WP FreshPop – Revolutionary New Popup Software (Does Not Annoy Site Visitors)

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WP FreshPop

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WP FreshPop – Revolutionary New (Does Not Annoy Site Visitors) – The most FRESH popup software of 2017

WP FreshPop is a brand new software that is revolutionizing the way website visitors see popup ads. This software makes for much easier list building, much easier affiliate , a much higher video view count, and of course.. MORE online profits.

To put it bluntly, this popup works. It’s a FRESH new concept (hence the name) and it’s 10x more effective than other popup software out there.

So if you’re looking to be ahead of the game, and get in on the ground floor of this brand new popup technology, then you need to check this out today

WP FreshPop – This front end version allows users to add and customize this new powerful popup technology. A technology that does NOT annoy the customer. Different display features included (video w/background, video by itself, etc). And full control to customize their popup how they wish. This also comes with 10 DFY background images. This is a brand new technology that very few have seen. The marketplace desperately needs this new software in order to get their very most out of online .

Upgrade 1: WP FreshPop (PRO Version) + BONUS
This PRO version has a page jacking feature that enables users to grab any other webpage online and put THEIR popup on it and save it inside their WordPress as a new page. Plus it has a Pixabay search API for stock images so that the customer can use 1000s even 10s of thousands of high quality HD images. And this PRO version also allows the customer to add another image layer so that if they want to add an ecover graphic, they can easily do it and attract even more viewers to their popup.

Upgrade 2: WP FreshPop (Reseller Rights)
This upgrade is Reseller rights to both WP Freshpop Basic and WP FreshPop PRO. These reseller rights allow the customer to sell the plugin as is and bank 100% commissions for BOTH versions. In this upgrade we are also giving reseller rights to WP Contentio (getcontentio.com).

Upgrade 3: WP FreshPop – White Label Rights
We are going the extra mile with this upgrade and are rebranding the plugin for each and every customer who grabs this. Customer will provide us with their desired plugin name and logo and we will change the branding for them. The rebranded plugin will be delivered to the customer within 7 days after their request.

WP FreshPop – Revolutionary New Popup Software (Does Not Annoy Site Visitors)

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