Facebook Live Streaming Course – Video Sales Tactics 4.0 – Review, Bonus

Facebook Live Streaming Course

Facebook Live Streaming Course

– Video Tactics 4.0 – Review, Bonus

– Video Sales Tactics 4.0 – Review, Bonus – Stream any webcam, screen capture, video, recorded video, or multi-person Skype interview using free software, live, to your Facebook timeline, page, or group.

Surprise… The Best Software to Stream to Facebook Is Completely FREE!

I want to show you how to use this 100% FREE streaming Facebook software (runs on both PC and Mac) so that you can:

run a quick “live stream” anytime you want to connect with new prospects and reconnect with customers

live stream to your timeline or any page or group in any format you want

get tons of viewers (both live and those who catch the recording later) in a format that Facebook wants AND that users love

get that “know, like and trust” factor as people see and hear you talk

And we’ve put it into what I believe is the best course on ever created… and it’s called:

Video Sales Tactics:

Stream Live Action, Screen Capture, Pre-Recorded and Interviews On the Popular Website of All Time: Facebook!

In Video Sales Tactics, you’ll discover:

Module 1: Your First Live Stream

When you have the right tools (and instructors), streaming to Facebook is easy. It only takes a few simple steps:

First Time Only: install the free (PC or Mac) software that we show you, and configure it in just a few clicks

Step One: Decide if you want to stream to your own timeline, a fan page, or a group (whether you own it or not)

Step Two: Decide if you want to record yourself on camera, show your computer screen, play a video (or a previously recorded stream), or you and a guest

Step Three: Click the “Go Live” button and have fun!

In “Video Sales Tactics” we remove the technical headache WHILE giving you the power to do what you want with Facebook and have fun doing it…

Live stream tonight (or within the next few minutes) using only free software: your computer’s built-in web camera and microphone are enough to start NOW!

Use streaming to make sales, build likes and group members, run a launch sequence, or build trust

Run your first few live streams in “test mode” or “recording only” mode to ease yourself into live streaming, or jump right in and broadcast

Stream as often or as little as you want, onto as many pages or groups as you want, as short or as long as you want with no monthly fees

Module 2: Screen Capture Streaming

Appearing on camera live is okay, but wouldn’t you like to mix it up, appear more interesting, AND deliver real content? That’s why we want to show you how to switch your live streams between a regular “camera” and showing your computer screen. Anything you show on-screen can stream out to Facebook, including images, drawings, web pages, and more… using the same FREE software!

Use Facebook streaming to demo desktop software

Use PowerPoints and websites (from your browser) and more in any Facebook live stream

Do it all without fancy equipment, without techno-geek skills, and without hiring an assistant

Module 3: Recording & Playback

This is where live streaming really gets interesting. While everyone else streams the same old “boring” shaky , we’ll show you how to stream ANY pre-recorded video on Facebook.

Think about what you could do with this technology…

Scenario One: record a video ahead of time, have someone edit it, and stream it as if it’s live, worry free

Scenario Two: play a fancy introduction video with clips and testimonials to get people amped up and ready to watch you

Scenario Three: setup a clip (live), then play that clip and return for questions

Scenario Four: completely re-play a stream (as if it’s live) even if it’s months or years later

In the “recording and playback” module of Video Sales Tactics, you’ll discover how to:

Playback ANY video you want across Facebook as if it’s live: iPhone recordings, edited clips, intro videos, and more

Record all of your live streams for later use (YouTube, post as a “regular” Facebook video, membership site or blog content) automatically

Switch your streams between live action, desktop, and pre-recorded clips, to give you attention-grabbing and entertaining content

Module 4: Interviews (Multi-Person Streams)

And finally, just imagine your fans, customers, clients, prospects and ENEMIES watching your live streams and wondering… “I wonder how they did that?”

In just a couple of steps (we’ll show you how), it’s possible for you to appear live on camera, streaming to Facebook, side by side WITH a guest (possibly from the other side of the world) appearing next to you, similar to television interviews.

Run professional side-by-side video interviews where others create media content for you

Get into the habit of live streaming any time you want to talk with your customers, get attention or you have something to say

Put Facebook streaming into use in your business with affiliate , product demonstrations, live teaching, and more

Insanely, this Facebook Live Streaming Course is under NINE BUCKS, as I write this!

Facebook Live Streaming Course – Video Sales Tactics 4.0 – Review, Bonus

Cutting Edge Facebook Software

Cutting Edge Facebook Software

Cutting Edge Facebook Software

Soci Marketer – Amazing New
, FB Tools

Something really BIG has happened in the Facebook world.

Welcome to the new Facebook, thanks to this awesome, new software, Soci Marketer.

As for the old Facebook? Well, you can keep making and using all of the ordinary features. . .

If you want an ordinary business, that is. . .

However, if you’re in for an extraordinary 2017 and want to scale your business to heights that it has never seen before, then you’re going to want in on this new tool.

Ever wondered what it would be like to actually use cutting edge software to Attract Thousands of new Fans?

Or Finally ‘Live Stream’ Easily?

Plus, gather thousands of super-targeted leads for your business?

Well, you can with this software, but there’s a good chance that you may be too late.

You will really love the upsell if you’re a big fan of freebies. These guys are giving a free, 60-day trial for a secret, unannounced bonus software that no one is talking about.

Soci Marketer – Amazing New Facebook Software, FB Marketing Tools

Soci Marketer

Soci Marketer

– Amazing New , FB Tools

Soci Marketer – Amazing New Facebook Software, FB Marketing Tools – Facebook Video Live Streaming Finally At Last

Professional Suite Of Tools – Soci Marketer

Some Worlds First In This Soci Marketer Launch – Some EXCITING NEW Features:

The Most Complete SaaS Software For Facebook Campaigns & Key Marketing Features Plus, Live Stream Tools For Our Market Space – Ever!

>> Worlds First ! First Carousel Posting App for Facebook.

>> Worlds First ! First VIDEO CROSSPOSTING App for Facebook

*** SPECIAL ADDITION – Facebook Ads Targeting – An Easy Way To Check Facebook Ads with Keyword Search and Type and get results Like Coverage, Name And Subtext – Numbers You Need To See Within Our Tool Suite

We’re taking advantage of Facebook’s very important NEW FEATURES and releasing our complete and dynamic suite of .

With Soci Marketer Live, we’re introducing Video Carousels which allow you to post 5 clickable images in a single post to keep your fans engaged and responding to your offers.

And Video Cross Posting which allows you to upload a video once to a page and then create posts from there to other pages, groups and newsfeeds where you are an admin.

Schedule your post and forget it. Then view total insights from all the that you have crossposted on Facebook. Auto share, Auto Comment, Auto Like, Auto Private Reply In Inbox can all be enabled.

>>> OTO 1 – Worlds First Cloud Based Live Streaming App For Facebook

For those who don’t want to get in front of a camera, but still want to live stream their broadcast on Facebook?

Now you can with Media Caster Live! The world’s first cloud based tool that allows pre-recorded video to stream as a live event!

This OTO comes with complete scheduling and analytics.

You can either wait to stream it, or broadcast the stream at the designated time. Again, Auto share, comment, like, and Private Reply In Inbox can be enabled from the posted announcement and then from the stream.

Along with Media Caster, your list will receive training to use and a 60-day Free Trial for another software that we believe is EASIER TO USE than Camtasia, for Broadcasting! (NOT OBS ) Way Better & Easier!

Soci Marketer Is Built With Facebook OFFICIAL API’s
and The Functions And Results are Incredible!

Soci Marketer – Amazing New Facebook Software, FB Marketing Tools

Pseudo Live Stream From James Renouf – Stream Live To Facebook Groups And Pages Without Being Live

Pseudo Live Stream

Pseudo Live Stream

From – Stream Live To Facebook Groups And Pages Without Being Live

Pseudo Live Stream From James Renouf – Stream Live To Facebook Groups And Pages Without Being Live – Unbelievably be able to stream live without in fact being live. Record your video at your leisure and stream when you want. Stream to Facebook groups and Pages for the first time ever!

Just $9.86, as i writhe this!

Pseudo Live Stream From James Renouf – Stream Live To Facebook Groups And Pages Without Being Live

Live Stream Machine – Drives VIRAL Traffic To YOUR Offers

Live Stream Machine

Live Stream Machine

– Drives VIRAL To YOUR Offers

Live Stream Machine – Drives VIRAL Traffic To YOUR Offers – Live Stream Machine allows you to syndicate you video across a TON of different places! This includes Unlimited Groups and Pages that you own, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumblr and Pinterest!

On top of that, Live Stream Machine will allow people to “Boost” their offline . Meaning they can upload a video file from their computer or with a link to any video on the internet. The Software will then syndicate the non-live video across different media accounts!

It is the ultimate broadcasting solution for both live, and non-live videos!

This incredible app lets you stream simultaneously to an unlimited amount of Facebook Groups and Pages that you own. On top of that, it syndicates your live video to all your major social media platforms, letting you reach incredible numbers of viewers.

The beauty of this software is it’ll let you drive traffic using ANY video – even those made by OTHER people!

Imagine – using someone else’s video, getting traffic, and sending people to your own links and offers. Doesn’t get easier than that.

When you’re ready to scale up, this app grows with you to drive floods of traffic to your own videos and live streams. Included training shows exactly how to do it.

Frontend: Live Stream Machine App
The main software product that allows users to syndicate their Facebook live video to multiple places at the same time.

OTO 1: TV Riches
A PDF course that teaches people how to create their own tv channel for free using videos that they already have.

OTO 2: FB Live Illuminati
Exclusive private coaching group + 8 live trainings.

The Secret To THOUSANDS Of Targeted Views To Your Offers:

Live Stream Machine – Drives VIRAL Traffic To YOUR Offers

Live Leap – Facebook Live Syndication Tool

live leap facebook live software

Live Leap – Facebook Live Syndication Tool

Live Leap – Facebook Live Syndication Tool – Live leap is the world’s first and only Facebook Live syndication tool, that shares your Live feed directly to your Facebook pages, groups, twitter, linkedin, Email list, and even mobile numbers the instant you go live.

Tap into the largest audience online, and deliver your message on
the fastest growing platform that exists.

FB is the audience. FB Live is the fastest growing video streaming
platform on the planet. You get there, right now, and the doors are
WIDE open.

>> Here’s How To Get Started!

This software and training takes FBs latest and makes it truly great.

By letting you multiply your exposure across not just FB, but also
across top social media networks.

Imagine an audience in the TENS of THOUSANDS listening to your
message. And the chance to go viral with every live stream.

You don’t even have to be on camera if you don’t want to be. The
training shows how to stream from your desktop, so you can do
screenshare product reviews & demos, and still get ALL the benefits
from this massive platform.

This is the world’s 1st and only software, fully endorsed by FB, that takes complete advantage of FB Live:

It’s a massively unfair advantage for affiliate marketers:

Live Leap – Facebook Live Syndication Tool