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Automatic Backlinking Software For SEO – RankCipher

Automatic Backlinking Software

Automatic Backlinking Software

For SEO – RankCipher

Software For SEO – RankCipher – there are complete newbies ranking on top of google & youtube, Making bank WITHOUT KNOWING SEO.

People getting results with this new software that is designed for non–seo people to be on top of the SEO GAME.

Ranking high on google & youtube is AMAZING and will get you more than you can handle..but..

The problem is that it requires SEO knowledge, work and connections.

Well..here’s how newbies get on page WITHOUT knowing SEO:

It’s called RankCipher, and It’s a traffic siphon.

It will rank ANYTHING on top of youtube & google by building THOUSANDS of long term, high quality as if a HUMAN does that for you on COMPLETE autopilot.

AND, It will also monitor them all…

You literally don’t need to know ANY seo.

All you need to do is follow the step by step instructions the software provides and voila, you’re good to go.

IMAGINE the sick amounts of traffic you will get from this.

And it’s really simple, take your link, put it into the software, choose a ranking template and that’s it, you’ll start getting traffic FAST.

You can rank as many keywords as you want!!

Skeptical? I bet you are! Here’s PROOF:

Automatic Software For SEO – RankCipher

Rank Cipher – Review, Bonus – Backlink Building And Monitoring Software – RankCipher

Rank Cipher

Rank Cipher

– Review, Bonus – Backlink Building And Monitoring Software –

Rank Cipher – Review, Bonus – Backlink Building And Monitoring Software – RankCipher – RANKCIPHER: Effortlessly Boost Your Website’s Rankings to Position With This Automatic Long Term Backlink Building + Backlink Monitoring Software

The World’s Most Complete And AUTOMATED Linkbuilding Software enhanced by the Most Powerful Features

More Quality = Higher SERP Rankings

RankCipher is a search engine optimization () software which helps you get quality backlinks without any manual labour to create accounts, solve captchas, write unique content and publish it to hundreds of websites…without any human assistance.

Unlike other complex and outdated SEO softwares in the market, RankCipher provides you with advanced tools and functionalities from an ‘Easy to Use’ platform.

It will handle all of your time consuming and budget sucking SEO tasks while keeping the latest ranking factors under full control.
Here are some of its Awesome Features!

High Quality Link building upto 200+ Web2.0/Web2.0 Profiles
Drag and Drop Strategy Designer Builder
Pre-built in Strategies for the Ranking.
Auto-Content Generation for Link Building
Built-in Spinner for Content Spinning
Report generation of links made through the platform. Export into CSV or Excel format
Solve captcha automatically with 3rd party API integration
Proxy Support – You can use private and public proxies for the link submission to have higher success rate.
Integrations with 3rd-Party Content Spinning Services like WordAI, SpinRewriter, and ChimpRewriter.
Integration with Link Indexing Services: LinkLicious, Lindexed, OneHourIndexing, InstantLinkIndexer, BackLinksIndexer, Indexification, linkindexr
Integration with Captcha Services: CaptchaTronix, Death By Captcha, De-Captcher, 2captcha, ShaniBPO, Human Coder, End Captcha, Captcha Breaker, Captcha Sniper, Image typerz, CapMonster, Anti-Captcha

Watch The Rank Cipher Demo Video:

Rank Cipher – Review, Bonus – Backlink Building And Monitoring Software – RankCipher

How To Get Powerful Backlinks Free – Boost Your Google Rankings

Powerful Backlinks Free

Powerful Backlinks Free

How To Get
– Boost Your Google Rankings

How To Get Free – Boost Your Google Rankings – Learn a powerful and proven method to build powerful white-hat to any website you want. This method can be used over and over and has no up-front costs.

This is a great white-hat link building method that you will love. This product has real solid information that most others don’t.

No Start-up Costs
Can be used on Money Sites
No Limit to the Number of Links You Can Get

A proven method to acquire powerful that will boost your search engine results:

Great results for only $18.50!

How To Get Powerful Backlinks Free – Boost Your Google Rankings

Wiki Submitter Pro V3.27 – The BEST Ranking Software

wiki submitter

Wiki Submitter Pro V3.27 – The BEST Ranking Software

Wiki Submitter Pro V3.27 – The BEST Ranking Software – Wiki Submitter is 100% “Google safe” for ranking your sites and videos

1st position results in as little as a few days

Wiki Submitter Pro is a special ranking software that syphons off unlimited FREE traffic from Google and YouTube.

The more links a website or video has pointing to it, the more important Google thinks that website or video is…

If the links pointing to that site or video come from websites that Google thinks are important, some of that importance, or “authority,” gets passed on to the site or video it’s linking to

Wiki Submitter creates high-quality links that you can point to any website or video you want to rank…

This speeds up ranking and also helps you bypass others competing for the same keywords jetting you up to the top of the search results!

Google loves wikis because they are updated often with high-quality, educational information which means you get a lot of “authority” when a wiki site links to your websites or videos

When you have wikis linking to your sites and videos you’ll instantly get a BIG boost in rankings from any keywords that you wish to rank for…

Wiki Submitter works with 10 of the most used wiki platforms (Mediawiki, DokuWiki, MacOS, MoinMoin, PHP Wiki, PukiWiki, TikiWiki, Twiki, Wikka Wiki, and Xwiki… This means… more opportunities for high-quality links

Wiki Submitter uses multi-threading, so you can build multiple links at one time and get better rankings… FASTER!

You can even schedule Wiki Submitter to build links for you while you sleep… Building links at varying times looks more authentic and will give you better results

It’s easy to stay organized with Wiki Submitter’s built-in content management system… You can create lists of wikis, websites, and even keywords… right at your fingertips

When you add wiki sites, the software automatically confirms the wiki is active and makes sure registration is open (and not protected)… this saves you time and speeds up the link-building process… (Can you imagine how much time this would take to do manually?)

Although some wiki sites have “Captcha protection,” it’s NO match for Wiki Submitter… This powerful software will automatically solve all mathematical Captchas giving you more high-quality links than ever

Live reporting is built-in, so you can always see what’s working, what’s not, and get a backlink report RIGHT after you create them

You can easily randomize usernames and passwords each time you run the software to allow you to build more, natural looking links

Many wiki sites will be able to detect if you’re building a bunch of links from the same computer and block your ability to make more links… Most versions of Wiki Submitter include proxies at no cost that will make it appear like accounts are being created from multiple computers in various locations (This is included with most versions)

Use Coupon Code ’10offwiki’ for 10% Off!

Wiki Submitter Pro V3.27 – The BEST Ranking Software

Instant Directory Submitter – Instant Directory Submitter Review

Instant Directory Submitter – Instant Directory Submitter Review

Instant Directory Submitter By Abdul Hannan – This is the first ever FULLY automated directory submitter tool that submit links to 300+ sites instantly.


Just enter your name, email, website details, and choose a category to submit to all 300 directories.


Submission process is fully automated which means that no manual work is required once the submit button is hit!


Grab High Quality Directory Links with NO manual effort and rank higher in search engines.

Join Now And Start Submitting!

instant directory submitter

Instant Directory Submitter – Instant Directory Submitter Review

Free SEO Network

Free SEO Network

Free SEO Network – That is what this product is all about …

Over 100 free places where you can quality backlinks – and even get extra free traffic to your sites.

If you want to create profile links you can still do that.

If you want to spam abandoned WordPress blogs you can still do that.

If you want to pay for an expired domain blog network you can still do that.

If you want to create relevant, quality, and valuable backlinks that Google absolutely loves – for free – why wouldn’t you do that?

Personally, I suggest you create your own SEO network for free, and then if you still need an SEO boost look at paid methods.

Why pay if you can rank for free?

What you are about to be getting is a dynamic list.

What does that mean?

It means this is not a PDF. It is a membership site I am using myself to keep track of these opportunities.

When a new site is discovered it is added. If one bites the dust it is deleted.

There are no ongoing subscription fees for this.

Just today’s one incredibly-low investment.

All for 7 bucks!

free seo network

Free SEO Network

Social Link Machine

Social Link Machine | Social Link Machine Review

Social Link Machine By Andy Black – Increase Your Google RANKING Using Our Pure “Set and Forget” SEO Solution
Building backlinks and social signals has never been EASIER!

Incorporating the incredible functionality to:

Completely Automated
Automatically grab your content and instantly publish it on the 12 most popular authority platforms — completely automated

Build Social Signals
Generate and build social signals — totally hands-free

Faster Indexing
Ping newly generated URLs for faster indexing.

Natural Pattern
Set your desired frequency for each platform in order to create a natural pattern

Random Order
Work through your entire blog / sites content over time in either a specific or a random order.

2nd Tier Links
Integrate into your Backlinks Indexer Account and build hands free 2nd tier links to your new ULRs to speed up the indexing process

Analyse Your Results
View inbuilt dynamic logs to analyse the results of your submissions.

View all your created URLs
See all of the URLs created by the plugin and enable integration with BacklinksIndexer.com.


Social Link Machine | Social Link Machine Review

Social Bookmark Commando X

Social Bookmark Commando X | Social Bookmark Commando X Review

Social Bookmark Commando X is Your Own Version Of Onlywire But With UNLIMITED Accounts On Every Site For A ONE TIME Cost Of Just $47.00!

…And What If These Accounts Could Be Bulk Created In Just ONE CLICK!…BUT, Not Only That!…What If Every Time You Made A Post To 1000′s Of Bookmark Accounts It posted from Random accounts and in random Amounts Every Time!

When Everyone Else Is Using Onlywire…This Tool Will Give You A Massive Advantage!

Social Bookmark Commando X | Social Bookmark Commando X Review