Have You SEEN The Impact Of Social Signals?

Google Cares About: Social Signals

How Social Signals REVOLUTIONIZED My Page Ranking

When it comes to SEO, if you’re ignoring social signals you’re about 4 years behind the ball…

I’m sure you’re thinking about maximizing the likes, shares, follows, circles and all of the other signals that come with social media—people used to call these things the “future of SEO.” Now, they are the present.

Anyway, I discovered a tool that completely took social signals for my content through the roof.

And, it did it on virtual autopilot.

It’s called UberQast and it’s the latest product from SEO guru David Abrams.

Just like me, I’m sure you’re always looking for a way to improve SEO and generate social signals without SPAMMING—especially because search engines LOVE to punish spammers.

Well, UberQast did it.

It completely revolutionized the way I was getting social signals, taking away hours of work every week by simplifying the process.

Even more importantly, UberQast let me master almost all of the other traffic generation strategies I was worried about.

David (the developer) is calling it the “Swiss Army Knife” of traffic generation.

He’s definitely right.

From a social signal standpoint alone UberQast is worth it—but on top of that it offers an array of one-click traffic generation features that can’t be beat.

You’ve got to see it in action for yourself!

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