Instant Funnel Lab Review, Bonus – 60 Second Sales Funnels DFY

Instant Funnel Lab

Instant Funnel Lab

Instant Funnel Lab Review, Bonus – 60 Second Sales Funnels DFY

Instant Funnel Lab Review, Bonus – 60 Second Sales Funnels DFY – Create Profitable “Done For You” Sales Funnels In Less Than 60 Seconds With This Brand New Cloud Based Software

Instant Funnel Lab Features…

Cloud Based Web App Thats Beautifully Laid Out
100% Newbie Friendly Software That Allows You To Create Sales Funnels
Pick a Product From Our Library And Let The Software Create a Funnel Around That Product
Complete Done For You Solution – Creates a Sales Funnel With High Quality Product In Under 1 Minute
Software Creates The Sales Page, Mini Digital Product & Thank You/Download Page
No Design or Coding Skills Required
Saves You Time & Hassle Creating Your Own Products & Sales Funnels
Products Include Ebooks, Reports, Video Training, Graphics Packs, WordPress Themes & Software Tools
Chose Product You Want In The Funnel, Add Your Paypal or WarriorPlus/JVzoo Details & Click Publish

Instant Funnel Lab Demo Video:

The Instant Funnel Lab is a brand new state of the art cloud based platform that allows you to create “Complete Done For You Sales Funnels” with high quality digital product in under 60 seconds.

These sales funnels will include a sales page, the actual product, and a thank you/download page. The products can then be sold for profit or be given away for free so the customer could build their list.

Once the sales funnel has been created, all you have to do is add your PayPal button code or code from platforms such as WarriorPlus, JVzoo or Clickbank and you’ll be able to sell the product and make a profit.

The great thing about the Instant Funnel Lab is that you don’t require andy product research, product creation, writing or coding skills. Everything really is DONE FOR YOU with the Instant Funnel Lab.

All funnels are hosted on OUR Servers, or you can download them and host them on your own server.

Step by Step training is included to make the whole process as easy as possible.

The various OTO upgrades we have within the Instant Funnel Lab funnel include a monthly membership to our funnel club, meaning more funnels and products are added to the members dashboard every month, a list building add on to create more funnels geared towards list building, advanced training modules and also an exclusive piece of software that enables you to create bonus pages that you can use as an affiliate to promote other peoples launches.

Instant Funnel Lab Review, Bonus – 60 Second Sales Funnels DFY

Taskr Review, Bonus – Adds $20 To Your Paypal Each Day



Taskr Review, Bonus – Adds $20 To Your Paypal Each Day

Taskr Review, Bonus – Adds $20 To Your Paypal Each Day – Discover A Simple, Bulletproof Way Of Adding An Extra $20+ To Your PayPal Each And Every Day!

You’ve NEVER seen this before. No selling. No advertising. No website. No list. Super fresh… You WILL make money if you put this into action.

Get Paid $20-30+ Every Single Day… ‘Guaranteed’!
…With An Ultra-Fresh, Never Before Seen Method…

TASKr – $6.95 dimesale

TASKr is a real case study of how Ron is able to generate $20+ per day without a website, list, selling or ANY of the “normal” stuff.

This is SUPER fresh brand spankin new, you won’t see this method ANYWHERE else. Plus we’ve added a sizzling bonus that gives them an additional “outside-the-box” 5 methods they can get started from absolute zero with.

UPSELL 1: Affiliate Master Plan – $27 – 50% commission
How Ron turned 2 measly dollars into $124 In Under 48 Hours as An Affiliate and how your customers can do the same starting today!

UPSELL 2: Gold Upgrage – $47 – 50% commission
We’ll be hosting a live call where Ron & Jeremy will be sharing 3 deadly secrets that bring the huge profits in record time + they get LIFETIME access to our private mastermind group.

Nobody has a system that’s this easy!

I know for a fact that this will be
the breakthrough that many of you
have been looking for.

This is as close to a copy and paste
revenue generating system that you
will find.

Everything is laid out for you. You
won’t need to have a website, or
build websites, or have ANY knowledge
of the Internet to make it work.

And no, you don’t need an email list.

Seriously, just follow these steps.

I know that even a newbie can take this
formula and get paid within a week.

This WSO reveals a $20 a day technique that even newbies
can do. This is NOT theory or hype, it’s proven to work if
you follow it step by step.

It won’t make you rich but it can be used to build momentum
and get paid at the same time.

Taskr Review, Bonus – Adds $20 To Your Paypal Each Day

1 Day Salesletter Mastery – Write A High Converting Salesletter In One Day

1 Day Salesletter Mastery

1 Day Salesletter Mastery

1 Day Salesletter Mastery – Write A High Converting Salesletter In One Day

1 Day Salesletter Mastery – Write A High Converting Salesletter In One Day – Learn how to quickly write a high converting salesletter for your info product (or service) in only 1 day or less…

Finally… A Super-Simple, Step-By-Step Way To Write A Money-Magnet Sales Page In Just One Day…

This Easy Copywriting System Works For Every Niche…

If You Can Double Your Conversions, You Can Double Your Income

Introducing: 1 Day Sales Letter Mastery!

Inside you’ll discover…

Exactly what you need to know before you get started writing sales copy (do this and you’ll breeze through the process… finishing your personal record-breaking sales copy in no time at all)!
Shockingly simple little step-by-step plan for writing a sales page from start to finish to in just one day so you have more time to create other products or other activiites you enjoy!
How to make great sales and convert like crazy so your customers eagerly pull out their credit card to buy from you rather than from your competitors, plus you’ll make more sales per visitor so you automatically attract more affiliates to promote your sales page and drive even more sales!
A simple template you can use to write a fantastic sales page even if you’re a total beginner!
Easy ways you can thrill and delight your audience so they buy more and become customers for life!
How to ensure you never have to hire a copywriter again … save time, save money and convert better!
How to save time and make writing a sales letter fun so it becomes less of a chore and more something you enjoy and look forward to!
Amazing tips and tricks even “pro” copywriters don’t know (do this and you could make money hand over fist as your customers flock to your offer…)!
How you can use your new skills to take an under-performing sales page and transform it into a winner or if you prefer write a brand new sales page from scratch!
How to write a ‘good enough’ sales page in ONLY a couple of hours that still converts better than many ‘Non-Pro’ sales pages (you’re gonna love this!). That’s right, if you can learn to write a high-pulling, high-profit sales page in a day you can learn to write one in an hour or two!

Plus much, MUCH more!

How To Write A Sales Letter In Just One Day Is Your Copywriting Answer… For Less!

1 Day Salesletter Mastery – Write A High Converting Salesletter In One Day

Skype Coaching System – Skype jackpot Cash – $6.99

Skype Coaching System

Skype Jackpot Cash

Skype Jackpot Cash Review, Bonus – Set Up These “Skype Cash Machines” and Start Earning Real Money On The Internet – Skype Coaching System

Here’s What You Get With The Skype Coaching System:

“Skype Jackpot Cash”

Show you my 5 step plan to create an online coaching business quickly and easily.
You get a proven way to create an online coaching program using the skills that you already have so that you can start making money FAST.
How to determine how much your skills are worth even if you’ve never made a dime teaching others online.
Implement a proven, step-by-step system for creating your online coaching business quickly and easily – allowing you to make money faster.
Instantly know how to set up 3 different business models based on your current knowledge – This will save you hours of hard work and dealing with nonsense.
Set up several of these cash machines each week.
Discover the simple 5 step system that I use to create a four-figure income fast that can lead to multiple paydays.

Skype Coaching System – Plus, You’ll Learn The Following:

How to put everything through a proven template so that you can spend more time taking action and getting more results!
How to create different coaching programs through Skype with solid, no fluff instructions!
Show you how to use your life experiences to create a great coaching program, even if you’ve never created one before. You’ll see how easy it is with these simple directions.
Learn where to get ideas for teaching skills – not just internet marketing – so that you can make even more money.
Show you why people would prefer taking one-on-one Skype lessons from you instead of taking a course elsewhere. Plus, you’ll see how easy it is to teach these lessons in the comfort of your own home or from anywhere in the world!
Use my examples to follow and copy your own Skype business after. You’ll KNOW by the time you finish this course how to do this and there’ll be nothing left to chance.
You’ll get my email for personal support whenever you need it.
Plus, a whole lot more.

Basically, Everything You Need to Create a Solid Online Income
And Get Started This Week!

Did I mention that this whole Skype Coaching System is $6.99 right now?

What are you waiting for?

Skype Coaching System

Skype Jackpot Cash Review, Bonus – Set Up These “Skype Cash Machines” and Start Earning Real Money On The Internet

Skype Jackpot Cash

Skype Jackpot Cash

Skype Jackpot Cash Review, Bonus – Set Up These “Skype Cash Machines” and Start Earning Real Money On The Internet

Skype Jackpot Cash Review, Bonus – Set Up These “Skype Cash Machines” and Start Earning Real Money On The Internet – The truth is that there is a very simple way to get your new online coaching business up and running without having to do those all of those things.

By using a simple 5 step system, we can use the skills that you already have – and leverage that into a four-figure income – making a difference in your lifestyle.

You can get paid very well by helping others get what they want, so you can get what you want.

Get Started Today… Make Money This Week…
So let me ask you this:

If I showed you in a short video how I create a profitable Skype coaching business that you can set up this weekend, could you copy what I do?

If so, you’re going to LOVE this video.

Because that’s exactly what I do.

I use a simple system to determine what skills that I can teach, how much to charge, and how to get high-paying clients!

And you can do the same…

Skype Jackpot Cash:

Here’s What You Get:
Skype Jackpot Cash is a step-by-step “watch over my shoulder” video training system that gives you everything you need to start making instant payments into your paypal account as soon as THIS WEEK.

This 100% Complete Method Works For Anyone That Follows What’s Inside The Video

All It Takes are Just Three Simple Steps…
Step 1) Get this video training.

Step 2) Follow the simple steps.

Step 3) Get cash from your profit machine! Now rinse and repeat.

Skype Jackpot Cash Review, Bonus – Set Up These “Skype Cash Machines” and Start Earning Real Money On The Internet

Flash Sale Review, Bonus – The Flash Sale Strategy To Make $100+ Per Day

Flash Sale

Flash Sale

Flash Sale Review, Bonus – The Flash Sale Strategy To Make $100+ Per Day

Flash Sale Review, Bonus – The Flash Sale Strategy To Make $100+ Per Day – The FlashSale Strategy I Used To Make $100+ Per Day Using High Converting Fast And Easy Traffic!

how to invest just as little as $5 on Facebook ads and see huge profits of $100+/day. you don’t have to worry about the demand. It’s demand will never end.

Flash Sale is the Best Strategy for Easy Cash from day 1.
I Can Promise That Anyone implement Flash Sale Strategy Can Make At Least $100+ A Day…

Here’s a glimpse of what this course covers:

We’ll show people exactly how to invest just as little as $5 and see huge profits of $100+/day.
Learn through a detailed over the shoulder step by step Video course.
Discover exactly how real CPA marketing experts launch lucrative campaigns with ease.
A live look into our actual accounts so you can see real concrete examples of how to run things properly.
Drive easy high converting traffic within an hour of grabbing this course.
The simple powerful 10 minute method that I use to multiply my profits on every campaign

How Does Banking $100+ Per Day in 30 MINUTES a Day Sound?

Iqbal – the owner of Greenhatworld website:

“Anyone Can Make Money with Flash Sale Strategy even an idiot could make money with.”

Clara – online marketing beginner:

“Thanks for the early review access! And you were right, I set this up like you said and I did make a profit on my FIRST day of putting this to work. It’s so cool to be able to implement a method and see the results coming in so quickly!!”

Flash Sale Review, Bonus – The FlashSale Strategy To Make $100+ Per Day

Project Profit Academy Review, Bonus – The Fastest Way To 10K, No Experience Needed

Project Profit Academy

Project profit Academy

Project Profit Academy Review, Bonus – The Fastest Way To 10K, No Experience Needed

Project Profit Academy Review, Bonus – The Fastest Way To 10K, No Experience Needed – Project Profit Academy Is The Fastest Way To Make $10,000 A Month


Done For You Funnel (Value: $10,000)
This funnel starts with a lead capture page where you send your traffic.

People join this custom-coded lead capture page we’re creating for you today and the leads we get into the funnel receive a 30 day-long email series of promotional emails to our paid offers which you receive 100% commissions on.

Every single affiliate link will be yours. You simply give us your affiliate link and we handle creating the funnel for you immediately.

So you can make money without creating your own products, without writing your own emails and without doing any work related to the funnel yourself.

This is ready to be hard-coded with your affiliate link immediately when you join today.
Brendan Mace’s Coaching Training (Value: $997)
This is the series of video trainings I usually give to my high end coaching students to learn what I do to make money online.

I have left nothing out of this one. I’m telling all of what I know.

Actually I WANT you to know every single thing there is to be known about this business so that you can stop buying products and trainings for the next 6 months until you start making $10,000 a month.

I want you to feel like you have enough knowledge at your disposal to make $10,000 a month… And until you do, I’m not allowing you to buy ANY other training or course.

No more spending money on information-products. This is the ultimate course.
My Highest Converting Landing Page (Value: $297)
Every email-marketing business starts with a landing page (where people give you their email addresses.)

The truth is: Most people will NOT give you their email addresses.

That’s why you can not mess with your landing page.

The difference between a business with a landing page that converts at 25% and another one which has a landing page converting at 50% is the latter will make DOUBLE the money.

Double the leads = Double the money.

I’ve been doing this since 2011, I’ve tested every kind of landing page you could think of.

I’ve found one template that converts BEST for me across the board on all of the traffic sources I send towards it.

You get to use and copy my landing page today when you enroll in Project Profit Academy.
Lifetime Membership To Six Figure Swipes
(Value: $497)
What is Six Figure Swipes, you ask?

It’s simply my monthly recurring membership site where I give the members professionally-written swipes created by my copywriter which I send out to my list.

These are the same email swipes that make me a big part of the 26K/month in affiliate promotions.

I can’t risk having bad swipes in my business. I need to optimize every word and every promotion.

You get to copy my campaigns which include:
– 5 Emails
– 2 Facebook posts
– 1 Custom Bonus page
For EACH promotion I put up on the membership.

This membership is usually updated every week. Every promo lasts for 5 days on average.

You get to literally copy my affiliate marketing business. And you’re 100% legally authorized to do so.

I’ve previously launched this membership and we currently have over 1,000 active paying members.

As a Project Profit Academy member, you get to have a LIFE TIME membership in Six Figure Swipes. So if you’re already a member, you can cancel your subscription. We’ll set you up with a lifetime account 🙂

If this is your first time seeing this, then you’re in for a real treat because this is worth over $497 for a lifetime membership. Save $500 by joining Project Profit Academy right now.
License to use ANY email I send out to my list
(Value: $3,997)
Of course I don’t include EVERY SINGLE EMAIL that I use in Six Figure Swipes. I have my private ones that run different offers and may just send people to my 41,000-subscriber youtube channel.

This is your license to copy any email you see me sending to my email list.

I mean, ANY one of them.

I know that you respect intellectual proprety and you would never use my emails without use.

But I also know there are 2 people reading this right now who will do it anyways.

For the 2 of you who want to copy my emails without this license, I have lawyers who will track you and take you down with a 5 figure fine before I could stop them.

For the rest of you, you get to copy any of my emails as Project Profit Academy member. This is easily worth $4,000 because these emails build up the trust and relationship I have with my subscribers which get them to buy from me and not from anybody else. These emails are the reason why I make 26K a month. It’s because people trust me. And trust is very hard to build and maintain. So one may argue these emails are worth even more than $4,000.

You get license to copy and use any of my emails in your email promotions as well as a Project Profit Academy member.
ALL Of My Past & Future Products (Value: $997)
I regularly release products in warriorplus and jvzoo at price points between $4.95 – $17.

You’re on this page which means you’ve bought one of them.

I’m treating my Project Profit Academy members by free access to all of my product launches which are under $50.

Yeah, going forwards, you are in my inner circle and you get them free as soon as they’re available on the marketplace.
Bonus Vault (Value: $997)
The bonus vault is a secret gallery that few people have access to.

The bonus vault contains high quality courses and interviews and trainings created by industry experts such as Michael Cheney, Dalton Scott, Ben Martin, Brendan Mace, Riley Hunter… and others.

This secret bonus gallery is being updated regularly with new bonuses.

What’s the use of this?
I use these bonuses in my promotions. Every. Single. Time.

Why do I use them?
Because bonuses help me make triple the money as an affiliate if I were to do a promo without any bonuses.

How is this different from PLR Bonuses?
These aren’t PLR trainings. They aren’t available anywhere for free. And even you don’t get any rights to give them away for free.
These are high quality trainings made by industry experts that are only available to myself and my associates and a few of my customers.
You only have rights to give these away as a bonus for an affiliate promotion for a product that’s being sold at $5 or higher.

Giving this away (even at $1,997) actually hurts my business because it puts these same unique bonuses in the hands of other people.
But since you will be joining my Project Profit Academy inside circle, you will be treated differently. You get everything. Everything.
Facebook Community Group (Value: $500/Year)
We’ve created a facebook community group ONLY for project profit academy members. This allows you to connect with like-minded people as hungry for success as you are.

They say: ‘Your network is your net worth’

This group may help you connect with someone who will be a 6 or 7 figure marketer in a few years and that connection will be so powerful for your business and your life.

This kind of community is worth $47/month which is just over $500 a year.
LIVE Q&A Webinars (Value: $2,997)
You will definitely have questions in your path to success.

We’re going to be doing a few LIVE Q&A Webinars for you guys to answer your questions and even teach you new tactics that you request in the facebook group.

This will be a unique chance to get your problems solved on these live calls.

And since this is a $1,997 product and it’s our first releasing this to the public… There wouldn’t be a 4-hour waiting line to get your questions and problems answered.

So these webinars will be a great opportunity to move past hurdles in your business.
My Highest Converting Landing Page ($297 Value)
Done For You Funnel ($10,000 Value)
Lifetime Membership To Six Figure Swipes ($497 Value)
License to use ANY email I send out to my list ($3,997 Value)
ALL Of My Past & Future Products ($997 Value)
Brendan Mace Coaching Training ($997 Value)
Bonus Valut ($597 Value)
LIVE Q&A Webinars ($2,997 Value)
Facebook Community Group ($500/Year Value)

TOTAL VALUE: $20,879

Project Profit Academy Review, Bonus – The Fastest Way To 10K, No Experience Needed

10X Commissions Review, Bonus – From Brendan Mace

10X Commissions Review

10X Commissions Review

10X Commissions Review, Bonus – From Brendan Mace

10X Commissions Review, Bonus – From Brendan Mace – Step-by-step on how to 10X your commissions through clever affiliate marketing strategies. This is a great offer for newbies or even intermediate marketers.

10X Commissions Review – Full Video Membership Course…

Getting started in less than 30 minutes
How to 10X your commissions with strategic affiliate promotions
Step-by-step guidance through setting up all the crucial elements of a perfect promo.
Over the shoulder examples from a real super affiliate.
Leveraging other people’s products to gain maximum exposure to your platforms.
Proven results from a real, successful online marketer.
Created by a three-time “Deal of the Day” product creator

What’s 10X Commissions About?

My focus is on creating residual incomes. The product is called 10X Commissions because with this simple blueprint, any newbie could exponentially improve their results.

Customers will learn how to set up powerful affiliate promos, the right way.

That means, they will learn:
How to set up accounts.
What to avoid in the industry
All the step-by-step actions to get going
How to scale their results
Where to leverage their promos for easy sales.
How to “rinse and repeat”
… And become a consistent earner with affiliate marketing.
As well as some other unannounced bonuses.

One of these is a case study where Dalton Scott shows people the results he’s earned by implementing the training in 10X Commissions.

10X Commissions Review

Your Training Begins With…

“Unlocking The Money Making Force” Cheat Sheet
This cheat sheet breaks everything down and will show you how to make $1,000 online in the next 30 days or less using 100% FREE traffic.
You’ll Also Get…
Step-By-Step Video Training To Making $10,000+ Per Month
This over-the-shoulder video training will show you how to go from newbie and struggling to learning the ways of the money-making force that will take you to a $10,000+ per month level of income within 90 days or less.

Everything is covered in details… No stones are left unturned… I’ll show you everything you need to start getting traffic and making money right away.

How to overcome the grip of the ‘Gurus of Rehash’ and get setup to make money online the right way… today! I’ll show you how to get started in the next couple of hours
Once setup, you’ll discover the mystical power of FREE traffic and how to harness it “at will” to direct people that are ready to buy wherever you want them to… This FREE traffic method is SO powerful, you must promise to use it only for good because it’s easy to get corrupted by its power…

You’ll then discover the fastest method to making your first $1,000 online… Most will be able to do this within 30 days or less in their spare time, but if you have a little more time to invest, it’s possible to do this within a few days…
Once you’ve unlocked the mysterious money-making power, you’ll discover how to scale your income to $10,000+ per month in as little as 90 days without doing any additional work…

The simple method I personally use to get PAID to build my list… Although this training is NOT solely about list-building, I’ll show you a really easy way to do it that will quickly put money in your pocket even if you’ve failed with list-building in the past
The power of giving to others, and the little-known method I’ve used to DOUBLE my income almost overnight by giving instead of selling… If you’re tired of the hype and like the idea of getting paid to help people… this will blow your mind!
Additional traffic methods that take just minutes to setup… And don’t let the simplicity fool you… These traffic methods are so powerful that once you set them up, you’ll have high-converting traffic flowing for weeks and even months without any additional time or work needed on your part
A simple method for extracting $100 to $1,000 (or more) in a single day without product creation or a list… Only the best-trained marketers in the world know this secret, and I’m revealing every step of this extremely profitable, newbie-friendly method
Plus, many other never-before-revealed insider techniques that will put money in your pocket day after day…

These are my most closely-guarded secrets to 5 FIGURES per month… and everything inside works extremely well for anyone that follows my training…

10X Commissions Review, Bonus – From Brendan Mace

Lindgren’s Lazy Method Review, Bonus – From Brendan Mace

Lindgren’s Lazy Method Review

Lindgren's Lazy Method Review

Lindgren’s Lazy Method Review, Bonus – From Brendan Mace

Lindgren’s Lazy Method Review, Bonus – From Brendan Mace – CASE STUDY: Jonas Lindgren shares how he quietly makes $1,500/Month with FREE Traffic.

based on Lindgren’s own results. Everything is based on what Jonas is doing

detailed video tutorials, excellent quality of training materials

Anyone can go through this course and start earning passive income regardless of experience

Lindgren’s Lazy Method Review

What is Lindgren’s Lazy Method About?
Lindgren’s Lazy Method is Jonas Lindgren’s method that he’s been using for the past 2 years to make a job replacing income while working 2-3 hours a week.

Jonas is a public figure in the internet marketing space.
His review videos (and swedish face) are all over youtube and google.

He created ‘Lindgren’s Lazy Method’ (based on a giant 500+ video reviews case studies) to show people what’s possible with free traffic and 2 to 3 hours a week of work.

Lindgren’s Lazy Method is a video course based on numerous daily case studies that Jonas creates every week.
If you’ve ever launched on warriorplus or JVZoo, there’s a high chance that Jonas Lindgren sent you some sales using this method.
We’d like to teach your subscribers to do the same using free traffic that builds them passive income with only 2 – 3 hours a week.

OTO 1 ($4.95 14-day trial and rebilling at 37/mo) contains – DFY email campaigns that convert for a super affiliate.

OTO 2 ($47) contains – DFY money page that’s designed for optimal conversions.

OTO 3 ($97) contains – License rights to Lindgren’s Lazy Method.

OTO 4 ($2,000) – is my personal 1-on-1 coaching with them. I normally have stopped offering personal coaching for a while. But I make sure to add this as an upsell to my products to attract affiliates and give you the possibility to make a $1,000 sale easily. How happy would you be when that happens? Plenty happy I assume. That’s why.

Lindgren’s Lazy Method, Copy and Paste your way to $200 a day:

Lindgren’s Lazy Method Review, Bonus – From Brendan Mace

Lifetime Ownership Rights to Insanely Profitable Info Products That Made Five Million Dollars in Sales

Lifetime Ownership Rights

Jeff Gardner

Lifetime Ownership Rights to Insanely Profitable Info Products That Made Five Million Dollars in Sales

Lifetime Ownership Rights to Insanely Profitable Info Products That Made Five Million Dollars in Sales – Private “Retirement Offer” for 100 Clients Only

a Once-in-a-Lifetime
Goldmine Offer for a Few Lucky Entrepreneurs…

Last week, I retired a few of my best sites to make way for my new business venture.

Originally, I was just going to “moth ball” all of these products…

But honestly, these are my best-of-the-best infoproducts – and I’m convinced there’s still potentially hundreds of thousands (maybe millions) of dollars worth still sitting in them.

Why let years of serious income potential go to waste, right?

That’s when I had a BIG IDEA…

I dug through ALL of the most recent hot-selling products I’ve created and sold…

And I found a large collection of winning infoproducts that have been responsible for making me well over $5 Million Dollars in Sales.

This is a GOLDMINE of ready-to-go Proven Products…

Just waiting for someone else to step in and start making fast income with them.

So instead of sitting on all of this potential, I’m passing these onto a limited number of smart marketers who grab the Lifetime Ownership Rights fast – before they’re all sold out.

I’ve written a short report titled “40 Ways to Profit From the Lifetime Ownership Rights” that you can download right now for FREE.

Inside – You’ll see ALL 40 ways I could make $100,000 from this same Ownership Rights Package if I were purchasing it today.

That way – You’ll know EXACTLY how you can make $10K to $100K (or more) – even before you purchase these rights.

You can download this FREE REPORT right here:

40 Ways to Profit from the Lifetime Ownership Rights
See 40 Exciting Ways You Can Turn the Lifetime Ownership Rights of These 46 Infoproducts into Multiple Streams of Income. PDF Report Gives You Dozens of Proven Profit-Pulling Methods That Work. (Free Download)

Yes, I’m Offering a Limited Number of “Lifetime Ownership
Rights” to These 46 Multi-Million Dollar InfoProducts…

When you get the Lifetime Ownership Rights – you will instantly become the new Author and owner of every single one of these proven infoproducts…

Act Fast and YOU Will Be the Lifetime Owner
of All 46 InfoProducts and Keep 100% of All
Money You Make From Them – Forever!

Lifetime Ownership Rights to Insanely Profitable Info Products That Made Five Million Dollars in Sales