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This Program Can Make Any Author Money in Seven Simple Steps

Self Publishing Blueprint

Self Publishing Blueprint

Self Publishing Blueprint By Vas Blagodarskiy

A groundbreaking new online program has just been launched, giving any author the power to become a successful self-publishing entrepreneur overnight and enjoy total creative and financial control of their work.

This program has only been online for a short while, but users have already reported an instant return of investment plus a steady income of up to thousands of dollars per month!

Finally, any aspiring author has the tools to monetize their work, quit their day job, and make healthy profits doing what they love most of all: writing.

Self-Publishing Blueprint is the brainchild of Bryan Biernat, a former pizzeria owner and manager who decided to take ownership of his life and ventured into the self-publishing industry to see if he could find a way of making cold, hard cash from the comfort of his own home, giving him more freedom to spend time with his family with a model for generating quick, easy, instant revenue.

Inside, there is a complete and comprehensive training program designed to walk you through the process of creating and selling your own books without the aid of publishing houses or literary agents.

No matter where you’re coming from, this revolutionary new program will give you all the guidance and support you need when you launch into the self-publishing industry.

No previous publishing experience is required, you don’t have to be an expert on computers or online , and best of all, Self-Publishing Blueprint will assist you in outsourcing all the hard work to freelancers so you don’t have to!

So even if you’re not an author, you can still reap the benefits of Self-Publishing Blueprint. They’ll help you find the writer guaranteed to bring you instant, juicy profits.

Everything you need to know about self-publishing is covered in Seven Simple Steps. Self-Publishing Blueprint promotes a unique flexibility in how the course is structured. You can come to Self-Publishing Blueprint as a beginner with no knowledge of the industry, or if you’re a little more experienced with self-publishing, this course will help you maximize the profit potential of your work by giving you the boost you need to succeed.

Self-Publishing Blueprint contains information on which types of books guarantee the highest rate of return, how to write an effective proposal for freelancing, and how to find the right designer who will make your book stand out to the world.

Bryan’s program has made it easier than ever before to jump into self-publishing. He has made it so simple and so profitable to transform yourself into a self-publishing magnate…I’m wondering if publishing houses and literary agents are things of the past!

So if you’re a struggling writer and you’re still banging your head against the wall as you sift through one rejection notice after another, Self-Publishing Blueprint comes highly recommended as a simple, profitable, and powerful course designed to make you big money fast at a super low cost to join.

Whether you want to publish one book or several, whether you want to crack the Kindle market or if you prefer putting out hard copies, whether you want to explore audio books or stick to print…Self-Publishing Blueprint has been programmed to put in all the hard work on your behalf so all you have to do is sit back, relax, and watch the money pour into your bank account.

If you’re interested in making tons and tons of money on a monthly basis at no risk and little to no cost with absolutely zero experience required, then you don’t want to pass up this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Click on the link below to find out more about how Self-Publishing Blueprint can make you money today.

Stop waiting for some literary agent to give you your big break. Self-Publishing Blueprint enables you to take that big break yourself and to make big, BIG money without those agents sticking their grubby little fingers into your hard-earned money.

This is your time to become your own boss and to maximize the potential of your income without ever stepping foot outside of your home.

Are you interested in joining the self-publishing revolution by exponentially increasing your profits and becoming the successful author you’ve always dreamed of…all on your own terms?

Then click here to learn more about Self-Publishing Blueprint

Self Publishing Blueprint

Maggazzine Style – Done For You Magazine Style Content

Maggazzine Style

Maggazzine Style

– Done For You Magazine Style Content

Style – Done For You Magazine Style Content – Finally, Your Own Professionally Designed, High-Quality Done-For-You Content/Template All WITHOUT Spending a Fortune On Hiring Experts

Maggazzine is a huge collection of Time Saving, Stunning, Editable. ‘Done For You’ Magazine Style Content

The awesome thing about the Maggazzine is that it integrates seamlessly with the ‘Done-For-You’ content!

The amazing Maggazzine allows you to create beautiful opt-in pop-ups so you can collect leads and build your list WITHOUT the need to spend a fortune on third party landing page tools or plugins!

If you don’t have the time, money or expertise to create engaging high-quality content that people WANT and NEED, for your lead magnet, you’re going to find it impossible to build your list and ultimately sell your products.

Jonathan Oshevire has come up with the perfect solution to this and has created the perfect — most “Impossible to ignore” lead magnets that you’ll ever get your hands on.

The product is called Maggazzine Style and is a collection of over:

# 30 Magazine Style pre written Content

# 20 E-book Designer Themes with Content

# 10 Newsletter Themes with Content

# 10 Magazine Themes with Content

# 10 Magazine Style Templates

# 5 Ebooks Templates

# 5 Newslettters Templates

# 5 Magazine Templates

In fact anyone that uses e-books, or newsletters, as their main method of product creation will have a ready-made library of “Fill in the blanks” covers and templates, ready to use “Right out of the box”.

So from today, you can:

# Forget about spending hundreds of dollars on hiring top-notch writers. # Forget about wasting time creating your own content.

# Stop stressing over hiring expensive graphic designers to make sure your content looks good.

Because these “Fill in the blanks” magazines do all this and really capture and engage your audience through stylized content, stunning pictures and professionally written chunks of text!

They are totally stunning and are leagues above anything else out there – meaning you will be too. The best thing is that if you’re quick — you will even get resell rights to all the content as well… all at this discounted launch price.

OTO 1:

60 Elite Maggazzine Template Package. Now have the opportunity to own over 60 magazine style themes that come in all styles ….we have Magazines, Newsletters and Ebook style themes

OTO 2:

40 Elite Maggazzine Template Package. Now have the opportunity to own over 40 magazine style themes that come in all styles ….we have Magazines, Newsletters and Ebook style themes

OTO 3:

Maggazzine Business In A Box – Monthly Package

Maggazzine Style – Done For You Magazine Style Content

Cloud Blogging – How To Make Money Blogging Step By Step

Cloud Blogging

Cloud Blogging

– How To Step By Step

Cloud Blogging – How To Make Money Blogging Step By Step – a beginner friendly method, that will help anyone setup a profitable blog, get engaging content, drive massive and make money with their blog. Accompanied with a bonus information to make the process fun and enjoyable.

The ultimate for beginners. How to make money blogging explained step by step

Here are 3 tips to a profitable blog:

1.Create a blog in an evergreen niche
2.Get or create keyword engaging content
3.Make contents go viral

Bonus: Drive massive traffic to your blog.

Focus on creating high-quality engaging content

How To Build A Profitable Blog, Get Engaging Content, Drive Massive Traffic and Make Money From Your Blog:

Cloud Blogging – How To Make Money Blogging Step By Step

Tiffany Lambert’s Writing Productivity Challenge

Tiffany Lambert’s Writing Productivity Challenge

Tiffany Lambert's Writing Productivity Challenge

Tiffany Lambert’s Challenge – 20 Days of Hand Holding While You Take Action to Become a Content Master

4 Week Group or Solo Challenge to Increase Your Writing Productivity in 2017!

Action Steps for Churning Out Great Content for eBooks and Reports, Copy, Email Autoresponders, Blog Posts and Networking Posts with Ease

I want to share my own personal writing hacks with you – the way I do things – so that you can pick and tweak what works for you and apply it to your own content efforts.

There’s a reason I was known as the “ghostwriter to the gurus” when I got started online. It’s because they could rely on me to research, create unique, well-written content – and do it FAST.

Here’s what you’ll get in this 4-week Monday-Friday Challenge when you sign up:

Week 1: Techniques and Tips

I want to start by sharing the skills I use in my own toolbox to research, organize and write faster without fail every day. Here’s what we’ll be learning and doing this week:

Day 1: Identify and Eliminate Distractions

Day 2: Pushing Past Writer’s Block

Day 3: Quick Research for Content Ideas

Day 4: Outlining for Faster Content Creation

Day 5: Adding Depth to Your Writing

Week 2: Writing eBooks and Sales Copy

By the end of this week, you should have a 20-page eBook and a 5-page sales copy. Of course, you’ll go at your own pace if you need to work slower – so don’t panic. The first time, you’ll be slower – but then as you repeat the lessons, you’ll pick up speed.

Each day this week, we’ll work on the eBook and sales copy combined. Here’s what we’ll be doing in addition to writing the eBook:

Day 6: Conducting a Competitive Copy Analysis

Day 7: Niche Stats Research

Day 8: Learning Common Copy Elements that Speed Up Output

Day 9: Crafting the Right Storyline (Yours and Theirs)

Day 10: Editing and Matching Images with Your Content

Week 3: Generating Email Autoresponder Campaigns

This is the week when we do one of the most important aspects of online – create the content that helps us build a list, presell our products, and connect to our audience.

During this week, we will create a 5-page report and 5-day email series doing the following:

Day 11: Write a Presell Freebie for the eBook You Wrote (or Opt in Report – Your Choice)

Day 12: Learn How to Create Tip and Tease Emails

Day 13: Practice the Art of Built in Value Lesson Emails

Day 14: See What Short Sharing Emails Are All About

Day 15: Choose Between Solo or Multi Topic Emails

Week 4: Blog and Social Network Content Sharing

When you have social media accounts, it’s a bad idea to just spam them with links every day. You need content that makes people want to stay connected to you on these sites. So during this week, here’s what we’ll cover:

Day 16: Creating a List of Weekly Go To Topics for Your Niche

Day 17: Writing Quick Review Blog Posts

Day 18: Crafting a Fast How To or Tip Tutorial

Day 19: Whipping Up Some Motivating Content to Wow Your Audience

Day 20: Direct Content Creation for Facebook

By the end of this challenge, my goal is to help you feel more confident that every day, you have the ability to sit down and write enough good content that at the end of the day, you’re content with your level of productivity.

When Does It Start and End?

You can join ANY time – it does NOT have to be on the official start date. Regardless of whether you start with us on January 2nd or months down the road, I’ll be here for handholding and the lessons and comment participation will be there for you to read and add to if you want. The challenge will be Monday-Friday Jan 2nd through Jan 27th.

Where Does the Challenge Take Place?

Right on my blog. I want it laser focused, and this is a place where you can log in, go through the lesson of the day, read comments and participate, and log off so you’re taking action. I do not want people stuck floundering on Facebook in a group where we ALL know, a lot of time wasting happens.

You should be focused on THAT day’s lesson and then logging out to get your task done. (Learned this from my mentor and it’s helped me achieve 6 figures, by the way).

Tiffany Lambert’s Writing Productivity Challenge

RSS Masher – Add Feeds From Celebrity And Controversial Figures To Your Blog

RSS Masher

RSS Masher

– Add Feeds From Celebrity And Controversial Figures To Your Blog

RSS Masher – Add Feeds From Celebrity And Controversial Figures To Your Blog – RSSMasher is Finally Here… And it Really is Incredible!

RSSMasher is a RSS feed aggregator, keyword filter and WordPress populator. This online software does what no other RSS software has ever done, and that is the Money Hook. Plus it includes a complete RSS Feed training course and bonuses.

RSSMasher is finally here!!! This is the NEW easy button for automating your Media and blogs with Celebrity Content and Experts that REALLY get liked, shared, and followed

In just a few clicks, add feeds from celebrity and controversial figures to create viral and engaging content on all your social sites.

Be Part of the In Crowd… Blend your own feeds into some of the most popular RSS Feeds on the internet today.

Set it and Forget it… RSSMasher works work all the time and updates with each new post in your feed. Quickly give your social accounts a viral boost with posts that people actually want to read and share.

Online Software
Runs on all machines, Mac and PC. Online software, no installation required. Up and running within minutes of getting the login information.

Super Feeds & Money Hooks
RSSmasher is the home of the RSS Super Feed and the Money Hooks. Combine Viral feeds and filter to the exact topics and then add the money hooks

Video Training Course
Included with all versions is a complete RSS training course and software setup and best practices training.

, , :

RSS Masher – Add Feeds From Celebrity And Controversial Figures To Your Blog

Content Rocket – Powerful Content Generating Plugin

Content Rocket

Content Rocket

– Powerful Content Generating Plugin

Content Rocket – Powerful Content Generating Plugin – the most powerful content generation plugin ever built

WPEnhance Content Rocket is a WordPress plugin that solves the biggest challenge of creating unique, user engaging content. Unlike the thousands of content spinners out there, Content Rocket creates content without spinning or rearranging paragraphs. Yes, You read that right. Content generation without spinning text.

Our plugin is based on Google’s Natural Language Processing algorithm. The content is generated from YouTube subtitles and added as blog posts. Now, the best part is, Content Rocket can generate content in over 80 Languages. this is a powerful feature that helps website owners build massive local language blogs.

Content Rocket is built by a Growth hacking team, nurtured by over 200 hardcore Internet Marketers.

We are launching a fully loaded product that is built, tested and ready to sell in volumes.

Every account includes these great features:

✓ No Setup Fee & No contracts

✓ Add content via keywords

✓ Add content via Manual YouTube URL entry

✓ Select up to 50 video content per process

✓ Unlimited video search

✓ Select Single/All per page

✓ 80+ Languages support

✓ Translate any video language

✓ Add YouTube video to post

✓ Add content to post

✓ Add/Remove YouTube Source display

✓ Publish immediately/Save as Draft

✓ Drip feed

✓ Add post to custom blog category

✓ Use video title as blog post title

✓ Content Alignment

✓ Bold keywords

✓ Read more tag

✓ Post featured image

✓ Log

Content Rocket creates 100% human readable content in 80+ languages. It extracts content from YouTube in seconds. Not a usual voice to text conversion, but extracts the subtitle files so the quality is assured.

You probably can’t even compare this with other tools available in the market because none of them generates human readable content in XXXX language.

But don’t decide with my words. See it yourself.

=> Link to live case study: How I loaded my money site with product reviews in seconds?

Content Rocket – Powerful Content Generating Plugin

Build a Blog in a Day – A Step By Step Blogging Blueprint

Build a Blog in a Day

Build a Blog in a Day

– A Step By Step Blueprint

Build a Blog in a Day – A Step By Step Blogging Blueprint – This is a step-by-step video course on how to build a stunning looking blog with pro functionalities in a day without any programming knowledge. It also includes a simple to follow strategy to sustainably attract a flood of followers to the newly created blog from day one and the days to come.

UPSELL ONE: This is a video course on how to effectively set up an online shop and processes to sell products and services on your blog, without any prior technical skills.

UPSELL TWO: A specialised WordPress hosting that works on 100% green energy and includes automatic and manual backups, 40 GB of data storage, unlimited e-mail addresses and up to 30 additional domains (or websites per account).

UPSELL THREE: The Real Blogging Academy is our flagship course in which we share our lifetime of experience on how to grow a professional and impactful blog that makes a difference in people’s lives and makes your business and lifestyle thrive.

, , :

Build a Blog in a Day – A Step By Step Blogging Blueprint

Breakfast Embed – Autoblog Riches With Multiple Streams of Passive Income

Breakfast Embed

Breakfast Embed

– Autoblog Riches With Multiple Streams of

Breakfast Embed – Autoblog Riches With Multiple Streams of Passive Income – Earn a Full-Time Living Working Each Morning DURING BREAKFAST by Simply Pimping Other People’s On Your Websites

The easiest way to achieving “autoblog” riches while having a blast, securing multiple streams of passive income, and sincerely helping people to enjoy better lives. It’s all about leverage… get yours with Breakfast Embed!

What Is Breakfast Embed?

Making money online can be tricky, especially for those of us who either don’t love creating content, don’t have the skill or ability to constantly create compelling content… or who simply don’t have the desire to put in the consistent content-creation effort required to really stand a chance in the world of IM.

Breakfast Embed is going to show you and your audience how to QUICKLY deliver FUN and USEFUL content to your/their audience… achieving near automation in the process.

This process is unbelievably fun to implement, keeps us focused on being consistent because it’s really so enjoyable and easy… AND because it works so quickly and powerfully… it’s going to keep us inspired to create as many of these businesses as we want to, ultimately leading to a massive torrent of and passive income that we couldn’t stop if we wanted to!

, Review, Bonus:

Breakfast Embed – Autoblog Riches With Multiple Streams of Passive Income

Red Hot Reviews From Amanda Craven

Red Hot Reviews

Red Hot Reviews


Red Hot From Amanda Craven – How to Write Cash-Sucking Reviews That Will Generate For Years to Come In 30 Minutes Or Less

Red Hot Reviews

My proven method for whipping up a review in minutes that will keep on earning for you for months and years to come – this is real set it and forget it stuff!

How to set yourself apart from all those scammy, scummy marketers with those fake ‘review’ sites that send people running in the other direction
The one thing you need to know to have your prospects eating out of your hand from the get-go…
So they keep reading and buy!
The simple steps you can follow to create a surefire winner of a review whatever the niche or type of product
How to quickly and easily maximize the impact of one review without any extra work!

No product? No problem! How to ethically review something you have never even seen
How to create reviews for your blog, email, media and even video…all without breaking a sweat never mind your back
Examples and review template so you can simply swipe, copy and deploy
The right kinds of reviews for digital and physical products so you can keep all your customers happy…and more importantly, buying
And avoid the mistakes so many make (these can be fatal!)
Most importantly – how to do all of the above and more while having a lot of fun!

Give yourself the advantage over the herd and get your hands on Red Hot Reviews today so you can product stellar, cash-sucking reviews too!

, , :

Red Hot Reviews From Amanda Craven

Steem Cash – Steem Cash Profit System – Brand New Social Platform

Steem Cash

Steem Cash

Cash Profit System – Brand New Platform

Steem Cash – Steem Cash Profit System – Brand New Social Platform – Social Blogging For Fun And Profit

Steem Cash provides the training (it’s all online so you can go through it as quickly as you want) and then you’re good to go.

Once you’re set up, all you do is put out ads (which he teaches you how to do) and wait for the customers to come to you.

And you don’t need a website, don’t have to worry about lead generation, and you don’t have to mess with SEO or PPC – that’s how easy this is!

This product will give you all of the information you need to know about what Steem is, how it works, how to start using it, and start earning income. Customers can get started in as little as five minutes and start earning income immediately.

They even get $3.00 in real $$$ to get started on the site. It is simply a no-brainer!

We have included many great resources in the product to make it easy for you to start immediately, including one strategy that doesn’t even require you to write any new content. No matter what your skill level, Steem Cash will enable you to make their first $1.00 online, or maybe even your first $1,000,000!

You will 100% value this product and the massive opportunities it brings.

Steem Cash Advanced includes even more training resources to take your Steem journey to the next level. This version has many extra elements included, including several methods to increase the profitability of posts, upvote and comment timing, best practices for fast earnings, and so much more.

We have several case studies broken down into easy to replicate steps, as well as interviews with several new users and successful members who gave advice on success in their own words.

Steem Dashboard offers the chance to automate much of the work they need to do to become successful on the Steem platform. These bots will earn real cash daily on 100% complete autopilot.

Our upvote bot allows them to automatically upvote all of their posts and other peoples posts & comments they designate. By upvoting, the users gain real $$$ in the form of valuable curation rewards.

The comment bot allows people to schedule and automatically comment on user specified posts. You can also auto-comment based on tags for posts. This enables the users to gain blogging rewards in the form of real cash on 100% autopilot.

Steem Cash – Steem Cash Profit System – Brand New Social Platform