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Kindle Instant Character Generator

Kindle Instant Character Generator

Kindle Instant Character Generator – 3 click automated software dominates kindle in seconds

This software instant creates a random character using its internal database of:

250 male
250 female
250 last names
over 250 occupations
Hair Color
Eye Color

These combinations will generate millions of different characters, like these all at the click of a button:

It took me 5 seconds to generate these characters

Kindle Instant Character Generator allows you to choose whether to generate a male or female character, or you can choose to generate either. Each character generated has a lot of possibilities (that can be left as they are generated or edited and expanded upon): Name, age, gender, nationality, height and weight, eye and hair color, education, romances, occupations, relatives, skills and hobbies, quirks, and motivation.

I like the fact that you can use the character generator to easily generate characters of just about any age also.

With each individual generated character, you can turn the edit mode on to edit any details that you might wish to for that particular character. It’s super simple – just a click of the edit button. Before generating a new character, you have to turn the edit mode off. Again, super simple – just click the edit button again, turning it off.

There’s no having to look for buttons or taking hours (or weeks) trying to figure the software out. Everything is set up in such a way that there’s nothing difficult about using the software. It’s THAT easy to use.

Saving the characters that you generate is also super simple, and that’s what I like about this software more than anything – the ease of saving the character files. With just the click of a button, you can save as a .txt file, .rtf file, and/or as a .doc file. You can also copy to clipboard.

The ease and ability of saving the characters like this makes it super easy to save any generated fictional characters and then go back later and edit or expand on the character profile, using the file that you saved to your computer or external drive.

For a person that writes fiction or has been wanting to write fiction, this is a huge time saver – in terms of using the software and for generating fictional characters.

This is the best (and only) software or character generator that I’ve seen that puts out as well as it does and is this easy to use in creating characters.

I highly recommend it to anyone writing fiction or who wants to write fiction – new author or established author.

Kindle Instant Character Generator

Supercharge Kindle Sales and Fans

Supercharge Kindle Sales and Fans

Brand New Kindle Book = $2,529+ in Sales in First Three Weeks?

Looking For New Ways To Promote Your Kindle Books and Create a Large Fan Base?

Publishing on Amazon Kindle is the primary way that I make money, so I have to stay on top of my game when it comes to marketing and promotion. If you purchased my Kindle Bestseller Roadmap, you know that I am always looking for new marketing techniques.

Recently, I published a brand new book in a new genre. At the same time, I was testing all kinds of promo methods, not really paying much attention to that new book.

Let me take a short break and say something. I DON’T think like an Internet Marketer when it comes to book promotion. Why? Because tactics that we tend to use as IMers are often fleeting, and book publishing is my BUSINESS.

I want a big fan base. I want long-term stability. So, I spend my time studying what successful AUTHORS are doing and not what other marketers are doing.

Okay, so back to my story. After the book was published for a few days, I checked my stats and was stunned to realize that hundreds had already sold. NO free days. NO paid promos on book sites. I hadn’t done anything, or so I’d thought.

That’s when I realized that my new marketing methods were working in a totally different way than I expected. You see, I was simply trying to build fans to sell to later, but the side effect was a massive influx of SALES.

This report features 8 new methods I am using to market my books. These methods can be used for fiction or non-fiction, and in any genre.

This is a quick and easy PDF along with a few videos to go in depth on important tactics.

Grab your copy today and start targeting your perfect buyers!

Supercharge Kindle Sales and Fans