Kindle EBook Publishing

KDROI Software V1 By Wesley Atkins

kdroi software v1

KDROI Software V1 By Wesley Atkins

KDROI Software V1 By Wesley Atkins – The Ultimate Kindle eBook Promotion Tool

“Forget outsourcing or paying a “per submission” fee to submit your Kindle eBooks to free listing sites. KDROI does it in 15 seconds with a handful of clicks

KDROI is the tool I’ve been waiting for. Leave it to Wes Atkins, the forward thinker who developed KDSpy, to come up with this incredible way to save time and money when submitting your Kindle book’s free days to promotional sites. In minutes after getting access to the program, I had it loaded and had submitted one of my books free promotional days to 22 sites. Minutes instead of what in the past would have taken hours! And, in the past, when I haven’t had the time to submit Kindle free days myself, I have paid (virtual assistant, Fiverr, etc.) to have the book submitted … KDROI will easily justify its price in a minimal number of submissions for book promotions that I would have paid for in the past.

One of the best features of KDROI is that is comes from the force behind KDSpy. Based on my experience with KDSpy, the support is unparalleled: questions and concerns are addressed immediately, updates are frequent and free, and there is a hands-on understanding of self-publishers.

Now that I have this fantastic tool, I am going to use it to schedule my next round of Kindle KDP free promotional days … and, do it quickly and efficiently. KDROI is a game changer.

KDROI Software V1 By Wesley Atkins

Kindle Quiz By Alessandro Zamboni

kindle quiz

Kindle Quiz By Alessandro Zamboni

Kindle Quiz By Alessandro Zamboni – Kindle Quiz is a new course that shows how to build a Kindle book about quiz or trivia in less than 3 hours. A brand new hot niche!

“Kindle Quiz” is a fresh study about the exploding quiz and trivia genre. Inside the guide readers can find a step by step tutorial on how to create their quiz ebook, with easy tutorials and screenshots.

We move from the idea to the creation phase, showing the three most wide spread types of ebooks. We also show 11 sites where they can build their questions and find the right answers, plus 28 websites for finding copyright free images that can be used for commercial purposes.

We also show how to create the ebook, publish it on the Kindle marketplace, and, last but not least, in the final chapter we give many ideas on how to generate traffic. This is a completely new market waiting to be discovered and conquered, and now is the right moment to jump in by producing various ebooks that are not yet present on the marketplace!

Kindle Quiz By Alessandro Zamboni

Paperback Profit Formula

Paperback Profit Formula By Wesley Atkins | Paperback Profit Formula Review, Bonus

Paperback Profit Formula By Wesley Atkins | Paperback Profit Formula Review, Bonus – Increase Your Book Royalties 32% By Turning Your Kindle eBook Into A Physical Copy

Discover The Simple 3 Step System To Turn Any Kindle eBook Into A Paperback With CreateSpace — In Under An Hour!

Createspace is a PAIN.

And I completely understand why customers of mine have repeatedly asked for templates, a step-by-step video tutorial, and the complete guide to getting books from digital to print.

If you’ve ever tried to make the transition from digital to paperback then you know firsthand just how obscenely annoying it can be to:

Figure out, and then “reformat” your manuscript to match the nitpicky requirements of Createspace’s confusing formatting system…

Completely *redesign* your cover to match the new width & length requirements… and that’s only AFTER you figure out how thick your book is going to be (if you even can), what the design specs need to be, and a whole host of other minute details…

Then “try” to get the whole kit and caboodle accepted through their automated (read: heartless) acceptance system…

This is profiting from Createspace simplified.

You’ll get:

My copy and paste templates for easy print creation and uploading… even if you run in terror at the site of anything semi-technical you’ll be able to take hold of these templates and turn your existing Kindle eBooks into physical print copies worthy of bestseller status…

3 powerful “over-the-shoulder” videos that will take you by the hand and walk you through the process of creating your very own print version of your books… Together we’ll walk you through from Createspace account set-up all the way to submission and syncing your digital and physical copies together for an almost immediate bump in digital sales through a little known sales tactic which I’ll explain in the course…

My “Early Warning” system for detecting and weeding out potential formatting issues that you might run into… if you’ve ever wanted to pull your hair out trying to figure out why Createspace wasn’t playing nice with your books then you’ll love this!

My “Maximum Royalties” pricing structure… trust me, this works regardless of the genre — fiction or non — and arms you with the knowledge to get fair pricing from your work by utilizing the power of print…

PLUS: You’ll get behind the scenes access as I show you how to use your new print titles to maximize sales across all channels by following my proven Goodreads Giveaway marketing program… If you want to see a windfall of sales on your backlist follow this strategy to the letter…

The “Paperback Profit Formula” is an ‘over the shoulder’ ‘no-fluff’ 1 hour, 2minute video demonstration that you can follow along with as you create your print versions.

Paperback Profit Formula By Wesley Atkins | Paperback Profit Formula Review, Bonus