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Google News

Google News

Formula – From Luther Landro – Effortlessly Rank News Stories

The Effortless Google News Formula

The Effortless Google News Formula is a step by step instruction manual to getting any blog or site approved for Google News guaranteed.

Inside you will discover:

Click-By-Click instructions will have you set up with your own Google News site from scratch in just 40 minutes – Once approved by Google, every article you post on your news site will appear on the front page of Google’s results for your chosen keywords minutes after you post it. This gives you the power to generate a flood of on demand.

How to use Google’s “first click free program” to earn passive income with your own membership site – Google will advertise your membership site for free IF you are willing to give them a few pages of free content. This system is used by the New York Times and other paid news outlets to build their membership at no cost.

How to sell Google News approved sites on Flippa for thousands of dollars – Google News approved sites are in HOT demand on Flippa and are currently selling for thousands of dollars each. Once you learn to rank these sites on demand, you will be able to create as many as you want. If each Google News site you created only earned you $,000, how many would you create in the next month? The next year? Or the next 10 years?

How to use niche news sites to build email lists and earn money with affiliate – Learn which niches earn the most money in Google News as well as which affiliate and CPA programs pay out the most for leads and .

Learn my number 1 lead source for professional business owners who will pay a fortune for their own – Professional services like accountants, lawyers, and financial planners stand to make thousands of dollars from a single customer generated from Google News posts. I’ll give you my number one lead source to find these biz owners, AND the sales materials you need to close the deal.

How to earn passive recurring income from your Google News site – Having a Google News site can be like owning your own personal ATM machine IF you are in the right niche. Local lawyers and other professionals pay top dollar for press releases. With a Google News approved site, you can post multiple press releases per day charging $50… $100… even as much as $500 per article in the right niches.

My copy and paste email sales script that sells local professionals on buying a Google News site in a single email – Use the exact same email templates I do when selling Google News services to local business owners.

Free download of my Google News sitemap software – This WordPress plugin will automatically create, update, and submit a Google News sitemap for your site. Failing to have a separate News sitemap is the 1 reason most bloggers do not get approved for Google News. This free plugin takes care of everything so you don’t have to worry about the technical requirements in Google’s news program.

Free copy of my Google News Keyword Meta Tag Creator – Use this WordPress plugin to generate ‘News meta-tags’. These tags tell Google which keywords you want your content to rank for in their news results, enabling you to leapfrog your content to the first page of results for any keyword you choose.

Can It Really Be This Easy To Create Recurring Passive Income?

Traffic is the BIGGEST hurdle marketers face when trying to earn money online. With a site approved for Google News, traffic is effortless, allowing you to focus on building an email list, selling affiliate products, or earning money from consulting clients.

Imagine: You create a brand new niche site and spend 40 minutes getting it set up to post articles in Google News.

Once approved, every article you post leapfrogs to Google’s first page as part of their news feed, giving you the ability to generate traffic on demand.

Google News

Effortless Google News Formula – From Luther Landro – Effortlessly Rank News Stories

Effortless Google News Formula – From Luther Landro – Effortlessly Rank News Stories

Effortless Google News Formula

Effortless Google News Formula

– From – Effortlessly Rank News Stories

Effortless – From Luther Landro – Effortlessly Rank News Stories – get paid to publish local news for clients…

Revealed: 3-Step Method Guarantees First Page Ranking In Minutes Using A Little-Known Loophole:

Renegade SEO Consultants And Affiliate Marketers Have Been Using Free Software To Exploit This Google News Loophole For Years Sending Floods Of To Their Sites on Demand…

Now Anyone Can Use This Same Traffic Strategy To Collect Affiliate Commissions, Sell products, Build Email Lists, And Get Paid Outrageous Fees From Local Biz Owner’s Who Want To Be On Google’s First Page.

The Source Of This Easy Traffic: Google News.

Websites that are approved to publish their content in Google News receive favorable treatment. Their content is ranked above normal results, and are made to stand out so they get more clicks (including a picture in the search results).

This works for every piece of content posted to Google News.

New content ranks in Google in minutes, and is even syndicated across mobile devices in Google’s News apps.

SEO Myth Busted: Google News is NOT restricted to big news sites.

The truth is ANYONE can submit their site and become approved for Google News, IF they follow Google’s guidelines.

In fact Google specifically mentions blogs and satire sites as among the sites it will allow to post news articles

“Having a Google News Site Is Like Being Able To Print Money”

Total set up time to get in Google News: 40 minutes.

Effortless Google News Formula – From Luther Landro – Effortlessly Rank News Stories