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Gifzign – Review, Bonus – Combined GIF App And CinemaGraph App



– Review, Bonus – Combined And

Gifzign – Review, Bonus – Combined App And CinemaGraph App – There are gif apps, there are cinemograph apps…but there are none that combine both…and that is what Gifzign does (and a whole lot more)

GIF Editor. Cinemagraph. Screen Recorder. GIF Player. All in one.

Create from mp4, Youtube/Vimeo, or record your screen
We believe in simplicity and have succeeded in bringing yet another user-friendly app with a WYSIWYG editor.

From loading a video to converting it to a gif that tells an engaging story to customizing it with amazing player skins, adding your image and texts to it and even choosing perfect positions for each element; it’s never been easier.

Gifzign Editor. Add text and images, fast
Edit your GIF so that you can make an impact. Set the start and end time, add a text layer on top of the GIF, upload your own images, logos or watermarks, and add various looping (ping-pong, reverse) effects. And for best results, set the quality to make your GIF count.

? Incredibly easy
Ever wanted to create those fun cinemagraph GIFs in a fun way? With Gifzign it’s incredibly easy. Simply select your still image and brush off the area you want to keep moving… You might as well call it “GIF Magic”.

Gif Mirroring and Negative
Gifzign comes loaded with an exclusive mirroring feature, negative effects, color filters and more done-for-you effects that allow you to stand out on media.

A Gifzign First: Hand-Drawn GIFs Players
We love GIFs, and we believe they should be adorned in beautiful ways. Gifzign comes with its own GIF player you can embed on any site you own and our latest innovation, GIF Mockups (see in action below).

GIFs are like memes, a witty piece of content which favours visual or image-based communication.

This makes it a powerful tool to speedily pass on information or express a point without having to go through a series of gray texts or a long video.

GIFs speak the internet language in terms of speed, entertainment, and functionality.

They are easy to consume, they are appealing and they are effective.

No doubt, the big social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Reddit, Tumbler and more, have made it easy and simple to share GIFs across their platforms.

Here is how to deploy GIFs in your starting today:

Gifzign – Review, Bonus – Combined GIF App And CinemaGraph App

Ultimate Spy Tool From Jason Parker – Review, Bonus – Spy On 6 Figure Super Affiliates And Tear Apart Their Campaigns

Ultimate Spy Tool

Ultimate Spy Tool

From – Review, Bonus – Spy On 6 Figure Super Affiliates And Tear Apart Their Campaigns

Ultimate From Jason Parker – Review, Bonus – Spy On 6 Figure Super Affiliates And Tear Apart Their Campaigns – Crazy New Spy Tool Keeps A Pulse On 300,000+ Lists Without You Having To Be Signed Up To A Single One Of Them – It’s Like Having Your Own Personal Secret Agent Snooping Around The World For You

Monitors what listbuilders are saying about your blog, your products, your company, and YOU . . . (If anyone’s WRONGLY talking trash about you, then you’ll be the first to know about it)

Spies on your competition and what they’re mailing . . . (You’ll take apart 3, 4, and 5 figure per day affiliate campaigns and look at them under a microscope)

Exposes super affiliates who you can add to your affiliate army . . . (You can find out who Rich Schefren’s affiliates are, for example, and contact them to promote your stuff . . . You can find out everyone who’s promoting Fat Loss Factor, for example, and contact them to promote your weight loss offer)

Discovers your competition’s affiliate links so you can pop over them with PPV . . . (Imagine popping up your landing pages over the tracking links of the biggest gurus and major companies in your niche)

Scans the e-mail marketing playing field and finds out who’s doing you WRONG . . . (The other day we found someone selling notes to a well-known internet marketer’s $1000 course for $39. Wouldn’t you like to know what comes up for YOU?)

Shows you how many people are mailing your product launch . . . (Just type in the name of your product or a line from your affiliate swipe e-mails and find out who’s mailing)

Scrapes PPV URLs from e-mails for your PPV campaigns . . . (Now you’ll legally “hijack” from e-mail lists all over the world)

Finds new solo ad sources . . . (Type in the word “solo ad” and find new sellers you haven’t bought from before)

You’ll spy on 6 figure super affiliates and tear apart their campaigns, getting a better education than you would in some lame $5,000 coaching program where they only teach the basics . . .

You’ll monitor who’s giving away your products, selling your products illegally, and talking trash about you or your products . . . This is priceless “intel” if you’ve ever wanted to find out who’s ripping you off and who’s wrongly bashing you, your company, your blog, your website, or your product . . .

You’ll discover new PPV URLs to pop up over . . . I have found that some of my highest quality PPV leads come from tracking links from inside e-mails of the biggest gurus and companies, and now you’ll discover a payload of ’em . . .

You’ll find new super affiliates to add to your affiliate army . . . If you have your own products, you’ll find affiliates who are mailing offers similar to yours and then you’ll contact them and ask them to promote your stuff too . . .

You’ll check in on who’s all mailing for your product launch . . . How would you like to know who’s mailing for your launch just by typing in a keyword into the Ultimate Spy Tool? Wouldn’t that be somethin’?

You’ll tap into the ultimate e-mail swipe file . . . There’s already a popular e-mail swipe archive out there that costs $497 per year to join. Why would you consider paying Cadillac fees when you can find out what people are mailing for a few measly bucks with the Ultimate Spy Tool?

You’ll keep a pulse on 300,000+ lists without having to be signed up to a single one of them . . . The Ultimate Spy Tool is just flat-out cool. It’s worth the dinky investment you’ll make right now in it just for the fun of playing with it, not to mention all the profits you could rake in from using it . . .

, , , Spy Software:

You’re gonna love the edge you’ll get with this new tech (under 8 bucks!):

Ultimate Spy Tool From Jason Parker – Review, Bonus – Spy On 6 Figure Super Affiliates And Tear Apart Their Campaigns

SharpSocial – Reach Out To Everyone On Your Facebook, YouTube Channel, Instagram, Twitter



SharpSocial – Reach Out To Everyone On Your Facebook, YouTube Channel, Instagram, Twitter

scans your users comments on & YouTube ( & on OTO1) and tells you which comments are negative, positive or neutral and also shows their emotions such as happiness, sadness, confusion etc. There is no other app that does this. Based on users comment, you can send them a custom private message on FB or comment reply or even delete negative posts.

Using SharpSocial, you can easily monetise your user comments. Turn comments into cash

Use SharpSocial to get more , more engagement, build a list and get direct from users engaging on FB and YouTube.

SharpSocial does sentiments and emotional analysis of your users comments. Using this data, you can for example:

-Send a discount coupon to someonewho’s confused.
-Ask for share & referrals from someonewho’s happy.
-Send support details to someone who’s confused
and so much more.

SharpSocial is the only app that uses IBM Watsons machine learning and artificial intelligence tech.

It’s really easy to use and 100% newbie friends. Simply connect your FB and YouTube account, it automatically scans and displays you data about sentiments and emotions. Then you can take actions of those comments individually or collectively.

Using SharpSocial, you can send highly engaging private messages,public comment reply and delete the comments.

You can either send message/comment/delete an individual comment or user or you can do it in mass.

SharpSocial uses sentimental and emotional analysis using machine learning based on IBMs tech. There is no other app out there that doesthat. This is HUGE!

Using SharpSocial you can actually see how many of your customers are happy and how many are hurting your brand.

All other apps simply let you private message the SAME CANNED REPLY to everyone on your fan page.BUT with SharpSocial you can send unique responses via PM or comment to angry,happy or confused customers. This way you’re actually solving their problems and genuinely reaching out to them.

All other FB apps either let you message instantly when someone comments or only let you message when someone messages you. WITH SharpSocial, you can reach out to everyone on your FB & on your .

SharpSocial is for FB and YouTube.Instagram and Twitter as well in OTO1.All other apps are only Facebook.

SharpSocial – Reach Out To Everyone On Your Facebook, YouTube Channel, Instagram, Twitter

Traffic Trigger – Review, Bonus – TrafficTrigger Software, Training To Generate Free Traffic

Traffic Trigger

Traffic Trigger

– Review, Bonus – Software, Training To Generate Free

Traffic Trigger – Review, Bonus – TrafficTrigger Software, Training To Generate Free Traffic – Art Flair’s Software & Course which will allow you to generate Free Traffic & – 100% Newbie Friendly!

Traffic Trigger is something that will automatically submit the same video to multiple video sites like YouTube (impossible to do manually), rank easily and start generating traffic almost instantly. We are also including a Real Life Case Study, Video Training and 10 Done-For-You ! If you are looking for a piece of software which will generate traffic in any niche, together with a video course, then this is a perfect fit.

TrafficTrigger Quick Demo Video:

Best Tool Ever – Page 1 of Google & YouTube in minutes – Autopilot Traffic on Demand

Imagine being able to submit the same video to
YouTube dozens of times and rank it in minutes…
(and save Hours of hard work!)


Not with this new piece of software!

Traffic Trigger software will solve ALL of your traffic problems.

What does it do? It can submit THE SAME video to
YouTube and other video sites multiple times &
rank it in minutes! (it spins the file itself)

This means that you’ll be able to save a TON
of time and start getting traffic almost
instantly – on complete autopilot.

Traffic Trigger – Review, Bonus – TrafficTrigger Software, Training To Generate Free Traffic

InstaMate 2 – Instamate Luxury Edition 2017 – Insta Mate 2.0

InstaMate 2

InstaMate 2

2 – .0

2017 – Insta Mate 2.0 – Best Ever Created!

Millions of the most engaged users on the planet. The ability to drive thousands of free visitors to your offers. A platform that’s continuously evolving to make things easier for marketers.

These are just a few of the reasons is THE network of choice to market your products and services.

While there are many tools available to help with your , there’s one that stands on top of the hill: .

Instamate 2.0 – Key features:

Automate your Instagram account for life

Have your Instagram posting the most viral content on the internet daily in ANY niche while engaging with the top brands followers in your niche in complete autopilot.

Monetize your authority sites with 1 click

While having a huge audience is great, the key customers want is to MONETIZE, so we have added in a complete content optimizer to add call to action buttons, watermarks, filters, text & sizing instantly.

Worlds 1st direct web Instagram poster & scheduler

Never need to worry about syncing photos to your phone, using 3rd party apps to edit & setting alarms to remind yourself it’ time to post. Have Instamate post the most viral content 24/7 for you.

Worlds 1st Instagram affiliate cloaker tool included

Instamate gives many ways to monetize the viral content while having a huge reach. One of these ways is by affiliate & we have created a proven software that safely lets you add affiliate links to Instagram for direct 1 click .

100% Set & forget

Simply search any keyword, choose which content that’s gone viral previously, edit accordingly with the displayed top hash tags in your niche & hit Schedule, then sit back & watch the leads, engagements and SALES come in.

No need to pay for ads again

Instagrams organic engagement is over DOUBLE that of Facebook & Instagram doesn’t limit organic reach like Facbeook does. Why pay for ads when you can increase your organic reach by millions with Instamate.

First software to ever allow instagram video uploads from your computer

Instagram introduced video upload on mobile in 2016, well now you can upload direct from your computer & repost others as well.

First & only tool that allows Instagram Story uploads

One of the biggest updates to Instagram is their stories feature aimed to take over snapchat. Instamate allows you to post directly to your story from your computer in seconds, it’s that simple.
Only Instagram tool that allows account management direct inside your tool

A big request in instamate 1.0 was the ability to be able to delete photos, add captions, comments & more inside instamate, well in 2.0 now you can.

Marketers from a wide range of niches and backgrounds, all getting incredible results with InstaMate … free and sales within HOURS of plugging it in.

InstaMate 2 – Instamate Luxury Edition 2017 – Insta Mate 2.0

The Journal Creator – Review, Bonus – From Amber Jalink – TheJournalCreator, Software To Create Journals

The Journal Creator

The Journal Creator

– Review, Bonus – From – TheJournalCreator, Software To Create

The Journal Creator – Review, Bonus – From Amber Jalink – TheJournalCreator, Software To Create Journals – The Journal Creator is brand new SAAS (software as a service) that helps people create journals they can print, use, and/or sell

The Standard level allows members to create journals that they can sell on Amazon (Createspace), Etsy, or *anywhere* they want. They get 10 journal templates to work with.

The Deluxe level allows members to create journals as above, but includes an additional 15 journal templates (25) plus more coming shortly. In fact, the Deluxe level allows members to create ANY sort of book with their own design, with the “blank canvas” template.

There are no limits to the number of journals members can create, it’s 100% royalty free (they don’t have to pay us anything other than their membership).

Create A Journal – “Speed” Preview (# 1/2 Minute Demo Video)

A quick example of in the new journal creator software The Journal Creator. This journal took me under 20 minutes to create (about 16 actually) – it would have been less except I was talking through it. So – this is the “no talking” sped up version as a quick preview to see how SIMPLE it is to create a publishing ready journal!

The Journal Creator – Review, Bonus – From Amber Jalink – TheJournalCreator, Software To Create Journals

UpTrack – Review, Bonus – Up Track SaaS Link Cloaking And Tracking



– Review, Bonus – SaaS Link Cloaking And Tracking

UpTrack – Review, Bonus – Up Track SaaS Link Cloaking And Tracking – track and optimize every section of your funnel / followup series and total effort.

UpTrack is the Next generation of SaaS link cloaking and tracking that will allow your subscribers to track and optimize every section of their funnel / followup series and total marketing effort.

This was create to fill a looming gap in the industry. You either had to pay big $ per month for an enterprise grade tracking system or you had to compromise and pay slightly lower monthly fees but have unreliable tracking and the inability to track deep through the funnel.

Uptrack addresses this with a single one time payment for an enterprise grade platform.

You can’t simply throw cash into ads and expect them to work if you are not tracking your links and monitoring where your are coming from, which ones are profitable and which are not.

That’s the fast track to blowing your ad budget and getting zero returns.

So how do the bug boys do it ?

Do you think they reply on the numbers that Facebook give them, that Google give them or that Bing give them ?

Not a chance !

Those numbers are frequently WAY OUT and can mean the difference between a 3X ROI and a money losing campaign.

No, the big boys pay $100’s each month for enterprise grade link tracking systems to know the exact parts of their funnel that work and those that don’t.

UpTrack is an enterprise grade cloud hosted and cloaker that WILL allow you to track every part of your funnel.


for the next few days is available for a single one time price.

Buy Up Track, Up Track Review, Up Track Bonus:

Watch the demo video here:

UpTrack – Review, Bonus – Up Track SaaS Link Cloaking And Tracking

InstaPilot – Review, Bonus – Instagram Marketing Software – Insta Pilot



– Review, Bonus – Software

InstaPilot – Review, Bonus – Instagram Marketing Software – An all-in-one Instagram Marketing Tool

App Connects You With The Webs Most Engaged Buyers

InstaPilot helps you to increase your following and promote your Instagram profile or company profile. It does it by allowing you to completely manage your profile posting, communication and engagement with Instagram users.

You can also spy on your competition and follow the people who are following your competitors (this gives you an unfair advantage).

Instagram boasts the best engagement
of the big networks.

Statistics have proven 75% of your
audience on this take immediate
action on your offers.

InstaPilot is going to make using Instagram
to drive , leads, and profit
super simple.

This revolutionary “all-in-one” app
connects you with the webs most
engaged buyers for effortless sales…
without paid ads!

What Is InstaPilot?

InstaPilot is a web based app
that makes the management and
automation of any Instagram
account super easy.

It uses a number of powerful
features to make the most of
Instagram’s traditional features
and some of the new ones
marketers have yet to exploit

A World First Software

InstaPilot is the first software
to allow you to take advantage
of the new “story” feature inside
Instagram. This lets you market
directly to customers in a whole
new way

Laser Target A Buying Audience

With you can build
a highly targeted audience or
even “steal” your competitors
market and promote directly
to them.

A Huge Pool Of Hungry Buyers

Instagram has over 600million
monthly users that are easy to
engage without paying for

Insta Pilot lets you go one further
and helps connect, then build your
own following and finally promote
and sell to them directly.

You can even deliver offers
directly to inboxes of anyone you

, , , :

InstaPilot – Review, Bonus – Instagram Marketing Software

6 Affiliate Marketing Software In 1 – ($7 STEAL!)

Affiliate Titan 3

Affiliate Titan 3

Titan 3 – Review, Bonus – Amazon Powerhouse!

I just saw maybe the best I’ve ever seen…

Then 2 minutes later I saw an even better affiliate software…

And then I saw another FOUR softwares that are even better!

And they’re part of ONE insane new $7 offer:


SIX of the most incredible affiliate software tools I’ve ever seen:

* Rapid Video Ranker – creates that rank on Google & YouTube in SECONDS (this is so simple!)

* King of the Zon – find 200 “top-secret”, high-commission Amazon products every 24 hours

* Launch Pulse – find the most profitable launches happening on JVZoo, & in the next 30 days (low Google & YouTube competition)

* CB 250 – spot the top-selling ClickBank affiliate programs, across 50 different niches,.. updated every day!

* King Of The Zoo – discover the most profitable, $10,000 a day JVZoo affiliate programs in seconds

* 1 Click Affiliate – create affiliate campaigns in seconds. Better, faster & easier than any other software out there.

OK, I think you need to check these SIX tools out to see what the hype is all about…

The price is only $7 right now. It’s a STEAL:

Affiliate Titan 3 – Amazon Affiliate MarketingPowerhouse!