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Social Media Marketing Agency – Shows you how to start a virtual social media agency

Social Media Marketing Agency

– Shows you how to start a virtual media agency

Social Media Agency – Shows you how to start a virtual social media agency –

Social Media Marketing Agency:

Shows you how to start a virtual social media agency that gets small businesses to pay you $,000-$10,000 every month by managing their social media and . This 4-month program walks you through the entire process, step by step, and helps you get your first small business client within 120 days!

Form your first online marketing agency within 30 days.

Convince small business owners to pay you, even if you’re new.

Outsource and automate your marketing agency, so you can have more freedom.

7 Benefits Of Using Tai Lopez’s Social Media Marketing Agency:

Why This Program Sells Itself…

Taught By World’s 1 Social Media Marketer

Taught by Tai Lopez, creator of the “Here In My Garage” advertisement — the most-viral and most-viewed video promotion in history! With over 380 million-minutes watched on his YouTube… and MILLIONS of real followers throughout his social media, you’re step-by-step advice from one of the world’s best social media marketing experts!

Solves A Major Problem

Small businesses owners are struggling when it comes to social media and online marketing… and they don’t have the time to learn or do it themselves. This is why they’ll gladly pay someone to do it for them. The SMMA program walks you through starting and agency to getting paid, from A to Zebra.

Gets You Paid For Life

Once you learn and understand how social media and online marketing “works”, you can apply your newfound knowledge to start and scale any business you want! You can even apply what you learn in the SMMA program to your own business, instead of paying someone else to do it for you.

Works From Anywhere

The SMMA program shows you how to start and run your marketing agency from anywhere in the world. It frees you from sitting in , working behind a desk, and being forced to work from a physical location.

Age Doesn’t Matter

People as young as 18 have already made $1,000s per month! There’s verifiable testimonials from people who went from struggling to successful, even after earning multiple degrees and trying for years to get a job.
Ongoing Updates From More Experts

In addition to the training from Tai Lopez, you’ll also get ongoing updates from proven experts in areas like Facebook Advertising, SEO, Copywriting, Email Marketing, and more! Because social media marketing trends change over time, this program includes lifetime access to additional updates that keep its members ahead of the curve!

Includes 3 Bonuses

To “sweeten the pot”, members get access to 3 special bonuses valued at over $1,997 — 1 free ticket to attend a live Tai Lopez and Knowledge Society event; lifetime access to Tai’s latest “lifestyle” program that teaches you how to enjoy life and not get stressed once you make more money; and, an official Knowledge Society certification that displays your name, and endorses your business, on a special website you can use to help you get more clients!

Check out this High Powered Business Opportunity, Social Media Marketing Agency:

Social Media Marketing Agency – Shows you how to start a virtual social media agency

The Self-Publishing Course Is Shaking Up The Telecommuting Industry

Self Publishing Blueprint

Self Publishing Blueprint

Self Publishing Blueprint By Vas Blagodarskiy

Are you looking to get into publishing but you can’t seem to get your foot in the door? Are you tired of receiving one rejection notice after another in your inbox? Are you interested in a golden opportunity to make tens of thousands of dollars online while maintaining total creative control of your work?

Then you don’t want to miss out on a brand new online course-based web app that has already provided the tools and resources to transform aspiring authors and publishers just like you into lucrative self-publishing entrepreneurs.

Take Ian, for example. Ian Harle was the managing director of a tutoring center in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn when he stumbled upon the self-publishing course that would eventually change his life.

“I was looking for a career path that wasn’t such a total grind,” says Ian. “Tutoring has a lot of slow periods. How am I supposed to pay the bills if we don’t have any demand? That’s when I started looking into self-publishing. Today, our eBooks are generating $12,583.00 in revenue every month, so I can say goodbye to the grind for good. Best part of all: It only cost me $197 for the entire course. I got my ROI faster than I can snap my fingers! Thank you, Bryan, from the bottom of my heart.”

Several other users of Bryan Biernat’s online self-publishing course have reported similar success stories. Remarkably, the vast majority of these users do not come from publishing at all. They were complete newcomers who managed to raise their income exponentially because of this groundbreaking, revolutionary new course.

The Self-Publishing Blueprint web app stands out among its competitors because it promotes a complete and thorough education on the ins and outs of self-publishing at a super low price. You don’t need to be a self-publishing insider or a veteran in the field. You can begin learning today without setting foot in a publishing house and become a money-making expert in a matter of weeks.

You don’t even have to be a good writer at all! Or maybe you don’t have much interest in becoming an author. Self-Publishing Blueprint will show you how you can outsource all your work to the top freelancers in their field.

But Self-Publishing Blueprint isn’t just for newcomers either. Let’s say you’re already a little bit knowledgeable in self-publishing. Bryan’s simple, adaptive course will enable a more seasoned self-publishing professional to obtain the tools necessary to guarantee instant and maximum profitability, upgrading your business skills to the next level.

Another remarkable benefit to the Self-Publishing Blueprint course is its grasp of the full picture when it comes to self-publishing. It doesn’t simply introduce you to the basics of self-publishing. It accounts for the full wide spectrum of self-publishers.

For example, if your start-up business is on a tight budget, Self-Publishing Blueprint will show you exactly how to stick to that budget and still maximize your company’s income potential. But while Self-Publishing Blueprint caters to the DIY approach to self-publishing, those with the resources can opt for lessons on how to use freelancing to their full potential.

The course will teach you how to write the perfect job descriptions to attract only the top freelancing talent in all areas of your company. If you choose to handle all the writing yourself but you’d like a freelancer to design your book cover and spine, Self-Publishing Blueprint will help you find the ideal worker for the job.

Moreover, Self-Publishing Blueprint makes learning about how to excel in self-publishing easy by showing you how to receive an instant ROI and exponentially increase your income in Seven Simple Steps. If you can follow simple, step-by-step instructions, you can easily navigate your way through this course. If your job is time and energy-sensitive, you can devote as many hours as you need in order to get the most out of Self-Publishing Blueprint. And you can do all of this at your own pace!

In fact, Self-Publishing Blueprint is such a simple and effective self-publishing course that many in the publishing industry are running scared. Suddenly, the world may not need too many more literary agents to take your work and carve out huge chunks of residuals that should rightly go to the authors.

It’s about time a program came along to enable authors and publishers to maintain complete control of their work so they can maximize their monthly income and continue to make massive profits all year round with zero risk and little effort. And all of this can be done from the comfort of your own home!

We highly recommend taking a look at Self-Publishing Blueprint yourself.

If this amazing new opportunity to make thousands of dollars every month by sharing your books with the world sounds appealing, you don’t want to wait around another second.

Click here to learn more about Self-Publishing Blueprint:

Self Publishing Blueprint

TeeCampaign 2.0 – Increase traffic to Teespring Campaigns by 150%

TeeCampaign 2.0

TeeCampaign 2.0

– Increase to Teespring Campaigns by 150%



TeeCampaign 2.0 featuring:

High quality T Shirt designs for 9 of Teespring’s best selling niche goups.
1,2,3 simple solution to launch professional Teespring Storefronts.
Complete A-Z training video series to learn how to reduce adcost by 90%
Forget paying expensive T Shirt artist. We’ve done everything for you!
Lifetime access.

15 Reasons You Need An InstaViral Membership, BIG TIME!

Never Sold A Single Shirt
Spent MORE Than $15 Per Design.
Your Adcost Exceeded $150.
Clueless On Facebook Ads

You Need A Good Niche Group
Your Designs Look Like Clipart
ZERO Likes/Shares On Facebook
ZERO Visitors To Campaigns
You Post Ads Aimlessly Hoping To Get Traffic

Waited On An Artist 1-2 Weeks
You Think You Need Expensive Software
You Aren’t Exactly Tech Savvy
Last Sale Was More Than 2 Months Ago

This is a system based on paid advertising with the Facebook Ads platform. Therefore, you WILL need an advertising budget to begin using this system. You don’t need a huge budget to get started but you do need something. Some people get started with their last $100 and turn it into 6 and 7 figures brands! We can not guarantee all designs will sell, but our members have had great success with the niche groups that we recommend.

Read the rave reviews, check out the amazing, redhot designs:

If you are selling tshirts, you NEED TeeCampaign 2.0:

TeeCampaign 2.0 – Increase traffic to Teespring Campaigns by 150%

Instant Affiliate Machines – Creates Full Niche Websites With Content From Scratch – With Built-In Monetization, Built-In SEO And Built-In Traffic Generation

Instant Affiliate Machines

>Instant Affiliate Machines”><P><br />
<B><a class=#Instant Affiliate Machines – Creates Full Niche Websites With Content From Scratch – With Built-In Monetization, Built-In SEO And Built-In Generation

Instant Affiliate Machines – Creates Full Niche Websites With Content From Scratch – With Built-In Monetization, Built-In SEO And Built-In Traffic Generation – This software plugin creates full niche websites with content from scratch — and has built-in monetization, built-in SEO and built-in traffic generation on top of it… It’s an Instant Affiliate Machine!

This WordPress plugin builds entire niche websites/blogs — with content — from scratch — for your buyers, and also comes with built-in SEO, built-in monetization and built-in traffic generation! Insanely killer tool for newbies and/or ANY online marketer.

This plugin automatically populates your site/blog with content from other (high authority) sites. It also has built in monetization… On top of that, it has built-in SEO and built-in traffic generation features. (scroll down for more…)

So right out of the box, you can set it up and have an instant affiliate machine.

Content: check!
Monetization: check!
SEO: check!
Traffic: check!

What else does one need?!

It covers every aspect of affiliate marketing.
Great for newbies because: A newbie can get a fresh domain, install WordPress, install ‘Instant Affiliate Machines’, and with a few clicks, have an entire affiliate blog/site setup and ready to make money!

NOTE: It is NOT required to be used on a “fresh” WP install. It can be used to add content to any existing WP site and there’s no need to change their existing theme if they have one they like.

Great for ALL marketers because: Anybody who wishes to promote stuff as an affiliate/CPA (or build a list) can use this software to build as many niche sites/blogs as they want… and then all they need to focus on is more traffic.

The built-in monetization feature can be used to promote:

Affiliate offers
CPA offers
Your own products/services
Free offers to build your list

So this literally applies to ALL of the IMers in our industry!
NOTE: Even though there is the built-in monetization feature (pop over/layover) — users can monetize their blog/site in MANY ways. From AdSense, to banners, sidebar links, retargeting, sponsored content, etc.

Instant Affiliate Machines, , , :

Instant Affiliate Machines – Creates Full Niche Websites With Content From Scratch – With Built-In Monetization, Built-In SEO And Built-In Traffic Generation

Dropshipping Cheat Code – $10k Per Month Dropship Code Revealed

Dropshipping Cheat Code

Dropshipping Cheat Code

– $10k Per Month Dropship Code Revealed

Cheat Code – $10k Per Month Dropship Code Revealed – DropShipping Goldmine Discovered – This has ZERO to do with aliexpress/Amazon/Ebay etc

I show you my U.S.A. based drop shipper that NO ONE else is showing you, and they are 100% automated, you do NOT touch one button when an order comes in. They will create hundreds of unique products in your store in minutes…get in now!

My secret Revealed, Step by Step Guide

Dropshipping Cheat Code:

My secret Dropshipping Source revealed
What Products I’m using
How to Create thousands of your own products in 3 minutes that sell like crazy
100% Hands free, you never touch the product, my source will create the products and ship them for you.

When an order comes in, his source will automatically create the order, fulfill it, ship it without you having to touch anything else.

This is ZERO to do with Aliexpress or any of the dropshipping platforms you have used before.

This surfer did $10k a month in his very first Shopify store, so you should check out what he is doing now, pretty crazy.

Here’s what is included inside Dropshipping Cheat Code:

Access to the Dropshipping Cheat Code. Access to a method NO ONE else is showing you for dropshipping online, my secret dropshipping source revealed.
How to create hundreds of products within minutes: I show how to get hundreds of unique products in your store within minutes, all pages, colors, pricing, everything set up for you.
I’ll give you my secret outsource Hookup, this is major and worth the price alone.
How to Automate Dropshipping: I’ll show you EXACTLY how to set it up so when orders come in you do nothing, not one thing, the order gets filled paid for and shipped without you touching one button on the computer.
Screenshots: The course is filled with very, very easy to follow screenshots along with descriptions on exactly how it is done.
Platform: What platform I use and how I’m using it to take all of my thousands of orders
TOP E-com//Ads Master: I know how to bring TONS of traffic that converts, I’ve been doing e-com for almost 10 years now, I know what works and how to scale massively and quickly, how to find products, how to create products, I’ve studied this stuff for years and years and years…so I should know a lot ya? Best to follow someone who has been doing this for years, not 1 month and has a sneaky method for a quick $50 in .

Dropshipping Cheat Code – $10k Per Month Dropship Code Revealed

Simple Laptop Profits – Make Money On Your Laptop, Even While Travelling The World

Simple Laptop Profits

Simple Laptop Profits

– Make Money On Your Laptop, Even While Travelling The World

Simple – Make Money On Your Laptop, Even While Travelling The World – Simple Laptop Profits is a step-by-step detailed training for beginners in , which reveals how Fred makes $123.71 every day on average from his laptop while travelling the world. This training is perfect for beginners to build their first list and begin making money with affiliate . We reveal Free and Paid methods to the students so they can use whatever works for them to get started.

Very detailed and step-by-step training.

Simple Laptop Profits is the brand new, killer launch from .

Inside the course, Fred and his team reveal all the facets of the online business he has built, which brings in commissions of over $100 per day with ZERO investment and very little effort.

They show students every aspect of the business from the ground up and how they too can replicate his success to build a comfortable 5-figure income online. Every aspect of the process is explained with great clarity as he provide an in-depth look behind the scenes of his internet marketing business and campaigns.

The course is unrivalled in the breadth and depth of the information that is revealed. Fred and his team are giving away all the knowledge and expertise he has built up over his years in the internet marketing game. For content that has taken years and thousands of dollars to accrue, he could be asking hundreds of dollars, not the outrageously low price point of just $7! Because of the amazing quality and value of the course, it is guaranteed your list and subscribers will absolutely love it.

Fred has been in the IM game for many years and has been generating huge commissions through the exact methods disclosed in the course.

Simple Laptop Profits is a step-by-step
training guide to show you exactly how
you can make AT LEAST 80 dollars
every single day by using their never-seen-before method.

You’re going to be blown away by this.

This system allows you to tap into a tidal wave of free traffic and channel it to offers of your choice.

Simple Laptop Profits – Make Money On Your Laptop, Even While Travelling The World

Early Bird access to the CBS Formula coaching program!

Early Bird access to the CBS Formula coaching program!

Early Bird access to the CBS Formula coaching program!

Early Bird access to the CBS Formula coaching program! – The CBS Formula coaching program I’ve been telling you about is now live…

…go and lock your early bird access to the coaching program now!

Here’s what you need to know:

This early bird opening will only
last for a few hours but it closes
down again, if you sneeze you miss…
this is by far the most powerful
and yet, most affordable
(dare I say, cheapest) internet
business coaching program in
2017 right now.

And it’s 100% result based!

These guys are no joke… they
even used the CBS Formula to
earn money live in front of you
just to show you that it flat out

==> See CBS Formula creators making
money live before your very eyes.

So, What is CBS Formula?

You’ve been seeing me and a lot of
other people talk about it but exactly,
what is it and why must you be a part of it?

Firstly, CBS stands for Create. Build. Sell.

Which eventually translates to:

[+] Create a product
[+] Build a mailing list
[+] Sell your product to the list

You see regardless of what anyone
may have told you before, the only
way guaranteed to make you money
online is to “SELL SOMETHING”

If you’re not selling anything, you
can’t make money…. period!

And regardless of how faintest your
idea or knowledge is, there hundreds
of thousands to millions of people
out there hungry to have the same
information and more than willing
to pay for it.

Take for example: if you know
how to ski, you already know
enough to start making money

They’re millions of Skiing fans out
there in the world, some are beginners
and are experts who would still love
to hone their skills yet millions are fans
that just love it but don’t even know
how to get started, you could easy
get your friend to hold up your iPhone
camera and record you Skiing while
teaching the guidelines then package
it as a product and start selling.

All you need to do is build a list of
Skiing fans and lovers and boom,
you’ve got a hungry crowd ready
to buying your products.

That’s how easy it is but truth is…
many people don’t know how to sell.

They don’t know how to create a
product or how to build a email list
of ready buyers and for months.

This is why you struggle to build a
profitable business online because:

1: you don’t know how to create hot selling products
2: you don’t know how to build a buyer email list
3: you don’t know how to profitably sell online at the push of button

And that’s exactly what CBS Formula
coaching program changes for you…
inside this program, we’ll take you from
whatever level you’re on now to
$1,000 per day within your first week
even if you’re a complete idiot and
has never succeeded online before.

Our system has ZERO failure rate and
you’ll start seeing results same day.

It doesn’t just give you the coaching
and training to start selling online, you’ll
also get exclusive access to all our
personal resources, hand holding and
automation software you need to
build a successful online business.

Here’s the best part…

The team that put this coaching program
together generated over $4 million dollars
in 2016 creating and selling digital products
(courses, memberships, clubs, software,
apps etc.) online in different niches so
you’re in great hands.

That’s $4 million revenue in one single year…

And all their students in 2016 generated
over $100,000 each in revenue creating
and selling products online.

If you really want to be a part of truly
life changing, result-oriented coaching
program that works… this is your chance.

I’ve been inside the training area and
I was really wowed, the platform
is incredible, everything you need to
build an internet business is already
done for you.

And just for a price of pair of good
trousers, you’ll lock in your lifetime
access to this coaching program

Click here to Join the CBS Formula
coaching program (early bird access)

Early Bird access to the CBS Formula coaching program!

CBS Formula – Create, Build, Sell – Creating Products, Build My List & Selling the Products to the List

CBS Formula

CBS Formula

– Create, Build, Sell – Creating Products, Build My List & Selling the Products to the List

Formula – Create, Build, Sell – Creating Products, Build My List & Selling the Products to the List – Killer Product… Based on Method We’ve Been Using in Our Own Business

Listen, my business is simple… Get … Build a List… Sell a Product/Promote an Offer… and Make a Lot of Money! Nothing hidden and it works every time… I’ve done this successfully for years and generated millions of dollars with it every single year. Overtime, I’ve improved on my methods and devised powerful strategies to generate even better results and CBS Formula is an automated suite of my method.

Every single year, I’ve made millions of dollars in products doing one simple thing… “Creating Products, Build My List & Selling the Products to the List” and after doing this for years, I’ve come to master the art of selling online effortlessly.

In fact, I’ve perfected a very powerful system that ANYONE can use start selling online and raking in huge profits today.

So, when you subscribers get CBS Formula, they won’t just be laying their hands on our automated internet business suite but our entire suite of making money online that includes readymade products, opt-in pages, pages, email swipes and training that will allow them setup a new brand and become profitable in as little as 24 hours.


6 Figure internet business setup
Internet business automation
Readymade products to sell
Powerful lead generation machine
Live coaching and hand-holding
Training videos & tools
4 – 5 figure per day scaling

$1K/Day Secret Method – Free Book!

CBS Formula – Create, Build, Sell – Creating Products, Build My List & Selling the Products to the List

Hookum – Give These Away, Make Money, Build Your List



– Give These Away, Make Money, Build Your List

Hookum – Give These Away, Make Money, Build Your List – Hookum is a simple but powerful twist on a tried and tested method. A simple ‘Newbie Friendly’ and Ethical Formula which combines Perceived Value & Native Ad Content Structure to make selling affiliate products, your own products… even CPA ‘PASSIVELY’… A Breeze If your Subscribers Can Give These Away… They’ll not only Make Money, but build a list at the same time. And at around $5 and 1 hour per project… Hookum is well within everyone’s reach

Hookum starts out at $7:

Instant access to Members area
Access to our Facebook Mastermind group
Blueprint PDF (45 pages )
‘Native Ad’ Content Structure PDF (16 Pages)
47 Minute Video (Contains Details)
Case Study PDF (16 Pages)

And all for $7…

Hookum enables you to deploy tiny little streams which take just 1 hour (and around $5).

This is not one of those silly push button riches things, it’s actually a simple way of setting up lots of little passive income streams.

It takes around 1 hour to build each project and requires NO maintenance – This has to be one of the easiest and replicable formulas I have seen over the last few years.

1 Hour Task Will Make $10 a day – How Many Will You Build?

Can you give something away for nothing?… most people can, and that’s all you have to do in order for this to work for you… Give ‘Em’ Away… Make Money & Build a List:

Hookum – Give These Away, Make Money, Build Your List

Recurring Revenue

Recurring Revenue

Recurring Revenue

By Mario Brown – Recurring Revenue, Continuity Income

Would you like to know which companies are bringing in the most recurring revenue mont after month?

Well 2 of them right up there are Netflix and Amazon (Prime).

They’re generating millions in revenue every month, year after year.

This is THE most powerful business model on the planet.

It’s sustainable and it gives you peace of mind.

And here is the best part, it transfers over to Online .

In fact, watch Mario in this video log into his PayPal account showing all the recurring revenue he created in the last 3 weeks:

Impressive, isn’t it?

He did that with simple online marketing strategies and a lot of it came through simple Facebook Ads.

There is a special power to recurring revenue, this special peace of mind that it gives you as business owner.

Also, it’s the best way to have a SUSTAINABLE Business vs. the typical roller coaster ride Online Business out there.

Mario perfected his system and packaged all his knowledge, landing pages, strategies, case studies and examples into this powerful course:

If you’d like to have continuity income, recurring revenue giving your business and lifestyle stability, then this is for you:

Check out the success stories & remember how Netflix & Amazon are
raking in monthly revenue nonstop. If recurring revenue is good enough for them, trust me it’s good enough for you and me.

Here is a walkthrough video:

FB Continuity Profits