The $33K Emails Campaign – Review, Bonus – Copy And Paste The EXACT 33 Email Series

The $33K Emails Campaign

The $33K Emails Campaign

The $33K Emails Campaign – Review, Bonus – Copy And Paste The EXACT 33 Email Series

The $33K Emails Campaign – Review, Bonus – Copy And Paste The EXACT 33 Email Series – [4 Days Only] Steal Our $33,777.94 Campaign (From May 2017)

From May 1st to June 8th, we made over $33,000 in total with a net profit of $18,000+

How? By sending emails to our lists.

The 33 emails used were personally written by us. Nothing were outsourced.

Your customers will get personal usage rights to our EXACT 33 email series we used to make that amount of money.

They can literally copy and paste it for their own promotion. PLUS…

We also provide them the links to the products we promoted during this time period.

UPSELL: Done-For-You Upgrade Pack

We’ve put some complementary offers which we used in addition to the emails campaigns – products, bonus page templates and additional email swipes we personally wrote.

The other upgraded offers comes with to our Multi-six figure business, followed by our lifetime PLR membership site.

It’s a PROVEN email campaign that
generated a bit over $33K in May

…that’s only 2 weeks ago!

This is a REAL Business in A Box

Think you could both profit and LEARN by copying the $33k emails campaign?

Copy This $33K Email Campaign:

The $33K Emails Campaign – Review, Bonus – Copy And Paste The EXACT 33 Email Series

Autoresponder Treasure Trove – Review, Bonus – 187 Top Performing Emails That Created $1000’s In Sales

Autoresponder Treasure Trove

Autoresponder Treasure Trove

– Review, Bonus – 187 Top Performing Emails That Created $1000’s In

Autoresponder Treasure Trove – Review, Bonus – 187 Top Performing Emails That Created $1000’s In Sales – From – all the broadcast emails he personally sent to his subscribers in 2016.

These are the 187 emails that created $1000’s in sales, helped Andy Waring become a Top 5% Affiliate on Warriorplus and got him on to leaderboards ahead of marketers with far larger lists.

one of the most pleasurable experiences in IM, is being able to send an email one minute…

…and seeing payment notifications coming in the next.

Of course, before you get to that point you:

a. Need a subscriber list

b. Need to be able to consistently write engaging mails that subtly sell

The first of those steps is fairly straight forward with a lead magnet and a squeeze page.

The one that a lot of new marketers seem to forget about or ignore is the second requirement.

The thing is the majority of their income will come from sending emails to their list CONSISTENTLY.

If you struggle to write and send emails to your list on a regular basis, I might just have the answer.

You might not have heard of him, but Andy Waring is a marketer who has been around for a number of years now.

He is someone who has successfully used the simple ‘Build a list – Send emails’ strategy for some time.

His emails have made him $1000’s in commissions and has seen him get on to numerous leaderboards, beating off marketers with much larger lists in the process.

The exciting news is that Andy has packaged up ALL the mails he personally sent in 2016…

…that’s 187 mails…

…and he is giving you the chance to use them as your own

Each one of the emails he designed to both build a relationship with subscribers (Hugely important if you want people to keep reading the emails you send)…

…whilst also subtly selling to them.

You could just add your links and send them more or less as they are, edit them slightly to introduce a bit of your personality, or simply use the themes as inspiration for you own mails.

The choice is yours.

All I would say is think how much time this resource could save you…

…and even more importantly, how much income a full YEAR’S worth of profit pulling emails is going to make you.

, , , Get Andy’s AutoResponder Treasure Trove:

Autoresponder Treasure Trove – Review, Bonus – 187 Top Performing Emails That Created $1000’s In Sales

List Breakthrough – Review, Bonus – Make More Money From Your Email List With A Special Email Sequence

List Breakthrough

List Breakthrough

– Review, Bonus – Make More Money From Your Email List With A Special

List Breakthrough – Review, Bonus – Make More Money From Your Email List With A Special Email Sequence – A Step-by-Step Email Promotion System That Makes You More Money Than You’ve Ever Made With Email!

Even if you apply the List Breakthrough sequence JUST ONCE, it will more than pay for itself…

And having this sequence in your arsenal will lead to bigger paydays as you refine it to perfectly match your voice and your list.

This gives you a guaranteed increase in your overall profits… again and again, each time you apply it!

Who Is AND WHAT IS List Breakthrough?

Ben Adkins has run multiple successful online email sequences in the past 5 years. He specializes in building recurring revenue online and has built a proven model to do it (while still having a life outside of the internet).

Inside of List Breakthrough, Ben will walk you through the ins and outs of creating a successful email sequence. List Breakthrough works in any niche and works for digital and physical products and services. We’ve tested it in dozens of different ways and with our own products and affiliate promotions.

What’s Inside List Breakthrough:

We give you two different versions to choose from, Basic and Advanced.

List Breakthrough – Basic:

The Full 8 Part List Breakthrough System.
“The Oh Crap Tutorial” Email.
“Problem in the Flesh” Email.
“Solution Next Door” Email.
“Open Cart Stampede” Email.
“One More Thing” Email.
The Waterfall Close Sequence.
How to Combine all the Emails to Create a Monster Promo.
The Psychology behind Getting Your List to React.

List Breakthrough – Advanced:

You get everything from the Basic Package.
The “If You Only” Close
The “Two Paths” Close
The “Pillow” Close
The “Mark Your Calendar” Close
The “Puppy” Close
The “Guarantee Escalation” Close
The “Keep the Bonuses” Close
The “Walk With Me” Close
The “Close Your Eyes” Close
The “Real Life Story” Close
The “Unreal Excuses” Close

Affiliate Master Sequence:

The Affiliate Master Sequence Explained
How To Create Bonus Packages that Sell
How to Create Webinars the Magnify Your Affiliate Campaigns (The Evil Webinar Magician)
The Audience Finder Master Class
How to Build an Email List From Scratch to Promote Affiliate Offers to.
How to Find the Best Affiliate Offers to Promote and make income with.
The On the Fly Product Creation Genius Tutorial
The “Make Your First Affiliate Sale” Walkthrough

If you’re interested in making a lot of money from your email list… and… doubling, tripling, or even quadrupling your current results, this package will show you how.

A Deceptively Simple Five-Step Formula That Turns Strangers Into Cash

, Email Marketing With . To SHOW You That The :

How To Write Emails That Will Make You Rich!

List Breakthrough – Review, Bonus – Make More Money From Your Email List With A Special Email Sequence

1 Click Email Marketing – 1 Click To Email Nirvana

1 click email marketing

– 1 Click To Email Nirvana

1 Click – 1 Click To Email Nirvana – Imagine having someone think through all your email campaigns for you.

What if you could tap into a proven system that shows you how to build better customer relationships, grow your business, and make more money

Let me run down what you get inside 1 Click Email Marketing:

The application – a MS Word Template
12 years of Conrad’s knowledge and experience
List Building Explained – a peak inside Conrad’s head
26 Subject Lines That Work
Copywriting Formulas – a jumpstart for your writing
Special Audio Nuggets in the online help
8 Tips For Creating A Great List
Step-by-Step Instructions From Conrad

1 Click Email Marketing (personal) is chock-full of secrets that can only be learned by actually experience…not “guesswork”. Secrets such as:

What you absolutely have to do before even thinking about building relationships, get more customers, grow your business, and make more money.. (This alone has been worth a small fortune to me. Because it helped me save more time…and…money that I would have otherwise sacrificed.)
How to understand exactly how anyone can To understand email marketing and how to implement it in your business.. (It’s nowhere near as tough as you think. And it’s probably different than you think as well!)
The secret to Build relationships, get more customers, grow your business, and make more money. fast, even if you’ve never done it before.
And much, Much more!

The 1 Click Email Marketing Word application is a Microsoft Word macro-enabled template which automates the creation of your email sequences.

Now, you can create as many emails as you like, but we start with either a 7-piece, a 10-piece, or a 21-piece sequence. Each of these sequences has a separate purpose

As I said before, this is a complete “over the shoulder” look at how Conrad has transformed email marketing for hundreds of clients. And now it’s wrapped up in a nice neat package just for you.

1 Click Email Marketing gives you the power to change your financial…and…professional life forever.

1 Click Email Marketing – 1 Click To Email Nirvana

You Tube Marketing Emails – FREE WSO – 6 Lesson Rebrandable Ecourse

make money from simple videos

You Tube Marketing Emails – FREE WSO – 6 Lesson Rebrandable Ecourse

You Tube Marketing Emails – FREE WSO – 6 Lesson Rebrandable Ecourse – Make money From Simple Videos Brandable Ecourse – Up To 40% Open Rates Funnel From Barry Rodgers

The front end product is a professionally written 6 lesson rebrandable ecourse that is designed to be delivered by email autoresponder.

The content rich emails brand the user as “the expert” and builds authority and trust with the subscribers.

There are several high-convering products promoted through the sequence, all of which are affiliate products paying 50% commission

The ecourse itself is rebranded using a web based software…You just input your name and a couple of affiliate IDs and then download the personalized email sequence all ready to load into your autoresponder.

Barry Rodgers has a crazy offer out there at the moment

He is letting you re-brand one of his “tutorial style” email sequences 100% for Free!

These sequences often maintain open rates of 40% or more and bring in affiliate sales on autopilot.

To get one for FREE is something not to be missed!

You can load this sequence up in your autoresponder and..

•Build a whole new list in this smoking hot niche
•Brand yourself as an “expert” in that niche
•Get your subscribers to know, like and trust you
•Make money from the affiliate products recommeded through the sequence on autopilot

So grab this with both hands and start using it…It’s a freebie that you can actually start using today!

You Tube Marketing Emails – FREE WSO – 6 Lesson Rebrandable Ecourse

14 MORE DFY IM Emails by Lee Murray

14 MORE DFY IM Emails by Lee Murray

14 MORE DFY IM Emails by Lee Murray – 14 MORE Expertly Crafted Emails, Straight From the Brain of a True Conversion Master… All In the IM Niche… And Specially Priced Just For You!

Each of these was the result of one single email being sent to my list of only 2500 once each. No double mailings whatsoever. One email per product, one time. And the emails were of the same caliber as the ones you’re getting today.

The bulk of these commission totals were earned within the first 24 hours of sending the email.

Is There an OTO? What Is It?

A: Yes, there are a few actually…

OTO #1 – My first 14 DFY IM emails. These are on completely different topics, and include both a welcome email (extremely powerful) and an email that encourages your readers to keep investing in their IM education.

OTO #2 – An additional 21 DFY IM emails for $9.95 (50% off regular price). I have offered these in the past, and some of you may already have them. Be sure to read the sales letter so you know what you’re getting.

OTO #3 – Email Slick for $13.50 (50% off regular price). This is “the world’s first DFY/DIY hybrid” for email marketers. It’s the best email marketing training in existence, plain and simple. But it’s also a mix n’ match content resource that will enable you to write your own profit-pulling emails with more elegance and speed than ever before.

OTO #4 – My brand new monthly DFY promo email service for $19.95 per month. You get your first week for a dollar, so that you can see if it’s right for you. If you continue beyond the trial, you’ll get 5 new promo emails in the IM niche each and every week! Cancel anytime.

OTO #5 – The DFY promo email service, but just a half order. So you’ll get 3 emails one week, 2 the next, 3 the next and so on. Very straightforward, you get half the content, you pay half the price. Only $9.95 per month once your $1 week trial has ended.

14 MORE DFY IM Emails by Lee Murray

52 Weight Loss Messages

52 Weight Loss Messages

52 Weight Loss Autoresponder Messages or Social Media Status Updates
Do You Market To The Weight Loss Niche?

One of the hardest parts of marketing is making sure that you have enough quality content to use as follow up once someone is on your list.

You can do one of two things:

Either you can sit down and write a ton of follow-up messages yourself OR you can spend the money to hire a quality ghostwriter who can create these messages for you.

Even if you hire someone, you can expect to pay at least $3 to $5 per autoresponder message, and that can get costly!

The great thing about autoresponder messages is that they don’t have to be unique like web content does. No one is going to scrape your autoresponder content and see if it is unique. No Google ranking worries here!

In the past, I’ve created some very popular packages of autoresponder messages for offline marketers, and now this new package will help those of you who market weight loss products or services!

Here’s what you get in this package:

52 newly written autoresponder messages of 150+ words each on the following topics:

Weigh yourself regularly
Drink a glass of lemon water every morning to stoke your metabolism
Never allow yourself to get hungry
Be mindful of your portion sizes
Buy something to motivate yourself
Find a weight loss buddy
How meditation can help you lose weight
Adding yoga to your exercise routine
Find a support group that can help you through the process
Using your crock pot to lose weight
But produce when it’s on sale, cut it up and freeze it
Buy fruits and vegetables for local farmers markets
Learn about quinoa, a great grain that is easy to cook
Look into getting resistance bands
Consider keeping a blog or journal
Take before pictures so you can watch your journey
If you hit a weight loss plateau
Take snacks if you’re going to be away from home all day
The importance of eating a rainbow of colors
Making small weight loss goals along the way
When eating out, split your meal
The Mediterranean diet
Eat an apple before a meal
Eat breakfast to stoke your metabolism
Clean out your kitchen and dump the junk food
Plan your exercise a full week ahead
Finding things to divert you from eating
Cooking in bulk and planning ahead
Smoothies 101
Learning how to cook healthy soups
Always have vegetables on hand
Beware of fat-free foods
Can chewing sugarless gum help curb your appetite
Eliminate the empty calories of soda
Don’t eat in front of the TV
How extra protein helps you lose weight
Emotional eating and how to avoid it
Taking every opportunity to exercise
Drinking enough water
Using a pedometer
Eating too fast
How walking can improve your weight loss
The benefits of salmon for losing weight
Eating on smaller plates
The role of good sleep in weight loss
Building muscle can help you burn fat at rest
Separate your snacks ahead of time
Using green tea to boost your metabolism
Never do your grocery shopping hungry
Don’t confuse thirst with hunger
Using healthy oil such as olive
How skipping meals can cause your body to go into starvation mode

Each of these messages comes in a .txt document and is ready to be pasted into your own autoresponder service!

Imagine loading these up and having a whole YEAR’S WORTH of content automatically dripping out to your list!

Don’t want to use them for an autoresponder sequence? How about using them to fill up a new Facebook page on weight loss and then driving traffic to it? You could easily use a free tool like Hootsuite to schedule 52 posts and then let it run.

Save yourself ton of time and money by purchasing this packages of 52 autoresponder messages today!

52 Weight Loss Messages