EZ Graphix Vault Review, Bonus – Diverse & Original Graphics Package with PLR

EZ Graphix Vault


EZ Graphix Vault Review, Bonus – Diverse & Original Graphics Package with PLR

EZ Graphix Vault Review, Bonus – Diverse & Original Graphics Package with PLR – THE ULTIMATE VIDEO MAKING AND GRAPHICS TOOLKIT


EZ Graphix Vault is all-in-one solution for conversion-boosting, profit-pulling video assets and graphics that you won’t find anywhere else on the market.

EZ Graphix Vault:

Module #1 – 2 3D Virtual Studios
Module #2 – 4 Promotional AD Templates
Module #3 – 6 Social Media Video Templates
Module #4 – 3D Animated Ocean Template
Module #5 – 3D Animated Clock Template
Module #6– 3D Animated Breaking News Template

Module #7 – 8 Marketing Cinemagraphs
Module #8 – 6 Animated Scenes
Module #9 – 5 Intro & 5 Outro Templates
Module #10 – 50+ Sales & Marketing Tags & Badges
Module #11 – 10 Magazine E-Cover Templates
Module #12 –8 Retro/Vintage Flyers
Module#13- 13 Special Occasion flyers & card templates
Module #14 – 6 Business Brochure covers
Fast Action Bonus #1 – 15 3D Animated Marketing Characters
Fast Action Bonus #2 – 4 3D Animated Christmas E-cards
Fast Action Bonus #3 – 4 Christmas Flyer Templates
Fast Action Bonus #4 – 16 3D Animated Christmas Objects
Fast Action Bonus #5 –200+ HD Christmas Stock Images
Fast Action Bonus #6 – 250+ Vector Graphics
Fast Action Bonus #7 – 150+ Silhouette People images


Studio Quality 3D Animated Virtual Studios in PPTX and MP4 Formats

Professional Promo Ad Templates done in Powerpoint.

Professional Instagram Ad Templates done in Powerpoint.

3D Animated Ocean Template in MP4 and PPTX Formats.

3D Animated Clock Template in MP4 and PPTX Formats.

3D Breaking News Animation Template in MP4 and PPTX Formats.

Stunningly beautiful, Professional Cinemagraphs that you can use in your Marketing and Promotional Campaigns (in Animated GIF and MP4 formats).

Breath-taking Animated scenes (in PPTX and MP4 formats).

Intro and Outro Video Templates done in PowerPoint

Easily editable, Premium, DFY sales & marketing tags and badges templates done in Powerpoint.
Just open them in Powerpoint and edit the text, colors etc., then save. It’s that simple!

Original, stylish Magazine ECover templates done in Powerpoint. A4 Paper Size (210 X 297 mm)

Cool Retro flyer Templates in done in Powerpoint.
A4 Paper Size (210 X 297 mm)

Premium special occasion flyers, invitations and greeting cards templates done in powerpoint that
you can easily edit and use for all your special events. Size (5 X 7 in)

Professional Corporate brochure cover Templates in 4 colors done in Powerpoint.
A4 Paper Size (210 X 297 mm)

Use our top-of-the line graphics easily in your own promotional and marketing campaigns, whiteboard videos, online and offline businesses, YouTube videos, sales & explainer videos, websites, social media pages and in any of your multimedia projects, without the many restrictive copyright limitations which is often the case with other graphics products available on the market:

You GOTTA SEE the gorgeous graphics in this EZ Graphix Vault pack:

EZ Graphix Vault Review, Bonus – Diverse & Original Graphics Package with PLR

WP Graphics Toolkit – Review, Bonus – Over 1,500 (40GB+) Website Ready Images

WP Graphics Toolkit

WP Graphics Toolkit

– Review, Bonus – Over ,500 (40GB+) Website Ready Images

WP Toolkit – Review, Bonus – Over 1,500 (40GB+) Website Ready Images – WP Graphics Toolkit includes over 1,500 (40GB+) of website ready images, including Icons, Whiteboard Vectors, 3D Covers & Mockups, Video Assets, Page Headings & Text Styles, and 200+ Random graphics modules for all occasions.

WP Graphics Toolkit is a massive collection of all the different types of graphics every website owner needs to increase engagement and conversions, an ‘all in one’ collection that should be in every marketers toolbox…

Includes Icons, Whiteboard Vectors, 3D Covers & Mockups, Video Assets, Sales Page Headings & Text Styles, and 200+ Random graphics modules for all occaisions.

If you’re anything like me then you probably aren’t great at designing your own graphics, and definitely don’t like paying through the nose for a designer to do everything for you…

Don’t get me wrong, there are times when it’s a good call to get a graphics pro to do something bespoke for you, but most of the time you just need something simple for one of your sites, sales pages or blog posts and don’t want to wait (or pay) for someone else to do the job…

That’s exactly why created a huge “toolbox” of graphics over the years, with different images, icons, and other random graphics that he can dip in to when he needs…

A Graphics Toolkit to cover all situations!

And now you can grab the very same graphics collection at a tiny fraction of what it cost to put together…

Using just one of the graphics included will save you more than the cost of the whole collection, making the complete Graphics Toolkit the best value designer you ever used…

Here’s just a taste of what’s included, ready to use:

Module 1: 1,120+ Icons: to help physically break up text, making it less intimidating for readers. They provide a simple, effective way to draw users into the content of your website

Module : 48 Whiteboard vectors: for creating high converting explainer to sell your products and services

Module : 3D Covers & Product Mock-ups: for sales pages, Kindle book covers and all kinds of sales materials

Module : in 1 Video assets: high quality elements to include in your sales and opt-in videos

Module 5: 200+ Random graphics modules: for website & media posts, printed physical products like t-shirts & mugs, brochures and flyers and more…

Module : Sales Page Headings & Text Styles: Including the exact page headers and styles we’ve used on our TOP CONVERTING product sales pages

remember, use just 1 of the graphics included and you’ve saved yourself money on a Pro designer, AND all the rest are free!

WP Graphics Toolkit is an amazing resource that should be in every online marketers toolbox!

WP Graphics Toolkit – Review, Bonus – Over 1,500 (40GB+) Website Ready Images

Animated Web Graphics PRO | Master Resale Rights

animated web graphics pro

| Master Resale Rights

PRO | Master Resale Rights – Over 1000 Top Quality

I’ve put together a collection of over 1,000 brand new, high quality, professional animated web graphics that you can simply copy and paste into your websites and blogs.

These aren’t some crazy over the top animations, but simple designs created with a simple purpose: to catch attention and guide visitors to a certain area of a page, without distracting and overwhelming the visitor.

These graphics are all formatted nicely and ready to go. And I’m throwing in all the source files, so you can create your own variations of all of these graphics.

Since these graphics are already pre-made and pre-formatted, it literally takes just a few minutes to stick them into your website. And they’re really high quality and polished, so you WILL actually want to use them in your site.

This package consists of 2 parts:

1) Transparent GIF files
2) Source PSD files

For the transparent GIF files you don’t need any special software. Just add them to your site like you would any other images. And since they’re “transparent GIFs” they can be used on any color background (white, black, yellow, whatever).

These GIF files come in different styles, colors and sizes. You will also get different wording for the “call to action” buttons and text like: “Order Now”, “Join Now”, “Add To Cart”, “Click Here”, etc.. Most graphics come with 10 or more variations. So you get tons of variety.

And in case you want even more variety, you also get full source files to all of these graphics. So you can change the colors, styles, sizes, text, animation speeds, etc.. Everything is customizable, so you can create your own unique variations of these graphics to suit your needs.

And, it’s super easy to customize these graphics. All of the animations and layers are in place, so you just have to change one or two lines of text, or add a new style to a button, and the whole graphic and all the layers get updated automatically. It literally takes just a few seconds or minutes. So you can easily create hundreds or thousands more variations of these graphics.

This is a very easy to use and highly customizable package. If you want you can just stick these graphics into your websites, as is. They’re already formatted and ready to go. Or if you want, you can play around with the source files and create your own unique variations to perfectly suit your own needs.

Check out the sample in the Animated Web Graphics PRO package here for only $10.95, as I write this:

Animated Web Graphics PRO | Master Resale Rights

Mega Vector Characters – A Huge Collections Of Vector Characters, Graphics

mega vector characters

Mega Vector Characters – A Huge Collections Of Vector Characters, Graphics

Mega Vector Characters – A Huge Collections Of Vector Characters, Graphics – For $15.95, this is Insane!

What’s included in Mega Vector Characters (each is a previous collection, all bundled into this mega pack):

– Flat Characters

– Mega Business Characters

– Mega Business Characters 2

– Vector Characters

– Monsters Mascots Pack

– 100 Shelves

– 150 Facebook Covers

– Over 100 Badges

– 50 Business Card Designs

– 150 Seamless Leather Textures

– 300 Banner Templates

– 150 Repeatable Vector Divisors

– 100 Ribbon Styles

– 300+ Tileable Wooden Textures

– 2000 Buttons

$15.95 For ALL Of These Graphics Packs!

Mega Vector Characters – A Huge Collections Of Vector Characters, Graphics

Graphics Diamond Box – 40 Modules Of Hot New Graphics

graphics diamond box

Graphics Diamond Box – 40 Modules Of Hot New Graphics

Graphics Diamond Box – 40 Modules Of Hot New Graphics – From Lucas Adamski – GRAB 700+ NINJA GRAPHICS FOR LITERALLY PENNIES!

Lucas Adamski released yet another bestselling
graphic collection featuring his “best-of-the-best”
graphic templates…

Inside you’ll receive 700+ absolutely jaw-dropping
graphics that will boost your conversions & save
a ton of money on graphic designers!

Here’s what kind of phenomenal graphics you’ll get:

* Logo Templates
* Facebook Covers
* Facebook Newsfeed Ads
* Twitter Covers
* Full HD Video Backgrounds
* Web 3.0 Minisite Template
* Mobile Squeeze Pages
* Character Graphics
* Ecover Templates
* Kindle Book Cover Designs
* Banner Templates
* Sales Page Graphics
* Powerpoint Explainer Video Templates
* Infographic Template

Don’t miss out this ridiculous deal before
it’s gone for good!

Here’s what kind of modules you’ll find inside:

MODULE 1 – Characters – Education
MODULE 2 – Characters – Medical
MODULE 3 – Youtube Video Thumbnails
MODULE 4 – Full HD Video Backgrounds
MODULE 5 – Logo Templates – Business
MODULE 6 – Facebook Covers
MODULE 7 – Facebook Newsfeed Ads
MODULE 8 – Facebook Post Graphics
MODULE 9 – Mobile Squeeze Pages
MODULE 10 – Web 3.0 Minisite Template
MODULE 11 – Twitter Covers
MODULE 12 – Youtube Covers
MODULE 13 – Vector Badges
MODULE 14 – Various Vector Graphics
MODULE 15 – Vector Graphics – Animals
MODULE 16 – Logo Templates – Health
MODULE 17 – Ecover Templates – Business
MODULE 18 – Ecover Templates – Dating
MODULE 19 – Kindle Book Covers – Thriller
MODULE 20 – Kindle Book Covers – Science Fiction
MODULE 21 – Banner Templates
MODULE 22 – Graphical Headlines
MODULE 23 – Viral Quotes – Weight Loss
MODULE 24 – Viral Quotes – Self Help
MODULE 25 – Blog Headers
MODULE 26 – Product Headers
MODULE 27 – Product Boxes
MODULE 28 – Postcard Templates
MODULE 29 – Infographic Template
MODULE 30 – Email Header Graphics
MODULE 31 – Business Cards
MODULE 32 – Royalty-Free Photos
MODULE 33 – Text Layer Styles
MODULE 34 – Whiteboard Video Graphics – Businessman
MODULE 35 – Whiteboard Video Graphics – Dating Story
MODULE 36 – Whiteboard Video Graphics – Food Objects
MODULE 37 – Whiteboard Video Graphics – Money Objects
MODULE 38 – Powerpoint Video Templates
MODULE 39 – Vector Backgrounds
MODULE 40 – Secret Module

[EARLY BIRD ALERT] $7 Magical Graphics Pack With 700+ Templates:

Graphics Diamond Box – 40 Modules Of Hot New Graphics

Graphics Magic Box V2 By Lucas Adamski

graphics magic box v2

Graphics Magic Box V2 By Lucas Adamski

Graphics Magic Box V2 By Lucas Adamski – Graphics Magic Box V2 is a magnificent collection of 5-star quality marketing graphics & templates that will amaze your subscrivers! Most of the graphics are brand new, fresh & modern based on the newest design trends.

After over 5 years of graphic design & internet marketing experience my goal is to deliver stellar-quality graphics that actually CONVERT. I make sure they incorporate direct-response principles to give your subscribers higher conversions, increase in sales & profits!

This one-of-a-kind, premium collection features my hand-picked graphic templates. It’s not another random graphic pack with graphics from 1999. Graphics Magic Box package is HOT, MODERN & SLICK.

Volume 2 will have MORE Modules (over 30), video graphics, video templates, characters and other unique things! Plus, the graphics will be now editable in Microsoft Word making it very easy!

This is a perfect graphic collection for: internet marketer, affiliate marketers, product vendors, offline marketers & paid advertisers.

Here’s what kind of modules you’ll find inside:

MODULE 1 – Facebook Covers

MODULE 2 – Facebook Newsfeed Ads
MODULE 3 – Google+ Covers
MODULE 4 – Mobile Video Squeeze Pages

MODULE 5 – Web 3.0 Minisite Template
MODULE 6 – Video Backgrounds
MODULE 7 – Business Characters
MODULE 8 – Relationship Characters
MODULE 9 – Weight Loss Characters
MODULE 10 – Ecover Templates – Health
MODULE 11 – Ecover Templates – Sport

MODULE 12 – Vector Stamps
MODULE 13 – Banner Templates
MODULE 14 – Graphical Headlines
MODULE 15 – Viral Quotes
MODULE 16 – Headers
MODULE 17 – Testimonial Boxes
MODULE 18 – Product Boxes
MODULE 19 – WSO Sales Page Design
MODULE 20 – Flyers
MODULE 21 – Dating Object Graphics
MODULE 22 – Health Object Graphics
MODULE 23 – Business Cards
MODULE 24 – Pricing Tables
MODULE 25 – Royalty-Free Photos
MODULE 26 – Hand-Written Fonts
MODULE 27 – Text Layer Styles
MODULE 28 – Fire Objects
MODULE 29 – Powerpoint Video Templates
MODULE 30 – Vector Backgrounds
MODULE 31 – Whiteboard Graphics
MODULE 32 – Multipurpose Video Graphics

MODULE 33 – Landing Page Templates
MODULE 34 – Secret Module

500+ Jaw Dropping Graphics For $9.07 (as I write this)!

Graphics Magic Box V2 By Lucas Adamski

VectorBag – The Big Bag Of Graphics

VectorBag – The Big Bag Of Graphics

VectorBag – The Big Bag Of Graphics – VectorBag is a collection of graphics that are essential for your buyers’ sales pages, viral promos, videos and more. Multiple vendors have contributed graphics products to the collection, plus big bonus packages for opt-ins, making this a true value for high sales!

I’m always on the lookout for new graphics collections to help my sales pages, videos, and viral promos stand out. When you use the same graphics as everyone else, your message blends into the background.

I’ve found a new graphics collection that’s very different than the others out there. It’s called VECTORBAG. Read on to learn about the twist that makes it so different…

VectorBag is a collection of essential graphics from multiple designers. That means this isn’t a collection where everything looks the same — you get VARIETY of design styles. This is an excellent factor that most graphics collections overlook.

As you’d expect, VectorBag contains a big collection of vector graphics. These can be resized larger up to any size, even billboard size. You’ll get things like:

+ Badges — Useful for guarantees, callouts, and other attention grabbers…
+ Buttons & Boxes — Action buttons like “Download” & “Buy Now,” plus “Limited Time Offer” boxes and more…
+ Heroes & Villians — High quality drag & drop cartoon characters, great for illustrating “us vs. them”…
+ Headers & Ribbons — Website and section headers, plus divider ribbons, all ready for text…
+ Vector Backgrounds — Photo-realistic background photos converted to vectors for perfect resizing…
+ Fitness Vectors — Men & women doing various workout exercises, great for fitness and health products…
+ Retro Vectors — Old-style “line-art” graphics to add a unique look to your marketing…

and more.

Not only that, you get $10 worth of vectors of your choice from VectorToons!

You get more than just vectors, you get awesome non-vector graphics like:

+ Sales Page Templates — Perfect for cranking out quick sales pages that look pro…
+ Gift Vouchers — Gift certificate graphics for use on screen and printed…
+ Smart eCovers — Create pro-quality eCovers for your products with a few clicks in Photoshop…
+ Motivational Quotation Images — These are HOT for viral sharing…

VectorBag belongs in your graphics toolkit today. Grab your VectorBag now!

This is a great collection as-is, but here’s the twist I mentioned…

Each of the designers is kicking in even more bonus graphics, simply for joining their email list. The bonuses are even bigger than the collection itself — but you can’t get the bonuses unless you get VectorBag.

vector bag graphics

VectorBag – The Big Bag Of Graphics

Vydeo Makers Monster Toolkit Vol 1

Vydeo Makers Monster Toolkit Vol 1

Vydeo Makers Monster Toolkit Vol 1 By Tracey Meagher – Vydeo.Club’s Video Maker’s Monster Toolkit Will Instantly Improve Your Videos, Help You Make More Sales From your Videos & Expand Your Video Making Production Skills So You Can Make More Money Selling Better Videos To Clients!

TONS of video graphics, here’s what’s included:

– PowerPoint For Video Text Animations Swipe File
– 5 Fun Puppet Style Subscription/Opt-in Boosters
– 5 “Live Actor” Outro Call To Action Boosters
– 4 Stylish Flat Style Animated Video Intros
– Stunning Photo Themed PowerPoint For Video Template
– Photoshop Scene Builder Character Kit- Tina – PSD File
– Photoshop Scene Builder Character Kit – Tom – PSD File
– 15 Video Backgrounds Variety Pack
– 4 High Impact Staging Backgrounds
– Video Character Pack – Professions Edition – PNG & AI Files
– Fun Character Pack – 40+ Stick People Scenes – PSD File
– 130+ Monster Audio Tracks Pack
– 69 Video Enhancing Sounds FX
– Instant Audio – Sound Bytes – Male – US, UK & AUS Accents
– Instant Audio – Sound Bytes – Female – US, UK & AUS Accents
– Massive Swipe File – Geek Themed Animated PowerPoint For Video Slides – PPT File
– 200+ Sketch Style Icons Perfect For EasySketchPro + PNG & PSD FILES

All of this, for only $21.60, as I write this!

vydeo makers monster toolkit

Vydeo Makers Monster Toolkit Vol 1