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People Collection – 11,079 High-Impact Stock Images

People Collection

People Collection

People Collection – 11,079 High-Impact Stock Images

People Collection – 11,079 High-Impact Stock Images – DigiProduct Images – People Collection – 11,079 High-Impact Stock Images To Energize Your

Everyone needs images for their marketing …. and in the People Collection from DigiProduct Images, your customers will be getting the cream of the crop … the very best high-impact images to energize all their marketing promotions.

Having a professsional-looking high-impact images is essential for success online nowadays … and the high-impact high-quality images included in DigiProduct Images makes it child’s play to create great looking marketing promotions.

There’s 11,079 stunning images in the People Collection, covering a wide variety of situations, so there’s be something for almost every possibility

Massive pack of 11,079 high-impact premium stock images for use with any video creation software, websites, product creation, or business reports.

There’s a mix of images for all needs.

They’re absolutely fantastic for using for Facebook Ads, converting to memes on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other sites like Pinterest.

And, they’re also great for just adding general appeal to any website.

You could also use these images inside some PDFs to increase the perceived value of the PDFs.

For the price of what I normally pay for a single image, I got 11,079 images.

Incredible Graphics Deal … 11,079 Stunning High-Impact Copyright-Free Images With Developers Rights – $17.97!

People Collection – 11,079 High-Impact Stock Images

Gifzign – Review, Bonus – Combined GIF App And CinemaGraph App



– Review, Bonus – Combined And

Gifzign – Review, Bonus – Combined App And CinemaGraph App – There are gif apps, there are cinemograph apps…but there are none that combine both…and that is what Gifzign does (and a whole lot more)

GIF Editor. Cinemagraph. Screen Recorder. GIF Player. All in one.

Create from mp4, Youtube/Vimeo, or record your screen
We believe in simplicity and have succeeded in bringing yet another user-friendly app with a WYSIWYG editor.

From loading a video to converting it to a gif that tells an engaging story to customizing it with amazing player skins, adding your image and texts to it and even choosing perfect positions for each element; it’s never been easier.

Gifzign Editor. Add text and images, fast
Edit your GIF so that you can make an impact. Set the start and end time, add a text layer on top of the GIF, upload your own images, logos or watermarks, and add various looping (ping-pong, reverse) effects. And for best results, set the quality to make your GIF count.

? Incredibly easy
Ever wanted to create those fun cinemagraph GIFs in a fun way? With Gifzign it’s incredibly easy. Simply select your still image and brush off the area you want to keep moving… You might as well call it “GIF Magic”.

Gif Mirroring and Negative
Gifzign comes loaded with an exclusive mirroring feature, negative effects, color filters and more done-for-you effects that allow you to stand out on media.

A Gifzign First: Hand-Drawn GIFs Players
We love GIFs, and we believe they should be adorned in beautiful ways. Gifzign comes with its own GIF player you can embed on any site you own and our latest innovation, GIF Mockups (see in action below).

GIFs are like memes, a witty piece of content which favours visual or image-based communication.

This makes it a powerful tool to speedily pass on information or express a point without having to go through a series of gray texts or a long video.

GIFs speak the internet language in terms of speed, entertainment, and functionality.

They are easy to consume, they are appealing and they are effective.

No doubt, the big social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Reddit, Tumbler and more, have made it easy and simple to share GIFs across their platforms.

Here is how to deploy GIFs in your starting today:

Gifzign – Review, Bonus – Combined GIF App And CinemaGraph App

Lets Animate 3 – Review, Bonus – The Best Animated Characters in 2017 – Lets Animate Vol 3.0

Lets Animate 3

Lets Animate 3

– Review, Bonus – The Best in 2017 – Lets Animate Vol 3.0

Lets Animate 3 – Review, Bonus – The Best Animated Characters in 2017 – Lets Animate Vol 3.0 – 14 x 30 unique animations PLUS 10 HD Background and more.. And literally 10.000+ Static Character Images in Transparent PNG

Lets Animate 3 is a full blown studio quality of both
and packed
in one big product!

We provide many characters, different nationalities,
races, occupation and gender!

It also flexible enough that it’s provided in standard
GIF, SWF (Action Script 3.0) and High quality
Transparent PNG to work with professional software
such as Adobe After Effect!

How about static content? It also provided!
We include the PNG Sequence images so you can use the
static png image for your website or sketch it with your
sketching software such as Easy Sketch Pro!

14 New Characters for your VideoPal

is a brand new product that
will make your video life


Here are some features inside Lets Animate 3.0:

[+] Thousand files of character
[+] ANIMATED character from various profession
[+] Santa, Soldier, Fat Guy, etc
[+] Professional quality background illustration!
[+] PNG, SWF, GIF and HD MOV format
[+] Work both in PC and MAC

Just for visiting the page, upon trying to exit, you are offered, free animations – Free Fitness Animation from LetsAnimate! – Mascot Creator | Available in Transparent GIF and Transparent PNG format! Dowonload our free animated character free of charge

LetsAnimate 3 – Steal these 1000+ amazing video elements:

Lets Animate 3 – Review, Bonus – The Best Animated Characters in 2017 – Lets Animate Vol 3.0

Motivational Floral 52 Pack – Inspirational Graphics PLR – Memes

Motivational Floral 52 Pack

Motivational Floral 52 Pack

Motivational Floral 52 Pack – Inspirational Graphics – beautiful PLR graphics and to help your clients and readers build their media followings and attract to expand their businesses.

, social quotes, , inspirational sayings, viral pithy sayings.

Motivational Floral 52 pack is a gorgeous pack of 52 images that they can brand with their logo or website and share on the web, either on their own websites or through social media.

These beautiful graphics are on the evergreen subject of motivation

All images are 1,000px by 1,000px PNG graphics, which makes them perfect for Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, or Twitter.

Because I am offering them with Private Label Rights, your buyers can attach their own logo, website url, and links and grow their influence and their bottom line with beautiful, motivational images.

The Front End Offer includes 52 graphics to use on all social media channels.

Use on:





These web-friendly PNG format graphics are sized to look good on any social media (1000×1000)

Mega Motivational Pack OTO – 257 Inspirational Images

Offer your customers this awesome pack of 257 brandable images – this giant pack includes a selection of the best of previously released Inspirational Graphics Packs:

Happiness 32 Pack
Success 32 Pack
Success 80 Pack
Confidence 32 Pack
Optimism 81 Pack

TOTAL 257 Inspirational Graphics

Check out Motivational Floral 52 Pack:

Motivational Floral 52 Pack – Inspirational Graphics PLR

Shiny Characters Pack – NOT Just Another Graphics Pack!

Shiny Characters Pack

Shiny Characters Pack

– NOT Just Another !

Pack – NOT Just Another Graphics Pack! – Introducing Shiny Characters Pack


This product contains of 7 module contaided female, and male characters, with vector assets so can these will very usefull for any video creation and graphics design with professional look

We have done research before produce this product. We observed on more marketplace, such as videohive, JVZoo, Graphics River the product niche is the best seller.

We Always keep our product quality and our work based on market needs. so we thing and your subscribers will love our product.

We also provided 5 Module exclusive bonuses

• 70 Animated Characters On FE, Different Poses, Male & Female Characters.

• Included Multi Files, Transparent MOV, SWF, Transparent GIF, PNG, FLA, FXG Vector,

• Compatible With Popular Video Editor, Easy Animator Pro, Explaindio, Video Scribe, Video Maker Efx, After Effect, Sony Vegas, Power Point, Keynote, etc

Get these now for your video and business. In addition, you are also free to use the Video Assets for your clients too.

Shiny Characters Pack – NOT Just Another Graphics Pack!

Flick Graph – Review, Bonus – Cinemagraph Creation Software – FlickGraph

Flick Graph

Flick Graph

– Review, Bonus – Software –

Flick Graph – Review, Bonus – Creation Software – FlickGraph – POWERFUL Software Can Get YOU 117% Click-Through Rate Increase, 41% Cost Per Click Decrease, and 9 times More Engagement to Rapidly Increase , Generate Way More Leads, Skyrocket Viral Shares, and Make More Starting in Just Minutes!

is 85-hours St. Patrick Day 50% discount re-launch of the best cinemagraph creation software on the market FlickGraph.

Great news.

For the next few hours you can get the best Cinemagraph creation software, FlickGraph, for 50% of its regular price.

This is the first time vendor gives any kind of discount for FlickGraph and it is available during St.Patrick’s bonanza only.

Coupon expires at the exact same time St.Patrick’s day ends.

To get 50% off discount, please use the code “greenday” on FlickGraph checkout.

Do not let Leprechaun take your discount away, get it now:

Flick Graph – Review, Bonus – Cinemagraph Creation Software – FlickGraph

Graphitii – Review, Bonus – Creat Dynamic Living Images In Just A Few Clicks, Right Inside Your Browser



– Review, Bonus – Creat Dynamic Living Images In Just A Few Clicks, Right Inside Your Browser

Graphitii – Review, Bonus – Creat Dynamic Living Images In Just A Few Clicks, Right Inside Your Browser – Graphitii Creator!

Create Faster Than Ever Before.

Graphitii allows absolutely anybody to create beautiful, dynamic cinemagraphs with just a few simple clicks of your mouse.
No Complicated Software To Install. 100% Web Based.

It is 100% web based meaning that there’s no complex oftware to install and you can access your projects from absolutely anywhere… Yes, even your mobile phone!

Transform Your Boring Into Stunning Cinemagraphs.

Graphitii allows users to upload their own videos directly into the web app and create fully customised cinema graphs to your taste.
No Technical Skills Required. No Outsourcing Necessary.

This has been created to be incredibly simple & quick to use. That means absolutely anybody, regardless of technical ability, can use Graphitii to make beautiful cinemagraphs. That also means you can wave goodbye to expensive outsourcers!

Graphitii isn’t about changing your strategy.

It’s about massively improving your results.

Blog. Email. .

It all comes down to getting more attention…

… and this can increase yours without breaking a sweat.

It’s a pretty nifty “psycho-cocktail” if you ask me, and the results are staggering;

• Organic blog reach is up by 71%

• Social media advertising is up by 34%

• Facebook engagement is up by 85%

• Twitter engagement up by 110%

• Even email engagement has been boosted by a massive 72%

Check out this amazing demo:

Graphitii – Review, Bonus – Creat Dynamic Living Images In Just A Few Clicks, Right Inside Your Browser

Icool Multipurpose Templates – 700+ Asset Pack

Icool Multipurpose Templates

Icool Multipurpose Templates

– 700+ Asset Pack

Icool Multipurpose – 700+ Asset Pack – Create Your Own Stunningly Professional

A 700+ asset pack for the price of one asset!
40 Premium Stationery Designs for Printing
40 High Quality Calendar Design 2017!
40 Responsive Media Picture Profile Design!
Developer License at no cost
10 Intro & Outro Using only !
10 Desktop & Phone Mockup Design Using only Powerpoint!
60 Viral Quotes Templates Using only Powerpoint!
HD Tutorial Video: how to change text, shape colors, animation, music background, graphic without changing current animation, and how to export your template to HD Video


This is How You Can Create PRO-LOOKING Presentation Video Using iCool Multipurpose Templates:

S T E P 1
Open the Template You Desire
You only need to edit a Powerpoint Presentation and Premium Stationary Design using AI which are already very popular software

S T E P 2
Edit based on what you need
Replace or Edit picture corresponding to your needs. Guaranteed very easy to edit just click and replace.

S T E P 3
Share it with the world,
See the difference using iCool Multipurpose Templates, Become more professional and confident

iCool Multipurpose Templates
Video Powerpoint is huge collection of multipurpose video template using nothing but powerpoint. Ini this bundle you’ll find more huge video assets: 20 premium presentations powerpoint, 40 Stationary Design for Printing, 40 Display Picture 3 in 1 Social Media, 5 Intro & 5 Outro Templates Powerpoint, 10 mockup media instant only insert picture, and 60 Viral Quotes Templates.

How do I edit it?
You need to use powerpoint to edit the templates presentations. You can’t edit video presentations in keynote, and powerpoint for mac.
If you want to work best with iCool Multipurpose Templates, you need at least powerpoint 2013. Powerpoint 2010 and 2007 still works, but some effect, transitino, motion, and layout will not working perfectly.
And you need to use AI to edit the templates stationary or display picture.

Just $27 for thousands of dollars worth of templates!

Icool Multipurpose Templates – 700+ Asset Pack

FlickGIF – Review, Bonus – Animated GIF Creator Software – Flick GIF



– Review, Bonus – Animated Software

FlickGIF – Review, Bonus – Animated GIF Creator Software – World’s First GIF Creator Software

Leverage The World’s Largest Media Platforms As Your Own Personal Source, Boost Engagement And Conversion Simply By Leveraging New Type Of Animated GIF Images

FlickGIF is the first and only GIF creator that does ALL you read about below:

It is GIF creator which does critical new things that other don’t at all + it has all important features from all others.

It has Ken Burns effect, pan & zoom, ability to add SWF flash animated sticker (or any flash animation – SUPER important) on top of GIF, good filters like b&w, mirron, flick.

Also it allow to crop video & GIF inside FlickGIF which is very important too.

ALSO it does create GIF not only from video but from set of images too.

It can export video in BOTH GIF and VIDEO formats and, which is really critical for Facebook and Instagram, can do also portrait, square and any custom dimension export for both GIF and video.

I did not see any other GIF creator doing all that.

PRO upgrade allows to also import already done GIF and add all to it (millions of ready done GIFs user can download from websites like Giphy, Imgur and other sites).

I also did not see any other GIF creators importing already done GIFs either (+ it converts GIFs to video for external pre-done GIFs without adding anything too).

PRO also has GIF to looped MP4 video CONVERTER which allows user to get already viral GIFs, convert them to looped MP4 and upload to Instagram and FB.

Brand new, revolutionary FlickGIF software makes new animated GIF creation super-easy and fast.

Watch the demo video:

FlickGIF – Review, Bonus – Animated GIF Creator Software