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20 Niche PLR Products – Nicheology – Products In The Rough

20 Niche PLR Products

20 Niche – Nicheology – Products In The Rough – We Are Handing You a PLR License Today To 20 Info Products In Hot Niches So You Can Launch Your Own Digital Product Empire Yourself!

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Act Quick To Claim All Of This…20 Niche PLR Products

20 Hot Niche PLR Products – Complete with products and sales pages! ($10,000 In Value)
Bonus : Ecover Creator Software(Value: $197)
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products in the rough

20 Niche PLR Products – Nicheology – Products In The Rough

Whiteboard Profits Academy – Create or Outsource High Converting Whiteboard Videos

whiteboard profits academy

– Create or Outsource High Converting Whiteboard Videos

Whiteboard Profits Academy – Create or Outsource High Converting Whiteboard Videos – Be A Professional Whiteboard Video Producer In 7 Days Or Less

Whiteboard Profits Academy is designed to help YOU!

•If you are video creator, you will learn how to create and profit from whiteboard video
•If you are business owner who wants to hire others to create video, you will learn how to do it effectively.

Simple as that! Everyone can learn to make value and profits, as long as you’re interested in whiteboard video.

Whiteboard Profits Academy includes:

14 Easy-to-follow Modules and 12 Simple Tutorial Videos

500+ Stunning SVGs in 12 Subjects – Work With All Softwares

FREE Video Evaluation Service – Ensure Your Success

Whiteboard Profits Academy comes with some GREAT bonuses, for Only $17.00!

Whiteboard Profits Academy – Create or Outsource High Converting Whiteboard Videos

Video Surgeon – Performs Video Slow Motion, Video Zooming And Looping

video surgeon

– Performs , And Looping

Video Surgeon – Performs Video Slow Motion, Video Zooming And Looping – Why Not Use What the Pros Use – Video Surgeon – Slow Motion, Zoom-in, Loop Repeatedly To Break Down and Analyze Any Video

Video Surgeon transforms ordinary video footage into a valuable learning tool by performing video slow motion, video zooming and looping.

Usually this kind of technology is reserved for professionals like golf and tennis pros, Olympic athletes, and of course professional sports teams. Video analysis is a staple of training programs used by the Pros. At a cost of hundreds and even thousands of dollars, these systems are a small price for such athletes and teams. However, until now, the cost of such systems has put them out of the reach of the average consumer. Now you can have access to many of the same features used byPros – but at a fraction of the cost. Video Surgeon – the video analysis software designed for the consumer.

Video Surgeon was specifically designed for the consumer, not some IT guy or gadget wizard. To help you with learning curve issues we not only provide a written User Guide, but also have created a series of Video Surgeon training videos for all of the major functions.

The three most important and basic functions that you’ll find yourself using are slow motion, zooming, and loop creation for repeated playback – and by watching the three related training videos you can become proficient with these important features within 30 minutes. Although Video Surgeon has many other useful features, these three most basic ones, when employed at the same time become a powerful tool to assist you in analyzing any video, and maximizing your learning potential from it.

Slow motion, zooming, and loop each are important features and valuable when reviewing video. However, when combined their power is magnified several times over and they become a potent tool for analyzing a video and extracting all of the valuable and useful information from it.

, :

Video Surgeon – Performs Video Slow Motion, Video Zooming And Looping

Advanced Setting Techniques: The Fiction Author’s Secret Weapon

: The Fiction Author’s Secret Weapon

Advanced Setting Techniques: The Fiction Author’s Secret Weapon – If you want to go beyond simple description and basic worldbuilding, join me on this live training to learn the advanced setting techniques you’ve been searching for.

Use Setting to Enthrall Readers: This course teaches vital concepts and techniques which will allow you to deepen characterization, generate story conflicts and empower your story’s theme.


Create a subtext for your world

Take advantage of the seven types of appeal setting can offer

Tap into your readers’ emotions through setting

Use setting to illuminate the true nature of your characters

Create meaningful locations that enhance theme

Focus the premise of your story with setting techniques

Sharpen up your theme with well-chosen setting elements

Generate and strengthen symbolism with six setting techniques

Transform your setting so it feels like another character in your story

Advanced Setting Techniques Includes…

A seat in the live training on August 26, 2016

A video replay that you can watch at your convenience

An audio replay, if you prefer to listen while you do other things

A PDF ebook that covers the material in written format

Multiple worksheets so you can apply these advanced techniques to your own stories

If you register before the training begins on August 26th, you’ll get it all for… Only $17.00!

Advanced Setting Techniques: The Fiction Author’s Secret Weapon

Kick Ass Toons – 150 Top Studio Quality Character Animations

kick ass toons

– 150 Top Studio Quality Character Animations

Kick Ass – 150 Top Studio Quality Character Animations – Done-For-You 150 Character Animations To Sky-Rocket Your Video Conversions

Kick-Ass Toons is an INCREDIBLE pack featuring 150 unique, studio-quality character animations. Each is also available in 3 types of shot: full shot, medium shot, close up – that equals to 450 footage clips! It’s a powerful vidos assetps pack to help your customer make their videos more engaging, boost conversions & sales.

The animations come in popular formats, like SWF, GIF, MOV, FLV, PNG and can easily integrated to top video software tools, like: Explaindio, EasySketchPro, Powerpoint, Keynote, Open Office, Camtasia, GoAnimate and others.

Inside you’ll receive 150 top-studio quality cartoon
characters that will make your videos truly stand out,
turn your cold viewers into raving fans, and sky-rocket
your profit & authority!

Here’s what kind of modules you’ll find inside:

MODULE 1 – Joe “The Suit Guy”
MODULE 2 – Jenny “The Suit Girl”
MODULE 3 – Stacy “The Home Girl”
MODULE 4 – Ted “The Home Guy”
MODULE 5 – Ned “The Gardener”
MODULE 6 – Mike “The Electrician”
MODULE 7 – Sam “The Plumber”
MODULE 8 – Bernie “The Builder”
MODULE 9 – Jim “The Locksmith”
MODULE 10 – Fred “The Glass Repair Guy”

Top Quality

Unique Style

11 Characters

+ 150 Unique Animations

+ 450 Footage Clips

Transparent Background

1980 x 1080 Full HD

, :

Click Here To Preview The Kick Ass Toons:

Kick Ass Toons – 150 Top Studio Quality Character Animations

Solar Panels for Rwandan PreSchool

This plea for help is taken directly from realtor Julia Perrie at Sutton Westcoast Realty in maple Ridge/Pitt Meadows BC

These are her words:


Once upon a time, (that’s about 20 years ago), my friend Cathy decided to go Gorilla trekking in Rwanda. It was so amazing there, she went back. While she was there she met a woman who ran an orphanage and she began to work there for a week. And then, something wonderful happened, she went back, again and again, and then one day, she never came home. She stayed in Rwanda, fell in love with the children, the people, their hope.

20 years later she is still striving to help these eager people become happier, wiser and above all, healthier.

Here is what we are trying to do to help her.

The school she runs has only sporadic electricity. It is unreliable and very expensive. We searched to find a way to help provide consistent, environmentally friendly electricity to her school, so that she can add evening classes, have consistent hot water, the ability to cook hot food, and maybe run a few computers.

We are helping to pay for several solar panels, collection systems and all the wiring etc necessary to provide full-time, consistent power to her school, in an enviromentally responsible way.

How great would it feel to know you helped shine a little light on a remote school, full of eager children, who can pass their light on to future generations?

Your generosity is just a click away. You will win three ways: 1) you will help Cathy’s school thrive, 2) you will provide sustainable energy with a very tiny carbon footprint and 3) you will have sent some wonderful positive energy out into this turbulent world!

Hit the “” button! It’s so easy!

If you would like more information on PREFER Canada, please check out our website below!

And have a wonderful day!

(if you are making a donation directly through the prefercanada website, please clearly mark your donation “For the “. )

To Help out go to Solar Panels for Rwandan PreSchool

Andrew back again, as I write this, about $1150 of the $10,000 needed has been raised

This sounds like a GREAT project to support!