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YouTube Ads For Your Business

YouTube Ads For Your Business

YouTube Ads For Your Business


Many businesses these days are well aware of Google Adwords, LinkedIn advertising, Facebook and so on but have you ever heard of using YouTube Advertising for your business? If not, let’s know this in detail here. At first, YouTube ads may sound to be like branding play but it is actually much more than that. With YouTube advertising, you can drive conversions without much hassle.

So, let’s dig in to know the reasons behind using YouTube advertising for your business:

Expand your customer base

Video marketing is growing at a rapid speed with more than 4 billion viewed on a regular basis. So, when you use , you can definitely reach out to your audience by creating attractive videos as well as by advertising on other’s videos.

Also, YouTube is the second biggest search engine and 3rd top highly visited site all across the globe, after Google and Facebook. Every minute 100 hours of video are uploaded on the site and 1 billion people visit it monthly. Such a platform has become a guaranteed place to find people who may like your products and services and turn out into potential customers.


One of the greatest things about YouTube videos is the way you can embed them easily at different places and that too with ease. You can enjoy embedding videos in blogs and on media platforms. It is indeed an easy way to share valuable content with the audience without investing in expensive advertising or marketing campaigns.

Growing audiences worldwide

This is in fact one of the most useful thing about YouTube advertising for businesses. Creating useful videos opens up the door to potential and new customers. Through YouTube ads, you can easily reach out to a bigger audience even without a big budget or even by knowing a single language.

For instance, if you are an English speaker, you get the benefit as it is somehow tough to capture large audiences in case you cannot produce high quality content. Apart from this, as you include the closed captions on videos, you can reach more audience as you cater to people with varying needs. It is further important to include various call-to-actions in the videos with proper annotations and link them to email auto responders, website content, products and services etc.

Customers will buy from you & promote you

YouTube videos that have a personal touch to it help in increasing the rate of conversion to a great extent. It has been noticed that people buy from the companies whom they trust which can be built when you relate with them on an emotional level.

Research shows that for companies and professional services, if you drive the to a landing page with video on it like of a person of the company speaking out something about a product or service, it will surely increase the number of leads and .

Send more targeted leads to your site

YouTube ads are so supportive that they help to send targeted traffic to your site and allow you to easily set up some clickable video annotations on the videos which when clicked send traffic to your site’s pages. This is indeed very useful and allows you to bring targeted, trusted and qualified leads towards your business.

So, these were just a few top reasons of using YouTube advertising for your business. As you learn more about YouTube advertising and marketing, you will see that you increase your sales innumerably.

YouTube Ads For Your Business – Tube Traffic Code – EVERYTHING About Ranking On YouTube For Massive Traffic

Sharp Social – Review, Bonus – Facebook & YouTube Automated User Engagement Web App – SharpSocial

Sharp Social

Sharp Social

– Review, Bonus – Facebook & YouTube Automated User Engagement Web App –

Sharp – Review, Bonus – Facebook & YouTube Automated User Engagement Web App – SharpSocial – SharpSocial is worlds first and only real artificial intelligence powered Facebook & YouTube user engagement web-app. Send custom reply & private messages based on Angry, Happy, Confused etc emotional states of user comments and much more!

SharpSocial is a web based app that completely automates the process of user engagement.

Using IBMs Machine Learning and Sentiment Analysis technology, we scan all the comments and replies on your Fanpage & YouTube channel, categories them based on their sentiments and emotions and sends them a custom response (reply back or private message).

SharpSocial can be used to engage users, brand reputation management, list building, direct , affiliate and so much more.

This is a perfect and a must have app for eCommerce, Shopify and TeeSpring (print on demand) marketers. Being able to understand what your users are asking for, how they are responding to a certain product and more can help you save tons of money in ads testing.

PLUS all of this is done automatically and the entire process once dialed in can work flawlessly without supervision.

SharpSocial gives you a very broad view of your customers, fans, market and your niches, so you can make sure there is perfect engagement and you can leverage that to build list, sell more products directly and generate targeted .

At $37, this is a 100% no-brainer deal. SharpSocial is a must have and a super easy sell and perfect for:
Social media, niche research, fb ads, teespring, ecommerce,
shopify, traffic generation, list building lists.

, , :

Check out the demo video of pro version to see how this works.

Sharp Social – Review, Bonus – Facebook & YouTube Automated User Engagement Web App – SharpSocial

VideoWeaver – Review, Bonus – GreenScreen Spokesperson Videos, Tons Of Video Weaver Features – $1 (7 Days) Trial



– Review, Bonus – GreenScreen Spokesperson , Tons Of Features

VideoWeaver – Review, Bonus – GreenScreen Spokesperson Videos, Tons Of Video Weaver Features – Instead of uploading video that you want to customize you can record new one with VideoWeaver, set background (green or any other) and use our features to create awesome spokesperson videos.

Here’s What You’re Getting With VIDEOWEAVER:

Check some of the features that will help you maximize your video production in a matter of seconds.

Create fully customized Salescreator videos

Brand-new drag and drop, point and click online software helps you MAXIMIZE your video production by creating professional spokesperson videos with dozens of customizable options in a matter seconds…

All features work on all devices

All features that you use in videoweaver software will be a part of video, not some fake html elements over videos. This way you can play this video with any device including mobile ones and all features will work properly.

All features work on networks

As we mentioned before, all features are built in videos, no fake html elements over videos to “imitate” real overlays. Because of that, on all social networks all features that were set for video you want to share/play will work.

Download video, embed or share on social networks

Download videos with all features built inside, embed online in any type of page, easy, with few clicks. Easy to share on social networks. Grab the embed code and paste it on any page and check the speed of our online player.

Video overlays

Just like image overlays you can choose any video to use as overlay. Choose video and insert it as any other type of overlay. Overlays are timeline events-set start time, when you want this overlay to show and end time, when you want it to hide.

Image overlays

Insert images into videos as overlays(you can set their transparency). Overlays are timeline features, you can set their start and end time (when to show and when to hide). Easy “drag and drop” will help you position them easy.

Text overlays

Insert text into videos as overlays, you can set their transparency, font color and background color. Overlays are timeline features, you can set their star and end time. Easy drag and drop will help you positioning them easy.

Custom backgrounds

Set custom background to your videos. If you record or upload video with green screen (you can use other colors), you can change that background with any other image (background) that you desire in few easy steps.

Add custom logos

With our UI it is as easy as pie to set logo for your video. Drag and drop effect will make this easy for you. Resize it, set transparency, set position for your logo, all easy with draggable and resizable elements.

Record or upload videos

You can use your attached or built in cams to record videos, customize (add features) them inside our software. You can choose which devices you want to use from drop down elements. You can upload already saved videos.

Export videos as GIF

You can export all your videos as GIF with all features visible inside that GIF. In modal for exporting GIF you can specify the start (and end) point of video. Click on export button and good quality GIF will start downloading in new window.

Email GIF previews

Get email video preview with all features visible. Click on get video preview code and you will see preview image and fields with the code for email preview to insert inside your emails or you can copy email preview direct link.

Sound overlays

Add sounds to video just like any other overlay. Set start and end time for your sound overlays. Set as many sound overlays as you need. If you need, you can remove base sound (sound from your original video).

Set custom poster

Set custom poster (splashscreen/first image) for your video. You can choose any image you want. Choose desired image for your poster and click save (that is all) poster will be set with few clicks – as easy as pie.

Video quality

Choose quality for your video from offered values in drop down- original, 1080p, 720p, 640p or 360p, in which you want to export, download. Choose quality based on your needs-better quality larger video file/lower quality smaller video file.

Add custom captions

Insert captions for your videos. Choose any of subtitle/caption format and insert it in your videos. Caption/subtitle will be integrated in videos as tracks which you can turn on on your devices or in our online player.

, , :

$1 (7 Days) Trial:

VideoWeaver – Review, Bonus – GreenScreen Spokesperson Videos, Tons Of Video Weaver Features

LEVIDIO Volume 5 Review, Bonus – | All in One Video Marketing Solutions

LEVIDIO Volume 5

LEVIDIO Volume 5

Review, Bonus – | All in One Video Solutions

LEVIDIO Volume 5 Review, Bonus – | All in One Video Marketing Solutions – CREATE ‘HOLLYWOOD-LIKE’ VIDEO IN 10 MINUTES OR LESS USING LEVIDIO VOLUME 5


Levidio vol.5 is a brand new Video Templates Series coming from the very well known Levidio Series. Levidio Vol.5 designed for All internet marketers to dominate video marketing on any device and plartform. Levidio vol.5 ready to help you and your customer to create studio quality video for corporate, youtube, product promotion, ecommerce, instagram video, instagram stories, video ad, WhatsApp and any other video marketing need. You can literally create video in 10 minutes OR LESS using only powerpoint. Levidio will help you increase your conversion and .

Choose From Our Proven Templates

With over 9 Years of Online Business experience, we know how to create video that converts and bring real results!


As easy as Click and Replace. Although we have prepared several popular niches in our templates, you can still edit it to fit your own niche!

Export to Full HD Video

Last but not least, you can export to 1080p Full HD Quality Video directly from your powerpoint with NOT additional plugin required

(you won’t believe that these videos created only using only powerpoint)

Animated Explainer Video Templates

Instagram and WhastApp Video Templates

Logo Opener Video Templates

Youtube End Screen

Youtube Branding Service

Increase Your Conversion and Sales Using Professional Video:

LEVIDIO Volume 5 Review, Bonus – | All in One Video Marketing Solutions

Tube Hammer – Review, Bonus – YouTube Commenting Software – TubeHammer

Tube Hammer

Tube Hammer

– Review, Bonus –

Tube Hammer – Review, Bonus – Software – From

is quite possibly the fastest way to get on today.

Youtube Commenting Software, :

Here’s how TubeHammer works:

1) Find active buyers looking for solutions.
2) Give them exactly what they’re looking for.
3) Profit from the floods of instant traffic!

Watch the demo video below to see it yourself:

Front End: Tube Hammer World’s First SaaS YouTube Commenting Software! Post YouTube comments from our 100% cloud based app. No messing with proxies to manage multiple accounts (it’s easy!).

OTO 1: Click Jacker WordPress plugin that lets you hijack any site and post your own affiliate link. Full media support with article previews for popular networks like Facebook and Google+.

OTO 2: Link Cloaker Cloak and redirect and split test your affiliate links.

Stop chasing after the same traffic everyone else and their mother is pursuing on YouTube…

TubeHammer is your ticket to instant traffic, easy affiliate commissions and quick profits!

Check this out now for best, early bird price:

=> Check Out this Powerful New YouTube Software:

Tube Hammer – Review, Bonus – YouTube Commenting Software

Tuberank Jeet 3 – Review, Bonus – YouTube Optimization Software

Tuberank Jeet 3

Tuberank Jeet 3

– Review, Bonus –

Tuberank Jeet 3 – Review, Bonus – Software – From

Tuberank Jeet Is The Perfect YouTube Optimizer:

– So Easy Anyone Can Master

– Step-By-Step Layout

– Real Results & Rankings

– Massive Proof

– Field Tested & Perfected

Every YouTube marketer needs this software. YouTube optimization is a pain without it.

Makes YouTube optimization ridiculously simple. Anyone can do amazing optimization without any training or SEO expertise.

Finds you the perfect niche. Just put in a keyword and you’ll know how hard or easy it is to rank for that keyword.

There’s simply no alternative to Tuberank Jeet in the market. Nothing half as good, and every alternative is just too expensive.

Tells you what keywords are super competitive, and what keywords are super easy to rank for. No more mysteries!

Intelligent scoring system tells you what exactly to do to achieve perfect rankings!

Tuberank Jeet is an ultra-powerful, yet ultra-simple YouTube
optimization software that will make sure your YouTube have the perfect title, description and tags, and that they rank at the top of YouTube every time.

Check out how simple Tuberank Jeet 3 makes it to get :

-> Tells you what are your chances to rank for any keyword you put in.

-> Show you who are the top ranking videos for any niche.

-> Tells you what is the audience sentiment about the niche you’re targeting.

-> Lets you grab data and tags from the any top video you like.

-> Gives you the best competitive, middle rung and long-tail tags to rank for.

-> Gives you an optimization score and tells you exactly what to do to rank better.

-> Automatically uploads videos to YouTube and also Vimeo and Dailymotion if you get pro.

-> Automatically posts to Facebook and Twitter and gets you more traffic.

You really need to see it in action to understand how it
works and how it’ll get that extra pile of traffic for you.

Tuberank Jeet 3 Demo:

This Is All You Need For Perfect Video Ranking Optimization:

Tuberank Jeet 3 – Review, Bonus – YouTube Optimization Software

Instant Tube Raider – Review, Bonus – Profits From Laser Targeted YouTube Traffic

Instant Tube Raider

Instant Tube Raider

– Review, Bonus – Profits From Laser Targeted

Instant Tube Raider – Review, Bonus – Profits From Laser Targeted YouTube Traffic – Instant Tube Raider is system to achieve easy $100 a day in Affiliate Commissions from Warrior+plus, JVzoo and ClickBank using Laser Targeted YouTube Traffic.

This is designed for all the marketers looking for Laser Targeted Traffic.

Instant Tube Raider is chock-full of secrets that can only be learned by actual experience…NO “guesswork”. Secrets such as:

Learn how to build a high converting funnel – complete funnel setup.
Make Instant Profits From Laser Targeted YouTube Traffic
Every aspect of landing page to have maximum conversions.

Dirt cheap traffic…

9c leads in ANY niche, dirt cheap traffic…

You’re an internet marketer! What do you need most?

TRAFFIC!…Cheap Traffic! (to be precise)

What If I tell you you can direct people to
your or Affiliate offer directly.

Not only that! People who actually looking for the
stuff you want to sell or info they want to opt for?

Ram has been working on for very long and mastered it
for CPA as well as Affiliate .

This unique strategy provides you:

– HIGHLY Targeted Leads
– Makes your potential customer data base
– Gets you very cheap clicks
– And Strategizes the complete campaigns which generates more and more money!

You don’t even need to invest anything to
get started, he tells you how to get $75 in FREE
advertising credits instantly…

Instant Tube Raider – Review, Bonus – Profits From Laser Targeted YouTube Traffic

10K=YT – How To Get 10k YouTube Subscribers



– How To Get 10k

10K=YT – How To Get 10k Subscribers – Interview with Aaron Topaz. He’s gotten 10k YouTube subscribers in a very short period of time and he reveals exactly how he did it! It’s a straight-forward formula that you will love!

Because everyone needs more and exposure and YouTube is a great way to get that.

Here are some of the questions I asked Aaron:

How did you get to 10,000 subscribers – what’s your secret and strategy?

What does YouTube want to see to give you ongoing traffic to your video?
What is the most important metric to look at inside your analytics
How do you know what you should do your on?
Is it worth paying for advertising for your videos?
if you don’t have a channel idea how would you go about choosing what you want your vids to be about?
What are the elements of enticing thumbnails that people will click?
What’s your biggest traffic source for your videos?
What are big mistakes many new Youtubers make?
and more tidbits within these questions!

More Subscribers and Fans On YouTube Means:

An instant “built in” audience you can tap into at any time
Followers, Fans and even Super Fans who will watch everything you put out
Subscribers get instantly notified when you put out new content – even when you go live!
You can tap into your subscribers to grow your email list and make on your products or affiliate offers
You can tell your fans to follow you in other places
And much more…

It’s not too late to get traffic from YouTube and even someone who opens up a new channel has a great chance for success!

10K=YT – How To Get 10k YouTube Subscribers

12 Key Factors To Do Really Well On YouTube

12 Key Factors To Do Really Well On YouTube

Crash the Party: 120 YouTube


Tried youtube and failed?

Youtube is the most dominant “hang out” spot on the internet. And it’s different from Facebook because people go there to watch, to learn, and to be entertained. Now that very quickly puts you in an authority role if you have a youtube channel.

The problem?

90% of YouTube channels fail.

So although we have this amazing resource that is absolutely free to start and can be just explosive for getting your business off the ground…most people don’t know how to do it. And because they don’t do it right…they crash and burn.

Kam Jennings, award winning product creator behind Crash the Party: 120 Hacks to Building Your Audience and Making More Money With YouTube, says there are about 12 key factors that you need to get good at to really

12 Key Factors To Do Really Well On YouTube:

You need a content Strategy
You need to get more views on your
You need to get more likes on your videos
You need to get more subscribers
You need to have your channel optimized
You need to get more comments on your videos
You need to get your videos shared more
You need to optimize your content when you upload
You need to focus on improving session and viewer watch time
You need to have a strategy for scaling and sustainability
You need to work around being scared on camera
You need a clear strategy for making money

Sounds like a lot right? Well it’s actually not that bad when you have it all laid out for you and that is exactly what Kam does in Crash the Party.

If you want to finally get started with youtube in 2017, or if you have tried and failed in the past. This is for you. Kam has over 14k subscribers on his Channel over 8k subscribers on his channel and he just flat out knows how to build a brand and make money with youtube.

Check out this awesome style video resource for 2017 here to get an unfair advantage over the competition:

Crash the Party: 120 YouTube Marketing Hacks

How To Overcome Your Fear Of Being On Camera

How To Overcome Your fear Of being On Camera

Crash the Party: 120 YouTube

If you’re afraid to be on youtube…

Many people see YouTube as a true opportunity to build their business and make real money online. A chance to finally quit their 9 to 5 grind. A way to do something fun and actually get paid for it.

The problem?

They are afraid to be on camera. Maybe you can relate?

Here are 7 ways to overcome your fear of camera shyness and finally make the YouTube thing happen:

Own it – Most people that are not actors find being in front of a video camera pretty uncomfortable. If you can just be honest with people right from the beginning and say, “Hey I am actually extremely uncomfortable right now…” You take that awkwardness and let the audience in on it. It humanizes you and actually becomes a subject of endearment. In effect, you turn a perceived weakness into a strength.

Practice – Whether you have a script, bullet points, or just a general idea of what you want to say, make sure to practice a couple of times. You got this. Don’t worry.

Write a script – Whether you use a script for the video or not, it’s good to write out your thoughts on paper or in a Word document. This will get your mind focused on what exactly you want to say on camera. Once you do this, try to whittle it down into the main bullet points. It’s a lot easier to talk with bullet points then trying to memorize or remember each word that you wrote down.

Just the idea – In most , the passion and excitement is more important than reading a script word for word. For videos where you don’t have to stick to every word of the script, look at your bullet points and then talk from your heart. You’ll be surprised at how your knowledge and experience will shine through and you will come across as much more natural.

Smile – The more you smile, the more you will relax and seem natural on camera. While it may not seem easy at first, try relaxing and thinking of something funny or pleasant.

Get Comfy – One of the best tricks to getting comfortable on camera is to wear clothes that are comfortable and make you feel at ease. While this is an easy solution, it’s something that is overlooked. Pick something that you feel confident wearing. Or pick clothing that brings back good memories.

Be Yourself – The more natural you feel, the better you will look on camera. This may include using your hands when you talk (if that’s natural), standing when you talk (rather than sitting) or holding a pen in your hand. You are trying to get to that state you are in when you are speaking to your friends. It takes a little practice but this is the goal.

So now that you have a good idea of some ways to overcome your fear of the camera…what’s the next step?

The next step is an up to date best practices guide for YouTube to get you off to an awesome start.

Crash the Party: 120 Hacks to Building an Audience and Making More Money with YouTube by Kam Jennings is an awesome reference to getting you started quickly, properly, and in a way that is going to really help your channel grow fast.

Check out more on this amazing new resource for 2017 here:

Crash the Party: 120 YouTube Marketing Hacks