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LinkedIn Secret Sauce | LinkedIn Secret Sauce Review

LinkedIn Secret Sauce | LinkedIn Secret Sauce Review

LinkedIn Secret Sauce By Lee Cole – Of all the methods I’ve tried, LinkedIn is without doubt the fastest and easiest way to get high value, high dollar clients for any type of offline business.

Whether you sell, SEO, SEM, mobile, text message marketing, web design and development, social media services…whatever it is!…there are thousands of ready willing and able buyers for your product or service on LinkedIn.

Let me tell you how I turned LinkedIn into a freakin’ lead machine for my own business!

LinkedIn Secret Sauce is a 27 page report that shows you exactly what you need to do to turn your LinkedIn account into a lead machine. This works for any business! Gloria and I have used it ourselves in our offline businesses. We’ve taught this to people in various other types of businesses. Basically, if you’re in a business where you need to sell something to a real human being, you need this information!

LinkedIn Secret Sauce

Here’s what you’ll learn inside LinkedIn Secret Sauce

Why LinkedIn is THE best platform to be on for business lead generation…page 3

What most people do completely wrong on LinkedIn, and how to do it right!…page 4

Exactly how to write your profile’s headline so that it sells you and is also search engine friendly…page 6

How to keyword optimize your LinkedIn profile…page 9

Gloria’s secret formula for writing a great LinkedIn profile…page 10

How to blow up your number of first tier connections fast (with real people who can really make an impact on your business!)…page 14

What is a “Super Connector”? How to connect with them, and how to become one (in just a few days)…page 16

How to put your LinkedIn prospecting on autopilot!…page 20

Gloria’s easy to use, step by step method for turning LinkedIn connections into hungry leads for your business (works for any type of business, btw!)…page 21

How to take the next step and turn those leads into sales, quickly and easily!…page 24

Exactly what to say, how to say it, and when to say it on LinkedIn so that you can turn this platform into a freakin’ lead machine, gold mine for your business!…page 25

There’s more! Lots more!

Ready to turn LinkedIn into a lead machine for your own business?


LinkedIn Secret Sauce | LinkedIn Secret Sauce Review

Weblify Review And Bonus

Weblify Review And Bonus

Weblify Review And Bonus By Ricky Mataka – The World’s Best SEO Tool For 88% Off [Early Bird Special] – Getting Free Traffic From Google Is Now Bizarrely Simple

Weblify is the most advanced SEO tool that goes way
beyond any tool that exists which has been honed and
perfected for over 4 years!!!

This is the same tool that has been sold on webinars
only for $297 is now yours for a massive discount!

Weblify is the only SEO traffic tool that…

-Builds drag & drop silo sites with pure customization
-Instantly monetizes your site
-Allows you to spin or put in your own articles
-Clone and back up your sites 100% customized
with the themes & plugins you love
-And a ton more

You may have seen Weblify on a webinar for $297
but now you can get it for 88% on this early bird
special so don’t miss out!

You are going to love this tool!

Weblify Review And Bonus

Ebay’s Quick Cash-Out 2.0 Sales Funnel

Ebay’s Quick Cash-Out 2.0 Sales Funnel

Ebay’s Quick Cash-Out 2.0 Sales Funnel – Make $50-$100 Today w/ No Investment – Instant PayPal Payments – Real Case Study – Rave Reviews

All about drop shipping products – getting the money in your Paypal account, then instructing the mnufacturer to send it to the buyer and paying them, and keeping the profits!

Quick Cash-Out is a 39 page case study that walks you through how he through helping is Sister in Law was able to launch a business on Ebay.

Larmore walks you through choosing companies to work with, and as an added bonus you’ll get some reputable ones to start off with! But if you choose to find you own you’ll learn the criteria to find your own reputable companies.

Larmore walks you though setting up your Ebay listing, how to fill out each portion as well as how to deal with selling limits.

This is an easy way to get started with Ebay without having to have money up front.

All for under ten bucks!

ebays quick cash out 2.0

Ebay’s Quick Cash-Out 2.0 Sales Funnel

Mind Trick Funnels

Mind Trick Funnels

Check All The Features Of Our Amazing ListBuilding Platform Below:

Find Ad Swap Partners

Our platform makes finding ad swap partners a breeze

Find Clickbanking Partners

Finding Clickbanking Partners was never easier

Swap Funnel Clicks

Maximize your clicks by swapping funnel clicks

Buy solo ads

Only buy solo ads from reputable sellers

Sell solo ads

Post your ad for all of our members to see without extra fee

Detailed click stats

No more fake clicks ever! Check IP, Country, City stats and more!

Detailed click map

Get a great overview of where all of your clicks are coming from

Real time clicks stats

Watch your incoming clicks in real time for specific offers

Admin clicks monitoring

Somebody sent you fake clicks, let us know. We monitor everything!

Create tracking links

Use our tracking link creator to create tracking links on the fly

Rate and leave feedback

Easily find trusted swap partners by checking feedback

Integrated calendar

Track about all your swapping agreements in one place

Schedule your entire business

Use your personal calendar to manage your business easily

Members forum

Discuss and gain knowledge in our members forum

Built in tracking system

Check all incoming and outgoing clicks in your dashboard

Conversion tracking

Easily track conversion rates and watch stats in your dashboard

Live chat support

Have an issue? During office hours you’ll get instant reply

Responsive design

Manage your entire business even when you’re on the road
Ongoing Feature additions

Our team works very hard to constantly add new FREE features

No Monthly costs

A one time fee will give you access to our platform for life!

Mind Trick Funnels

APP RECORDING How To Record Your Mobile Screen Activity Video

APP RECORDING How To Record Your Mobile Screen Activity Video

How To Record Your Mobile Screen Activity Video


With Millions Of App Downloads Daily And Mobile Screens Being The Ones People View Throughout The Day Every Day, It Is Time To Start Cashing In By Creating Mobile Screen Capture Videos Showing How To Use Apps And Mobile Functions, The Market Is MASSIVE

I needed to be able to create mobile screen capture videos recently to demonstrate to my mum how to set up her phone to view hers and my grans house through their CCTV on her mobile.

So I wanted to create a mobile screen capture video to show her how to set the app up and use it on her phone, so I NEVER had to do it again and also that way I could just sell the mobile screen capture video to others who wanted to learn how to view their home from anywhere on their mobile.


Now if an app is new or is receiving thousands of downloads daily or millions of downloads, whether it is the latest game or a really cool piece of app software, you can create a mobile screen video tutorial, name it similar to what people are going to be searching and PIGGY BACK off it’s success and traffic it is receiving on the App and Play markets.

APP RECORDING How To Record Your Mobile Screen Activity Video

Linked Explosion

Linked Explosion

[LINKED EXPLOSION]From 136 Non-Responsive to over 1700 Interactive Connections in One Week

I am not one who loves to write long sales letters, so let me get straight to the point. I created this quick and dirty video series for my fellow Warriors. It ain’t pretty. There is no long PDF to read. These videos are all less than 25 minutes long. I walk you through all of the steps and show you resources inside and outside of LinkedIn that can massively increase your business NOW. I even give you some super cool bonus templates that will get your new connections to LOVE you.

Get LinkedIn right and you will be rolling in business while your competitors are busy writing articles, cold calling and going to boring networking events.

Can this work for affiliate marketers? Absolutely.

Is this great for offline marketers? Oh, goodness, yes!!

Here is some of what you will learn:

Video 1: Introduction to LinkedIn (6:48)

Who is on LinkedIn and why should you care?

Why Facebook is NOT the place to be if you want to market to businesses

Why smart marketers are targeting LinkedIn prospects specifically

Video 2: The LinkedIn Homepage (17:19)

The most important parts of the LinkedIn homepage

Interacting with others before you even leave your homepage

How to use current trends to position yourself as a thought leader and expert

How trying to randomly connect with people will get you banned

How to use LinkedIn’s search function to connect with the exact people you need in your network – HUGELY powerful for both offline and online marketers!

How to assess your network and see what industries they are in, where they live and more

Video 3: Setting Up Your Profile For Success (19:40)

The one thing you MUST do to get people to connect with you

How a boring profile will kill your business on LinkedIn

How to rank your profile in LinkedIn for your chosen keywords

How to write your profile to get people interested in doing business with you

The secret way to structure the experience section of your profile to give yourself more authority and credibility

How to give a Call to Action in your profile

How to use your profile to display your portfolio, videos and webinars

Video 4: Using LinkedIn Groups and LinkedIn Answers (18:38)

How creating your own group gives you a captive audience who are eager to hear your messages

How many groups you should join and how to find the best, largest groups

Which groups you should NOT join

How to get your message in front of HUNDREDS of thousands of people within minutes

How to find JV partners who might be interested in creating a product with you

Using LinkedIn Answers for market research and showcasing yourself as an authority

Video 5: Growing Your List of Connections (20:58)

How to properly connect with other people without turning them off or being labeled as a “spammer”

How to accept connections in a way that cements your relationship and gets people to want to work with you almost immediately

My secret source for getting HUNDREDS of connections within a couple of days

How to find people who are begging to connect with you immediately

How to interact with your LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook contacts all in one place

My super secret way to invite MILLIONS of targeted contacts to my webinars and presentations with a few clicks of a button

How to organize your contacts by industry so you can laser target your messages to them

How to target individuals in your local area so that you can hold local offline seminars

After you watch these videos, you will be able to set up a huge network of connections within just a few days. Follow my instructions and you will start to reap the rewards of using LinkedIn to its fullest advantage while everyone else is focused on Facebook and Twitter!

Linked Explosion

eBay Cash Infusion Video Series

eBay Cash Infusion Video Series

[eBay Cash Infusion] How I Use eBay and Used Junk To Make Over $2000 Extra Per Month

The goal of this report is simple: to show you what kinds of items I have bought at thrift stores and garage sales and resold for great profits on eBay. I use this money to fund my IM business!

I realized that what comes naturally to me (treasure hunting) doesn’t come naturally to everyone else! So, I have created this eBay course to help you:

* Sign up for an eBay account

* Find products to sell at thrift stores, garage sales, estate sales and more

* Uncover hidden treasures that other people walk right by and make big money on them!

I love to hunt for “treasures” (otherwise known as “junk” to some people!) You won’t believe what I’ve sold on eBay over the years. It has made up a SUBSTANTIAL part of my income for years.

In fact, even when I had a full-time J.O.B. in corporate America, I still made $2000+ each and every month from my part-time eBay business.

Your $9.95 investment will buy you:

12 videos teaching you how to sign up for eBay, how to properly research prices, how to properly list an item to get it SOLD PLUS 9 entire videos showing you 9 different types of products I look for when I go shopping! (over 90 minutes of video total!)

My eBay Money Makers PDF with screen shots (24 pages)

A special BONUS report (done by my husband who does all of our shipping) teaching you everything you need to know about protecting your shipments and cutting costs on shipping supplies (15 pages)

eBay Cash Infusion Video Series

Paranormal Romance Plots

Paranormal Romance Plots

[KINDLE PUBLISHING] TEN Detailed PARANORMAL ROMANCE Story Plots Outlined & Ready to Be Written!

Want To Make Money As a Fiction Author But Have No Idea How to Create a PLOT??

My name is Charity Cason, and before I get started telling you about this amazing package, I need to first explain who I am and why my opinion might matter to you.

First of all, I am a full-time, trained ghostwriter. I have a degree in Broadcast Journalism and experience working at places such as CNN and Georgia Public Television. I have been in front of the camera and behind it. I’ve written for newspapers and magazines.

These days, I work with clients all over the world for all of their ghostwriting needs. I have clients who work with me month after month for articles, blog posts and most importantly, book writing. But, something AMAZING happened to ME in the summer of 2012 that changed my whole business model.

You see, I was a NON-FICTION writer only. I didn’t even READ fiction. Frankly, I thought reading fiction was a waste of time because I wasn’t “learning” anything new. I love to learn!

Anyway, I started publishing non-fiction on Kindle in December of 2011. Like many people, I tossed up some PLR and wrote some short books. Eventually, the few PLR books were removed and the other books sat there, stale as week old bread. Some “gurus” were saying I needed HUNDREDS of books on Kindle to make a living! Now I KNOW that is pure hogwash.

The year moved on, I wrote tons of content for OTHER people and my income stayed the same while I ran myself ragged. I bought a fantastic Kindle course that said fiction was the WAY to the promised land of riches… Okay, maybe it didn’t say EXACTLY that, but I digress…

So, I spent June reading fiction. I read lots of different genres, but landed on romance. For me, it was easy to write and understand. Between July and November, I published five romance novellas under a pen name.

These outlines will help you become a romance publishing MACHINE.

So, as I started telling my list and my writing friends about my success, I realized that the biggest issue most people have is not knowing how to come up with story ideas or how to outline a story.

That’s when I decided to partner with a writer friend of mine and come up with TEN fantastic PARANORMAL ROMANCE plot outlines. This writer is also a ghostwriter for fiction, and she designed some great plots in this package!

Each one of these outlines is PARANORMAL in nature. Think about how popular paranormal romance has been in recent years. All of those Twilight fans have to have something to read! And these are NOT vampire stories (although you could easily use the outlines to create whatever paranormal characters you wanted). All are laid out IN DETAIL with chapter summaries, a summary of the whole story and basic character sketches.

Each outline is 3-5 pages in length and anywhere from 1000 to 3000+ words.

The great thing is that you can CHANGE any part of the story (and you SHOULD) from the names and places to actual events and make them your own. No two stories will ever be the same!

You can use these to write short stories, novellas or even novels. In fact, these could easily be turned into erotica stories that actually have a plot!

If you have wanted to get into romance fiction writing, this is your chance! You can literally start 2013 with TEN plots in your hand ready to go!

Don’t want to write them? Give your outline to a ghostwriter and let them go to work!

There is NO EXCUSE for not getting into fiction writing in 2013. Self-published fiction writers are getting big 6 and 7 figure deals from traditional publishers left and right. Some have made so much money that they TURNED DOWN those offers!

Stop looking for the next shiny object and get some fiction out there in 2013. I know that it has been life changing for me!

Paranormal Romance Plots

Massive Plot Package

Massive Plot Package

[MASSIVE SET OF PRE-WRITTEN FICTION PLOTS] Ready To Write Fiction, But Clueless On Creating a Plot?

Want To Cash In On The Kindle Fiction Craze But Spinning Your Wheels When It Comes to Creating a Plot?

This is EXACTLY where I was when I started writing fiction in late summer 2012. I had never even READ fiction (unless forced to do so during my schooling years), so I had no clue how to come up with ideas or formulate the right structure for a story.

It took me a lot of reading, buying courses and writing before I finally got the hang of it!

But guess what? You don’t have to suffer like I did.

A few months ago, I released some pre-written plots that customers went wild over. I still get emails and sales on these plots everyday, but the big question I get is “when are you coming out with MORE PLOTS??”

After working with members of my writing team (experienced fiction writers themselves), I am now releasing a HUGE set of 36 plots! Yep, THIRTY-SIX plots in one huge package! These are all brand new and not included in my other fiction plot WSOs.

At first, I was going to release these as multiple sets, but I decided that the best thing to do was to offer a substantial deal for ALL of them!

Now, these plots are all meant to be romance related. Most of them are paranormal in nature, but you can change them up as much as you want!

Make them sci fi related, erotica, historical, regular romance. The only limitation is YOUR imagination!

Some of the plots are VERY detailed and intricate for those who love to plot and plan. Some are more basic and are better suited for those of you who are imaginative. All can be used by plotters or pantsers (fly by the seat of your pants writers).

These plots were created by myself and my team of writers, so you are getting a variety of different kinds of ideas, writing styles and experience.

So, how do you actually USE these plots?

First of all, do NOT publish them as-is! Even though some of the plots are almost short stories by themselves, they are not meant to be published in their current form.

Instead, you will use the plots as a guideline and change up different parts to make your own unique story. No two people will write these plots just alike. Change the character names and descriptions. Change the setting. Change the time period, careers of the characters and any number of other plot points.

If you need help learning how to write fiction or publish on Kindle, PM me and I will give you some course recommendations, but this WSO is NOT going to deal with that. These are strictly pre-written plots without any other instruction.

Massive Plot Package