How To Run Your Online Business In Just 60 Minutes A Day – Review, Bonus – Under Five Bucks!

How To Run Your Online Business In Just 60 Minutes A Day

How To Run Your Online Business In Just 60 Minutes A Day – Review, Bonus – Under Five Bucks!

How To Run Your Online Business In Just 60 Minutes A Day – Review, Bonus – Under Five Bucks! – From Nick James

Internet entrepreneur Nick James has been at the forefront of and online product development since 2001 and recently won Internet Marketer Of The Year at Matt Bacak’s recent Meeting Of the Minds in Atlanta.

Specialising in new media and innovative web based technologies, Nick James is the webmaster of the Internet Marketing Training Club website, the popular destination for product developers and online entrepreneurs.

Nick is also a full time product developer and has created several software programs, information products and membership websites during his entreprenuerial career which are all published via eShowcase, Inc. of which Nick is President.

Nick regularly hosts teaching webinars for a growing band of online entrepreneurs and is currently working on a major new online broadcasting project called My Radio which mixes music radio together with a personal set of his own bespoke marketing disciplines.

Nick is also a ‘Global Angel’ and is actively involved in various fund-raising activities for the InternationalGlobal Angels Charity. Raising funds to empower children, young people and their communities whether they are living in extreme poverty or disadvantage, devastated environmental conditions, with disability or life threatening illness, are street kids, orphans, child slaves, trafficked kids, or child soldiers.

Nick regularly contributes to a wide variety of publications offering expert tips and advice across a variety of online business topics.

Here are a few other software projects Nick has recently worked on recently which may be of interest:

1. Targeted Lead Finder – Make the very most of Facebook pay per click advertising with custom audiences. Extract precise data of the exact prospect you with to target with this simple to use desktop software program.

2. Extreme Lead Finder – Search Facebook marketplaces like never before with the new Extreme Lead Finder. Feeding directly into Facebook Graph Search you can now easily pull back data from Facebook directly into MS Excel.

3. Kunaki Gateway – Now you can automatically fullfil customer orders with PayPal and Kunaki on a completely hands-free basis. Details of both the product being ordered together with the customers shipping address are past.

4. Letter Customizer – Automatically adjust a website based on the geographic location of your website visitors. Everything from prices to spelling and video elements can be customized to maximise your salesconversion rate.

5. Facebook To Autoresponder – Build an email opt-in list by offering free downloads from your Facebook Page. Then embrace the power of social media to notify your new subscribers friends about their interest in your products and services.

6. Subscription Dashboard – Quickly and easily turn your WordPress based website into a membership site with this handy plug-in. Integrates with both PayPal and ClickBank to allow you to sell membership to your website.

Products from Nick James:

Outsourcing Game Plan – If you want to grow your business quickly and easily in just a few hours per week, then you’ll want to read on to discover the secrets of successful outsourcing

How To Run Your Online Business In Just 60 Minutes A Day – How To Run Your Online Business In Just 60 Minutes A Day

Sales Copy Game Plan – Discover How To Quickly Create A Killer Order Pulling Sales Letter

Ultimate Free – How To Attract Targeted Prospects To Your Website Without Spending A Penny On Advertising.

Conversion Rate Maximizer – 27 Ways To Create Urgency And Get People To Buy Now

Affiliate Commission Game Plan – Learn How To Generate An Income Online As An Affiliate Marketer. Home Study Course.

Starting From Scratch – How To start an internet business from scratch

DVD Case Creator – Package of templates to create DVD eCovers.

How To Run Your Online Business In Just 60 Minutes A Day – Review, Bonus – Under Five Bucks!

Square One Commissions – Review, Bonus – If You Had To Start All Over From Scratch What Should You Do

Square One Commissions

Square One Commissions

– Review, Bonus – If You Had To Start All Over From Scratch What Should You Do

Square One Commissions – Review, Bonus – If You Had To Start All Over From Scratch What Should You Do – Step by step reveal our personal methods we would use to start generating income online asap if we had to start over with nothing

Square One Commissions is the brain child of Paul & Trevor Carr, and it reveals two killer strategies that we would use if we had to go back to square one, and start all over again. With no list and no contacts. Every aspect of the process is covered, so in effect, any newbie can literally .

Front End – $6.95 (Early Bird for the first 4 hours – then on a dime sale) – Two separate training courses. One from Trevor, one from Paul. Both different strategies on how we would make money if we had to start again, at square one, from scratch.

OTO 1 – $12.95 – Advanced tactics and strategies for both models. These are extra ways to increase profits and the main things to focus on moving forward using these models to build a more more stable and air tight online income

OTO 2 – $17.00 – Done for you business in a box which contains a product, squeeze page video, free case study gift, page presentation and 5x follow up emails

OTO 3 – $19.00 – Over the shoulder training to help set up the business in a box and the fastest way to get things going using all free tools

OTO 4 – $37.00 – rights to x25 of Paul’s training products that your customers can use as more front end products, upsells, back end products and even coaching material. There is enough products here to create an entirely new funnel

OTO 5 – $77.00 – PLR rights to Paul’s High ticket video coaching series that your customers can sell as a high ticket product to their subscribers and customers

, , :

Square One Commissions – Review, Bonus – If You Had To Start All Over From Scratch What Should You Do

PLRdemy – Review, Bonus – Home Studio On A Budget Video Course with PLR


– Review, Bonus – Home Studio On A Budget Video Course with

PLRdemy – Review, Bonus – Home Studio On A Budget Video Course with PLR – this is the Private Label Rights package of this exact course:

“Home Studio On A Budget” with PLR


2,786 students can’t be wrong! That’s the number of people enrolled and gladly paid $60 each to access this course on Udemy…

Learn how to setup a mini-studio in your home or office, and start churning out pro-quality , podcasts & music

PLRdemy – PLR to Udemy course the gurus want to get their hands on

It’s the soup to nuts guide
on the very best way to
make huge 100% profits
online by selling your own

Specially if it’s a proven
bestseller on Udemy!

But here’s the kicker…

It comes from two of the
biggest and most successful
names of all – Richard Holman
and Gobala Krishnan.

And they’re letting you
private label their
hot-selling video course today!

The course is an easy sell and
has been mapped out in an easy
to implement program.

All the secrets are revealed.

Nothing’s left out.

5 Product Creation MYTHS (PLR inside)

1. It’s hard.


If you know the right process,
you can do this really quickly.

2. You need to be an expert.

No way.

There’s a simple YES way you can
do to create your own product
that’ll make you a lot of money
even if you are not an expert.

3. Only experienced people can
make money creating products.

Wrong again.

You don’t need to be experienced
to make money creating products.

4. You need tons of JV
partners to make big
money with your launch.


It’s easy to get your product
out there even if you don’t
have a ton of affiliates.

5. PLR is rubbish.

Not at all…

is graveyard
littered with tombstones of
false prophets who actually
don’t make real money.

So no – PLR is awesome!

Specially if it’s private label
rights to a proven hot seller
with thousands of buyers…

Cause you will…

– Make money from the product itself

– Have a list of buyers you
can sell other things to

– Have a list of affiliates
who’ll promote your other
stuff in the future

– Make a ton of affiliate

But you need to know what you
are doing and you need to create
it in the right way.

, , :

There’s a specific
way to own a product
and this is it:

PLRdemy – Review, Bonus – Home Studio On A Budget Video Course with PLR

Lesson #4 – Make You Money Whenever You Want Or Need It

Lesson – Make You Money Whenever You Want Or Need It

Every person who runs across your site has a secret desire. They want the benefits of what you’re offering, but (here’s a shocker) they really don’t want to do much to get those benefits.

The most persuasive and profitable product offers are the ones that make people feel as though they don’t have to do much work to get all the benefits your letter promises.

In other words if you make your product offers sound too
complicated you’ll lose most of the orders you could have had.

I’m saying that you should explain your offer in rather
simplistic terms that don’t scare away potential buyers.

You should always look to make your products and services as
pushbutton as you possibly can.

That’s especially important with software programs.

No one really cares how your product works. They just want to know that it does work and how they don’t have to do much to get the benefits your product was promised to deliver.

For the most part people are very insecure about their
abilities. Even when you show them proof that other people have done exactly what you’re showing them how to do… Most people still hesitate because they don’t believe they can do it.

In other words… you need to put together “systems” people can just plug into and get results from.

Most people don’t want to know how to do something. They want someone who does know how to do something to do it for them so they can either promote your something as an affiliate or buy the rights to your something and sell it without having to put in any real work.

Understand this �

If you have the time and you’re willing to do something
constructive you will always be in a position to make money from people who want the benefits of doing something without actually having to put in any real work.

That will always be true.

What does that all mean as far as making money?

To continue with my earlier train of thought, I created a
special report that shows you how to take autoresponder courses you create and get other people to flood those course with subscribers, but as I’ve said, people don’t want to know how to do that.

What they actually want is for me or you to create a “system” where they can buy the rights to an autoresponder course that is already set up so they can use the technique I outline to get other people to flood that course with subscribers for them so they don’t really have to do much. They want the benefits of using the technique without taking any of the time and effort to learn it and set it up for themselves.

Think about that.

For the most part, people complain about FREE detailed
instructions on something that actually produces results with a little effort but they would gladly pay $100-$200 or more for a system that uses the very same technique they could have created themselves for free.

Some of that is laziness but mostly it’s due to the fact that many people work hard at 9-5 jobs, have a family and other obligations that take up most of the time they would need to put various techniques and strategies they learn into action for

Both types of people will gladly pay for something that’s
already done for them so if you’re willing to put in a little work for those people you can make as much money as you want.

Some people make obscene amounts of money by doing what I just talked about. They trade a few weeks worth of work for
$40,000-$50,000+ in bankable profits.

Allen Says of “The Warriors” wrote something about it in one of his reports along the lines of �

“Any solution you come up with that makes it easy on people has a 100% better chance of selling than anything that requires them to work. The majority of people want things already done, and they will pay top dollar to have it done for them.”

Always keep your brain asking questions. Whenever you learn how to do something, ask yourself and find out if there’s a market of people who would pay to have that done for them. You might not always be able to come up with something good but sometimes you will.

Lesson #2 – The Basic Truth About Success

Lesson – The Basic Truth About Success

I’m about to address one of the biggest obstacles standing in the way of you making money right now.

Being successful at anything you choose to do requires hard work and consistency. I know that in the field, use of those words is a big no-no, but it’s the undeniable truth.

Without an understanding that you may have to work for your
success you might think there’s some secret formula out there that’s going to magically put money in your pockets simply because you know it.

Knowing this, I titled this report “Making Money Online for
Newbies” because it implies that everything else is you’ve been doing is hard and that I’ve found some simple “secret” you aren’t aware of.

It was the most direct way to get your attention and I’m not the only marketer who understands that.

All you have to do is look at how many products you’ve bought with the expectation that if you bought it, you would be able to turn your business around with the “new secrets” you thought you were going to learn to see I’m telling the truth.

I know you’ve seen some people who have hit the net full speed with their first product and had all kinds of crazy success.

Many times it’s a fluke and it’s not something that person can ever reproduce because since their first product launch did so well, they get trapped into thinking that what they did was easy, forgetting all they time and effort they put into everything that got them there.

It’s easy to get trapped into thinking that success is easy if you just have the right “knowledge” on your side. That’s the big myth pushed on you by slick marketers who only want to sell you stuff.

But the truth of the matter is success doesn’t always come easy even if you know the best “secrets” out there.

Anytime I need money, there are always a few basic concepts I can rely on that will always produce profits in a short amount of time without me having to spend any money on advertising.

The only reason I know about these concepts is because I read pretty much everything I could get my hands on until one day things just started to make sense, but it wasn’t easy to get to this point.

When I started out I had no money, no business or
background, no support from my family or friends, no computer knowledge and well, no computer.

That’s not the easiest way to start but I didn’t care. I wanted to be my own boss and be in control of my own life as much as possible.


Now, making money online isn’t a dream for me anymore simply
because I refused to let anything stand in the way of what I
wanted. It did take me two solid years to start making money

The most important thing I’ve learned about what it takes to be successful is that you can’t give up. Ever. Success has a way of waiting until 99.9% of the people who were looking for it give up in frustration before it decides to show up at your feet.

Proven Blueprint – Making Money Online

Proven Blueprint – Making Money Online

The gurus want to highly complicate things, make extended courses that you have to buy for big money and keep you hooked for years paying them a fortune. Below is honestly all you need to know and DO to be wildly successful and the blueprint below has made millionaires over and over:

1. Find a big problem in a niche and solve it in a way that they want to pay for and need to pay specifically YOU. Now begin research on how you can create this product and then test it to ensure it works to solve the problem quickly and efficiently.

2. Test your product by visiting niche hangouts, getting people involved in using the product and collect testimonials. Audio and video testimonials are best. Make sure you show other people having the problem solved and how happy they are because of it.

3. Now Make Your offer interesting, powerful and compelling and prove to people that you really can help them regardless of they are clueless. Tell a powerful story, use humor and truth. Make your offer something people truly want to buy not what YOU want to sell them (ask them, hang out in forums to see what they want and craft your product to deliver what your niche wants).

4. You need HIGH quality BUYING from that EXACT Niche One of the fastest ways to get traffic is to buy a solo ad from someone that has a mailing list in your niche (remember the site and setting a really compelling offer that creates a desire to want them to upgrade to your product. Seriously – this is the single fastest way next to pay per click for driving people to your offer.

5. Pre-sell your traffic A pre sell tells a story and adds an expectation that is then proven. The prospects can follow up by going to your main page from that point ready to buy, but remember that to actually SELL something you need to speak the niche’s language and explain why they need to consider buying from you. Never send people directly to a sales page, first get them to want to buy with a compelling story that to the sales page.

6. Well written sales page One way to ensure your success is to have help writing your sales copy on your main sales page. Either you can learn to do this or you can visit many of the top forums and pay someone to help you. It is well worth a few hundred dollars to get a top copywriter to help here.

7. Add A Backend Way To Make Money Most offers have a complete funnel. Many products even lose money up front but later make money because the value of a buying person on your mailing list is worth a fortune if handled correctly. You can promote a whole series of related products so keep this in mind when you build your marketing.

8. Build Your Mailing List And Create More Offers Remember to segregate your buying list from the rest and make your best offers to these people.

That’s really it. No big mysteries, so secrets. Just do it daily.

Don’t be a victim in this game, make sure you get the right knowledge from the start…

The REAL TRUTH About Gurus

The REAL TRUTH About Gurus

Most marketers are lost in the fog of information overload. Because of this, they eventually are lured by a guru claiming to have all the answers to their woes.

The guru also promises you can make a fortune by just following their advice.

Of course that advice comes with a hefty price tag.

So what is the truth? It is a land of smoke and mirrors, a carnival of lies that is directed at you for the sole purpose of taking your MONEY

Don’t kid yourself here. Most gurus want to turn YOU into their affiliate machine, recurring ATM and USE YOU for their regardless of what most promise to teach you.

Some gurus are actually SETTING YOU UP TO FAIL! They know that the MORE you fail, the more you will SPEND out of sheer frustration.

You will be given just enough information to get your interest up and then you will be asked to spend more money on the latest shiny fad the guru has.

Yet the REAL TRUTH is that many of these gurus laugh at you as being too stupid to know any better.

How Do I Know This?

Recently I attended an seminar and actually heard some of the biggest names (you would recognize) discuss the best ways to relieve you of your money and return little or no value.

I actually heard someone say this: “Sucker punch them with a new lifestyle, dazzle them with ideas and dreams that you and I know they will never achieve, make them believe in all of this and then go for the juggler and wallet!”

Yes, YOU are being LIED TO by most of the top gurus.

I wanted you to really let this sink in because until you get this you will spend more money than a drunken sailor on leave in a foreign port.

The Same Is True Of Most Of The “Free Traffic Generation” Gurus

The gurus love the traffic niche as it appeals to almost everybody who wants to make a living online. Incidentally, people who do not understand how to generate traffic are usually clueless about marketing strategies.

Newbie’s are the guru’s favorite target . . .

Some of these gurus were well intentioned (at one point) and had great ideas for building traffic but they learned it was just easier to resell crappy traffic, almost worthless programs for making traffic and marketing courses for unsuspecting folks for easy money.

Don’t be a victim in this game, make sure you get the right knowledge from the start…

7 FREE Internet Marketing Reports

7 FREE Internet Marketing Reports

7 On How To ! – Download Now!

Struggling to get your online business going? Confused by all the information that’s out there? Download your reports and finally get real insight into the world of .

For a limited time you’ll be able to get your
hands on 7 PAID-FOR eBooks that cover all the
major aspects of online including…

Getting tons of with search engine

Making fast cash with private label rights

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Set and forget advertising with viral traffic

Reaping the free traffic from media

Tapping into strategic profits with joint ventures

Writing your own paychecks with blogs

plus so much more!…

These products are currently selling for $47 each
but for a feedback purposes you’ll get access to
everything for free.

Save $329 today and visit the link below for more


Clickbank $3k A Day Formula – Review, Bonus – From Tyler Pratt

Clickbank $3k A Day Formula

Clickbank $3k A Day Formula

$3k A Day Formula – Review, Bonus – From

Clickbank $3k A Day Formula – Review, Bonus – From Tyler Pratt – Discover How To Make Upto $3,000 Per Day With Clickbank Without Spending Money

Limited Offer FREE Today

Step by Step Training for Newbies that anyone can start making money online quickly

Discover How To Make $12,000/a month All On Complete Autopilot Without Product Creation, or Tech Skills

Clickbank $3k A Day Formula – Review, Bonus – From Tyler Pratt

Builderall Special Promotion – Review, Bonus – Builderall Internet Marketing Platform

Builderall Special Promotion

Builderall Special Promotion

– Review, Bonus – Platform

Builderall Special Promotion – Review, Bonus – Builderall Internet Platform – The Most Complete & Easy to Use Digital Marketing Platform on the Planet – All the Marketing, Design & Automation Tools You Will Ever Need (In One Dashboard)!

Builderall – The Ultimate All-in-One Marketing Platform

Builderall Will Empower You to:

Collect and Manage More Leads, Send Unlimited Emails,
Build Amazing Websites, Android and iOS Apps, Blogs, Pages, Membership Sites, Sales Funnels, Create , Track SEO and Much More!

All From ONE Single Dashboard!

(And all for cheaper than one of these usual services alone!)

Builderall Special Promotion:

Websites, Pages, Funnel Builders and More
​✔ HTML 5 Drag and Drop Funnel and Page Builder
✔Responsive Blog and Website Builder
My Image
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App Creation
​✔ Android and iOS App Creator
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To use themselves and sell on for profit!

My Image
List Building, Lead Gen and Mailing
​✔ Professional Email Marketing Autoresponder (with 10,000 subscribers included as STANDARD!) That actually inboxes!
​✔ Collect Leads Directly From Facebook Integration
Video Marketing and Graphics Creation
​✔ Animated Video Creator ✔ Floating Video Creator
✔ Presentation Builder
​✔ Complete Design Studio for Mockups and Box Designs
My Image
My Image
Conversions, Ranking and Success Monitoring
✔ SEO on Page Report Tool
✔ Click and Heat Map Tool
✔ Browser Notifications used on pages

Builderall Special Promotion With HUGE Advantages:

You’re going to get more quality marketing tools in one place for cheaper than you can get just one of these for outside of Builderall. Now I know what you may be thinking…well they can’t be as good as x, y or z then for that price…but here’s the thing. They really are. And customers LOVE Builderall and what they can do with it. Just wait until you and your customers see them in action.

Cheaper than Get Response WITH Funnel Builder Included!

You will start with 10,000 leads AS STANDARD. Which would normally cost $165 per month PLUS you’d have to find and fund your own funnel or page builder separately.

Much Easier to Use Than WordPress: Builderall is a fully integrated platform = No tricky plugins required.

You Will Not Be Able to Find All of This In One Place – For This Price:

Builderall Special Promotion – Review, Bonus – Builderall Internet Marketing Platform