Email Marketing Assassin For Newbies

Email Marketing Assassin For Newbies

Email marketing Assassin is a 108 page book which starts right from the topic ‘What is an Autoresponder’ to ‘launch your list building campaign’. Thomas also provides sample autoresponder messages, suggestion of recommended readings to further enhance email marketing knowledge, as well as a list of More Resources.

In between these two topics, there are seven chapters wherein he teaches how to pick a topic, research the market, content creation, crafting autorespoder messages avoiding too much hype and avoid spam filters, setting up your site, building your opt-in list, and finally traffic generation techniques. There are also two quizzes for finding the niches as well as its market potential. These quizzes are really helpful.

Overall this is a very good course on Email marketing for newbies.

Email Marketing Assassin For Newbies

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